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Verizon Pennsylvania_ Verizon North and


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									                    Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers Calling Areas

         Applicants are required to file proposed tariffs for each type of authority requested.
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) applicants must include in their proposed tariff the
service territories, with a list of the local calling areas and exchanges, of the Incumbent Local
Exchange Carrier(s) (ILEC) in which they wish to operate. (Applicants for Interexchange (IXC)
and Competitive Access Provider (CAP) authorities should not include service territories in their
proposed tariffs, since IXC and CAP authority is statewide.)

         Below are the links to a listing of the local calling areas, and the exchanges that comprise
those local calling areas of Verizon Pennsylvania, Verizon North and CenturyLink, and North
Pittsburgh Telephone Company. Verizon PA is separated into five (5) separate lists; Verizon PA
- Philadelphia Local, Verizon PA - Philadelphia Suburban, Verizon PA - Pittsburgh Local,
Verizon PA - Pittsburgh Suburban, and the remainder of Verizon PA. Please download a copy of
these lists for inclusion in your proposed tariff.

         Applicants are reminded that the Commission requires CLECs to offer local calling areas
that are at least comparable to the local calling areas of the ILEC in which the CLEC is operating.
A CLEC may offer a larger local calling area than the corresponding ILEC, that is, a CLEC may
include more exchanges in its local calling areas than the ILEC, but not less.

         This does not mean however, that the Commission requires a CLEC to operate every
local calling area of the ILEC service territory, only that the local calling areas, in which you
are operating, must be comparable. Additionally, CLEC applicants are reminded that you must
include in your tariff only those local calling areas in which you plan to operate. You should
not include all the local calling areas of the ILEC, unless you plan to operate in all the local
calling areas.

                         Verizon PA - Philadelphia Local Exchange

                         Verizon PA - Philadelphia Suburban Exchange

                         Verizon PA - Pittsburgh Local Exchange

                         Verizon PA - Pittsburgh Suburban Exchange

                         Verizon PA

                         Verizon North

                         Armstrong Telephone Company - North

                         Bentleyville Telephone Company

                         Buffalo Valley Telephone Company


                         Citizens Telecommunications Company of New York
Citizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg

Conestoga Telephone & Telegraph Company

Consolidated Communications of PA

Denver & Ephrata Telephone Company

Frontier Commonwealth

Frontier Communications of Breezewood

Frontier Communications of Canton

Frontier Communications of Lakewood LLC

Frontier Communications of Oswayo River

Frontier Communications of Pennsylvania LLC

Hancock Telephone Company

Hickory Telephone Company

Ironton Telephone Company

Lackawaxen Telephone Company

Laurel Highland Telephone Company

Marianna and Scenery Hill Telephone Company

North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company

North Penn Telephone Company

Palmerton Telephone Company

Pennsylvania Telephone Company

Pymatuning Telephone Company

South Canaan Telephone Company

TDS Telecom/Deposit Telephone Company

TDS Telecom/Mahanoy & Mahantango Telephone Company
TDS Telecom/Sugar Valley Telephone Company

Venus Telephone Company

West Side Telephone Company

Windstream PA

Yukon Waltz Telephone Company

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