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                                              An in-house monthly magazine published from National Institute for Micro, Small and
                                              Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) [ Formerly known as National Institute of Small Industry
                                              Extension Training (nisiet) ] (An Organisation of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India)

Volume 8

Issue 5                    Executive development programmes
May 2009                        for north-eastern region
                       As our ancient adage goes, “Learning is a continuous and unending
                          process”. The process does not come to a natural end with the
Inside...               completion of school or acquiring a post-graduate education or a
                      doctoral degree. The more knowledge one acquires and the higher one
                     moves on the scale of learning, the truly wise one begins to perceive that
 EC meeting          the entire mass of their learning is only a drop in the ocean. Happily, in
                     the present day situation also, the significance of the ancient adage has
 From the Director                   not been overlooked. The different kinds of
 General’s Desk               training interventions designed for different streams of
                           in-career specialisation at various levels are an attempt to
 Cluster news                    meet this life-long continuity of learning process.

 Projects under                                                                                                    function. Delivering
                     The School of
 Ambedkar Hasth                                                                                                    the       inaugural
 Shilp Vikasa
                     Enterprise Deve-
                                                                                                                   address,         Dr.
 Yojana Scheme       lopment (SED) of
                                                                                                                   Krishnaiah had
                     ni-msme        had
                                                                                                                   dwelt upon the
 Presentation by     organised in the
 GTZ on Ozone                                                                                                      various aspects of
                     campus         two
 Layer                                                                                                             micro finance, and
                     executive develop-
                                                                                                                   promotion       and
                     ment programmes
 SENDOC                                                                                                            development of
 additions           for the North
                                                                                                                   micro enterprises
                     Eastern Region.
                                                                                                                   with special emphasis
 SME Corner          Sponsored by the
                                                                                                                   on self-help groups
                     Ministry         of
                                                                                                                   (SHGs). He had
 Anti-Terrorism      Development of
                                                                                        pointed out that enterprise start-up is, by no
                     North Eastern Region (DoNER), they were
                                                                                        means, an easy process; the entrepreneur has to
                     inaugurated on 25 May 09. Both the
                                                                                        be prepared for it in every respect. He had
                     programmes were of two weeks duration (25
     and more...                                                                        enumerated the several schemes obtaining for
                     May to 5 June 09), and each had 30 delegates.
                                                                                        enterprise promotion especially among the
                     Dr. P. Krishnaiah, IAS, Chief Executive,                           selected segments such as the educated
                     National Fisheries Development Board, Govt.                        unemployed youth, women SHGs, artisans and
                     of India was the chief guest of the inaugural                                                                             contd..7

                                                                 ni-msme family welcomes
                                                                 Shri Dinsha J. Patel
                              on his assumption as Hon’ble Minister of State for MSME
                                        (Independent Charge), Govt. of India.
                                              We wish him all the best.
                    Executive Committee Meeting
The third meeting of Executive Committee was held on 20
May 09 at New Delhi. The meeting was presided over by
Mr. Dinesh Rai, IAS, Secretary to the Government of India,
Ministry of MSME, and the Chairman of the Executive

The members attended the meeting were: Mr. Sourab Chandra,
Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser; Mr. Pravir Kumar,
IAS, Joint Secretary (Administration & SSI); Mr. Seshu Kumar
Pulipaka, IA & AS, Joint Secretary (A&RI); Mr. Abhay Bakre,
IRS, Joint Development Commissioner, O/o.DC (MSME);
Smt. K. Rama Devi, President, Association of Lady
Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh; and Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General, ni-msme and Member-Secretary
of the Committee.

The other officials present in the meeting were: Mr. S.K. Goyal, Director (MSME) and Mr. P.S. Verma, Under
Secretary (MSME) represented the Ministry of MSME, New Delhi while Mr. T.Venkateswara Reddy, Chief
Administrative Officer and Mr. K. Subba Rao, Consultant (Accounts) represented ni-msme, Hyderabad

                                                   Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General, ni-msme welcomed
                                                   the Chairman and members of the Executive Committee.
                                                   Later, Director General presented agenda items which were
                                                   discussed and appropriate decisions were taken. The
                                                   Committee expressed its satisfaction and complimented the
                                                   Director General and his team of faculty and staff for
                                                   exceeding the income target for the year 2008-09 and expected
                                                   the same tempo of maintaining the income earning level for
                                                   the year 2009-10 too.

