Exposition of a Blackfoot Text by vfe12263


									                Exposition of a Blackfoot Text

                      Donald G. Frantz

In 1965, on the Siksiká reserve, I recorded the description of an event that is said to
have occurred in 1843. This is a slightly revised version of the story, as the original
narrator that I taped was a bit "telegraphic" in his narration, and gaps were filled in
shortly after by two other speakers who listened to the tape.

Working from a fully analysed transcription, I will point out various things that I feel will
be of interest, including some recently discovered facts about Blackfoot grammar. Some
of the phonological and grammatical rules which are less fully illustrated in Frantz
(1997) "Blackfoot Grammar" will be explicated with examples in the text, such as:

     P-rules makng reference to I ("breaking i") vs. i
     post-inflectional suffixes
     predicating suffixes on demonstratives
     enclitic pronouns

 Also, some hypotheses about discourse structure and underlying word order, will be

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