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                                                                                                                 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                 Phone 717-392-6333

This anti-thett device allows you to secure your "Mouse", "Hand Scanner", IFILE-LOK II
"Trackball", "Monitor" and "Keyboard" by trappin,g the peripheral cable. Simply F1LE-LOKII prevents unauthorized copying of data from your network or hard drive
attach CABLE- TRAP to your computer using an [external [cover screw and/or our and reduces the chance of viruses by preventing access to the floppy disk drive,
"Super Bond" System. The CABLE-TRAP secures up to five (5) cables -two (2) The FILE~LOK II secures virtually all laptop, notebook and desktop computers
large and three (3) small. Master Keyed or Keyed AI'Ike options avauable.       with a 3.5" disk drive. Simply insert into the drive opening and lock In place, FILE-
                                                                                LOK" is made of durable ABS material and is available in
   Includes:                                                                    both black and putty colors. Maste~Keyed or
   • One (1) CABLE-TRAP                                                         Keyed Alike options available.            ~~
   • One (1) 3 gram bottle of                                                      lncludes:                                          If'
     "Super Bond" adhesive                                                         • One (1) mE-LOK "                                 ,
   • Two (2) keys.                                                                 • Two (2) keys.                  ~'~"

 3195                                                                                       OD-'03107             Putty
    Road ready! This un iversal security system is perfect for office and road use.
 sleek design allows itto be quickly attached or reoved from your computer's built-I------------------------------j
 in security slot. The Mobile Security Kit contains a keyed locking mechanism
 attached to a 6' steel cable and a travel pouch .. all need to keep your notebook
                                                                                      LOK-KIT II
 secure.                                                                              This revolutionary three (3) plate security system is small, powerfully strong, yet
                                                                                      attractive. The distinctive cast metal plates have vinyl surfaces that are activated
                                                                                      with Qualtec's "Super Bond" adhesive. This provides a quick easy "industrial
                                                                                      strength" bond, with over 700 pounds (318 kgs) of holding strength. The unique
                                                                                      low proflle, extra strength LOK-KIT 1Ienables the userto not only secure desktop
                                                                                      computers and peripherals, but laptops, notebooks, fax machines, copiers, phone
  (W-16610                                                                            systems, audlo/vlsua equipment, etc. This universl kit provides asset control and
                                                                                      deters opportunistic theft. Master IKeyed or Keyed Alike options available.
 39    95                                                                                 Includes:
                                                                                          • Two (2) 1.75" (4.45 ern) round plates
                                                                                          • One (1) .75" x 2" (1.191 em x 5.08 em) rectangular plate
                                                                                         '. One (1) 5ft. (t.srn) steel [cable
                                                                                         .• One (1) 3 gram botue of "Super Bond" adhesive
PERSONAL ACCESS-PC IPOWER LOCKTM                                                                                                                           95
The Personal Access PC Power LocklMdevice is designed
to limit use of your computer by controlling access to the
                                                                                         • One keyed lock with two (2) 'keys
power. Simply mstall it into the PC's power plug, and
instantly a key controls who gets to use the computer. No
software and no encryption necessary.                                                     Bond one of the "Super ,Bond"
                                                                                         plates '/0 each piece otme
                                                                                         equipment you want
The Personal Access PC Power LockTMworks on ALL PC                                        to secure, then
or MAC desktop and tower computers.                                                       weave the cable
                                                                                         through each plate
Extra long 6' cable. Once installed, simply turn the system                              sea lock in place.
on or of with a Ikey.
NOTE-BOOK KIT                                                                                                              ''SUPER BOND" RECTANGULAR PLATE INSTALLATION
NOTE-BOOK is the most complete theft                                                                                      Adhere the rectangular plate to a smooth flat surface
deterent kit available for "mobile" com-                                                                                  on the back side of your notebook.
                                                                                                                          Secure the cable to the work area and lock If/e cable
puters including those with the small
                                                                                                                          to the plate usmg the keyed lock provided.
security retention slot. This kitsecuresal1
notebook and laptop computers includ-
                                              MlCRO·'LOK INSTALLA TlON (For computers with the small security                                                     Jjf4
ing the Apple PowerBook, AST, 'Compaq,        retention slot): Install tne MICRO-LOK clip by using a scissor·like action and
Dell, Digital, H.P., IBM, NEC, Toshiba,
Zenith, etc,
                           34      95
                                              inserting it in the open post/on. Next, close the MICRO-LOK and align its two
                                              notes. Secure the cable to the work area, using either method shown above and
                                              lock the cable to the MICRO-LOK using the keyed lock provided.

