Senior Composition and Literature Course Syllabus by vfe12263


									              Senior Composition and Literature Course Syllabus
                Pass American Literature and Composition course, which includes:
Reading a wide array of literature including      Grammar
   o The Crucible                                      o sentence combining
   o Raisin in the Sun                                 o understand different sentence types
   o Neither Wolf Nor Dog                              o eliminate pronoun abuse
                                                       o MLA format
                                                       o Self edit beyond using spell check and
Writing                                                    grammar check
   o Persuasive Essay
   o 4-5 page Research Paper with 6-8             Speaking & Listening
        sources on an American                         o Practice using Powerpoint in a speech
        Movement/Culture                               o 5-7 minute speech
                                                       o listen and take notes

Students must be concurrently enrolled in Current Issues/Government while taking Sr Comp & Lit.

This is a year long course intended to assist the student in refining communication skills necessary to survive
in today’s competitive world. The course will require students to read and analyze contemporary literature
that will enrich and assist in developing a more mature sense of the complex problems of today’s society. The
works assigned will provide the student with ideas regarding problems which may lead to the student’s
selection of a topic for the Senior Project. Students will be given the opportunity to develop a personal
writing voice, and they will also be guided toward successful completion of the research. The course will
conclude with the student creating and presenting the research, a solution and the student’s graduation plans
to an evaluative audience during a 10-12 minute Powerpoint slide presentation. Satisfactory completion of
this year long course not only prepares the student for successful completion of the Senior Project, but it will
provide the student with opportunities to become a self-disciplined and independent learner.

Demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze the cause and effect relationship of contemporary
problems through communicative means including speaking and writing.
How does one deal with moral dilemmas and contemporary problems?

Each reading unit will require the student to demonstrate analytical and critical reading strategies.
Students will understand the moral dilemmas presented in the texts as well as predict viable solutions which
are relevant to today’s problems. Selections will be made from the following:

Death of a Salesman—what causes suicide, depression, delusion, cheating, etc?
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest—what causes institutional corruption?
Brave New World—should limits be put on scientific research—cloning?
1984—what happens when the media controls our thoughts?
Things They Carried—what happens when youth experience war?
The Stranger—what causes people to kill?

Essential Questions:
    o How do the problems presented in the literature relate to the problems existing today?
    o Why do the obvious solutions to the problems not work?
    o Why have the obvious solutions to the problems not been enacted upon?
    o What can be done differently to solve these recurring problems?
      Texts: Writing in a Changing World and Writers Inc.
  o Personal & Career: Personal Statement, Leadership Record, Resume, Letter of Application, Reflective
      Letter, Evaluative Statement and Introductory Letter
  o Essays: Reflective, Persuasive, Argumentative, Problem Solving, and Research Project Proposal
  o Research: 5-7 page problem solving research paper with 10 sources (2 primary)
  o Journal: daily writing of responses and evaluations of information read or discussed in class

   o Assessment will be done through objective tests, short answer, essays, and presentation scoring rubrics.
   o The student will be writing multiple essays for many different purposes and make many different
      presentations to develop effective communication skills.
   o The Research Paper, the Presentation and the Portfolio must be revised until each meets the minimum
      passing grade (60%) in order to graduate.
   o Senior Project Presentation is a 10-12 minute Powerpoint presentation.

  o Each student’s daily participation grade depends upon coming to class on time with the materials necessary
     to complete each day’s learning activities. These materials include: paper, pen, pencil, binder with Sr
     Project Handbook, planner and an open mind willing to learn.

    o    It is expected that ALL work will be completed to the best of the student’s ability and submitted on time.

    o    Assignments not completed in class are the student’s responsibility to be completed outside of class.
         Students are expected to read, research and type papers outside of class time.

    o    Students who are absent are expected to make up all missed work. It is the responsibility of the student to
         get the missing assignment before or after school—not during class time.

    o    Late work will be accepted, but with the following deduction applied:
         A 10% deduction will be applied to any work submitted beyond the due date
         A 50% deduction will be applied to any work submitted beyond the end of the grading period

The course grade is calculated as a percentage of points earned divided by the number of points possible.
The following percentages are approximations of how the course grade is composed.
    o Daily Participation…………..……….10%
    o Class work …………………………...20%
    o Essays and research Papers ………….40%
    o Presentations …………..……………..20%
    o Portfolio & Final Exam ………………10%

All school wide policies will be in effect and these rules apply no matter where we meet as a class—they apply in
the library, the classroom, the computer lab or anywhere.

    o    No electronic device shall be used in the classroom without the permission of the instructor.
    o    No drinks or food will be allowed in the classroom at any time.
    o    No sleeping in class.
    o    No working on other class assignments.
    o    The work you submit MUST BE YOUR OWN. Cheating or copying will result in a failing grade on the
         assignment and the second offense will result in a failing grade for the course.

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