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					                                Tender Details

S.No Description             Details

1    Notice     Inviting         66-IREP (Adm) of 2010.
     Tender (NIT) No

2    Scope of work            Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of
                             2 m³ Pragati Model Floating Dome Gober Gas           (Biogas)
                             plants (MNRE approved) in the premises of individual
                             (Family) households with rubber pipe fitted with biogas
                             stove/Chula & lamp to the kitchen on turn key basis including
                             5 years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) in
                             various villages of District Ramban.
                             The quantity required is approx. 50 Nos and can vary by ±

3    Place of issue &        Directorate of IREP,
     submission of tender    Science and Technology Department,
     documents        and    Dar Building, SICOP Complex, Boulvard Road Srinagar
     address                 Telefax : 01942475674
     for communication
                             After 29th October, 2010 i.e. Darbar Move

                             168 –A/D, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu
                             Telefax : 01912432539

4    Period of sale of bid   Date: 1st October to 5th November, 2010.
     Document                From 10:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on all working days
                             (Monday- Friday)

5    Last date & time of     08th Nov. 2010.
     submission of bids      till 4:00 PM

6    Date & time of 09th Nov. 2010 at 11.00 A.M.
     opening of Part – I Technically qualified bidders will be communicated the date
                         & time of opening of financial bids. Price bids of those bidders
      (Technical Bid)    shall be opened who qualifies both technically & financially.

7    Cost      of    bid For General Category : Rupees one thousand only
     document            For SSI units registered in J&K State : As applicable
      (Non-refundable)   Bidders can also download the tender document from DIREP
                         website (www.jakeda.nic.in, & www.tenders.nic.in) and
                         submit the cost of the bid document of requisite value as
                         applicable along with tender document in the shape of demand
                         Bid application without the cost of bid document shall be
8    Earnest Money       For General Category: Bids shall be accompanied with
      (Refundable)       earnest money equal to Rs 0.38 (Rupees Thirty           eight
                         thousand only) in the form of CDR/FDR pledged to the
                         Project Director, IREP, Science and Technology Department.
                         No Bank Guarantee shall be entertained.
                         For SSI units registered in J&K State: As applicable in the
                         form and value as per the directives of the State Govt.

9    Estimated Cost        Rs 19.00 Lakh

10   Time of completion    Within 03 (three) months from the date of order.

11   Validity of offer     The offer shall remain valid for one year from the last date of
                           submission of offer.

12   Validity of earnest   The earnest money shall be submitted by the bidder in the
     money                 form of CDR/FDR pledged to Project Director, IREP,
                           Science and Technology Department, Jammu. This shall
                           remain valid for 12 months from the last date of submission of
                           bids. No Bank Guarantee shall be entertained.

                          Government of Jammu and Kashmir
                Directorate of IREP, Science and Technology Department
                 Dar Building SICOP Complex Bulvard Road Srinagar
                                  Telefax 01942475674

      NIT No:   66 -IREP (Adm) of 2010                              Due on 08.11.2010

        For and on behalf of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, fresh sealed
tenders      affixed with Rs.5/- Revenue stamp are invited from original
manufacturers/reputed suppliers/authorized dealers for              supply, installation,
commissioning and maintenance of 2 m³ Pragati Model (MNRE Approved) Floating
dome Gober Gas (Biogas) Plants in the premises of the 50 Nos of individual (family)
households with installation of standard rubber pipe fitted with biogas Chula & lamp in
the kitchens of the beneficiaries on turnkey basis in various villages of district Ramban
(The quantity may increase/decrease by ± 20% depending on the availability of funds ).
The bids should be addressed to the Project Director, IREP, Science and Technology
Department, 168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu and should reach Jammu office by or before
08.11.2010 (up to 4.00 P.M.) as per the following terms and conditions :-



       Biogas is a clean, non-polluting and low - cost fuel. It contains about 55 to 75 per
cent methane, which is inflammable. Biogas can be produced from cattle dung, human
waste and other organic matter by a process called “anaerobic digestion” in a biogas plant.
The digested material, which comes out of the plant, is enriched manure.

      The scope of work includes “Supply & Installation of Biogas Plants” in various
households of the Jammu District, J&K as mentioned below:-

1.       CIVIL WORKS:

i)      Earth work in circular excavation including disposal of excavated soil to a lead of
         50 m and lift 1.5 m including ramming of bed and dressing of sides in 30% hard
         soil and 70 % soft rock.
         Circular pit 1x (π /4) x 10’ 2 x (1/3) (6’.6”+7’. 6”+ 6’. 6”) = 536.68 cft
                                                                         or 15.18 m³
ii)     Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade, all work up to
         plinth level in 1:4:8 (1 cement: 4 coarse sand : 12 graded stone aggregate 40 mm
         nominal size) using nallah stones.

         Dome base : -       1 x π /4 x 10’2 x 4”                   = 25.91 cft
         Gober mixing Tank :- 1 x 3’. 6” x 3’. 3” x 1½”             = 1.42 cft
                      Total          = 27.33 cft or 0.77m³

iii)   Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade , all work up to
        plinth level 1:4:8 ( 1Cement : 4 coarse sand: 8 graded stone 20 mm using nallah

        Dome base        : - 1 x π /4 x 10’ ² x 3”              = 19.63 cft
        Gober mixing Tank :- 1 x 2’. 5” x 2’. 4” x 2”         = 0.89 cft

                       Total            = 20.52 cft or 0.58m³

iv)     a) Brick work in plain arches in super structure , complete for span up to
            6.0 m, with 2nd class Bricks in cement-sand mortar 1:3 mix

        Dome base: -
            1 x 2 x π /3 [(4’ .10½” ³ - 4’ .6 “³) - (π/4 x 4’ 2 x 4½ ")] = 41.84 cft

        Gas Holder wall :-
             1 x π x (5’+ 4½”) x 3’ x 4½” = 18.99 cft
                      Total   = 60.83cft or 1.72 m³

        b) Brick work with 2nd class bricks in foundation and plinth in 1:4 cement sand
        Gober Mixing Tank:-
        Long walls                  2x 3’.2” x 4½” x 1’. 2” = 2.71 cft
        Short walls                         2x 2’.4”x 4½” x 1’. 2” = 2.02 cft
        Gober mixing Tank Base [2(3’. 6” + 2’.6”)] x 4½” x 1’.6”          = 6.75 cft

                                               Total 11.48 cft or 0.32 m³

v)      Providing and laying in position cement concrete of specified grade, all work up to
        plinth level in 1:3:6 aggregating 20 mm using nallah stone around dome top
        opening for fixing steel guide frame & for providing base to gas holder wall :-
                 1 x π (4’+ 1’.4”) (1/2) x 1’.4” x 4” = 3.67 cft or 0.10 m³

vi)     12 mm thick cement plaster finished with a floating coat of neat cement in 1:3
        cement sand mortar.

