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     3, IRLA ROAD, VILE PARLE (WEST), MUMBAI – 400 056

Phone/Fax : 2671 2087, 2628 7397          E-mail : dit@kvic.gov.in
                                          Website : www.kvic.org.in

                         TENDER NOTICE


       Tender is invited for supply of Desktops/Laptop/Notebook of
reputed brands like HP/Dell/Lenovo. Delivery of the items to be
supplied is immediate. The Tender document can be obtained from
this office at above mentioned address on any working days between
10.30AM to 5.00 PM on payment of `.1,000/- by way of Demand
Draft / Cheque drawn on any of the Nationalized Bank payable at
Mumbai. The DD/Cheque should be drawn in the name of “Khadi &
V.I. Commission, Information Technology Schematic A/c”. In no way
cash transaction will be entertained. Further the Firm/Agencies can
download the tender from the website www.kvic.org.in and at the time
of submission of tender they have to deposit cost of the document
failure to which the tender is liable to be rejected. Tender should be
submitted in two parts namely, Credential and Financial Bid as per
Annexure – II and III given in the Tender Document.

Start Date of Tender : 11.01.2011
End Date of Tender : 20.01.2011          by 3.00 P.M.

                                                       Director (IT)

                                Cost of Tender Document `1000/-

     3, IRLA ROAD, VILE PARLE (West), MUMBAI-400 056
               Tel : 2671 2087 Fax : 26712087
                    (E-Mail: dit@kvic.gov.in)

                        TENDER NOTICE


1.   Tender is invited for supply of Desktops/Laptop/Notebook of
     reputed brands like HP/Dell/Lenovo. Delivery of the items to be
     supplied is immediate.

2.   The Tender document can be obtained from this office at above
     mentioned address on any working days between 10.30AM to
     5.00 PM on payment of `.1,000/- by way of Demand Draft /
     Cheque drawn on any of the Nationalized Bank payable at
     Mumbai. The DD/Cheque should be drawn in the name of
     “Khadi & V.I. Commission, Information Technology Schematic
     A/c”. In no way cash transaction will be entertained. Further
     the Firm/Agencies can download the tender from the website
     www.kvic.org.in and at the time of submission of tender they
     have to deposit cost of the document failure to which the tender
     is liable to be rejected.

3.   Tender should be submitted in two parts namely, Credential
     and Financial Bid as per Annexure – II and III given in the
     Tender Document.

4.   Each Tender must be accompanied with Earnest Money
     Deposit (EMD) of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only)
     in the shape of Demand Draft drawn in the name of “Khadi
     & V. I. Commission - Information Technology A/c” on any
     scheduled Bank payable at Mumbai, without which the tender
     will be summarily rejected. However, the firms/suppliers who
     are registered for items mentioned in Annexure-`I‟ with NSIC
     under Single Point Registration scheme shall be considered for
     exemption from furnishing the EMD. In such cases, a copy of
     the Registration Certificate from NSIC should invariably
     accompany the Credential. Mere registration as a SSI Unit
     does not qualify the firm for exemption from furnishing the
     EMD in the absence of a valid Certificate from the NSIC,
     and such Tender Bids shall be rejected.

5.   Sealing and Marking of Bids: The Tenderer shall seal the
     Credential and Financial Bids in separate envelopes, duly
     marking the envelope as “Credential Bid” and “Financial Bid”
     respectively. The envelopes shall then be sealed in an outer
     envelope addressed to the DIRECTOR (IT), Khadi and Village
     Industries Commission, 3, Irla Road, Vile Parle (West),
     Mumbai-400 056.        The outer envelope should also be
     superscribed with “Tender for supply of Computers, MS Office
     Licenses, Printers, ”. The inner envelopes shall also indicate
     the name and address of the bidder. If the outer envelope is
     not sealed and marked as required above, Khadi & Village
     Industries Commission (KVIC) will assume no responsibility for
     the bids misplacement or premature opening. The inner and
     outer envelopes shall be addressed to KVIC at the address
     given above. The EMD should also be submitted in a separate
     sealed envelope marked “EMD” inside the outer envelope along
     with Credential Bids and Financial bids. Therefore, three inner
     envelopes will be there inside the main envelope. ((1)
     Technical Bid (2) Financial Bid (3) EMD ).

