Asiabizservices Handles Affordable Singapore Company Registration Services

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					Asiabizservices Handles Affordable Singapore Company Registration Services

With a reputation for "getting things done" and being the world leader in foreign trade and
investment, it is certain that Singapore has a backbone of infrastructure, policy and culture by
which businesses can prosper. Singapore is not only the easiest place to do business in the world
(according to Doing Business 2009 Report) but it is also the most competitive country in Asia
(according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report).

With such incentives, it is no doubt why Singapore is often a first-choice for entrepreneurs
planning to incorporate their company. By looking at the key areas of consideration for
entrepreneurs, Asiabizservices will evaluate why Singapore company incorporation is an ideal

Singapore's outstanding quantity of awards and high rankings as both a business hub and place
to live stand testament to its first class infrastructures and environment for working and living. It is
a small country with a vast connectivity to the world, a top-performing workforce proficient in
English and a trustworthy jurisdiction deemed for being uncorrupt.

Entrepreneurs looking for a country in which to incorporation company registration can take
advantage of the many incentives Singapore provides, as a central location for all business
services, and benefit from the reputable image a Singapore company will provide in promoting to
investors, suppliers and customers.

Asiabiz assists foreign investors in their pursuit of incorporating a company in Singapore. Based
on the Companies Act, only those who hold the Singapore Personal Access Card and or NRIC
can handle legal transactions like company registration.

A typical Singapore company registration with the help of Asiabizservices is as follows:

1. A Singapore company name and corporate structure are determined. The service firm chosen
to help register your company in Singapore presents the application to the Accounting and
Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). The approval/rejection normally comes
quickly unless the pending name has to be reviewed by an external authority, which may then
take 1-3 weeks for notification to be received.
2. If the details are approved, a minimum of one resident individual director (corporate directors
are not allowed) is appointed. A resident is classified as a Singapore Citizen, a Permanent
Resident, a person with an Entrepass, Employment Pass or Dependent Pass.
3. At least one shareholder has to be appointed. The maximum number of shareholders a private
limited company can have is 50. A director and shareholder can be the same person.
4. The minimum authorised share capital for a Singapore registered company is S$1.
5. A Unique Entity Number (UEN) is given to the company as its identification number.
6. A certificate of incorporation is given by ACRA and the company details can be viewed from
the ACRA online public register.
Asiabiz continues: “At least two partners can form a limited liability partnership, which can also be
individuals or a business enterprise.”

Asiabiz Services also processes work visas, assist in obtaining business licenses and permits,
and provide accounting and nominee services

For more information, visit:
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120 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068589
Phone: (+65) 6303 4614
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Description: Asiabiz Services is a business solutions and processes provider based in Singapore. It reaches out to companies, employees, and individuals in all their business needs and requirements. Asiabizservices offers affordable Singapore company registration services