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                           Laptop Repair Request Form
Please carefully complete the form below. Please print a copy of this form and include one copy with
your laptop when your ship it to us for repair.

                                  PLEASE READ
Please use this laptop repair request form only if you are mailing your laptop
to us for repair. If you have questions about laptop parts or repair prior to
submitting your request, use our contact form or call us, 1-973-415-8349.

NOTE: If you have an International unit, please inform us. Parts availability
is limited for International units and therefore may not be repairable.

CONTACT INFORMATION                                * denotes required field
Pete the Computer Geek currently ships to U.S. destinations only.
Name *:
Street Address*:
City, State, Zip Code *:
Day time phone number *:

Your e-mail address will also be used for repair status correspondence. We will
never share/sell your information:
Email Address *:
Retype Email Address *:

Laptop Brand *:
Laptop Model *:
Laptop Serial Number:
Is your laptop an international (non-US) model?
Please provide any System or Windows login/password information required to
access your laptop operating system.

Please provide a detailed problem description. Error numbers and Error
descriptions are extremely helpful in determining the problem. If
possible, please include detailed step by step instructions to replicate the

Date Laptop Purchased:

In addition to your primary repair service, if you would like a quote on
additional upgrades to your laptop, please select from the list below.
      CDRW Drive                           DVD Drive
      DVD CDRW Combo Drive                 Hard Drive Upgrade
      Memory Upgrade                       Keyboard Replacement
      Operating System Upgrade
Please include your AC Adapter and Power Cord with your laptop to avoid
possible delays in your repair. It is also helpful to include an additional
battery if you have one. Please select any other items being shipped with
your laptop.
         AC Adapter and Power Cord             Battery
                                               External CD-ROM / DVD
         External Floppy Drive
         External Hard Drive                   Carrying Case
         Software/Restore CD (required if you want us to restore your OS
         or other software)

Additional items not listed above:

Please check each statement below confirming that you agree to the
terms and conditions set forth for any repairs performed by Pete the
Computer Geek. *.
    I understand Pete the Computer Geek is not responsible for any
    software or data lost on my hard drive. I am responsible for backing
    up the data on the hard drive prior to shipping the unit to Pete the
    Computer Geek for repair.
    I understand that Pete the Computer Geek is not responsible for
    keeping or returning defective parts that are replaced as part of the
    repair unless specifically requested by the customer prior to
    acceptance of our repair estimate.
    I understand Pete the Computer Geek is not responsible for any
    damage caused to my laptop during shipping to AND from our
    location. I understand that Pete the Computer Geek will insure my
    laptop for $999.00 during return shipment and if additional insurance
    is desired, I am responsible for notifying Pete the Computer Geek and
    covering the additional insurance expense.
    Enclose a check or money order for $35. This money is used for shipping your laptop
    back to you. The check or money order must be made out to: "Pete the Computer
    Geek". If a check or money order is not included we will call you & ask for your credit
    card information. We will need some form of payment to get your laptop back to you.
    Pack your notebook. Laptop boxes can be obtained at your local FedEx. We highly
    recommend using one of these. If you don't ship with a laptop box, then PLEASE,
    PLEASE bubbles wrap your laptop & then add foam packing peanuts. WARNING: If your
    laptop is not packed properly, we will not even look at it. Please include your ac
    adapter or power cord as well as a copy of the form you filled out.

    Ship your notebook to:
    Pete the Computer Geek
    Laptop Service
    16 Belleville Avenue
    Bloomfield, NJ 07003


You're really done with your part.

Now you just wait for a call back from one of our laptop repair technicians. We should
call you back within two days of receiving your laptop. Sometimes it does takes up to two
days just to find out what is causing the problem with your computer. But, you have my
word; we will find the cause of your problem. Once we have found the cause, we'll call
back with an estimate for repair and gather all of the final information that we need.
Pending your verbal approval via phone, we will complete the repairs and send your
notebook back to you. It's that easy.

Thank you for your business!

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