        Inner side of Dome: -          1 x 2π x 4’. 6”²     = 127.23 sft
        Gas holder wall (inner side):- 1 x (π) x 5’ x 3’    = 47.12 sft

        Gober mixing tank walls (inner side):-
        Long walls            2 x 1 x 2’.5” x 1’.2”      = 5.59 sft
        Short walls                  2 x 1 x 2’.4” x 1’.2” = 5.40 sft

                                   Total      = 185.34 sft
        Deduct Dome top opening = 1 x π/4 x 4’ ²    = 12.56 sft (-)

                                       Net Total = 172.78 sft or 16.05 m²

vii)     12 mm thick plastering in 1:4 cement sand mortar
                                             199.86 sft or 18.57 m²

viii)    Refilling of excavated earth    = 5.06 m³


i)       Fabrication of Gas holder 2 m³ including Guide frame as per the approved
         drawing and design of MNRE GoI for the Pragati Model by using M.S iron sheet
         14 gauge 8x 1 m, 12 mm square bar , 35 x 35 x 3 mm angle and M.S heavy weight
         pipe 2½ inch and 3 inch dia with following specification :

         a ) Ring 2 Nos. with perimeter 14.8 feet each made from 12 mm sq. rod , Bottom
         ring welded with roof ring with vertical braces ( each 40 inch long 12 mm sq rod)
         6 Nos. should be used .

         b) Bottom and roof rings welded to central M.S pipe ( 5 feet long with 2½ inch
         dia) with horizontal braces , 6 Nos on lower ring and 3 Nos on upper ring ( of 12
         mm sq, bar ) . Bottom braces welded with small rings (11 inch) on the central pipe
         .Each brace made from sq. rod 29 to 30 inch long. Support to upper small ring (11
         inch) may be given with central pipe, providing elevation of one foot for the upper
         cover, by welding 4 Nos. of M.S angle pieces, each 32 inch long.

         c) Two nos. of diagonal rods may be welded with bottom ring and central M.S or
         G.I pipe at top fitted with pieces of M.S sheet 7x5 inch .Each rod 48½ inch long
         (12 mm sq. bar).

         d) Frame covered by 16 gauges S.W.G metal sheet.

         e)   ½ inch socket for gas out let may also be fitted on the roof of Gas holder.

         f)   4 Nos. of hooks may also be fitted for lifting of the Gas holder. Each hook
         made from M.S sq. rod, 28 inch long.

ii)     Guide Frame
         a) M.S heavy weight pipe 5 feet long with2 inch dia be used

         b) 4 Nos. of arms made from M.S angle 35x35x3 mm be made each arm 50 inch
         long fitted with 4 inch hold fast and central support of 22 inch sq. rod be used and
         fabricated as per design.

         c ) M.S pipe welded at two places by using M.S angle pieces 4 inch long , 4 Nos.
         at each spot making the spot sq for fixing the arms.

         d ) 2 Nos. of holes per arm for fixing 10 mm dia , 4 inch long nut and bolts may be
         made to fit the angle with the arm.

3.   Proper commission of all equipments / works related as indicated above.

4.   Comprehensive maintenance which will have to ensure successful operation of the
     Gober Gas Plant for five years from the date of commissioning.


     A)     Material Required for Construction
     S.No    Name of the item                                              Quantity
     1       Bricks (B class)                                             1250 Nos.
     2       Cement ACC/Ambhuja                                            14 Bags
     3       Sand                                                          1.76 m³
     4       Stone chips 20 mm                                             0.62 m³
     5       Stone chips 40 mm                                             0.70 m³
     6       PVC pipe(100mm) 4” dia                                        13 RFT
     B)     Material Required for Guide Frame
     1       35x35x3mm angle iron for arms                                19.33 RFT
     2       M.S or GI pipe 2” dia (50mm)                                  5.00 RFT
     3       M.S sq. bar 12mm for support to arms & hold fast               9.66 RFT
     4       8mm dia & 100 mm long bolts with nuts                           4 Nos.
     C)     Material Required for Gas Holder
     1       35x35x3 mm angle iron                                        10.66 RFT
     2       M.S or GI pipe 2½” dia (63mm)                                 5.00 RFT
     3       M.S sq. bar 12mm for rings and braces                        90.00 RFT
     4       M.S iron sheet 14 gauge 8x1m                                    3Nos.
     5       GI socket ½” dia                                                1 No.
     6       Red oxide                                                       1 liter
     7       Black Paint                                                     1 liter
     8       Turpentine oil                                                  1 liter
     9       Painting Brush 4”                                               1 No.
     D)     Material Required for Gas Connectivity
     1       GI bend ½” dia                                                    1 No
     2       Brass Wall Valve ½” dia                                           1 No.
     3       Bras Nozel ½” dia                                                 1 No.
     4       Double burned Biogas stove /Chula having minimum 55%              1 No.
             thermal efficiency (ISI marked BIS code IS.8749:1988
     5       Biogas Lamp                                                     1 No.
     6       Rubber Hose pipe 8 mm ½” dia                                    As per


1.    Work Experience: The bids of only such bidders will be entertained who have at
      least supplied/installed 25 Gober Gas Plants or have supplied Gasholders with
      guide frames 50 Nos to the different State Nodal Agencies/ Govt. Undertakings/
      Important organizations & Institutions during the last three years and the details of
      the same shall be given separately as per the following format supported with
      documentary evidence (Proforma-3).