                                            Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                            Phone 717-392-6333

FILE-LOK IIITM                                                                         UNI-KIT
Floppy Disk OriveILock                                                               With the UNI-KIT you can secure not only computers and peripherals, but fax
                                                                                     machines, copiers and audio/visual equipment. The UNI-KIT also protects the
High security, heavy-duty disk drive lock - pick and drill resistant with 50,000 key internalcnrnponents    of your computer when mounted to a chassis cover screw.
combinations available. Prevents unauthorized copymg of data from your network This device is ideal for use on leased office equipmentwhere a removable theft
or hard drive and helps prevent viruses. Secures virtually all laptop, notebook and deterrent is preferred. Master Keyed or Keyed Alike options available.
desktop computers with a3.5" floppy drive. IDoes not work onMacintosh
computers.                                                                              Remove one exterior chassis screw on each piece of equipment that you Wish
                                                                                          to S,lcure. rake ssecutity housing (UNI-L OK) with the appropriate mounting
   Putty color                                                                            hardware (included) and allach the housing to the equipment. Weave the cable
                                                                                          through the housing and secure either tothe accessol}' plate or around the table leg
                                                                                          with the lock provided.

   '11995                                                                                 3495

ICHASSIS-LOK                                                                           ACCESSORY PRODUCTS
                                                                                    These general purpose accessories can be used to expand LOKKIT II, LOK-KIT II,
IProtecting internal components from thett and tampering is a growing     concern.
                                                                                    NOTEBOOK KIT AND UNI-KIT II.
 CHASSIS-LOK ,is the affordable heavy-duty solution that will save you possibly
 thousands of dollars in component loss and user down time. CHASSIS-LOK
                                                                                    Cable-Lok Seven bundles x 19 slrands of steel braided aircraft style cable. Cable
protects the interior of your computer by limiting access to a chassis screw.
                                                                                    size is 5/32" vinyl coaled to 7/32" with eyelet filling Ion one end and ball filling
    CHASSIS-LOK incorporates Ueatures that make itthe most secure device of IiIs
                                                                                    on the other.
type available. First, by mounting the device to the chassis using our "Super Bond"
adhesive, this productis many times strongerthan products that just mount using
the cover screw. Second, the highsecurity lock IS pick and drill resistant with       PIN                Model      Length     Price
50,000 different combinations available. For maximum security it is recommended       00·04115           5A        5 ft.     13.95
that 2 devices are used per computer. Master [Keyed or Keyed Alike options 00-04118                      7A        7 ft.      15.95
   • Two (2) CHASSIS-LOKS
   • One (1 J 3 gram bottle of "Super IBond" adhesive

   • Two (2) keys.

                                                                                       Accessory Plates (Lok-~KitII)

   Remove one cover screw on your                                       ~-             "Super Bond" plates can be used on anyflatsurtaceto

   CPU, apply the "Super Bond"              ~_                   ----                  secure either additional peripherals or as an anchoring             ~~
   adhesive and positlloo it over                Il                     I              pornt to the work station.
   the cover screw hole.                         ~ I _.---   -                           Includes;                                         ~.:.-::;
   Replace the cover screw            ~          ----                                    • One 1.75"(445 em) Round IPlate,                          ,~
   and secure with the                                                                   • One .75' x 2' (1.91 x 5.0B cm) Rectangular Plate -,
   CHASSIS-LOK cover          '
                                                                                         • One (~) 3 gram bottle of "Super Bond" adhesive

                          ,               00-12501
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