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					                           EUGEO 2011
                           Geography’s Stake in Europe: People, Environment, Politics
                           The third congress of EUGEO, the association of European geographical societies

 Paper/Poster/Presentation proposal form – open sessions
 Please fill in all the details below and return to by 21 April 2011.

 Presentation summary
 Type of presentation                   Paper Poster Other (please specify):
 Please delete the categories that
 are not applicable

 Paper Title:                           Please enter paper/poster title as it should appear in the conference programme

 Paper 1 Title:                         Please enter paper title

 Paper 1 Abstract:                      Please enter paper abstract - a maximum of 250 words is strongly recommended

 Paper 1 Author(s):                     Please enter the name and affiliation of all authors with the lead author first: Author 1
                                        Name (Affiliation); Author 2 Name (Affiliation); Author 3 Name (Affiliation); ...

 Paper 1 Presenter(s):                  Please provide the name and affiliation of the presenter: Presenter Name (Affiliation)

 Paper 1 Author(s) email                Please enter email addresses for all authors, separated by ";"

 Paper keywords (max 5):                Please enter keywords separated by ";"

 Theme:                                 Sustainability and the Environment
 Please indicate which conference       People, Politics and Place
 theme(s) your paper relates to by
 deleting the categories that are not   New World, New Europe, modernity and globalisation
 applicable – this will be used to
 review and schedule papers in the

 Special Requirements
 Special audio visual                                                                      Laptop with audio speakers, data projector and
                                                                                           screen will be provided in each room. Speakers
                                                                                           should bring their own laser pointers etc.

 Any other special                                                                         e.g. mobility requirements, room request,
                                                                                           timetabling request.
 requests to be considered

If you are proposing more than one paper, please use a new form for each.

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