                                                   Committee also took important decisions concerning the
                                                   educational programmes envisaged to be started by

                 SEDME the primary journal (quarterly)
                     of ni-msme invites articles
    We invite articles on any facet of MSMEs, Tiny units and KVIC units for
    publication in SEDME Journal. The articles may be based on empirical data,
    research based, analytical, conceptual or experience based, case studies, etc.
    For details regarding the style of presentation, please contact Editor, SEDME
    Journal, ni-msme, Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 045, India.

                           From the Director General’s Desk
                           From the Director General’s Desk
                                    At the service of state governments
                                     Though ni-msme is an organisation attached to the Union ministry (MSME), it
                         has always been engaged, since its inception, in servicing the states’ needs of MSME promotion
                         and development. It has been actively supporting the states with its expertise in training,
                         research and consultancy. That includes preparation of project reports, feasibility reports,
                         product profiles, identifying potential activities, potential entrepreneurs, spotting resources
and technologies, posterior and concurrent evaluation of schemes and projects being implemented.
    The Institute has also been assisting the states in the implementation of various schemes and programmes – both
those given by the GoI, and those floated by the states – in the states. It has been organising seminars and workshops
concerned with different aspects of MSMEs for different wings of the state governments. Although the Institute is
located in the city of Hyderabad in southern India, it gives equal emphasis and attention to the states in every part of
the country. A small sample of the states where the Institute has taken its services includes Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and
the island state of Andaman and Nicobar, apart from Andhra Pradesh. The range of services offered included
conducting workshops and organising training for the industry extension officers.
     Prominent among our reach to the states is our long-lasting association with the states of the North-Eastern
Region (NER). Sponsored by the DoNER of the GoI, we have been conducting a long series of mainly capacity
building programmes for them, several of which have been completed to the satisfaction of the delegates as well as
the sponsors and the state governments. We at ni-msme strongly endeavour that the states of the NER should derive
the full benefit of the GoI schemes for MSME promotion to put their economies in the galloping mode. And the
Institute will extend a strong hand to them in achieving it.
     Only in the recent past we had conducted cluster diagnostic studies in several states including Tamil Nadu and
Andhra Pradesh, and had submitted the reports. Similar initiatives are waiting to take off in the states of Madhya
Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan. Also, we have executed a series of entrepreneurship development programmes
for the states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
    Our emerging association is with the state of Kerala. Following the discussions with the state secretary, we are
custom designing a string of long term training programmes for the industry extension officers of Kerala. They are
due to take off shortly. The programmes will be designed with an innovative, practically oriented approach.
    The total length of each programme would be 18 weeks, of which the fist three months will be on the campus,
while the rest of the time will be annexed to field assignments in their home state. Towards the end of the programme,
each participant will be required to prepare and present a thorough bankable project report, with action plan, which
they are expected to implement on return to their respective work situations. This coordination between classroom
theoretics and practical field work would sharpen the skills and competencies of the participating officials, and thus
help the state to achieve good results in their MSME promotion initiatives.
     All this is by way of pointing out that the states have enormous scope for utilising the services and expertise of the
Institute. Considering that 26 ministries of the GoI, including ours, are concerned with MSME promotion directly or
indirectly, a large number of schemes are likely to be unloaded on the state platforms. To get the best out of the
situation, the states have to be prepared and ready, by backing up their officials with awareness of GoI schemes and
using them for income generation in the state. It is relevant to note here that many states are still behind in adopting the
MSMED Act 2006, which is beneficial to entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurship development agencies.
      New concepts are making their way across the horizon all the time and some of them are catching up fast:
concepts like supply chain management, global value chains, intellectual property rights and micro finance are significant
for the entrepreneurs.
    To ensure effective MSME promotion in the circumstances, continuous capacity building of concerned officials
through programmes in training of the trainers in strategies like cluster development, general MSME promotion,
financial schemes for entrepreneurs, and the emerging concepts is absolutely necessary. ni-msme, which has recognised
expertise in all facets of MSME promotion, is ready to reach out and assist any state with its services.
                                                                                           Dr. Chukka Kondaiah

