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Mediamounts is a design-engineering firm and a leading
manufacturer of monitor mounting products that suspend or
support televisions, LCD and CRT computer monitors, as well
as plasma displays and projectors in a wide variety of sectors
including medical, dental, and point-of-sale. Mediamounts has
forged a reputation as a manufacturer of quality products that
integrate the LCD monitor, keyboard and CPU in order to
maximize an organization’s investment in technology.
    Company – History
The Bracket Company, Inc. (TBC) was established by Simon Fallows in 1996 serving the
commercial A/V market through a group of OEM Partners.

                                                       In 1998 the company moved to its current 12,000 square
                                                       foot facility which serves as its Administration and primary
                                                       shipping facility, located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada,
                                                       40mins West of Toronto.

                                                        In January of 2002, Mediamounts was incorporated as
                                                       an online business to business web company to serve it’s
                                                       growing number of reseller and distribution partners.

   Mediamounts Inc became a formal division of TBC July
    2004. Mediamounts is now the trade marked name for the
    company and its product line while TBC continues to OEM
    private label.

   Mediamounts operates out of a 2nd ISO-9001 facility for
    Production and Assembly with a 3rd shipping/receiving
    location located in Williamsville, New York.
Market Profile – Medical

                  In the healthcare community today knowledge and the
                   sharing of information is growing exponentially. Fully
                   utilizing technology to improve patient care requires the
                   complete integration of information systems throughout
                   the healthcare enterprise.
                  Mediamounts goal is to improve the human integration
                   with computers by providing innovative, ergonomic, space
                   saving computer mounting solutions. Improve access,
                   efficiency and accuracy in the OR, ICU, Radiology and Lab
                   by professionally integrating the Monitor, Keyboards and
                   CPU at the point of care.
                  Mediamounts designs and manufactures mounting
                   solutions to support computer equipment from the wall,
                   ceiling, desk and floor. With the adoption of Electronic
                   Medical Records (EMR), Picture Archiving and
                   Communications Systems (PACS), Computerized Physician
                   Order Entry (COPE) and HIPPA regulations the healthcare
                   professional is becoming more reliant on computers to
                   deliver medical care.
                  Simply placing a computer workstation on a counter top,
                   table, or mobile cart will not always meet the needs in a
                   medical environment. Consider the following benefits to
                   strategically using a Mediamounts mounting solution.
Mounting Benefits
                  Saving Space: Most patient rooms, operating
                   environments and exam rooms have limited
                   room so using or even finding valuable counter
                   top space or cutting off traffic areas with
                   computer carts or tables is not always an
                   acceptable solution.

                  Improved Ergonomics: Having to twist
                   between the patient and workstation while
                   using a keyboard at an improper height can
                   result in repetitive strain injuries.

                  Improved Usage and Efficiency: Wireless
                   carts require expensive batteries, service and
                   must be shared between staff and rooms.

                  Increased Accuracy: Strategically locating
                   the workstation at the point of care improves
                   the entry and retrieval of data reducing clinical
Wall Mount Solutions

                  A wall mount solution can provide an effective scanning station or
                   hallway/patient room workstation to run clinical applications.
                  When space is limited the RX Fixed mount sits a mere 1 1/2” from
                   the wall and rotates from portrait to landscape. Add a stand-alone
                   keyboard that flips up when not in use and you have a low profile
                  If extended reach is required than select a mount with extension
                   arms. The LCD monitor can extend 34” from the wall with or
                   without a keyboard. The slide out mouse tray accommodates left
                   and right hand users and includes mouse pocket and Velcro for
                   securing the keyboard to the tray.

 RXWMV000-S             RXWMY210-S                                RXCPU10-S
Track Slider Wall Mount Solutions
                  This wall mount series comes equipped with a
                   wall track available in standard 18” and 36”
                   lengths. The advantage of the track is it’s
                   modular design, height adjustable features and
                   optional configurations.
                  Once a wall track is installed the LCD and
                   Keyboard sliders connect to the track and can
                   be independently adjusted for different users to
                   maintain the proper ergonomic height while in
                   a sitting or standing position.
                  The modular design will allow for the removal
                   and replacement of different slider assemblies.
                   If extension arms are required or running dual
                   monitors becomes applicable at a later date
                   components can easily be added or removed
                   without difficulty.

 RXTSV010-S                           RXTSV121-S                    RXTSY111-S
Diagnostic Imaging Solutions
Desktop Solutions
                   With legislation on Health and Safety issues in the
                    workplace greater emphasis is being placed on ergonomics
                    with respect to screen positioning over a desk. A LCD
                    installed on a monitor mount can accommodate various
                    user’s physical differences and preferences.
                   For example multiple shifts in medical environments
                    require various size people to use the same monitor in a
                    nursing station. Obvious height differences or the ability to
                    choose to sit while others prefer to stand are clearly
                    beneficial. With a desk mount monitor arm each user has
                    the flexibility to adjust the screen to a comfortable
                    ergonomic height, change-viewing angles to improve
                    legibility and reduce glare. Research has indicated that a
                    shift in occupancy comfort increases productivity

  RXDMV200-S    RXDMY210-S                            GXDM1007-S
Mobile Cart Solutions

                 Note: Customized Tethered Cart Configurations
Extension Arm Wall Solutions

                                       This smooth moving extension
                                        arm enables an LCD monitor
                                        (1-14lbs) to be positioned up
                                        to 68” from the wall for
                                        optimal viewing. This mount
                                        can be folded up tight to the
                                        wall when not in use to save
                                        space making it ideal for
                                        medical environments. Full
                                        cable management is provided
                                        throughout the unit.

          TXWMK200-G

          TXWMK100-G
     Note: 36” single arm option
 Ceiling Mount Solutions

                                   This ceiling mount extension arm enables an LCD monitor
                                    (1-14lbs) to be positioned up to 68” from the ceiling for
                                    optimal viewing. This mount can be moved up out of the
                                    way while not in use making it ideal for medical OR and
                                    Patient Room environments.

 TXCMK200-G

                       TXCMK100-G                               Note: Cable Management.
                Note: 36” single arm option
Contact Information

           Simon Fallows – President

             800-263-8901 ext 229

       Pam Brown – Sales Account Manager

             800-263-8901 ext 224

       Kevin Nickless – Production Manager

              800-263-8901 ext 227

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