6.   The Tender must reach this office before 3.00 P.M. on
     20.01.2011 otherwise it will be rejected. The KVIC takes no
     responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of Tender
     documents sent by Post/Courier.

7.   The Credentials are tentatively proposed to be opened at KVIC
     in the presence of representatives of the desirous vendors at
     4.00 P.M. of the last day for submission of tenders, i.e
     20.01.2011. Only one representative per vendor will be
     permitted to be present at the time of opening the tender.
     However KVIC reserves the right to extend the date and time
     for opening of Bid out its discretions.
8.    Suppliers furnishing incomplete/Incorrect information will be

9.    To the unsuccessful Tenderer, the EMD amount will be
      refunded normally within one month of the final decision.
      However, KVIC will not be responsible for any delay in refund of
      the EMD amount.

10.   The EMD amount will not bear any interest what so ever.

11.   The system must be supplied in full as per ordered
      configuration at KVIC, Mumbai-400056. Short supply of
      systems will not be accepted under any circumstance.

12.   The consignment will be supplied at Directorate of Information
      Technology, 2nd Floor, Khadi & Village Industries Commission,
      3, Irla Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-56 on working days i.e.
      Monday to Friday between 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

13.   In case the supplier is not executing the order fully, the EMD
      amount will be forfeited and the entire order in this regard will
      stand cancelled.

14.   The detailed specifications for the proposed items to be
      supplied to KVIC are given in the Annexure-„I‟.

15.   Firms/Company offering to submit their tender must be an
      authorized channel partner of the respective company from
      whom a certificate to that effect have to be attached along with
      tender document.

16.   Any firm/company having channel partner of more than one
      brand can accordingly submit their quote for one or more of the
      computer system of the specific Brand and configuration placed
      under tender.

17.   Tenderer having minimum financial turnover upto Rs.100.00
      lakhs during last 3 consecutive financial years shall only
      become eligible to apply.

18.   Past experience of at least 3 years for sales and customer list
      of the company is equally a criterion, to be submitted alongwith
      tender papers for their being to qualify for the tender.
      Firm/Agency will also furnished the registration Nos. like CST,
      VAT & PAN/TAN Numbers as applicable.

19.   The Tender should be submitted in the prescribed format as

      a) Technical Specification   - As per Annexure –„I‟
      b) Credentials               - As per Annexure –„II‟
      b) Financial Bid             - As per Annexure – „III‟

20.   More than one financial bid could be filed in separate cover
      clearly indicating the choices of brands on the front cover.
      Each financial bid should correspond to a clearly defined set of
      choices.     However, substantial deviations from technical
      specifications, functional and capacity requirements should not
      be used as choices for multiplication of financial bids.

21.   The Tender shall remain valid for a minimum period of 90
      (Ninety) days from the date of receipt of tenders. A tender valid
      for a shorter period shall be rejected as non-responsive.
      However, the prices should be valid for one year from the date
      of placing the initial order.

22.   KVIC may ask vendor(s) for additional information, visit to
      vendor’s site and/ or arrange discussion with their technical
      professionals to verify claims made in technical tender

23.   The Financial Bid of those Bidders who satisfy all phases of the
      Credentials will only be opened.

24.   Any effort by a Tenderer to influence KVIC employees and
      Officers in the decision making process on tender evaluation,
      tender comparison or purchase order may result in rejection of
      the tenderer’s offer. If the Tenderer wishes to bring additional
      information to the notice of KVIC, it should do so in writing.
      Such alterations/modifications will not be binding on KVIC in
      any manner.

25.   The Tenderer is expected to examine all instructions, forms,
      terms and specifications in the Tender documents. Failure to
      furnish all information required by the Tender documents or to
      submit a bid not substantially responsive to the tender
      documents in every respect will be at the tenderer’s risk and
      may result in the rejection of its tender.

