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     Laptops for Learning

Laptop Leasing
           May 2007

            Contents of this information pack

Page 3        Letter from Mrs. Mullins

Pages 4-5     Hardware / Software specifications

Page 6        Why not the high street?

Page 7        Internet / Insurance

Page 8-11     Frequently asked questions.

Page 12       Order Form

Page 13       Summary - Things to do next

Appendix      Direct Debit Mandate

Dear Parents/Guardians

            Expanding Learning Through Technology – Laptop Leasing
You may have heard on the grapevine of the hugely exciting opportunity we are proposing
for your son/daughter. It is becoming more and more apparent in this digital world that our
graduating students will need to demonstrate both an understanding and a competence in
the world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Higher Education and the
world of work are close to mandating these skills as an access requirement. ICT is also an
invaluable tool that helps students to work more efficiently.

In addition to the global demands for ICT there is significant independent research that
highlights the learning gains that e-learning can afford to students. We have negotiated
with major suppliers to create a deal that will give affordable and sustainable access to the
latest resource. We have been running a finance scheme successfully with the current sixth
form for 2 years now and the scheme is now running extremely well.

We are offering all parents of students in Years 10, 11 and 12 for September 2007 (current
years 9, 10 and 11) the opportunity to lease a laptop. The laptop will be provided by Stone
Computers and financed by Syscap Leasing. The cost to you starts at just £29.99 a month
for 22 months plus 2 months deposit (there are also cheaper monthly payments with our 3
year and 4 year options). Within this pack, you will find further details of the scheme
including information about why you will save by buying this laptop rather than one from
the high street.

To give access to learning resources at anytime and anywhere will enhance your
son’s/daughter’s learning opportunities. We have invested heavily in a wireless network
across the school that will enable the laptops to connect to the school network – we have
what is known as a ‘wireless cloud’ that covers the whole school. We have had a system
that allows students to gain access to the school network from home for 2 years now. The
laptops will belong to the school for the period of the lease and so all the software used by
the school will be installed on the laptops during the period of the lease. At the end of the
lease period you will be able to purchase the laptop for a £10 ‘title fee’ and we will provide
advice on how to obtain software at educational prices. As you will be leasing the laptop
from the school, there is no VAT to pay and insurance is included as standard.

I would like to invite you to a meeting on Wednesday 6 June from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm for
the current year 11 and from 7:30 – 8:30 for the current years 9 and 10 in the Gym Hall
where Mr Long, a representative from Syscap and heads of achievement and learning will be
giving a presentation about the scheme and Stone Computers will have laptops available for
you to view. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

If you wish to join this scheme, then please complete the direct debit mandate and the sign-
up form, together with 2 months deposit and return it to ICT Services no later than Tuesday
19 June.

Yours faithfully

P Mullins

Hardware Specification
The base specification for the laptops is:

Stone MR052 Laptop
       Intel Celeron M430 1.73 GHz
       1Mb Level Cache
       1Gb Kingston 667MHz DDR2 RAM (Memory)
       80Gb SATA Hard Disk Drive
       15.4 TFT WXGA (Wide Screen)
       LI – Ion Battery (6 Cell) 3 Hours
       DVD-RW (re-writable) drive
       Internal Modem V92 56K
       Integrated Wireless 802.11b/g/tri-band
       Speakers Built In
       Quick Buttons (For Email Shortcut etc)
       Re-enforced Casing
       Windows VISTA Home Basic (XP will be installed whilst at school before
        we upgrade to VISTA).
       1 x 10/100 LAN Port
       1 x Monitor Port
       1 x PCMCIA Ports (TYPE II)
       1 x Firewire Port
       1 x S-Video Port
       4 in 1 Card Reader
       4 x USB Ports (v2.0)
       1 x Headphone Port
       1 x Microphone Port
Warranty & Weight
     Stone 3 Years On-Site Warranty including 3 Year Battery Warranty
     Weight (Inc Battery) 2.75kg

All costs are per month and include a 2 month deposit.

