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									Garland Owensby, Instructor
                                 Monica Bray
                              “Dog Gone Peachy”

I.     About $1,000 can be raised.
II.    It depends on how many booths you want to put out, but at least two or
       three teenagers and one leader at each post.
III.   You will need to purchase the peaches. Around $5 a bushel.
You will need some type of a covered tarp for hot summer days - $10 at
Chairs and a table – Free from your church
Posters/Signs - $.50 from Wal-mart (Could probably get them donated by telling
them your fund-raiser)
You will also need to go where you think would be the best selling places and
ask to use their parking lots or grassed area. This should not cost you anything.

IV.   For this fund-raiser you will need to have the peaches. You can check
      around at your nearest farms or farmer markets. You should be able to
      get them for even cheaper than what I mentioned before. We always
      bought about 50 to 75 bushels. Then you just sell peaches on a pretty
      day. We were in Houston and they sold like crazy. We ran out several
      times in just one day.

      Sometimes ladies from the church would make peach preserves or jelly
      and we would sell those as well. You can charge as much as you want for
      the peaches or jelly. We went at about $8 a bushel.

V.    After a day of selling, you must make sure that everything is cleaned up
      and put away properly. Also, you could send a letter of thanks to who’s
      ever parking lot you used.

      If Wal-mart or any place like that donated anything, then make sure to
      send a thank you note as well.
      You will probably want to use them again in the future.
                                   “Flamingo Happy”

I.     About $300 – Could be more or less depending on the size of your youth

II.    However many people sign up for the fun! You will need at least two
       people to make the run.

III.   You will need to buy about 30-50 pink flamingos from a store like Wal –
       mart, Kmart, or lawn and garden place - $2 a piece

IV.    Have a table in the foyer of the church for people to sign up to put 10
       flamingos in their friends’ yard. This is a secret thing, so the list must be
       hidden. The consumer will have to pay for how many flamingos they want
       in the yard. (About $ 3 a piece)

       The next night two runners will go and put the flamingos in the people’s
       yards. The next morning when they find out what has happened they will
       be shocked.

       Then, whoever gets “flamingoed” will have to pay to get rid of the

       This fund-raiser is a lot of fun. It is funny to see how mean people can get.
       If you have a large group you could really make a lot of money. It is
       amazing to see what people will do to embarrass their friends.

V.     After the fund-raiser is over, you would send thank you cards to the people
       who were involved. Their cooperation in this is what made it a success.
                                   Micah Coop

Sunday Driving

Projected Income:
Minimum of $2000

Number of Participants needed:
15 Responsible Licensed Drivers and 4 Sponsors

Items Needed:
Traffic Cones, Caution tape or something to close off an area of the church
parking lot and two-way radios. Also, signs indicating “Valet Parking Available
for $10.”

This is a fundraiser that needs to take place during a big service at the church.
We do it on the homecoming service of our church. Given the 65 year history of
the church it is by far our biggest Sunday morning of the year for us (and
especially for the audience that we are targeting). Basically, this is a valet
parking exhibition that works really well for us. Our church parking lot is rather
spread out and if you aren’t there extremely early, you will end up having to walk
quite a ways away. At this service especially, we have a lot of elderly people in
attendance and they would rather pay someone to park and retrieve their car
than have to walk.
An hour before service starts everyone shows up and we section of the back
section of parking behind the church and the route to and from the breezeway
(This allows a smooth driving pattern for us to maintain, but it is obviously
contingent on your facilities). When the people arrive, have two people on either
side of the car to open the doors for them, taking their name and then having one
of them park the car (Also, make sure the signs are up noting the service you are
providing and why). There needs to be one person manning the marked of
section of parking in case other cars have trouble understanding what is going
on. When the driver returns, he should give the keys and name of the person to
the youth sponsor who is logging the information. (You probably want your
organized Melancholy-Choleric personality to man this post. Also, as a guide, we
usually have between 100 to 200 cars that participate.)
Before the service is over, have the recording sponsor give the log and keys to
the person who is manning the lot (all drivers should report to the lot). When the
people come for their cars they should come to the recording sponsor and give
their name, as well as their $10. After that, the sponsor will radio the lot person
who will then get one of the drivers to bring the car to the breezeway.
It is a pretty simple way to raise a thousand dollars and easy to mold to your
group. One of the most important parts of this fundraiser is what occurs
afterward. It is extremely important to make sure that the sectioned off parking
lot is returned to normal before departing from the church that service.