                  School of Enterprise Development (SED)
Cluster news...
Visit to Devarakonda Tribal Jewellery Cluster
To review the progress of SFURTI programme, a team consisting Mr. Bhoomaiah, Asst. Director (SFURTI), Mr.
Sanjeev Rao, DO, KVIC, Shri. H.R. Hari, Secretary, VDS (Implementing Agency), Ms. Rama Devi, CDE and Shri.
Ajay, Designer visited Devarakonda Tribal Jewellery Cluster on 14 May 09. Mr. Surya Prakash Goud and  Mr.
Shashidhar, Technical Resource persons, NRCD, ni-msme were also accompanied the team. Mr. K. Mohan Rao,
State Director, KVIC led the team.
Earlier, The team visited the office of the Implementing Agency and interacted with the Artisans. Discussions were
held with Shri. Hanumanthu, Manager, SBI regarding requirement of working capital for the Artisans. They also
discussed with the SHG’s about their opening of accounts and savings. The team then verified the tools and
machinery purchased and observed their functions. The team decided to distribute tool kits to SHGs after briefing
them about the management of tools and other related issues including to take initiatives for formation of marketing
consortium with at least 5 clusters and to develop a website for common marketing. A brief report on the project
status was submitted to Directorate of SFURTI based on the review with regard to the implementation of various
current year activities and the activities completed.
Later, the team visited CFC given by the Government and discussed about the development of the land. Finally, the
team visited a few micro enterprises in Devarakonda and interacted with the Artisans about their products, processes
and infrastructure.
Projects under Ambedkar Hasth Shilp Vikasa Yojana Scheme
NRCD of ni-msme started the study and collecting the data from the stakeholders in different states allotted to
them on “Bringing more effectiveness in implementation of the projects under Ambedkar Hasth Shilp Vikasa
Yojana” in three regions, the details of states in each region are given under:
Southern Region – Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka And Pandichery
Central Region – Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakand
Western Region – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Goa
The study is sponsored by the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India, Ministry of Textiles.

    Presentation by GTZ on Ozone Layer and complete phase-out of CTC
                                                 Carbon Tetrachloride (CTC) is a hazardous Ozone Depleting
                                                 Substance (ODS). Under the Montreal Protocol, India is
                                                 committed to complete the phase out of CTC by 31 December
                                                 2009. In India CTC is widely used in cleaning applications across
                                                 various industries such as textiles, yarn spinning, offset printing,
                                                 electroplating, precision metal casting, diamond polishing, metal
                                                 cleaning etc.
                                                   Mr. Sudhanshu Mohanty and Mr. Sudheendra Harnell, the Team
                                                   Members of National CTC Phase-out Plan of The German
                                                   Technical Cooperation (GTZ) Proklima International visited ni-
                                                   msme on 22 May 09. The team made a presentation on ‘Ozone
                                                   Layer Depletion, phase-out of Ozone depleting substances,
 selection and safe use of alternatives to CTC’. They informed that (GTZ) has been mandated by Government’s
 of France and Germany to assist industries affected by the phase-out of CTC. They further informed that GTZ
 is offering free- technical assistance to SMEs currently using CTC in identifying viable alternatives for known CTC
 uses. GTZ also provide competent guidance to affected SMEs, enabling informed decisions on the substitution
 of CTC that do not compromise on quality and competitiveness.
 The Directors of the Schools, Heads of Centres/Cells, Faculty and consultants of ni-msme got benefited by
 attending the lectures. Prof. NVNS Dev, Registrar, ni-msme coordinated the event.


