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tour The tour leaders … Susie Fuller by nuhman10


									The tour leaders …
                                      Susie Fuller, Mike's
                                        wife, a teacher /                                                 Pilgrim Travel (UK) Ltd
                                     counsellor for children

                                                                                                 The Spreading Flame
                                    with Special Educational
                                     Needs, also teaches in
                                         local churches -
                                       particularly on the
                                     Father's unconditional
                                         love towards us

                                                                Revd Lesley Edmonds
 Revd. Mike Fuller is a                                            has worked for the
pastor, preacher, teacher                                       Baptist Union and for the
   and writer who has                                           Bible Society, and she is
  travelled extensively                                              now minister of
     researching the                                               Grimsbury Baptist
environment of the early                                            Church. She is a
   church - in order to                                           recognised spiritual
                                                                 director, and regularly
                                                                                                         a unique 12 day tour
proclaim with passion the
Good News about Jesus!                                           conducts retreats and
                                                                       quiet days.
                                                                                              exploring the growth of the Early Church
     Price includes:                                    Not included:
                                                                                            Philippi, Athens, Patmos, Ephesus, Corinth and Rome,
        Flights to and from London
                                                           Travel to and from UK aiports                 including a three day cruise
        UK, Italian & Greek airport taxes
                                                           Drinks and other personal
        Port taxes
        Ferry crossing
        3 star half board en suite at hotel
                                                           Gratuities                                             led by
                                                          (recommended: £4 per day,
        All entrance fees                                   £5 aboard ship)
        3 day cruise
        (std inside en suite 2 lwr berth cabin)
                                                           Single room supplement (£399)
                                                           Cabin upgrades
                                                                                            Mike & Susie Fuller and Lesley Edmonds
        Licensed guides throughout

        Air-conditioned coaches
        Standard insurance

                          Retail agents for ATOL holder 2893                                Monday 24th October - Thursday 3rd November 2005
Monday 24th      Depart from London Heathrow, to Kavala (Greece)                          Monday 31st      Corinth We disembark from our cruise ship at Piraeus, and
October          Kavala is the modern name for Neapolis, where Paul first landed          October          travel on to Corinth, where Paul stayed for "some time" on his
                 in Europe (on his second mission journey, AD 49-52). Kavala is a                          second mission journey (Acts 18). We see the street used by tent-
                 small town with an attractive harbour, where we will stay for two                         makers, and the "Bema" where Paul faced charges stirred up
                 nights.                                                                                   against him. Close by we see the butchers shops associated with
                                                                                                           idolatry (see 1 Corinthians 8), and above us looms the
Tuesday 25th     Phillipi We visit the river site where Lydia, the first European                          "Acrocorinth" the mountain upon which was a centre for sacred
October          convert, was baptised (with time there for worship together); the                         prostitution - one factor in Corinth's reputation for immorality. The
                 vast ancient market place (where Paul and Silas encountered the                           young and the brave can climb up to view this! Down in the valley
                 demonised fortune-telling slave girl); and the prison from which                          is a pavement inscribed by Erastus, the city's director of public
                 they were subsequently set free by an earthquake (Acts 16)                                works (Romans 16:23 - Romans was written from Corinth); the
                                                                                                           small museum includes stonework from a synagogue. We then
Wednesday        Travel to Athens A travel day. We pass by Amphipolis,
                                                                                                           continue on to the Port of Patrai, from which we sail overnight to
26th October     Apollonia, Thessalonica and Berea (Acts 17) - Paul did go there,
                                                                                                           Italy (the port of Ancona)
                 but there's nothing to see, so we don't look at it! Instead, we fly to
                 Athens, and on arrival visit a Greek Orthodox monastery before           Tuesday 1st      To Assisi, and on to Rome This day's travel is broken by a
                 checking in to our hotel. Evening in Athens free after meal              November         walking tour of Assisi - the home of St Francis of Assisi, who
                                                                                                           founded the Franciscan order at the beginning of the thirteenth
Thursday 27th Athens Today we see some of the sights of Athens - Paul was                                  century. This order took a simple rule for life based on Jesus'
October       "greatly distressed" at the idolatry he encountered there. We visit                          sayings, and including a vow of poverty. St Clare, an early
                 the Parthenon, and also beneath the Parthenon the market place                            member of this order, founded the Poor Clares. We then continue
                 and the Areopagus, where Paul debated and preached (Acts 17).                             on to Rome
                 In the afternoon we have (optional) visits to the Museum of
                 Cycladic Art, and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens;          Wednesday 2nd Rome We start the day with a visit to one of the largest
                 and in the evening, a guided city tour by coach                          November      catacombs (just outside the city), home to some of the earliest
                                                                                                        existing Christian art. We continue to the heart of ancient Rome,
Friday 28th      The first day of our cruise, calling at Mykonos and                                    the Forum, visiting the Mamertine prison (where both Paul and
October          continuing to Rhodes This day, and the day after, are not                              Peter are believed to have been held). We view the Colosseum -
                 loaded with spiritual input! Mykonos is a more of a monument to                        built in part from the spoils of the destruction of Jerusalem, which
                 hedonism than a spiritual inspiration; Rhodes was visited by Paul                      in turn is commemorated by the nearby triumphal arch of the
                 (third mission journey, AD 53-57), but there remains only a                            Emperor Titus. The remainder of the day is free for shopping or
                 tradition as to which bay he landed in. This time is to chill!                         sight-seeing
Saturday 29th Rhodes see Acts 21:1                                                        Thursday 3rd     Rome, and home to London Our final day takes us to the
October                                                                                   November         Vatican, which is built over the tomb of St Peter. We visit the
                                                                                                           Vatican museum, including the Sistine chapel with
Sunday 30th   Patmos & Ephesus We berth in Patmos, visiting the site where                                 Michaelangelo's exquisite painting.
                 John encountered the risen Jesus, recorded in the book of
October                                                                                                    We then go on to the airport to fly back into London, Stansted.
                 Revelation. We then travel across to Ephesus - a principal city of
                                                                                                                     This outline is subject to change
                 the ancient world, with marvellous archaeological sites. Paul
                 visited on his second mission journey (Acts 18:19), and stayed                              More information available from Mike Fuller
                 two years during his third mission journey (Acts 19), leaving after                           87 Middleton Road, Banbury Oxon. OX16 3QS
                 the "riot" in the theatre (which we will visit - pictured above).                Tel.: 01295 277002 Fax: 01295 279304 Email:
                 Ephesus is also reputed (probably with good reason) to have
                                                                                                                     Operated by Pilgrim Travel
                 been the retirement home of both Mary, the mother of Jesus, and
                                                                                                          Granville House, 49 High Street, Deal, Kent CT14 6EL
                 of St John. After visiting Ephesus, we return to our ship and sail
                 overnight back to Piraeus (the port of Athens).
                                                                                            Tel.: 01304 375345 Fax: 01304 375444 Email:

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