Projected Income:
$500 per student

Number of Participants needed:
No Specification (1 per talent)

Items Needed:
Video Camera, Basketball, Pledge sheet.

We have all more than likely participated in rock-a-thons, bike-a-thons or other
grueling attempts at raising money. This has never been a personal favorite of
mine as far as fundraising goes. I could handle the car washes and things, but I
did not like rocking in a rocking chair in the first place, why I would want to see
how long I could do it. This idea actually came from some of our students who
wanted to raise money for Speed-the-Light (which is probably the best place to
use this fundraiser). We had a student who was an excellent basketball player,
and he wanted to use that talent for God. So he decided to shoot free throws to
see how many he could make while getting people to pledge for this endeavor
(sounds the same as before I know). Here is the key though; we put boundaries
on the event. He asked 100 people to pledge to sponsor him per free-throw he
would shoot and he decided to shoot for a complete hour (no stops). We then
scheduled a time for him to do this challenge in our gym and invited people to
come. We made it a huge deal. He got excited about it and told all his friends.
All of the basketball nuts we had went crazy about it and brought all of their
friends and so on. When the actual day comes we had two people rebounding
and passing him basketballs, one person timing, one person recording and one
person counting (not to mention all those who show up to cheer him on). After a
couple of weeks, we show portions of the video on Wednesday Night to
encourage other students to do the same thing with their talents.
The reason this fundraiser works is not because of how revolutionary it is, but
because it gets the students excited about what they can do for God.

(We have also done this with cross country runners, baseball players, and a field
goal kicker.)
                                     David Reusch
PROJECT AMOUNT OF MONEY RAISED: Depending on the number of
teenagers you have participating you can raise anywhere from $500-1000.
When we did this we had around 30 teenagers that sold on average of $25 each.
We were able to raise around $750 to put towards reaching our speed the light
goal that year!
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDED: Once again as I have mentioned
above we used around thirty teenagers, but what is cool about this fundraiser is
that it can be done with as little as five teenagers. I wouldn’t suggest using less
than five. I have seen other group’s auction off as many as fifty plus students to
church families for a day of labor.
SUPPLIES NEEDED: This fundraiser requires little supplies, but a great amount
of preparation to successfully pull off. One of the key components to this is
having teenagers who are willing to be auctioned off to work for a day for families
in the church. Along with students you will need to have given at least four
weeks heads up that this fundraiser will be going on. In order for it to be a
complete success you will need to make sure that there are plenty of families
eager to get the chance to purchase a student. You will also need to have an
auctioneer which I suggest that you use one of your adult youth staff who knows
your teenagers on a personal level and can joke with the crowd to make sure that
they are having a good time.
DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Finally your big night has arrived and its time to
see if you made it happen. You have put a good amount of time into preparing
for this and have made sure that everyone is aware of what will be going on that
night and is sure that they will be there. First you have your youth pastor come
up and explain to the church the reason for why they will be doing this fundraiser,
plus it gives him time to make sure everyone came ready to purchase a teenager
that night. Once that is done introduce your auctioneer and begin to auction off
your teens beginning the biding always at five dollars. You will be surprised to
see how quickly they go to make a bid! One suggestion don’t auction off all your
popular faces at once, spread them out, maybe even make them go last!
One creative idea that I have seen done once is to make a power point
presentation for each student to flash upon the screen just for fun and maybe list
their stats, and a picture of them
In the crowd make sure that one of your adult staff is keeping track of purchases,
by whom and for what amount. After the auction is over make sure that all
families know that teens will work this coming Saturday from 9am to 4pm.
To close the auctions have youth pastor come back up and thank everyone for
their participation in this fundraiser and close with prayer.
AFTER THE FUNDRAISER: Within two days after the auction send out thank
you cards to the families who purchased a teenager as well with a self addressed
return envelope that they can make their payment to.
TITLE: B I B L E – R E A D – A – T H O N
PROJECT AMOUNT OF MONEY RAISED: The one time that I have seen this
done, the youth group raised over five hundred dollars. This is a perfect
fundraiser for an all-nighter. That is cool because you can kill two birds with one
stone! Why kill yourself over an all-nighter if you can’t make a fundraiser out of it
as well?
NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDED: This event is better with the more
students that you have. The youth groups that I saw do this had around twenty
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Really all you need for this is a Bible, and a bunch of
students willing to stay awake and read all night.
DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: This fundraiser is almost so self-explanatory it’s
ridiculous. To prepare for this fundraiser you will need to make up sponsor
sheets that students can give to families both inside the church and out make
pledges for them to read their Bibles. Pledges can be made as a flat donation
per hour, or they can make pledges per verse, chapter, or even book of the Bible
read. Give students at least three weeks to gather as many pledges as they
possibly can, remember it’s also the same nights as your dreaded lock-in. After
students have collected as many pledges as they can, have them turn in pledge
sheets to youth leader or youth pastor. On the night of your lock-in have
students taking turns reading the Bible starting in Genesis heading straight on to
the maps! Allow students to read for twenty minutes then switch. While students
are reading have a staff member watch and are reading not goofing off!
Meanwhile remember that you are also doing a lock-in. This is an easy
opportunity for a youth group of any size to immediately raise funds for whatever
the reason might be.
AFTER THE FUNDRAISER: A crucial part of this fundraiser is giving thanks
where it is deserved. Remember to thank your pastor for allowing you to use the
facility overnight, thank parents for bringing their teenager to be a part of this
event/fundraiser, send thank you card to everyone who made a pledge along
with a self addressed envelope that they can send their pledge back with. Finally
thank you teenagers, tell them what a wonderful job they did, and how pleased
you are with them!
                                 Shannon Gay
2002 in 2002

