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									AGENDA ITEM:

MEETING DATE:    April 5, 2005

DEPARTMENT:      Public Works
                 Pam Miller, Engineering Division

DESCRIPTION:     Contract Award for 2005 Street Rehabilitation Program (Concrete)
                 Project No. ENSR05 TA & BB

SUMMARY:         Sealed bids for the 2005 Street Rehabilitation Program (Concrete) Project No.
                 ENSR05 TA & BB were opened on Thursday, March 24, 2005. Seven (7) bids
                 were received. Bidders were:

                 Bidder                                    Bid Amount
                 Northstar Concrete, Inc.                  $290,749.50
                 Keene Concrete, Inc.                      $294,237.00
                 Total Concrete Services, Inc.             $323,776.70
                 General Concrete Contractors, Inc.        $324,216.00
                 G.L. Hoff Company                         $373,031.28
                 Brannan Construction Company              $435,280.75

                 This program generally consists of the removal and replacement of concrete
                 sidewalks, curbs and gutters, cross-pans and curb ramps and the associated
                 asphalt patching and construction traffic control. The majority of the work will
                 be along the streets that will be resurfaced in 2005 as well as work in advance of
                 the 2006 resurfacing program. In addition, there will be a minor maintenance
                 blanket bid contract for intermittent citywide concrete repairs and a $20,000
                 allowance for force account work to cover unexpected circumstances.

                 Staff recommends award of the concrete construction contract to Northstar
                 Concrete, Inc. of Berthoud, Colorado, for the bid amount of $290,749.50.

COUNCIL ACTION   Award the contract to the lowest, qualified bidder for the 2005 Street
RECOMMENDED:     Rehabilitation Program (Concrete) Project No. ENSR05 TA & BB to Northstar
                 Concrete, Inc. for the amount of $290,749.50 and authorization for the City
                 Manager to approve the contract.


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