2 Years                      3 Years                 4 Years
(22 months + deposit)        (34 months + deposit)   (46 months + deposit)
£29.99                       £22.99                  £19.49
Available to current         Available to current    Available to current
years 9, 10, 11              years 9 and 10 only     year 9 only

Title Fee = £10 upon leaving school to take ownership.
Hardware Upgrades
You also have the choice of the following hardware upgrades (all prices are per

Upgrade                    2 Years         3 Years        4 Years
Standard Carry Case        £0.48           £0.35          £0.29
Deluxe Carry Case          £0.80           £0.59          £0.48
Rucksack                   £0.64           £0.47          £0.39
2Gb Memory Upgrade         £2.07           £1.52          £1.26
Intel Core Duo 1.66        £4.04           £2.97          £2.46
100Gb Hard Disk            £0.74           £0.55          £0.45
120Gb Hard Disk            £1.22           £0.90          £0.74

Leasing Terms
The different leasing terms are available so that parents and students can choose
which would be their preferred option of payment and also because some students will
leave school at the end of year 11, whilst some will leave at the end of year 13. If you
choose a short leasing option (eg 2 years) but your son/daughter stays at school for a
longer period of time, then you will not need to pay the ‘title’ fee of £10 until your
son/daughter leaves at which time the laptop becomes their own. The advantage of
not paying the title fee until later is that the school software can continue to be used as
the laptop continues to be the property of the school (albeit in title only).

If you take a shorter payment term option, then you will need to consider insurance at
the end of the payment term – Burnett’s insurance offer this for approximately £2 per
month. Insurance is included during the payment term.

Software Specification
All laptops will be supplied with software that the school is licensed to use on all its
computers. When you take ownership of the laptop at the end of the leasing period,
this software will be removed and we will install Windows Vista Home, Open Source
Office and anti-virus protection. We will also provide advice on educational pricing of
software. The software that will be installed on the laptop during the 2 years of sixth
form includes:

    Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher,
        Outlook) & Microsoft Windows XP Pro
    Microsoft Visio (diagramming software)
    Microsoft Encarta (encyclopedia)
    Pro Desktop (Computer Aided Design)
    Paintshop Pro (Bitmap drawing package)
    Corel Draw (Vector drawing package)
    Sophos Anti-Virus Software with regular updates
+ all other software available on the school network.

If you were to purchase a laptop that belonged to you, then you would not be
able to use the school software under the terms of our site licenses.
Why not the high street?
For a similar specification of laptop from leading high street stores, you will pay
£499.99. However, this does not include insurance, it will only include a one year return
to base warranty, the battery will have no warranty, there will be no software included
(apart from Windows VISTA). Curry’s for example have an APR of 24.9% (6 May 2007
based on 48 monthly payments).

The extra prices you would pay in addition would include:

      Curry’s Monthly Product Support - £335.52 for 4 years. SFA – £0 for 3 years.
      Dell Carry Case - £45.82. SFA – see prices.
      McAfee security software - £69.99. SFA – £0 Sophos whilst at school, AVG
      Microsoft Home Office & Student - £198.47. SFA – £0 whilst at school.
      Dell 120Gb HD upgrade - £70.50. SFA - £29.28 (2 years).
      Dell 2Gb Memory upgrade - £129.25. SFA - £49.68 (2 years)
      Dell Hardware Support 90 day collect and return - £0. SFA – 3 years on-site
       including battery.
      Dell 2 year at home hardware support package £76.37. SFA – 3 years £0.
      Dell software support £78.99 per year. SFA - £0 whilst at school.
      Dell battery is only 4 Cell, upgrade to 6 Cell for £11.7.
      £150 excess on your household insurance policy if the laptop is

Some of the things you won’t get if you buy off the high street:

      no school software as listed in this document
      no insurance
      will not be able to work on school network
      no on-site warranty
      no battery warranty
      no software support
      not high quality durable components (most high-street PCs have cheap
       components that are sourced weekly/monthly to keep costs down but lack
       consistency and quality

Access to the Internet
School Access:
The configuration of the laptops to work on the school’s network using the new
wireless networking means that all laptops will be able to benefit from the school’s
broad band internet access. The facility is already widely used by students from
fixed point stations, and we are able to provide filtered access to web sites on the
World Wide Web as well as access to a huge range of curriculum resources on our
shared areas.