The project is expecting to raise $2002 in 2002 hours.

    The number of participates vary with the number in your ministry. This is
      done with a group size of 20 people.

       The supplies needed in order to work this project are Pringles can and
       Mini M&Ms containers. They can be purchased at any grocery or
       convenient store. The cost can vary depending on how many are
       involved. In this case there will be 20 so it will run about $50 dollars.
       The Mini M&Ms will be used for quarters only they hold $7 dollars
       each. The Pringles cans will be used for any other cash, change, or
       check that is give by the supporters. Participates involved will need to
       find a sponsor that will be able to give a $1 a day, $7 a week. Flyers
       will be given in order to promote the fundraiser. Thank you notes will
       also be given out to those who gave donations. To show the progress
       of the money being made a Poster Board will be displayed in the
       shape of a thermometer. A Dollar Tree will also be displayed by the
       Poster for those who would like to just give a one-time donation.

This can be a tough fundraiser. It all depends on the number of people that
       you have to support the fundraiser. The first and foremost the best
       thing you can do for this fundraiser is to promote it before you begin it.
       The best way to do that is through, flyers, pledges for the $1.00 a day
       giving, and even a pre-fundraiser party, which can be done to collect
       the Pringles cans and the mini M&M’s containers. Once the word is out
       the fundraiser can begin. Then the thermometer and the dollar tree can
       be displayed as well. The first thing you will need to do is get the teams
       started with the youth group. Each team should have four people if you
       are dividing a group of twenty. You will issue each person a Pringles
       can, and a mini M&Ms container so they can begin to raise the money.
       Instruct them that the Pringle’s can is for any money that you receive
       or collect from anyone. Including people that are outside of the church.
       Encourage them to collect at least $25.00 a week. Therefore each
       group will bring in $100.00 a week. This totals $500.00 a week with the
       Pringles’ can alone. That still leaves money to be given with the mini
       M&M’s containers and the other pledges with the dollar tree and $7.00
       a week giving. The mini M&M’s containers are only to be used to
       collect quarters, which maybe easier for some people. The dollar tree
       will be used for those who may just want to give a one time offering
       which is very helpful in the long run. Each week on a day that you
       prefer you will collect the money and tally up the amount that is given
       and record it in a book and on the thermometer to keep the others
       aware of how close you are to your goal. If toward the end you do not
      feel like you re close to reaching the goal, make an announcement to
      the congregation or place a catchy message in the bulletin that can
      increase the chance of reaching your goal.

The final thing to do is to make the announcement of the final amount of
       money that was donated and give gratitude to all those that helped
       with the fundraiser and those who donated to reach the 2002 in 2002
       goal. It is very meaningful to some people when the youth give the
       gratitude themselves. So try to get the youth to make their own
       appreciation cards to give to the people that helped them the most.
       Then the youth pastor can thank the church as a whole.