   A few
   Mukesh Gupta              Entrepreneurship development and production management
   Vijaya Khader             Empowerment of fisher women
   Malathi K                 Empowerment of widows: a three generation study
   Sanjay Tiwari             Entrepreneurship development in India
   Andrew Davidson           Smart luck and the seven other qualities of great entrepreneurs
   Manjeet Kalra             Entrepreneurship development and planning
   Allen E Fishman           7 secrets of great entrepreneurial masters
   L Rathakrishnan           Empowerment of women through entrepreneurship
   R L Poonia                Entrepreneurship and the industries
   T R Gurubasappa           Role of small scale industries in development of backward regions
   Christopher Matthew       The e Bay entrepreneur: the definitive guide to
   Spencer                   starting your own ebay trading assistant business
   HBSP                      Entrepreneur’s toolkit
   Julian Birkinshaw         Entrepreneurship in the global firm
   Cliff Ennico              Small business survival guide
   Jefferey J Fox            How to make big money in your own small business
   Mary Cantando             The women’s advantage
   Falendra K Skludan        Youth employment and industrial training : problems and prospects
   E D Setty                 Training methods focusing on industrial safety
   Samuel A Malone           A to Z of training and development: tools and techniques
   Russell E Palmer          Ultimate leadership
   John C Maxwell            The 360° leader
   Andrew Zacharakis         Entrepreneurship: the engine of growth (3 Vol.)
   John Joseph Puthenkalam   Empowerment : sustainable human development strategy
                             for poverty alleviation
   Usha Jumani               Empowering society: an analysis of business, government and social
                             development approaches to empowerment
   Vijay Sathe               Corporate entrepreneurship: top managers and new business creation
   M C Reddeppa Reddy        Education and women empowerment
   S R Bakshi                Social empowerment of harijans
   Shivganesh Bhargava       Developmental aspects of entrepreneurship
   Eric A Morse              Cases in entrepreneurship
   Reema Mukherjee           Rural women empowerment
   Chitta Ranjan Sarkar      Managing business enterprises: principles, issues and strategies
   Vijaya Khader             Empowerment of fisher women
 SME Corner                                                                                              SEIC

MSME sector to get easy credit
Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Mr. Dinsha Patel on Tuesday said his priority
would be to provide cheap and easy credit to micro and small firms.
Mr. Patel, who took charge here, said: “The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government will address the
credit needs of the MSME sector, beside creating a separate fund for enterprises in the unorganised sector.” MSME
employs over 4.2 crore people and contributes to about 4.5 per cent of the country’s total industrial output and 40
per cent of exports.
Stating that all efforts would be made to evolve a mechanism for addressing the credit needs of the sector, which is
crucial for the overall growth of the economy, Mr. Patel said special care would be taken to meet the credit needs of
the organised sector.
Similarly, to assist micro and small enterprises in marketing their products, the Ministry would propose a procurement
policy, which would entail setting up of targets by government departments and institutions from the MSE sector, he
Keeping in view the requirement of enterprise development and skill development, they would strengthen its existing
programmes and evolve suitable partnership models with State governments and the private sector, he said.
Mr. Patel also said he would interact with the State governments on the issues and problems faced by the MSME
sector, while a review of the khadi sector would be carried out and reforms brought to boost production and
marketing of khadi products.
Similarly, all the schemes recommended by the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council for enhancing the
productivity and competitiveness of the MSME sector would be operationalised in the coming months, the Minister
                                                                       Source: The Hindu Business Line
                                                                               4 June 2009
                                                                               Page No.14.

    ni-msme participated in RGUMY programme...                                                             SEE
    One day training programme was conducted by the Ministry of MSME on Claim Processing Authority
    (CPA) for the Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojna. (RGUMY) Scheme at NIESBUD, Noida, New Delhi on
    22 May 09. About 25 members participated representing the Udyami Mitras and Mrs. P. Anuradha, Consultant
    from ni-msme participated in the training.

    Mr. S.K. Goyal, Director MSME inaugurated the programme. The other dignitaries present were Mr. JP
    Singh and Mr. Umesh Dixit from the Ministry of MSME;  Mr. K.R. Arya, Executive Director, NIESBUD
    and Prof. Vinod Gupta, Director (PIS), NIESBUD.

    Mr. Goyal explained about the RGUMY Scheme and clarified the doubts raised by the members.

    Mr. JP Singh and Mr. Dixit demonstrated the operations of Claim Processing Authority and later interacted
    with the members about the scheme.

    The programme was concluded by the valedictory and Mr. Pravir Kumar, Joint Secretary, MSME was the
    chief guest. He spoke some salient and general issues of the scheme and interacted with the participants
    about their problems in implementing the scheme.

                                      Anti-Terrorism Day
In pursuance of the communication received form the Ministry
ni-msme observed 21 May 09 as ‘Anti-Terrorism Day’. All the
employees of the Institute from the faculty community, staff
and consultants participated in the pledge administered by the
Director General i/c. Dr. U.B. Raju both in Hindi and English.
Earlier, Prof. B. Sai Sudhakar Rao, Chief Administrative Officer
i/c., of the Institute addressed the gathering highlighting the
sufferings of common people and showing how it is prejudicial
to the national interest. He also explained the objectives of
observance of Anti Terrorism Day to wean away the youth from
terrorism and the cult of violence adopted by the youth.