 S. Name of      Purchase         Name Delivery Quantity             Quantity      Date
 No Agency/      order No.,       of    Schedule supplied            supplied      of
    Organization date &           Model          within              after         Full
                 ordered                         Delivery            Delivery      supply
                 Quantity                        Schedule            Schedule

2.   Financial Criteria: The bids of only such bidders will be entertained who have the
     total financial turnover (production and sales) in the past three years (2007-08,
     2008-09 & 2009-10) not less than Rs 100.00 Lakh and the details of the same
     shall be given on a separate page authenticated by the Charted Accountant as per
     following format.

        Production and sale of          Year            Production              Sales
        Biogas plant or its            2007-08
        components in the last         2008-09
        three years         (in        2009-10
        thousand units)
        Production and sale of         2007-08
        Biogas plant or its            2008-09
        components in the last         2009-10
        three years (in Rupees)

      The suppliers shall submit audited statement in respect of the turnover and
      copies of supply orders in support of their eligibility claim for the contract and
      submit all the details as given at proforma 4.



1.   Bidders are advised to submit their bids strictly based on the specification, terms
     and conditions contained in the bid document and subsequent
     revisions/amendments, if any.

3.   The bid shall be prepared and submitted by typing or printing in English with
     indelible black ink on white paper in consecutively numbered pages duly signed by
     the authorized signatory with company seal affixed on each page. Any part of the
     bid which is not specifically signed by the authorized signatory and not affixed
     with company seal shall not be considered for the purpose of evaluation.

4.   Original copy of bid document, amendments/revisions to bid document, issued by
     DIREP, if any, shall be signed and submitted along with the bid.

5.   All the Proformae must be on the bidder’s official letterhead. Any change in
     wording of the Proforma will lead to rejection of the bid application.

6.   The offer shall contain no erasures or overwriting except as necessary to correct
     errors made by bidder. Such corrections, if any, shall be initialed by the person
     signing the offer.

7.   The bid should be in three parts viz part I, part II & part III as described in the
     clause 7 below and each part should be in a separate sealed envelope duly
     superscribed as part I, part II and part III with name of the bidder, NIT No. and
     due date. Sealed envelopes containing part I, part II and part III should then be
     placed in one cover which should be duly sealed and superscribed giving NIT No.,
     due date and name of the bidder.

8.   The offer/bid should be submitted in three parts as under:-

      I.    Part I of the bid should be superscribed “Part I” Technical details for NIT
            No. 66 -IREP (Adm) OF 2010.Due on 08.11.2010and shall contain /

                   (a)     Guaranteed technical particulars.
                   (b)     Catalogues and drawings.
                   (c )    Makes of various parts/components used.
                   (d)     Check list confirming supply of essential information.
                   (e)     Relevant documents related technical parameters as desired
                           under “Eligibility condition”..
                    (f)    Properly filled formats giving technical details.

 II.      Part II of the bid shall be superscribed “Part II” Commercial bid for
          NIT No. 66-IREP (Adm) OF 2010.Due on 08.11.2010 shall contain/
                (a)     Proof of earnest money.
                (b)     Proof of Registration with DGS&D/NSIC/Department of
                        Industries of any state Govt, whatever applicable along with
                        the certificate indicating production capacity.
                (c)     List of orders received or executed during the last three
                        years giving reference to the order and the name of the
                (d)     Total Capital turnover of the bidder, turn over for the last
                        three years shall be given separately.
                (e)     Confirmation that the prices quoted are inclusive of all
                        taxes, duties, freight, insurance, carriage FOR sites of
                        installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance (for
                        5 years) and are quoted in Indian currency alone.
                  (f)   Relevant documents related financial parameters as desired
                        under “Eligibility conditions”.
                  (g) Properly filled formats giving financial details.

NOTE: -     The offer of the firms which do not quote prices as advised at (I) and (II)
            above shall not be entertained.

III.    The part III of the bid shall be superscribed “Part III” price bid for NIT No.
66-IREP (Adm) OF 2010.Due on 08.11.2010 and shall contain price bid as per the
specifications. The prices quoted should be FOR sites including installation &
Commissioning etc. (The Destination Points for delivery of the material shall be
given separately) and should be, inclusive of all taxes, duties like sales tax, excise
etc. and other charges like freight, carriage, insurance etc. Work contract tax/
service tax @ 10.5% shall be applicable as per the prevailing rates in addition to
other taxes. The price shall be quoted as per Proforma 5.

9.     In case of any contradictions between the prices mentioned in figures and
       words, the prices mentioned in words shall be considered final. Also, in
       case of any arithmetical error in regard to the total amount and individual
       rates, the individual rates shall be taken as final and the total amount shall
       be adjusted accordingly.

10.    The offer/bid should be addressed to the Project Director
        168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, J&K, India both inner and outer cover
       duly sealed and superscribed with NIT No., Part No., Due Date and name
       of bidder etc. and sent either under registered cover or cast in the bid box
       kept in the office of Project Director, DIREP, 168-A/D Gandhi Nagar,
       Jammu, J&K
11.    The bidder shall furnish the check list as per the Proforma -6 duly
       completed and authenticated confirming the supply of essential
       information by documents without which the bid shall be deemed to be
       incomplete making it liable for outright rejection.

12.   The bidder shall ensure timely receipt of bid in the office of the Project
      Director, DIREP prescribed above. The bids received by hand or by post
      after due date of receipt of bid shall not be entertained even if the bid has
      been posted/dispatched before the due date of receipt.

13.   The bid must be complete in all respects; all the terms and conditions of
      bid including technical specifications should be carefully studied for the
      sake of submitting complete and comprehensive quotation. Failure to
      comply with any of the terms and conditions or instructions of the offer
      with insufficient particulars which is likely to render fair comparison of bid
      as a whole impossible may lead to rejection even if otherwise it is a
      competitive offer/bid.

14.   Bank charges, if any shall be debited to the account of the bidder.

15.   No bidder unless otherwise specified in these specifications, terms and
      conditions shall be exempted from depositing earnest money.

16.   DIREP reserve absolute rights to distribute the total number of Biogas
      plants required to be supplied / installed under the NIT amongst any
      number of bidders, in the way it deems fit.