The amount of money that is to be raised in this fundraiser is $1,000. The
      amount, though, can vary depending on how many participates are

The number of participates needed in is the entire congregation in a normal
      church service. It is done best during a Sunday Morning Service. The
      only supplies that are needed are at least 7 youth members or leaders.
      It depends on the amount of doors you have to your congregation. The
      reason you need to have at least 7 is because 3 need to stand guard
      next to the pastor, youth pastor, or a special member that you hold
      ransom. Then two to stand approximately ten feet in front of the person
      that you are holding hostage with small black bags or backpacks. The
      other two need to stand guard near doors or the area that the majority
      of people are seated. Then the youth pastor or youth leader in charge
      of the fundraiser will have control of the congregation for the
      fundraiser-taking place.

The supplies you need vary. The first thing you can do is place threats in
      previous bulletins that are not too overwhelming. You can use either
      tape to place over the mouth and/or have a bag that the person can
      breathe through place over his or her head. Then it makes it even
      better if you have handcuffs, or place tape around the wrist of the
      person you are holding ransom. If you want to take it even further you
      can also use rope to place around the body as you tie them to the
      chair. Last, a camera can be used to take pictures of what is taking

This fundraiser can be outrageous. It all depends on the group you are
       participating with in the church. Some may take it out of proportion so
       be aware of that. The best thing to do is first get the pastor’s approval
       for this even if he is the one being held hostage. Just do not tell
       him/her the exact date of the event so you can surprise him or her as
       well. Once the fundraiser is approved them comes the challenging task
       and that is to motivate the congregation in giving the money that is
       expected through the fundraiser. You will begin by bursting through the
       doors of the church and grabbing hold of the person you will hold
       ransom. Place them in the chair and begin to tie them or tape them up.
       In whatever manner you choose to cover their face or mouth do that
       next. At the same time the other selected participants need to go and
       guard the doors. Try to keep everyone in the room until the money is
       raised. As soon as each participant is in his or her place, including the
       one’s waiting for the money, make the announcement of what is taking
       place. Let the congregation know that the service will not continue until
       the expected amount is given. Hopefully the people will begin to come
       and give money to the baggers or guards by the doors. Every few
       minutes the leader of the fundraiser will collect money from the bags to
       get an estimated count of the money so that you can continue to ask
       for however much until you reach the goal. Continue to motivate the
       congregation until the amount is raised. Then you will release the
       person that you held hostage and service will continue.

NOTE: If the pastor is going to continue the service it is best to not to put a
bag over his/her head, because he/she will still need to look professional
when he/she gets back up to minister to the congregation.

Once the fundraiser has concluded you can release the person you held
      ransom and get the 5 youth and youth leaders to clear the stage off of
      all the supplies that were used. Then at the end of the service or the
      following service share gratitude with all that participated in the event.
      It would also be kind to post pictures on the wall with an appreciation
      note to all in the pictures.
                                   Allen Keyes
                                  Slave Auction

Projected Amount: The total amount raised will largely depend on the number
of participants in this activity. In a youth group of 20 or under you can expect to
raise around $1,000. A group of 20-40 can raise between $1,000-$2,000. Youth
groups over 40 can raise $2,000 and upward. Basically participation will
determine your results. You can basically figure in an average of $50-$100 per
participating youth in an average church.

Number of Participants: As stated earlier the results of this fundraiser will
depend directly on the number of participants. The more the better! However, the
participants must be willing to work responsibly and cheerfully. A major plus in
this event is to have a good auctioneer that can run the event.

Supplies: Basically, you need no supplies for this event. A very successful
method that can be used to carry out this event is an “afterglow” for a Sunday
morning or evening service. Therefore, you must have food! You will need to set
up a stage if there is not a stage in the room that you use for this event. The
stage must contain a podium for the “auctioneer” and plenty of room for your
“slaves.” A PA system must also be used in larger churches.

