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									        St. Louis Regional Bicycle Master Plan

Joint TAC / CAC Meeting
                                                                                               In Partnership With:

Meeting:               August 24, 2010

Time:                  3:00 – 4:30 PM                                                          East West Gateway
Location:              MoDOT office                                                            Council of
TAC Attendees:

Jennifer    Allen         Trailnet                 Rachael   Pawlak      EWGCOG                St. Louis City
Steve       Bender        O’Fallon                 Gary      Podhorsky   St. Charles Co.
                                                                         City of Maryland
Laura       Ellen         MoDOT                    Bryan     Pearl
                                                                                               St. Louis County
John        Kohler        City of St. Louis        Mark      Phillips    Metro
Anne        Lamitola      Sunset Hills             Ryan      Thomas      Wildwood
                                                                         STL Bicycle
Chris       Ludwig        St. Louis County         Patty     Vinyard
                                                                         Federation            St. Charles County
Rob         Mosbey        Cottleville              Jeff      Wappelhorst Frontenac
Ben         Niesen        Chesterfield
CAC Attendees:

Charlie     Boyce                         Ben      Niesen
John        Cameron                       Gerry    Noll                                        METRO
David       Gipson                        Wes      Ridgway
Karen       Karabell                      Jeremy   Wolfmeyer
Chris       Linneman                                                                           MoDOT
Kevin       Neil

TEAM Attendees:                                                                                St. Louis Regional
                                                                                               Bicycle Federation
Paul Wojciechowski        CH2M Hill                 Julie Padberg-White   Vantage now FPA
                                                    Beth Quindry          Shockey Consulting   Trailnet

GRG Attendees:

Todd Antoine              GRG                       Carey Bundy           GRG
Patrick Owens             GRG                       Janet Wilding         GRG
      St. Louis Regional Bicycle Master Plan

Thanks to all who were able to attend our meeting on Tuesday at the MoDOT offices.

To summarize our meeting, we discussed the following:

   1. SAFETY GOAL. It was mentioned that one area we may need to re-examine is including
      safety as a 5th goal in addition to the four already discussed and included for future
      planning. We proposed extracting safety from the objectives under Goal 4 and creating
      the following specific safety Goal as well as tentative objectives:
                    Goal 5: Improve safety for all modes of transportation through the
                        careful design and implementation of bicycle facilities as well as
                        educational and enforcement programs.
                            – Tentative Objective 1: Implement improved intersection striping
                                 to better the interaction of bicycles, cars and pedestrians.
                            – Tentative Objective 2: Educate the public and public agencies on
                                 the need for well planned and designed routes to encourage
                                 cycling and reduce the perception of danger.
                            – Tentative Objective 3: Establish a methodology for reviewing
                                 proposed facilities for appropriateness and safety before
                            – Tentative Objective 4: Create a way to capture road condition
                                 input, ie; poor grate conditions, street debris, etc, from the
                                 public and transmit it to the appropriate agencies.
   2. Open House Details & Goals
          o The Open Houses are scheduled for 4:30 – 7:00 PM October 13th at Maryland
               Heights Centre and October 14th at ‘The Heights’ in Richmond Heights.
          o We reviewed the goals and format of the event
          o We asked for session volunteers and offered them a t-shirt for their help.
          o We reviewed marketing strategies and distributed our round mini-flyer and
               showed the 11 x 17 poster and asked that everyone distribute as many as
               possible. A letter with the poster along the mini-flyer will be mailed out to all
               CAC/TAC members shortly. However, if you need a large quantity of either,
               please call Julie at 314-664-6755.
          o We also showed other promotional items as well as the t-shirt design for the
               Open House which will be given to volunteers.

   3. The Community Bicycle Tool
         o We demonstrated the Community Bike Tool (a software offered by Community
         o We are rolling out A BETA VERSION for all CAC and TAC members to try.
             to work through the registration and log-in process and add some points to the
             map. Work with it a bit and see what pointers we may be able to give to public
             users to make their use easier. We will be creating an on-line video to walk
      St. Louis Regional Bicycle Master Plan

                them through the registration and log-in. [Remember Register, then ‘refresh’   In Partnership With:
                your page]
            o   The site is NOT live –IT IS ONLY FOR TESTING RIGHT NOW and information WILL
                NOT be saved.
                                                                                               East West Gateway
                                                                                               Council of
            o   Feedback deadline: September 2, 2010
            o   Send feedback to:

    4. Next Steps:
          o October 7th (time and location to be determined) For those able to assist with     St. Louis City
               the Open Houses, we’ll be hosting a VOLUNTEER TRAINING
          o November 4th (time and location to be determined) Another joint TAC / CAC
               MEETING to present the data compiled at the Open House                          St. Louis County

Thanks again to Laura Ellen with MoDOT for sharing their facilities for our meeting!
                                                                                               St. Charles County




                                                                                               St. Louis Regional
                                                                                               Bicycle Federation


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