17.   No claim shall be raised against the department either in respect of interest
      or depreciation in value for the amount of security deposit and / or earnest
      money. In the case of bank deposits the department shall not be
      responsible for any loss on account of failure of the bank.


17.   On the date of opening of bids only the technical part (Part I of the bid)
      shall be opened first in presence of the bidders who may be present. The
      commercial bids of those bidders shall be opened who qualifies technically.
      The price bid (Part III) shall be opened only in case of such bidders who
      on scrutiny of part I and II of their offers are found to have qualified for
      opening of price bid on a later day at DIREP office. In case the due date of
      opening of bids falls on holiday or the holiday being declared
      subsequently, the bids will be opened on the next working day following
      such holiday or any other date convenient to the Purchase Committee.

18.   The authorized representative will be allowed to attend the price bid
      opening on production of authorization letter as per the given proforma-7.
      The representative who does not produce such authorization will not be
      allowed to attend the bid opening meeting.

19.   DIREP, if required, may at its discretion obtain clarifications on offers by
      requesting clarifications from any or all the bidders at any time prior to
      Part – III (Price Bid) opening. Such request for clarification and the
      response shall be in writing.

20.    DIREP shall examine whether the bid is complete in all respects and
      conform to the stipulated requirement of the technical specifications . The
      bid having material deviation shall be rejected as being non-responsive.

21.   The Part – III (Price Bid) of only those bidders, whose Part – I (Technical
      Bid) & Part-II (commercial Bid) are found acceptable after evaluation, will
      be opened and evaluated. In case of deviation in the date and time of
      opening of the Part – III (Price Bid) from what is given, the date & time for
      opening of the Part – III (Price Bid) will be uploaded in website. Bidders
      are requested to visit the website (www.jakeda.nic.in) regularly and keep
      themselves informed.

22.   The Part – III (Price Bid) will be opened in the office of Project Director,
      IREP in the presence of eligible bidders or their authorized representative.
      The authorized representative will be allowed to attend the price bid
      opening on production of authorization letter.

23.   DIREP, if required, may at its discretion extend the scheduled date of
      opening of Part – III (Price Bid).


24.   The bid of local industrial units if any, registered with Deptt. of Industries,
      Government of Jammu & Kashmir shall be accompanied with the earnest
      money in the form and value as per the directives of the State Govt. as
      applicable at the time of submission of bids.

25.   Bids other than those indicated at clause 24 above shall be accompanied
      with earnest money equal to 0.38 Lakh (Rupees thirty eight thousand
      only) in the form of CDR/FDR pledged to the Project Director, IREP. No
      Bank Guarantee shall be entertained.

26.   Bids not accompanied with required amount of earnest money will be
      rejected and their price bid shall not be opened.

27.   The earnest money of the bidders shall be forfeited if they withdraw their
      bid or raise the price of their offer within the validity period. The earnest
      money shall also be forfeited in case the bidders fails to furnish his
      acceptance of the order within fifteen days of placement of LOI by
      DIREP or fails to successfully complete the work within the stipulated time
      frame. Delay in completion due to extreme and unavoidable situation will
      have to be got approved by Project Director, IREP. This approval will also
      have a cut-off date by which the entire work will have to be completed.
28.   Earnest money deposited shall be released in favour of the unsuccessful
      bidder(s) within one month from the date of placement of the supply orders
      to the successful bidder (s).

29.   The request for adjustment of earlier dues in place of earnest money will
      not be entertained.


30.   Without prejudice to the obligation of the supplier under law, any Income
      Tax, which DIREP may be required to deduct by law/ statute, shall be
      deducted at source and shall be paid to the Income Tax authorities on
      account of the supplier. DIREP shall provide the Supplier a certificate for
      such deduction of Tax.


31.   The total price & rates and 5 years CMC in full and complete set including
      Gas Holder, Guide frame, biogas double burner Stove/Chula & Lamp, etc.
      should be quoted as per the Proforma. The price shall be for the total scope
      as defined in this document.

32.   For supply of items in full & good condition at FOR Site/Stores to various
      consignees across the State of Jammu & Kashmir, preferably including
      transit insurance. Contract Price also includes all charges towards packing
      & forwarding, inspection, insurance and freight charges. The Price is also
      inclusive of excise duty, central sales tax, and turnover tax (TOT)/octroi,
      professional tax, entry tax, work contract tax etc. as applicable for the

33.   The Contract price & unit rates includes and covers the cost of all royalty
      & fees for all articles & processes, protected by letters, patent or otherwise
      incorporated in or used in connection with the work, also all royalties,
      rents and other payments in connection with obtaining all the materials for
      the work and the Bidder shall indemnify and keep indemnified DIREP,
      which indemnity, the Bidder hereby gives against all actions, proceedings,
      claims, damages, costs and expenses arising from the incorporation in or
      use of work of any such articles, processes or supplies. All applicable
      charges for taking statutory clearances, wherever necessary, are included in
      the contract price.

34.   During the period of the contract, DIREP may order addition/deletion in
      quantities which the Bidder shall comply. The adjustment in Contract Price
      shall be made at the same unit rate as per Price Schedule.

  35.  The successful bidders(s) shall furnish security deposit equivalent to 10%
       (Ten percent) of the value of the contract in the form of CDR/FDR/Bank
       Guarantee from Nationalized/Scheduled Bank pledged to the Project
       Director, IREP for a period of five (05) years (CMC period) at the time of
       issuance of the LoI. Such security deposit shall be furnished within ten
       days from the date of issuance of LoI. Failure to do so within the stipulated
       period will make the contract liable for cancellation together with
       forfeiture of the E.M.D at the discretion of Project Director, IREP. The
       EMD of the successful bidder of the contract could also be adjusted as
       security deposit subject to its validity.

   36.    The security deposit will be released within one month from the date of
          completion of agreed contract and no interest will be paid on it.

   37. The bidder shall state in his bid the place of manufacture and inspection of
       the equipment offered in the bid. The purchaser or his duly authorized
       representative/Agency shall have access to the suppliers’ work place at any
       time during working hours for the purpose of inspecting the manufacture
       of the equipment and the supplier shall provide all necessary facilities
       for such inspection.