Instructions: First you must ok this event with your pastor. After this you need to
take time to explain to your students that once each one of them is “won” they
are obligated to carry out their responsibility to do the work that the “winner”
requires. You must make them realize that they will be doing manual labor and
that they must do it without complaining. Once you have secured a good number
of “slaves” it’s time to make the event happen. If you choose to have an
“afterglow” to introduce the event wait until everyone is through eating but not
gone and have your “slaves” and “auctioneer” come to the stage. Once they are
in place you will need to instruct the people as to what is about to happen. The
auctioneer will begin by calling up the first “slave” and begin an open bidding
auction. The starting price is up to the youth pastor but a good starting bid is $10-
20. The auctioneer will continue to go through each “slave” allowing those in the
crowd to bid on each. Once the auction has concluded each “slave” will need to
get with their new “master” and set a date for their work-time. Each slave should
be required to work at least one day but not more than two. You can also specify
by hours, such as 6-10 hours of working time. (After all there may be some actual
slave drivers in your church as well as some “easy-goers;” therefore, you need to
set down guidelines as to how much time the “slaves” should work.) The
“masters” should also be instructed that excessive work will not be acceptable
and needs to be completed within one month. The work load must be reasonable
and verified with the youth pastor. (Optional) Have a written and signed contract
between each “slave” and “master” stating the type of work to be done and the
time the work will be done. By doing this there can be no controversy over what
is to be done.
Post-Fundraiser: One from the auction date contact the winning “masters” and
verify that the youth accomplished all work cheerfully, fully, and in a Christian
manner. Collect any unpaid money and write thank-you notes to all those who
                               Envelope Grabber

Projected Amount: This fundraiser has great potential. If the fundraiser is
completed with all donations coming in the projected total amount to be raised
would be $5,000. However, realistically you should raise about $3,000.

Number of Participants: This fundraiser does not need a large man-force.
Basically, you will need a couple of students to prepare the envelopes and about
five students who will help collect money. Mainly, you will be relying on the
participation of you adult congregation.

Supplies: You will need 100 envelopes of any size, two signs, and two tables.
You can use tables from your church and the signs can be made on the
computer with ordinary paper or photo paper. If you use this fundraiser as a STL
fundraiser, such as we did, you can use Speed-the-Light envelopes which can be
supplied by the National Speed-the-Light office. If this project is used as a basic
youth group fundraiser you can purchase small envelopes from Wal-Mart for $10-
$15. You can then have your youth decorate them or according to how much
money you want to spend, print your logo on them using your computer and a
printer. Basically, you can complete this project without putting out any initial

Instructions: You will begin this fundraiser by talking with your pastor and
approving the use of the foyer of the church. You may also talk to him about
setting aside a special night in which you can really push this fundraiser with your
church. Once he has approved the fundraiser, you should start announcing it
about a month ahead. During this time you should acquire 100 envelopes either
by contacting the National Speed-the-Light office, Wal-Mart (or any other store
that carries office supplies), or a donor. You should then have your youth do any
decorating on the envelopes that need to be done. Once the decorating has been
done, you should have your youth write the numbers 1-100 on the inside of the
envelope flap. It is very important that you can not see the number when the
envelope is lying in a normal position. Once the envelopes are prepared you
need to set up two tables side-by-side. Prepare two signs to put over each table
designating that one table will have envelopes 1-50 and the other table will have
envelopes 51-100. This is when the fun begins. Unless you have a special night
for this fundraiser the tables should be left up for 3-4 weeks in order to give
people ample time to participate. It is very simple to participate. People of your
church are to pick an envelope off the table (they are divided into two tables in
order to increase participation by those who may not have enough money to foot
an $85 or so pledge) and look under the flap to see the amount. Whatever
number is under the flap is how much that person will pledge to donate. For
instance, if someone takes an envelope off the 1-50 table and the number under
the flap is 27 then they are pledged to give $27. A person or family can take
more than one envelope if they feel the urge! Once your time-span has ran out
and hopefully all of the envelopes it is time for collection. Some people will pay
on the spot when they pick their envelope(s); however, the majority of people will
pay later. It is best to give the people no more than a month to get their money in.
To keep a record of giving each person should write their name on the envelope
and turn the money in using that envelope.

Post-Fundraiser: Once the amount of time set aside for the fundraiser has
ended you should make post-contacts to those who have not yet paid their
pledge. Don’t bug these people but make one contact in order to remind them.
Once you have given ample time to collect all monies (about 2 weeks after all
envelopes have been taken), have your youth write thank-you notes to all those
who gave.
                             Mindy Lopez
                     FIVE DOLLAR FAMILY PHOTOS

ii.)    Over $1000.00

iii.)   Runner
        Someone to tell family to come in
        Appointment person
        Few people to pass out coupons

iv.)    Paper to print coupons
        A room (in the church)
        A photographer (professional – no fee)

  v.)     Call several photograph companies and ask if they will be willing to
work with you.
        There must be a group to make up the coupons. The coupons will
                       Redeemable for one Family 8x10
                             Photo for only $5.00.
              There is no obligation to purchase more photos.
                             Call for appointment.
        These coupons are to be handed out in the church and community two
        weeks prior to scheduled event.
        Have someone that can schedule the appointments about fifteen to
        twenty minutes apart when the families call.
        In your church set up the photographer and appointment book.