26.   Printed conditions mentioned in the tenders will not be binding
      on KVIC. All the terms and conditions for the supply, testing
      and acceptance, payment terms, penalty, etc. will be as those
      mentioned herein or as per the terms that would be notified in
      the order for purchase, and no change in the terms and
      conditions will be acceptable.

27.   KVIC will not entertain any modification/withdrawal of bids once
      it has been submitted.

28.   Quoted Price should include all levies, duties, taxes, freight
      installation charges, etc at the actual destination.           Any
      subsequent addition/increase in the levies, duties, etc. will be to
      the account of vendor. Octroi Charges if any will be paid on
      production of original receipt in the name of Khadi & Village
      Industries Commission.

29.   Any downward revision of price after the placement of the order
      but before actual delivery will be credited in the account of

30.   The Machine should be operational in Non-A.C. environment
      without any loss of efficiency.

31.   The system shall not be prone to damage during power failures
      and trip outs.

32.   KVIC shall not pay or reimburse separately for any transit
      insurance coverage and Tenderer is responsible till the entire
      deliveries are made.

33.   The supplier should provide necessary facilities for pre-dispatch
      inspection, if required, by the KVIC.

34.   Wherever necessary, brochures may be supplied.

35.   The payment Schedule will be as under :
      a) After delivery & installation of Hardware & Software : 90%
      b) After completion of Warranty Period or on submission : 10%
         of Bank Guarantee for the equivalent amount.
      c) EMD of successful bidder will be retained as additional
         security deposit and EMD will be returned after expiry of
         warranty period. Such EMD deposited shall not carry any

36.   Request from Tenderer for payment shall be made to this office
      (KVIC, Mumbai) in writing accompanied by delivery challan
      confirming the receipt of goods and invoice describing the
      goods delivered, installed and services performed with
      complete technical specifications.

37.   Payment shall be made by KVIC after submission of Invoice of
      claim by the Tenderer after successful installation.

38.   The delivery schedule for supply should be specified in the
      Tender. If the selected tenderer here in after referred to the
      “vendor”, fails to supply the complete systems of the ordered
      quantity within the specified delivery period, KVIC will have the
      right to cancel the order in full or part, forfeiting the EMD.

39.   The items should be under free on site comprehensive
      WARRANTY for a period of at least THREE YEAR from the
      date of installation and acceptance including free provision of
      spare parts kits as and when necessary. The vendor should
      fulfill the following conditions during Warranty.

      a) Any failure in the system or sub-system thereof during
         warranty period should be rectified/replaced with new
         equipment immediately by the supplier at its cost within 48
         hrs. Penalty at the rate of Rs.100/- per computer per day as
         the case may be, would be charged or recovered from out of
         withheld amount towards warranty/EMD. However, even if
         the system is not corrected by the vendor then this will be
         done by KVIC with the help of other service provider and in
         that case, vendor will be liable to bear the entire cost

      b) Any System failing at sub system level at least 3 times in
         three months, displaying chronic system design or
         manufacturing defects or quality control problem will be
         replaced by a New set by the Vendor at his cost and
         responsibility forthwith.
40.   After expiry of Warranty, the KVIC would be free to award AMC
      to the original supplier or third party or maintain in-house, as
      the case may be or as decided by KVIC.

41.   In case the KVIC opts to maintain the system in-house or
      through third party, the Vendor shall make available to KVIC all
      necessary spares, same or equivalent spares without affecting
      the compatibility or performance of any part of the system for a
      period of at least two years after warranty period. This shall be
      binding on the Vendor under the Terms & Conditions of this
      Tender and those of the Purchase Order to be placed on
      finalization of tender process.

42.   KVIC will process the tender as per KVIC’s standard
      procedures. It, however, reserves the right to reject any or all
      tenders without assigning any reason. KVIC would not be under
      any obligation to give any clarifications to those vendors whose
      tenders have been rejected.

43.   Submission        of    Tender    by    FAX/e-mail/Telegraphic
      communication will not be accepted. It will be accepted only in
      original letters format send through post or by hand, within the
      given deadlines.

44.   KVIC reserves the right to cancel any order placed with the
      Tenderer at any stage before the actual delivery without
      assigning any reasons and the tenderer shall not be entitled for
      any compensation.