   38. The Bidder must provide guarantee which include servicing & replacement
       guarantee for parts and components for 5 (five) years from the date of
       commissioning at site & demonstration of performance to the

   39.    The guarantee card to be supplied with the system must contain the details
          of the system supplied as given in the Proforma 2. The bidders can also
          provide additional information about the system and condition of guarantee
          as necessary.

   40.    Bidder shall without prejudice to any other clauses of the order
          repair/replace the defective parts and restore the system to satisfactory
          working/performance within 7 days of intimation of fault without any
          additional cost to DIREP within the period of guarantee.

   41.    This agreement will be valid for five years from the date of installation &
          commissioning of the supplies.

   42.    In case the supplier fails to rectify / replace the defective / damage
          equipment including transit damages, shortage within 7 days from the date
          of intimation of such shortage / damages, they shall have to pay penalty
          to the DIREP/ beneficiary as per CMC clause.


43.   The responsibility of organizing training program will rest on the
      successful bidder. The training program will be organized in consultation
      with DIREP/Consignee. The training program will focus on operation and
      maintenance of Biogas. Printed leaflet/literature should be made available
      in Urdu / English by the Bidder regarding the operation and maintenance
      of their Biogas plant.

44.   The Bidder shall depute authorized Service Engineer within 7 days from
      the date of the intimation of fault, and establish sufficient inventory of
      spares in the District/State in consultation with DIREP to provide
      satisfactory and uninterrupted services during the guarantee period.


45.   The Bidder shall not assign or sub let, manufacture/assembly, shop testing,
      packing & forwarding, transportation, transit insurance, and supply, in
      whole or part, its obligations to any third party to perform under the

46.    In the event the Bidder contravenes this condition, DIREP reserves the
      right to reject the equipment/work sub-contracted and procure the same
      from elsewhere at Bidder’s risk and cost. The Bidder shall be solely liable
      for any loss or damage which DIREP may sustain in consequence or
      arising out of such replacing of the contract work.

47.   In case, the installation & commissioning and CMC is planned to be
      carried out in collaboration with other party, the bidder has to sign MoU
      with the party on a Non-judicial stamp paper of value not less than Rs. 80/-
      and submit a copy of the MoU after finalization of the bid. The MoU shall
      clearly indicate division of scope of work between the prime bidder and his
      sub-vendor. However, the total responsibility of work will remain with the
      prime bidder.


48.   The completion period for the assignment has been worked out and all
      resource & work planning is to be done accordingly with flexibility for

49.   If the Bidder fails in the due performance of the contract to deliver and
      commission any part of the equipment or complete the work within the
      scheduled date for any reason other than due to Force Majeure conditions
      or any extension thereof granted to him by DIREP, he shall be liable to pay
      to DIREP as preagreed liquidated damages but not by way of penalty on
      account of delayed successful commissioning, a sum equal to ½% of total

      contract value per week of such delay, or part thereof, subject to maximum
      of 5% of the Total Contract Value.

50.   The liquidated damages for delayed completion shall be recovered from
      the Bidder’s Bill/Bank Guarantee deposited as earnest money.

51.   Deductions/payment of liquidated damages shall in no way relieve the
      Bidder from his contractual responsibility to complete the works.


52.   DIREP will be at liberty to terminate in part or full the awarded contract
      without prejudicing its rights and affecting the obligations of the
      Contractor by giving seven (7) days notice in writing in the following

             (a) If the Bidder is found defaulter for delayed supply or failure to
             deliver satisfactory performance or supply of substandard materials
             pursuant to NIT conditions.

             (b) If the Bidder/Vendor fails to comply with the provision (s) of
             the contract including the responsibilities to fulfil the 5 years
             comprehensive maintenance contract as per the provisions
             mentioned in this bid document.

             (c) If the Bidder/Vendor is involved in any action of moral


53.   The Comprehensive Maintenance Contract shall include servicing &
      replacement guarantee for parts and components (such as Gas Holder ,
      Guide Frame ,Chula, Gas holder, biogas Lamp etc) for five years from the
      date of installation.

54.   The maintenance service provided shall ensure proper functioning of the
      system as a whole. All preventive/routine maintenance and
      breakdown/corrective maintenance required for ensuring maximum uptime
      shall have to be provided by the Bidder. Accordingly, the Comprehensive
      Maintenance Contract (CMC) shall have two distinct components as
      described below.

      Preventive/Routine Maintenance

55.   This shall be done by the company at least once in a every three months
      and shall include activities such as, checking the health of the system,
      surface, and any other activity that may be required for proper functioning
      of the system as a whole.

      Breakdown/Corrective Maintenance

56.   Whenever a complaint is lodged by the user, the bidder shall attend to the
      same within a reasonable period of time (7 days) and in any case the
      breakdown shall be corrected within a period not exceeding ten days from
      the date of complaint. If more than 10 days are taken after registering of
      complaint, then Bidder has to pay Rs. 20/- for each system for each month
      till the problem is rectified. This money shall be deposited to the account
      of Project Director, IREP.

57.   For carrying out the CMC effectively, the Bidder shall establish at least
      one Service Centre for every 50 Biogas plants and at least one in a
      particular district if the quantity supplied is less than 50 Nos in that
      particular district.

58.   The bidder shall maintain the following facilities at the local Service
      Centre for ensuring highest level of services to the end user:

      i)      Adequately trained manpower, specifically trained by the bidder for
              carrying out the service activities.
      ii)     Adequate provisions for record keeping, which shall inter-alia,
              include the following:
           a) Details of system supplied within the command area of the service
               station including full name and address of end user and records of
               routine maintenance carried out (duly signed by the end user).
           b) History record sheets of maintenance done.
      iii)     Adequate spares for ensuring least down time of an individual
      iv)      The Service Centre shall send summary service reports to DIREP
               on quarterly basis. These reports shall include the following
               (a) Number of systems covered by the Service Centre
               (b) Number of systems working satisfactorily on the reporting date
               (c) Number of complaints received during the period of reporting
               (d) Number of complaints attend during the period of reporting
               (e) Major cause of failure, as observed
               (f) Major replacement made during the reporting period

      Separate report shall be submitted for each type of systems manufacture
      wise in case the service centre caters to the requirement of more than one

59.   The records maintained at the Service Centre shall be available for scrutiny
      of authorized representatives of the concerned Department or MNRE.