Home access:
Students will be able to set up their laptops to provide home access to the Internet.
This dial-up access (with local call charges) or broadband access will be at the
discretion of parents and will require the same careful consideration that is taken
over internet access from other home computers. Students will also be able to
access the school shared areas from home.

Included within the monthly cost is fully comprehensive insurance for the laptop
computer. This covers the laptop for accidental damage and theft at school, home,
to and from school and anywhere where the laptop is being used. We do however
recommend that the laptop is added as an item to your own household contents
insurance as an added safety measure – this usually does not incur any extra costs.
The insurance provided by Syscap Leasing does NOT cover negligence – for example
leaving the laptop by an open window or leaving it on the bus. Accidental damage is
covered, but loan laptops are not available from the insurance company in this

If you take a shorter payment term option (eg 2 years), then you will need to consider
insurance at the end of the payment term – Burnett’s insurance offer this for
approximately £2 per month. Insurance is included during the payment term.

There is no excess charge for insurance claims.

                           Frequently Asked Questions.
Question 1. Who can use the Laptop?

Once we have the required paper work and we have issued the laptop you are free to
use it as you wish with obvious provisos such as: you have it in school each day and you
use it in a responsible manner. Other members of your family can use it and you can
take it with you wherever you wish at weekends or holidays.

Question 2. Why would it be a good idea to have a Laptop?

This cutting edge development is aimed at providing you with the most comprehensive
access to all the available resources possible. The school has broadband Internet access
so you will have fast access to the Net as well as the wealth of support materials on the
shared areas. Additionally they will be used to access worksheets, web sites, power
point presentations, texts, lesson aims, course requirements. Additionally the school
now has over 25 LCD projectors for use in lessons so materials displayed by the staff can
be accessed direct from your machine allowing you to focus on what is being said rather
than getting down notes. Remember you can then access your work from anywhere in
the school using wireless connectivity. You will not have to wait for a machine to
become available in one of the computer suites at any time so you will be able to control
and manage your work load more efficiently. You will be able to use your laptop in any
lesson. Then, when you get home, you have exclusive access to your own machine and
you will have access to all of your work.

Question 3 How will this help me after school?

The growth in ICT use is exponential. Look around our school and you can see that we
are totally dependent on the medium for most if not all of the functions that used to be
completed on paper just a few years ago. All areas of work are following the same
pattern so good ICT skills are a necessity for you. Having your own machine is a proven
method of becoming skilled in this important area. Some universities are expecting new
students to have their own mobile technology as a prerequisite.

Question 4 Can I access my work from home?

Yes. The Laptop has a built in modem so all you need is the phone line and your Internet
Service Provider (ISP). You can then gain access to the shared areas and your own My
Documents at school. You can also connect to broadband at home.

Question 5 What are the insurance arrangements?

We would expect you to be responsible in how you approached the use of the machine
but we recognise that accidents and losses do occur. As a result we have spent some
time in organising comprehensive insurance to ensure that your machine will be covered
in virtually every conceivable situation where genuine loss or damage might occur. The
lease for the machine has been taken out by the school and so has the insurance. If you
take a shorter payment term option than your time in school, then you will need to
consider insurance at the end of the payment term – Burnett’s insurance offer this for
approximately £2 per month. Insurance is included during the payment term.

Question 6 What is the Deposit for?

