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									MRC LMCB-UCSF Exchange Programme
  The Programme provides an opportunity for graduate students to undertake brief periods of training at the partner institution.

                 The Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology is a centre for research into fundamental
                 aspects of cell function and their relation to human disease. The institute is located in the heart of London, on
                 the Gower Street campus of University College London (UCL) and currently houses 15 research groups funded
                 by the MRC, Cancer Research UK, The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust and UCL.

                                 MRC LMCB Team Leaders and their Research Interests
                                 Buzz Baum (              Molecular mechanisms that underlie morphogenesis during development and tumor invasion

                                 Louise Cramer (        Cytoskeletal mechanisms in cell migration, apoptosis and mitosis, and skin cancer

                                 Dan Cutler (           Endothelial cell biology in haemostasis and inflammation

                                 Nathalie Franc (        Study of the molecular mechanisms of phagocytosis

                                 Yasuyuki Fujita (      Regulation of signal transduction pathways from cell-cell contacts

                                 Yukiko Goda (            Synaptic transmission, plasticity and remodelling

                                 Giovanni Lesa ( Complex lipids in neurotransmission and signal transduction in C.elegans

                                 Alison Lloyd (     Proliferation and growth regulation

                                 Mark Marsh (            Membrane traffic, endocytosis, virus entry/replication

                                 Sara Mole (              The neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (Batten Disease)

                                 Stephen Nurrish (     Serotonin signalling in C.elegans

                                 Franck Pichaud (      Epithelial cell polarity and morphogenesis

                                 Julie Pitcher (   Cellular functions of G protein-coupled receptor kinases (GRKs)

                                 Antonella Riccio (     Epigenetic mechanisms regulating gene expression in the developing brain

                                 Adolfo Saiardi (        Inositol pyrophosphate function and nuclear inositol lipid signalling


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