If you have having trouble opening the council reports by tae47486


									If you have having trouble opening the council reports within the council agendas please
fallow these simple steps to change your settings in your local Adobe Acrobat reader.

After completing these six easy steps all PDF’s that are linked to in web pages on any
website will open in your internet browser.

You are still able to save PDF’s to your computer by going to the “File” menu and
selecting “Save As”

To print these documents when they are opened in your Internet browser select the
“File” menu option and select “Print”

   1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader.
   2. Open the “Edit” menu item, and select “Preferences”
3. In the “Preferences” window on the Right hand side select “Internet”. In the
   “Web Browser Options” section ensure that the check box is checked. This will
   make PDF’s that you open from website to open in you web browser.

4. Press the “OK” button and close Adobe Acrobat Reader.
5. Close your current Internet browser.
6. Reopen your internet browser to the Halton Hills Council calendar
   http://www.haltonhills.ca/calendars/index.php open a council or committee
   agenda and the links for the attached reports will open in your browser.
7. If you are still having trouble opening the reports please write an email to
   webmaster@haltonhills.ca or call Norman Gilley at 905-873-2601 ext. 2241

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