        The family will pose in about three different poses.
        Have the appointment maker set up an appointment one to two weeks
        later to look at the proofs.
        The family will come in and look at the photos and choose their pose.
        Then they will pay their $5.00.
        Then they can choose to buy more poses and sizes if they want.
        If they do order more photos, your group will receive a percentage of
        the cost/profit.

vi.)    Clean up after photo session and appointments.
        Write a thank-you letter to the photographer.
        Follow up on the money for the photos.
                              August Auction

ii.)     Up to $3000.00

iii.)    Someone to call through the yellow pages
         Flier Maker
         Youth to set up (15)
         Money Handler
         Bid Recorder
         Mail-out Person

iv.)     All the free things that you can get donated. (i.e. free tans, free
         month of fries, cruise, babysitting, rugs, food, oil change, etc.
         Look in the Yellow Pages and ask.

v.)     Have people call businesses and ask if they will be willing to donate
        items for the auction.
        Go pick up all the donated items.
        Post fliers and make announcements about the auction.
        Set up the church gym or big room with all the items and get your
        auctioneer ready (or do it yourself).

        Pass out auction numbers to each family.
        Start the auction and make sure that your bid recorder writes down the
        item number and the dollar amount of the bid along with the bidder’s
        Have them bid on items and at the end of the night have them turn the
        numbers back in.
        Then their totals are given to them so they can pay then or by a certain
        date (1-2 weeks later).

vi.)    Clean up after auction.
        Send out thank-you letters to all who donated.
        Send Money reminders to those who bid.
        Take care of the money that has been turned in.
                                   Mike Luna
                                 Dinner Auction

     The projected amount of this fundraiser is about five to seven thousand
dollars. It does depend on what items you get donated and how many items
you have for the auction. This kind of auction has a cover charge of six dollars
to pay for the dinner.

       For this fundraiser I would need about ten youth to be my servers, six
   to seven people to prepare the food, three to four people to help with the
   auction items, and one person to be my auctioneer. So in all I would nee
   from twenty to twenty five people to help.

         The supplies I would need for this fundraiser would already be at the
   church except the auction items. For the auction items I would contact
   people in the church that own businesses and see if they would donate
   anything I would also see if they would like to advertise at the auction for a
   small fee of twenty dollars per fifty business cards. I would see if I had
   anyone with sports memorabilia contacts to get some autographs.

      To put this fundraiser on I would call the local radio station to get it
   advertised because most radio stations allow free advertising to non-profit
   organizations. I would have my adult leader that is in charge of our
   fundraising committee take care of the rest.

   After this fundraiser I would have my servers become my clean-up crew.
   Then in the next few days I would send out thank you cards to all the
   businesses and people who donated items. I would have a kind f party for
   the people who helped out and also send them thank you cards.
                                 Dinner Theatre

 The projected amount for this fundraiser is about one thousand to fifteen
hundred dollars.

   The number of participants of this fundraiser would be about twenty
   people. The supplies for this project would be a lot of spaghetti some
   garlic bread some kind of desert, tables and tablecloths. Also plates and
   silverware would be needed to and some kind of beverage to drink would
   be needed.

   To put this fundraiser on it would not be had all that would be needed to
   get it on is to get people to come at five o’clock to set up the tables and
   then to have my cooks prepare the spaghetti during the Sunday night
   service and when the service is over be ready to serve the food when they
   get there have someone at the door to collect the five dollar fee. Also we
   would open up with a small skit for an introduction. Then we would serve
   the food then about fifteen minutes into serving the food we would begin
   the theatre with some human videos and the move into dramas and so

     After this my adult leader that is in charge of this would have their
   already recruited tear down crew clean up. I would send out thank you
   cards to everyone that helped. I would also send letters to the people in
   the human videos and dramas about what an awesome job they did.
                                Cassi McCauley
                                Dinner auction
   (Projected income will vary depending on the number of meals. We made

      10-15 Volunteers needed to cook full dinners.
(Each dinner should be self contained in that it has everything needed to eat the
dinner at the auction. The containers holding the food are to be festive and given
as part of the dinner. Each dinner should be labeled with how many it serves,
but should not reveal the dinner enclosed. It is a surprise.) Students could get
together and prepare their favorite meal or you could recruit women to donate the
dinners. Have fun with it.
      Announce the event for three weeks prior to the evening. It should be
       presented as fundraiser and a fellowship. Ask everyone to bring a blanket
       to have a picnic (indoors if needed) after the auction.
      Advertise the event in the Church Bulletin
      Proved music to play during the silent auction biding and during the
      Recruit volunteers to help with any set up for the “picnic” and clean-up
       after the event.
      On the day of the event set up tables to display the dinners and place a
       piece of paper with each corresponding dinner (number each dinner) for
       the silent auction.

