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					                                   WVNCC ONLINE COURSE
                              CONNECTING TO BLACKBOARD VISTA

 1.   Open the WVNCC website at
 2.   Click on NOW Access.
 3.   Click on Blackboard Vista
 4.   Select WVNCC from the list of institutions.
 5.   Click on Log In
 6.   Your screen will look like this.

         Enter your user name here.

         Enter your password here.

         Click OK.

 7.   Type in your user name and password. Your user name is your WVNCC email address. Ex. John Q.
      Smith would be Your password is your student identification number (N#).
 8.   Click OK.
 9.   You are now connected to Blackboard Vista. Your screen should like similar to the image below.
10.   Click on the course name in the Course List box to enter your course.

       Your courses are listed here.
                                      READING EMAIL MESSAGES

1.   Click on Mail.
2.   Click on the email title to read it. You can delete, forward, print or reply to the sender.


                                                                                        Click here to read

                                    COMPOSING EMAIL MESSAGES

1.   Click on Mail.
2.   Click on Create Message to open a blank message window.

                           Click Create Message

3.   Click on Browse for Recipients to select the name(s) of the message recipients.
4.   Type in the Subject of the email and a Message.
5.   To attach a file, click Add Attachments, My Computer. Select the file(s) you want to attach and click
6.   Click Send.
                                       OPENING AN ASSIGNMENT

 1.   Click on Assignments.


2.    Click on the available Assignment.


 3.   Read the assignment instructions. If the instructor has attached files for the assignment, they will show
      up beside Attachments in the Instructions window. Click on the attachment to open and save it to
      your computer.
                                  SUBMITTING AN ASSIGNMENT

1.   Click on Assignments.
2.   Click on the available Assignment.
3.   Click on Add Attachments. Select the file(s) you want to submit and click on Open.
4.   You can also enter a message for your instructor in the Add Comment window.
5.   Click Submit.
6.   A window will open asking you to confirm your submission, Click OK.

     Add Attachments

                                                                                 Add Comment


                                PARTICIPATING IN DISCUSSIONS

1.   Click on Discussions.
2.   Click on the desired Discussion Topic.

3.   To create and post a new message, click on Create Message to open the Create Message window.
4.   Type in your Subject and Message then click Post.

5.   To read and reply to an existing message, click Discussions, click the Discussion Topic, click on the
     Discussion posting you want to read and/or reply to. To reply to the posting, click on Reply to open
     the Reply window. Type in your message and click Post.