A deposit allows us to reserve and set up a machine for a named student. At this stage it
also has the function of letting us know who is likely to require a Laptop when they
return in September. The deposit is non-refundable except in circumstances where a
student does not return to the school.

Question 7 What if I fill in the forms but then do not come back to school?

If this situation happens then we will refund the deposit immediately.

Question 8 What do I do if the hardware or software stops working?

As with the insurance we have a comprehensive warranty in place. You would bring the
machine to us and we would deal with the company in terms of repair or replacement of
the machine. To avoid any disruption of your work there is an on-site swap out warranty
which means your laptop will temporarily be replaced whilst being repaired (this does
not include accidental damage which is covered by insurance claims and there is no swap out
for these claims). Your repaired or new machine should be back within 7 working days.

If it is a software issue that we can sort out in school we would undertake this as soon as
we were able.

The warranty is for 3 years. In the third year, you would deal directly with the supplier.
On-site support would be available anywhere on the UK mainland. The laptops also
come with a very impressive 3 year battery warranty.

Question 9 Can I buy the laptop when I leave school?

Yes. Upon payment of the ownership fee at the end of the scheme, the laptop will be
your own. However, the software provided whilst the laptop is owned by the school will
no longer be licensed and therefore the laptop will be cleared of software and a new
installation of Windows XP Home with Star Office will be provided.

Question 10 I have already got my own Laptop at home, can I use that in school?

We discourage students from bringing any expensive item into school as your own
equipment is not insured on the school premises. If you took the risk you will be still be
unable to access the school shared areas and the internet via the wireless system as this
could compromise the security of the school network. It is in fact this access to
educational resources at anytime and anywhere that is the crucial development that
puts you at the forefront of educational practice and is one of the main advantages of
using this method. This is of course in addition to the potential gains from the use of the
machine in your lessons and at home.
You must also remember that we would be unable to offer ICT support for your own
machine. The laptops provided by the school have all the school software on them for
the 2 years that you are at school (whilst the laptop is still owned by the school)– the
terms of our licenses do not allow software to be installed on your own laptops.

Question 11 Where will I store the machine when I am not using it?

For most of the time, you will be using your laptop during lessons and for study periods.
You will be able to store your laptop in one of the laptop lockers at lunch times although
we would recommend keeping it with you at all times as the laptop lockers are in short

Question 12 Will I be able to personalize the laptop?

At the end of the lease the laptop computers will be returned to the school. If you pay
the ownership fee at the end then when the laptop is returned, you can do whatever you
like with it. You will not be able to permanently mark or deface the computer in any
way during the lease period. We will provide you with asset tags and ask you to speak to
us if you have any other suggestions that will not damage or devalue the computer. At
home, you will have access to a separate ‘partition’ that will have Windows XP Home
installed – you can personalize the settings on this partition. The Windows XP Pro
partition will contain the school settings and software and so cannot be personalized.

Question 13 I still have points I would like to discuss.

We understand that as a cutting edge school we are moving forward at considerable
pace. As such we realise that we may not have answered all your points so please do
contact us about any aspect of our programme. Comments, suggestions or questions are

In the first instance please contact Mr Long via the telephone (01922 740 332) or email
( with regard to laptop issues. For finance issues, please telephone
Mr Brindley (01922 740 307) or email ( There will also be an
open parents evening on Wednesday 6 June in the Gym Hall where Syscap will present
the scheme, Stone Computers will have samples of the laptops and there will be an
opportunity for questions.

Question 13 What about the extra costs involved with leasing?

Although there are extra costs involved with leasing, these costs are far outweighed by
the benefits of having the laptop owned by the school during the leasing period. These

      Public Sector finance rates which are cheaper than consumer finance rates
      Free anti-virus software updated very regularly
      Up-to-date Microsoft software installed during the leasing period
      No VAT to pay
      Insurance included during the leasing period
      Three year On-Site swap out warranty including battery

Purchasing a laptop in the high street would not give you the benefits above.