45.   DGS&D rate quotation will always be preferred while a
      Firm/company/houses has been offering their quote/price for
      any or all of the systems and peripherals, while responding to
      the specific system configuration and Brand as called upon in
      the Tender.

46.   While quoting any specific DGS&D rate in confirming a specific
      Brand and configuration of any system or peripheral, the
      Firm/company/houses may bring it to the notice of the KVIC,
      the difference between the configuration given in the tender
      document and the configuration as per DGS&D configuration.
      Such differences if considered acceptable by the vendor then

      they can quote for both the DGS&D rate and for tender
      specified systems, as called upon.
47.   The KVIC prefers on-site warranty for three years whether
      quoting DGS&D rate quotation or normal quotes by
      Firm/company/houses, may consider at their discretion, to post
      an on-site Engineer at KVIC for specific working hour for all
      working days without any additional cost or financial
      consideration. Such an offer will definitely place the
      Firm/company/houses in an advantage over the other.

48.   The PCs/Printers/Laptop & Notebook etc. quoted should be of
      reputed standard make and should confirm to at least of one
      standard like ISO-9001-2000 etc. documentary proof of the
      same to be attached with the tender.

49.   The successful bidder will complete and be responsible for total
      installation of the systems at user’s site and will also arrange
      from data transfer from old system to new system.

50. Firm should enclose relevant photocopies of the certificates,
      catalogues, brochures, etc. in support of all the items quoted.
      The details on the specifications of the Hardware and Software
      is presented in the Annexure-I. The bidders should quote for
      the specifications/brands/models mentioned in the tender

      All equipments (self manufactured or otherwise, supplied by the
      vendor) should be manufactured by ISO 9001 certified
      manufacturer and the bidder shall take prime responsibility in
      their installation, maintenance, replacement etc. KVIC would
      approach the bidder for any problem relating to these products.
      KVIC however reserves the right to take up directly with the
      manufacturers of these products and this condition shall be
      incorporated by the bidder in their contract / agreement with
      vendor(s) of peripherals from whom they plan to procure.

                                                DIRECTOR (IT)


                  Procurement of Hardware

Intel V Pro Configuration – 15 Nos.

a.   CPU                Intel Core i3 processor or higher
b.   Chipset            Intel Q 57 or better on OEM
c.   Bus Architecture   Integrated Graphics, 2 PCI, 1 PCI
                        Express x 1 and 1 PCI Express x 16.
d.   Memory             2 x 2 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM
                        Expandable upto 8 GB
e.   Hard Disk Drive    500 GB SATA HDD
f.   Monitor            18.5" TFT Digital Colour Monitor TCO-
                        05 certified
g.   Keyboard           Multimedia Bi-lingual keyboard English
                        & Devnagri (Typewriter mode)
h.   Mouse              2 Button Optical scroll mouse
i.   Ports              8 USB Ports (with at least 2 in front),
                        audio ports for microphone and
                        headphone in front.
j.   Cabinet            Mini Tower
k.   DVD Drive          High density DVD Writer or better
l.   Networking         10/100/1000 on board integrated
     facility           Network Port with remote booting
                        facility remote system installation,
                        remote wake up, out of band
                        management using any standard
                        management software.
m.   Operating System   Windows XP Professional preloaded
                        with media and documentation and
                        certificate of authenticity.

n.    MS Office             Office 2007 Professional MOLP
      Version               (without media)
o.    Preloaded             Norton or McAfee or eTrust or e-Scan
      Software              or Fore front or Trend Micro or PC
                            Tool or Quick heal Antivirus (Latest
                            Version) with 90 days License
                            With three years onsite warranty

1.     HP Mono Laserjet      With three years onsite    9 Nos.
       P1007                 warranty
2.     HP Colour Laserjet    With three years onsite    3 Nos.
       CP1515n Printer       warranty