60.   The date of CMC maintenance period shall begin on the date of actual
      commissioning of the Biogas Plant.

61.   Bidder shall furnish details of infrastructure that are presently available for
      establishing of Service Centres.

62.   The quality/level of service provided by the Bidder would form the basis
      for determining eligibility of the Bidder to participate in the subsequent
      programs of DIREP.


63.   The successful bidders shall be required to execute an agreement on a valid
      stamped paper for strict compliance of the terms and conditions of the
      contract, vis-à-vis the NIT and supply order within a period of 15 days
      after the placement of order. The supplier shall bear the legal expenses,
      which shall be incurred on the execution of the agreement and shall also
      have to execute a separate agreement with the Agency for
      operationalising the CMC immediately after the installation of the
      supplied material.


64.   Delivery of the equipment should commence simultaneously within one
      month from the date of placement of order and at least 30% of the ordered
      quantity should be completed within 1 months and balance another 2

65.   In case of failure to deliver in full the required supplies on order, the
      purchaser shall have the right to make a risk purchase at the cost of
      supplier or/and cancel the contract and claim reasonable compensation/
      damages. The contract of the supply shall be repudiated if the supplies are
      not made within the prescribed period and to the satisfaction of the
      purchasing officer.


66.   The bid should be unconditionally valid for a period of one year from the
      date of allotment of contract. Quoted price per system, shall be fixed and
      not fluctuating with the market price. The rates approved as per the NIT
      would be valid for further purchase of systems during the validity period in
      case additional funds are provided by the State/Central Govt. under various
      schemes, to the Agency. Any bidder revising the offer within the validity
      period, with out prejudice to other remedies available with department, is
      likely to be black-listed.


67.     Subject to any deductions which DIREP may be authorized to make under
       the terms of the order, the contract price shall be payable as given below:

a)     40% payment shall be made after supply of all material /
       equipments in good condition at site and after submission of 10%
       Bank Guarantee as performance security deposit.

b)     50% payment shall be made after complete installation, testing
       and commissioning of improved biogas and establishment of
       service center at district headquarter and availability of spare
       parts in service center.

c)     The balance 10% shall be paid @ 2% annually of the 5 year CMC
       period after obtaining satisfactory performance certificate(s) of the
       installed Biogas plants from the concerned Technical staff of
       DIREP/designated authority (ies).

d)     Any price variation shall not be allowed.

68. The bidders shall be ranked L1, L2, and L3……. as per the landed price.
    The purchase committee of DIREP will have discretion to divide the
    quantity to be supplied among any number of technically qualified bidders
    at L1 rate. The work order will be issued village wise and considering the
    production capacity of the firm, subject to the acceptance of the bidders to
    supply at L1 rate.

69.  The purchaser reserves the right to order additional equipment as specified
     upto 50% of the ordered quantities at the same rate and conditions any time
     during the pendency of the contract. The preference shall be given to the
     vendor who has already supplied material in that particular district/ village
     from where demand arises.

70.  No variation or modification, or waiver of any of terms and provisions of
    these specifications shall be deemed valid unless mutually agreed upon in
    writing by both the purchaser and supplier.

71. All material shall be suitably packed and should conform to the relevant
    ISS/Railway Rules for transportation direct to destination viz. DIREP
    Store, Srinagar/Jammu /District headquarter/Tehsil & Block headquarter as
    the case may be and the supplier shall be responsible for all the
    damages/losses due to improper packing. All crates shall be marked with

          proper signs indicating up and down sides of the packing and also
          unpacking instructions considered necessary by the suppliers. The quoted
          price shall be deemed to include the cost of packing.


   72.    Authorization letter as per Proforma 7 with the seal of the company for the
          person signing the bid document or attending the bid opening meeting
          should be furnished.

   73.    A person signing the bid document or any document forming part of the
          bid document shall be deemed to warrant that he has authority to bind such
          offer/ document and if on enquiry it appears that the person signing had no
          authority to do so, DIREP may, without prejudice to other civil and
          criminal remedies, cancel the bid/contract and hold the signatory liable for
          all costs and damages.


   74.    The bidder whose bid is not accepted shall not be entitled to claim any
          costs, charges, expenses of and incidental to incur by him through or in
          connection with his submission of bid, even though DIREP may elect to
          withdraw the notice inviting bid.


   75.    In case of any doubt, dispute or difference arising out of the purchase
          order, the case shall be referred to the State Government for decision under
          J&K State Arbitration Act only.

 1.       Bids not submitted on the lines indicated above are liable to be rejected
      without correspondence (Proforma-8).
 2.   Request for extension in last date of receipt of bid is likely to be ignored.
 3.       The purchaser reserves the right to order additional quantity or reduce
      the quantity of the material advertised at the time of placement of order for
      which the quoted rates shall be valid.
 4.   All legal proceeding in connection with the order/bid will be subject to the
      jurisdiction of local court of Jammu and Kashmir State alone.
 5.   The purchaser reserves the right to divide the target between two or more
      bidders for 100% achievement.
 6.   In case of any doubt, dispute or differences arising out of the contract, the
      same shall be referred to the Arbitrator for arbitration to be appointed under
      J&K Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1997 whose decision shall be final.

7.      The purchaser shall not be bound to accept the lowest or any bid and
        reserves to itself the right of accepting the whole or a portion of any of the
        bid, as it may deem fit, without assigning any reason thereof.
8.      Any form of canvassing by the bidder to influence the consideration of their
        bid shall render the bid liable to summary rejection.
9.      In order to avoid delay caused by postal correspondence and to expedite the
        process, the purchaser may require the successful bidder to hold technical &
        commercial negotiations and convey the decision/acceptance on behalf of
        the bidder with the purchase committee.
10.     The conditions hereinafter deals with system details and supplementary
        conditions of the contract in addition to those stipulated in foregoing clauses
        which alongwith schedules and proformae, shall be deemed to form part of
        detailed specification for equipment. The bidders are advised to study and
        familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the bid.