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                                                 others. While laying stress on the need to shift the focus away
                                                 from agriculture to off-farm activities, he underscored the
                                                 opportunities for enterprise promotion even in agriculture sector.
                                                 He closed the address with a call to the participants to derive
                                                 maximum benefit from the programme as also the expertise of
                                                 the Institute, to share their knowledge and, above all, to apply
                                                 the knowledge they would acquire through the programme in
                                                 their respective work situations to achieve optimal results in micro
                                                 enterprise promotion in their states.
                                                   Earlier, Prof. N.V.N.S. Dev, Registrar of the Institute and also
                                                   the Director of one of the programmes had welcomed the
 chief guest and the delegates, and explained the role N-Cube had been playing in the promotion and development
 of micro enterprises and SHGs. After that, Prof. Dev and Prof. N.R. Prasada Reddy, the other Programme
 Director had outlined the design, contents and objectives of each of the programmes.
 Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General of ni-msme, speaking on the occasion, had alluded to the long
 association between the Institute and the DoNER, and highlighted
 the need for skill development for the economic empowerment
 of any individual. Further, he had stressed the importance of
 programmes on skill development, cluster development, micro
 finance, SHGs, empowerment of women and youth, and so
 on. He pointed out that enterprise promotion, particularly through
 SHG approach, is the single effective strategy to transform the
 economy of any society or country. He thanked the DoNER for
 facilitating the programmes.
 The inaugural event concluded with Dr. C. Rani, Director, School
 of Enterprise Extension of ni-msme proposing the vote of thanks.

 Editorial Team
 Editor: Dr. Chukka Kondaiah          Associate Editor: V. Vishwas Rao          Editorial Coordinator: K. Nagamani

                                        Photography: M. Mallesha
 ni-msme, Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 045, India                    Tel: 91-40-23608544, Fax : +91-40-23608547
                               E-mail : editor@nimsme.org, Website : www.nimsme.org

                                                                        Postal Regn. No. HD/1049/2009-11
         Visitor’s Gallery                                                     RNI. No. APENG/2002/7034

                                                           Dr. Vedula Venkata Ramana, Dean, Central University and
                                                 Mr. Sambasiva Rao, CEO, Heritage Foods met Director General
                                                 on 12 May 09. They had discussions on the activities and facilities
                                                 available at the Institute to explore the possibilities of collaboration.
                                                         Mr. K.S.
                                                 Srinivas, IAS,
                                                 Addl. Secretary
                                                 Industries        &
                                                 Govt. of Kerala
                                                 visited ni-msme
on 13 May 09 and held discussions with Dr. Chukka Kondaiah,
Director General. Dr. GUK Rao, Director, SED; Dr. Vallabh Reddy,
Faculty, SED; Prof. Prasad Reddy, Faculty, SED; Prof. Sai Sudhakar
                                                Rao, Head, EAC;
                                                and Mr. N. Murali
                                                Kishore, Asst. Registrar joined in the discussions and explored the
                                                possibilities of conducting training programmes and research studies
                                                for the government of Kerala.
                                                            Mr. Sudheendra Harnell, Team Member, National CTC
                                                 Phase-out Plan of The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
                                                 Proklima International visited ni-msme on 15 May 09. He had
                                                 discussions with the Director General Dr. Chukka Kondaiah on
                                                 their presentation on ‘Ozone Layer Depletion, phase-out of
                                                 Ozone depleting substances, selection and safe use of
                                                 alternatives to CTC’ and other activities.

                       School of Entrepreneurship and Extension (SEE)
                      of ni-msme is organising
    National Workshop on Skill Development for Unemployed Youth
                                    (29 June 09)
          Sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
              Dr. C. Rani, Workshop Director and Director, SEE
              Yousufguda, Hyderabad – 500 045
              Phones: 91-40-23608544-46, 23608316-19
              Fax: 91-40-23608547
              Email : registrar@nimsme.org, crani_wsc@nimsme.org
              Website: http:/www.nimsme.org

Printed, published and edited by Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, Director General on behalf of National Institute
for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) [Formerly known as National Institute of Small
Industry Extension Training (nisiet)] (An Organisation of the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India). Published
from ni-msme, Yousufguda, Hyderabad 500 045 and printed at A.S. Graphics, 7-1-304/A/2/A1,
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