Laptop & Note Book:
1.     Laptop              With three years onsite      2 Nos.
              Intel Core i-3 Processor
              2.4GHz, 3MB L2 Cache or higher
              Genuine Window 7 Edition
              3 GB DDR3 RAM or higher
              320 GB HDD SATA
              8x DVD- super Multi + RW DL SATA
              15” LED Backlit or higher
              Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
              Three years warranty
              Carry case
              External 2.0 Channel speaker
              Pre Installed antivirus


2. Note Book       With three years onsite warranty 1 Nos.
                    Operating         Genuine Windows® 7
                    system installed Starter 32-bit
                    Processor         Intel® Atom™ Processor
                                      N455, 1.66 GHz, 667 Mhz
                                      FSB or better
                    Chipset           Intel® NM10 + ICH8m or

    Memory          Standard          2 GB DDR3 (1 x 2048 MB)
    Storage         Internal drives   320 GB SATA Hard Disk
                                      Drive 7200 rpm
    Graphics        Display size      25.6 cm (10.1") diagonal High
                    (diagonal)        Definition Bright View LED
                    Display           1366 x 768
                    Graphics          Intel® Graphics Media
                                      Accelerator 3150 (shared)
    Expansion       Ports             1 VGA port
    features                          1 headphone-
                                      out/microphone-in combo
                                      3 USB 2.0 ports
                                      1 RJ45 ethernet port
                    Slots             5-in-1 integrated Digital
                                      Media Reader for Secure
                                      Digital cards, MultiMedia
                                      cards, Memory Stick,
                                      Memory Stick Pro or xD
                                      Picture cards
   Media devices    Audio features    Generic, stereo
     Input devices    Pointing device   Clickpad with On/Off
                      Keyboard          93% Full size island-style
     Communications   Network           Integrated 10/100BASE-T
                      interface         Ethernet LAN
                      Wireless          802.11 b/g/n
                      Technologies      Bluetooth® wireless
     Power            Power supply      40 W AC Power Adapter
                      Battery type      6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
                      Energy            ENERGY STAR® qualified

Other accessories

1.     16 port Unmanageable Switch D-link                1 No.
2.     500 GB Portable Disk Drive with USB Transcend     2 No.
3.     4 GB Pen Drive Transcend                          10 Nos.

(Note: Make and model of all the items should be specified

                                                                   ANNEXURE- II

                           Format of the Technical Bid

       The Tenderer shall furnish general business information to facilitate
assessment of his professional, technical, commercial capacity and reputation.
This information shall be furnished in the prescribed format as detailed below. In
case, the bidder is not providing the details in the same order of this
Format, the bid shall be liable for rejection.

A.    General

      i)      General Profile of the Firm-Annual Report of last three accounting
              years to be submitted.
      ii)     Infrastructural facilities of the Bidders as available in the Country

              (a)    Technical Personnel
              (b)    Details of locational offices where required spare parts are
              (b)    Other Support facilities
      iii)    Major clients at Mumbai & National level – with the contact details.
      iv)     Copies of major orders valued above of Rs.10.00 lakhs bagged
              during last one year.
      v)      Manufacturing base.
      vi)     Quality Certification for manufacturing, if any.
      vii)    Awards for products, if any.
      viii)   Press cuttings/clipping about the company product in relation to
              similar products of other manufacturers in the Industry.
      ix)     Product details of the system offered.
      x)      List of Government Client

                                                                Annexure – III
                                Financial Bid

  Sr.    Items                          Qty      Approx.          Amount
  No.                                            Unit Rate          `
  1.     Intel V Pro Computers      15
         with OS-Win XP with
  2.     HP Mono Laserjet           9
  3.     HP Colour Laserjet         3
         CP1515n Printer
  4.     Laptop                     2 No.
  5.     Notebook                   1 No.
  6.     500 GB Portable Disk       2 No.
         Drive with USB
         Transcend Make
  7.     4 GB Pen Drive             10
         Transcend Make             Nos.
         VAT 5%
         Octroi extra if applicable (5.5%)
         Final Cost inclusive of taxes & levies to be
         considered for bid

Note :

   1. The order will not be splited and selection of bidder will be done based on
      the lowest cost as arrived in the above table.
   2. In case VAT, Taxes and Levies are not mentioned the cost will be
      considered all inclusive.


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