OWPHA Annual Meeting Agenda by tae47486


									                           OWPHA Meeting Agenda
                             October 8th, 2008

            Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation offices
                           3014 Lakeview Dr
                          Woodward, Ok 73801

1:00   Welcome and Introduction

1:05   Approval of July Minutes (copy in packet)

1:10   Approval of Treasurer’s report ( copy in packet)
        1. Review Cody’s Work calendar, hours & travel (copies in packet)

1:15   Chris Rustay from PLJV

1:45   Committee Reports
       1. GPT
       2. FIN
       3. Photo
       4. Membership

2:00   Updates
       1. Brochure
       2. PowerPoint Presentations
       3. Expo
       4. Fall Burn Meeting
       5. Status of compliance to PLJV Grant
       6. Newsletter
       7. LPC Ranch Conversation III
          a. Discuss date/place/agenda for LPC Stakeholders Meeting
          b. Discuss LPC fence marking
          c. Discuss ERC eradication
          d. Discuss identifying species of concern for Western OK

2:40   Discuss Annual Meeting agenda

2:50   New Business

3:00   Adjourn

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