11.     All materials shall be of the MNRE; GoI approved quality, new and unused
        and be capable of satisfactory operation when exposed to the local
        atmospheric conditions.

12.     The bidder is required to submit a statement of facts in details as to their
        previous experience in performing a similar or comparable work and
        business and technical organization, financial resources and manufacturing
        facilities available and to be used in performing the contract.
13.     If at any time any of the documents/information submitted by the bidder is
        found to be incorrect, false or untruthful, the bid and/or the resultant order
        may be summarily rejected/cancelled at the risk of the bidder.
14.     All bids will be received in duly sealed cover within the due date and time.
        Bids received after the due date and time is liable for outright rejection.
15.     DIREP reserves the right to postpone the date of receipt and opening of the
        bids or cancel the bid without bearing any liability, whatsoever, consequent
        upon such decision.
16.     Bid documents are not transferable.
17.     Force Majeur/ Price fall clause shall apply.
18.     No other conditions except those mentioned above shall be acceptable.

                                                             Project Director,

          Issued to M/s _____________________________against Demand Draft
      for an amount of Rs.______________ drawn vide No.______________

                                                       Project Officer Headquarters,

                                     Proforma – 1

                                   Forwarding Letter

NIT No. : 66 -IREP (Adm) of 2010.                           Date: 29-09-2010

The Project Director
Directorate of IREP,
Science and Technology Department,
168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telefax : 01912432539/
 Dar Building SICOP Complex Boulevard Road Srinagar
Telefax : 01942475674

Sub : Offer in Response to Notice Inviting Tender No. 66 -IREP (Adm) OF 2010.
        for Supply, Installation, Commissioning including 5 Years Comprehensive
        Maintenance Contract (CMC) of Biogas plant.
        With reference to the above we are submitting this offer after having fully read
and understood the nature of the work and having carefully noted all the specifications,
terms & conditions laid down in the bid document. This offer is hereby submitted in three
different envelopes sealed inside a fourth envelope duly marked and sealed as indicated
below :
               Part – I (Technical Proposal)
               Part – II (Financial Proposal)
               Part – III (Price Proposal)

We also confirm that:
1.     We are an Indian company/firm.
2.     The components of Biogas Plants shall be indigenously manufactured.
3.     We have never been debarred from executing similar type of work by any Central/
       State/Public Sector Undertaking/Department/Nodal Agency.
4.     The Bid Document is purchased from DIREP office/downloaded from official
       website (strike whichever is not applicable) and necessary document in support is
5.     We shall execute the offer/work order as per specifications, terms & conditions of
       the Bid Documents on award of work.
6.     Our offer shall remain valid for placement of purchase orders up to one year from
       the due date of submission of offer.
7.     If at any time, any of the declarations submitted by us is found to be false, our
       offer or order is liable to rejection.
                                                                         Yours faithfully,

                                                    (Signature of Authorized Signatory)
                                        Name :
                                        Designation :
                                        Company Seal :


1.     Name and Address of the manufacturer/
       supplier of the Biogas Plant                  __________________________

2.     Name and Address of the Purchasing Agency/ Department_________________

3.     Date of supply of the Biogas Plants        __________________________

4.    Details of Gas Holder & Guide Frame supplied with the plant
      Make (Name of the manufacturer) __________________________

5.     Details of Stove/Chula supplied with the plant
       Make (Name of the manufacturer) __________________________

       Model Serial No(s).                   __________________________

       Warranty valid up to                  __________________________

5.     Details of biogas Lamp
       Make (Name of the manufacturer)               __________________________

       Model Batch/Serial No(s).                     __________________________

       Warranty valid up to                          __________________________

6.     Designation & Address of the person to be contacted
       for claiming warranty obligations          __________________________

                                                       Name & Designation
                                      Name & Address of the manufacturer/supplier
Place & Date:

(During the warranty period, MNRE/State depaqrtment/Users reserves the right to cross
check the performance of the systems with the minimum performance levels specified in
the MNRE specifications)

                                      Proforma – 3

               Details of Orders Received and Executed in Past 3 Years

Details of Orders Received & Executed by the Bidder/Supplier for Supply of Biogas
plants   to different Govt. Organization/DIREP/ Other Nodal Agencies/Important
Organization & Institutions during Last Three Years.

 S.No Name of      Purchase Name             Delivery Quantity        Quantity   Date of
      Agency/      order No., of             Schedule supplied        supplied   commissioning
      Organization date &     Model                   within          after      Of complete
                   ordered                            Delivery        Delivery   biogas plant
                   Quantity                           Schedule        Schedule

                                                            Yours faithfully,

                                                     (Signature of Authorized Signatory)

                                                     Name :
                                                     Designation :
                                                     Company seal :

(a) Attach Photocopies of Purchase Orders
(b) Attach Photocopies of Certificate of Satisfactory Performance Issued by Concerned
(c) Separate sheet may be used for giving detailed information in seriatim duly signed.
This bid proforma must be submitted duly signed in case separate sheet is submitted

                               Proforma – 4

                  Information about the Bidding Firm

S.No   Particulars

 1     Name of the Bidder
 2     Address of Bidder

 3     Telephone No
 4     Fax No.

 5     E-mail Address
 6     Name & Designation of Authorized
       Signatory for Correspondence

 7     Nature of Firm
       /Pvt. Ltd./Public Ltd. Co./Public

 8     Permanent Account Number
 9          s
       Firmʹ Registration Number/ ROC

 10    EPF Registration No. (if applicable)

 11    Sales Tax/Value Added Tax
       Registration Number/TIN
 12    Telephone/ Fax no of the Bank from
       where EMD is prepared
 13    Specify the Item Originally
 14    International Certification Awarded (if
 15    Year of Starting of Manufacturing/
       Assembling of Component(s) for
       Gobargas plants
 16    Production Capacity per month/
       Quarter/ annum of various components
       used in Gobargas plants