Question 14 Why don’t we have to pay VAT?

The school is purchasing the laptops through its own leasing scheme with Syscap Leasing.
Therefore we don’t pay VAT as we are an educational establishment. The fee you pay is
to the school to ‘rent’ the laptop throughout the 2 year sixth form period. At the end of
the 2 years the school will sell the laptop to you for a nominal fee.

Question 15 What if I can’t pay or don’t pay?

As a school, we cannot afford to take financial risks. We have chosen a scheme that is
extremely low risk to the school and parents. If you don’t pay, then ultimately the
laptop will have to be returned to the school as we are paying for it and it belongs to us.
However, where there are circumstances that make it difficult for you to pay during a
particular month, we would work with you to resolve the issue rather than ending the
scheme. We do not encourage or recommend non-payment.

If a payment is missed, our bank will automatically try to debit your bank account again
under the direct debit scheme. If this fails then Syscap will contact you to gently remind
you that payment has been missed. If failure to make payment continues then Syscap
will contact the school to discuss the next course of action.

Order for Laptop for Learning
I would like to order a laptop for learning.

Student Name               ____________________            Form ____________

Please provide in September 2007 a laptop for my son/daughter.

I would like to choose the following monthly payment option (please tick as

 2 Years        22 months + deposit             Available to current years 9, 10, 11
 3 Years        34 months + deposit             Available to current years 9 and 10 only
 4 Years        46 months + deposit             Available to current year 9 only

I would like to purchase the following (please tick as appropriate):

Please Tick Upgrade                             2 Years     3 Years   4 Years
           Stone MR052 Laptop                   £29.99      £22.99    £19.49
            Standard Carry Case                   £0.48       £0.35     £0.29
            Deluxe Carry Case                     £0.80       £0.59     £0.48
            Rucksack                              £0.64       £0.47     £0.39
            2Gb Memory Upgrade                    £2.07       £1.52     £1.26
            Intel Core Duo 1.66                   £4.04       £2.97     £2.46
            100Gb Hard Disk                       £0.74       £0.55     £0.45
            120Gb Hard Disk                       £1.22       £0.90     £0.74

Total monthly contributions:                    £ ______    £ ______ £ ______

I enclose a non-refundable deposit for £____________ which is equivalent to 2
monthly payments. The deposit will be refunded to me if my son/daughter is
denied a place at St Francis of Assisi sixth form.

I understand that I will have to pay 22, 34 or 46 further monthly payments between
September 2007 and June 2009, 2010 or 2011 depending on the payment option I
have chosen. Failure to make these payments may ultimately result in the laptop
having to be returned to the school before the end of the leasing period.

When my son/daughter leaves school and after the end of the leasing period, I can
pay a fee of £10 to take final ownership of the laptop.

Signed (Parent/Guardian) _____________________             Date _____________

I hope you find the following brief information useful in providing a check list of
things to undertake to become part of this exciting program.

   1. Contact Mr Long or attend the parents evening to find out further
      information not covered in this document.

   2. Discuss the commitment, intention and potential involved with your son/

   3. Fill in the direct debit mandate. First payment is in September 2006. Return
      this form to ICT Services.

   4. Fill in the Order for Laptop for Learning form and return to ICT Services.

   5. Enclose a Deposit cheque made payable to the school.

   6. Return the documents to ICT Services at the school by Tuesday 19 June
      2007 (absolute latest). You can send documents by post, with your
      son/daughter or you can hand them in directly at the open parents evening.

If you wish to see the laptops, find out more about the scheme or discuss any issues
further then there will be an open parents evening on Wednesday 6 June from
6:30pm – 7:30pm for the current year 11 and from 7:30pm – 8:30 pm for the current
years 9 and 10 in the Gym Hall.

I will also be available to answer questions in the meantime.

Paul Long
Head of ICT


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