 17    Installed Capacity for Biogas plants/

       18     Production and sale of       Year         Production             Sales
              Biogas plant or its         2007-08
              components in the last      2008-09
              three years (in thousand    2009-10
       19     Production and sale of      2007-08
              Biogas plant or its         2008-09
              components in the last      2009-10
              three years (in Rupees)
       20     Name of Material and Model Type
       21     Name of Bidder of Biogas plant with Full Address
              GAS HOLDER

              Guide frame
              Biogas stove/Chula
              Biogas Lamp
       23     Particulars of Earnest Money
       24     Quantity Quoted for this Bid
              1. Biogas Plants (Biogas)
       25     Whether bidder is permanently
              registered as an SSI Unit of J&K and/or
              with NSIC Unit for Biogas Plant
       26     Place where Materials will be
       27     Place where Materials will be Available
              for Inspection
       28     Whether the Bidder has submitted
              details with regard to supplies made to
              important organizations.
       29     Details of any existing service network
              in J&K (Name & address of service
              centre, year of opening)
       30     Other details and remarks, if any

                                                                   Yours faithfully,

                                                            (Signature of Authorized

                                                           Name :
                                                           Designation :
                                                           Company seal :
(Separate sheet may be used for giving detailed information in seriatim duly signed. This
bid proforma must be submitted duly signed in case separate sheet is submitted).


                        Format for Submitting the Price Schedule

NIT No. 66-IREP (Adm) of 2010.                                Date : -29-09-2010

The Project Director
Directorate of IREP,
Science and Technology Department,
168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telefax : 01912432539/
 Dar Building SICOP Complex Boulevard Road Srinagar
Telefax : 01942475674

S.No.          Item          Total   Unit Price inclusive of all Taxes and               Total Cost
                              Bid    CMC for a period of 5 Years.                         ( in Rs)


     1   Supply of
         Biogas Plant
          (Biogas) as per
         the Bid
         including CMC

Note :
1.     Above quoted price for Biogas are complete in all respect as per Technical
       Specifications inclusive of all Central/State/Local taxes & duties, packing,
       forwarding, transit insurance, loading & unloading, transportation & other charges
       etc. FOR destination at any site in J&K and inclusive of testing, installation and
       performance testing. The rates are inclusive of work contract/Service tax
       which is presently 10.5%.

2.       Certified that rates quoted for Biogas are as per specifications, terms & conditions
         mentioned in the bid document.

                                                                     Yours faithfully,

                                                              (Signature of      Authorized
                                                              Company seal:


                                   Check List



      1.   Quantity offered by the bidder (Nos.)____________________________

      2.   Amount of earnest money (Rs.)        ___________________________

      3.   CDR/FDR (with No. & Date and name
           of the bank)                    ______________________________

      4.   Whether registered with Industries
           Department J&K Govt. as small scale                        Yes / No
           Industrial unit for item quoted

      5.   Permanent/Provisional registration
           Certificate from Industrial Department,                    Yes / No
           J&K Govt./NSIC enclosed.

      6.   Turn over as desired at B-4 (enclosed)                     Yes / No

      7.   Proforma 7 & 8 (enclosed)                                  Yes / No


      1.   Whether relevant drawings enclosed                         Yes / No

      2.   Whether the material fully corresponds
           to the NIT specifications                                  Yes / No

      3.   If no, have the deviations been pointed out                Yes / No

      4.   Whether the list and photocopies giving
           Status of past orders received and accomplished            Yes / No
           in last three years enclosed

      5.   Proforma 1, 2, 3 & 4 (enclosed)                            Yes / No

                                                         Signature of the bidder

                                                     Proforma – 7

    Authority Letter for Signing Bid Document & Attending Bid Opening Meeting

NIT No. :66-IREP (Adm) of 2010.                            Date : 29-09-2010

The Project Director
Directorate of IREP,
Science and Technology Department,
168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telefax : 01912432539
 Dar Building SICOP Complex Boulevard Road Srinagar
Telefax : 01942475674

Sub : Authority Letter for Signing Bid Document & Attending Bid Opening Meeting

I                                  hereby                                 authorize
(Name & Designation) to sign the Bid Document and attend the Bid Opening Meeting to
be held on ……………………….. at DIREP on behalf of our company.

He is also authorized to provide clarifications/confirmations, if any, and such
clarifications/ confirmations shall be binding on the company. The specimen signature of
……………………………………………….. is attested below.

(Specimen Signature)                                                (Signature of Authorized Signatory)
Name : ...........................................                  Name : .........................................
Designation : ………………………………                                          Designation                                        :
                                                                    Company Seal :
                                                                                        Yours faithfully,

                                                                           (Signature            of      Authorized
                                                                    Name :
                                                                    Designation :

Note :
1. To be submitted by bidders on official letter head of the company.
2. Authorization can be for more than one persons

                                     Proforma – 8

                               No Deviation Certificate

NIT No. 66 -IREP (Adm) of 2010.                            Date : 29-09-2010

The Project Director
Directorate of IREP,
Science and Technology Department,
168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telefax : 01912432539/
 Dar Building SICOP Complex Boulevard Road Srinagar
Telefax : 01942475674


         We understand that any deviation/exception in any form from our bid against the
above mentioned reference number may result in rejection of our bid. We, therefore,
certify that we have not taken any exceptions/deviations anywhere in the bid and we agree
that if any deviation is mentioned or noticed, our bid may be rejected.

                                                                    Yours faithfully,

                                                           (Signature      of   Authorized

                                                           Name :

                                                           Designation :

                                                           Company seal :

Note : This “No Deviation Certificate” should be written on the letter head of the bidder
       indicating BID No. duly signed and stamped with date by a person competent and
       having the power of attorney to bind the bidder.


   Supply, installation & commissioning and
Maintenance of 2 m³ Pragati Model Floating Dome
  Gober Gas (Biogas) plants with rubber pipe
     Fitted with biogas Stove/Chula &Lamp
                (District- Ramban)

          NIT NO: 66 -IREP (Adm) of 2010.
               DUE ON : 08.11. 2010
      168-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Directorate of IREP, Science and Technology Department
             168-A/D Gandhi Nagar Jammu
                 Telefax : 01912432539
 Dar Building SICOP Complex Bulvard Road Srinagar
                  Telefax: 01942475674
                Emil : jnkirep@gmail.com


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