Our women ministry did this fundraiser for a missionary couple who were leaving
our church to go to Mexico in 2000. The evening went well and they raised about
$600.00. They had about 15 women prepare and donate meals. You can set a
spending limit on it or just let people do what they want. There are a few
requirements for the meals. They must be cooked just before the event so they
can be enjoyed that evening and they must be in a nicely wrapped box or festive
container. Start the event at 6:30p.m. and stop the bidding at 7p.m. and then
have the picnic or dinner if you prefer. Collect ALL monies that night and be sure
that you communicate that they must pay at the event when making
announcements about it. This could be used an opportunity to get parent’s
involved in the Youth Ministry or has a church-wide project to raise funds for
camp or missions work. I suggest recruiting the support of the women’s ministry
at your church! They are always willing to decorate something. This will only be
as effective as the involvement that you solicit. Be sure to send thank-you notes
to those who donate dinners and help with the set-up and clean up if they are not
a part of the group benefiting from the fundraiser.
               The balding Youth Pastor. The Blue Senior Pastor.
                (Projected monies will vary. Ours was 1,071.36)
Supplies need:
Two large vase like Jars
Poster board and markers
A very willing Pastor
A photo of the YP and Senior Pastor

What to Do:
     Announce the fundraiser in the church Bulletin.
     Create a poster that asks “would you rather see Pastor with BLUE Hair or
      Joe (YP) with a bald head. Place Photos on the poster that represents
      each result.
     Have the Senior & Youth Pastor make the announcement the first Sunday
      of the Month of the fundraiser. Create a following or team like attitude for
      each individual. This will encourage giving.
     Adequately announce what the funds are being raised for.
     Give instructions that there will be two Jars in the Lobby for the whole
      month and you can give at any time. The person who raises the MOST
      money DOES NOT have to meet the “hair” requirement.

Our church really did this fundraiser. Our Pastor was actually going to die his
hair blue if he lost. For a while into the fundraiser Pastor was way behind and
that really got people involved. The Youth Pastor was always talking it up and
encouraging giving and “running” his mouth about how he was going to win. The
way that Pastor won, was that my parents and another couple went in the office
after church on the last day and “paid” so that Pastor would not have to die his
hair. This fundraiser really worked well, if you have a willing Senior Pastor,
because it had minimal work required and did not require people’s time…except
the book keeper who had to count the monies each week after services. We
had the competition for one month and raised $1,071.36 for our Summer
Missions trip to Mexico in 2001. However you only get away with it about every
other summer.
                                    Brett Mizzelle
Title: Slam Jam (three on three basketball tournament)
Projected amount of money that can be raised: two to three thousand dollars
To do this fundraiser you will need a minimum of 15 workers. We had thirty. This
is the way we ran it. We had 4 referees, 12 concession, 4 for registration, 3 were
in charge of getting all the donations, 2 for ticket sales and 2 who were
administrating all these jobs and made sure it ran smooth. We started with
advertisements. Flyers in all the churches in the area and we went to the two
local Christian radio stations. Each radio station entered a team and that was our
exhibition match. Because the two radio stations had teams they advertised it for
free. It was built up to be this huge rivalry. The 3 in charge of donations went to
every place imaginable to ask for donations for what we were doing. They would
simply go to the manager of the business and give an official letter from our
church with the church heading on explaining this was a mission’s fundraiser and
tax deductible. Everything we used from the Jim to the basketballs to the
condiments on the burgers was donated. We spent around a hundred dollars to
get some candy bars and thing from Sam’s but everything else was donated
including all the prizes that we would give out through out the game to the fans.
Anything that was donated was used.
Prices: we charged each team $20. Each team could have 4 players (three on
the court 1 substitute) we would also charge the fans 2 to 5 dollars depending on
how many teams and the quality of the door prizes. The fans would get tickets
that would enter them in several door prizes that were donated (which were
nice). We had exercise equipment, memberships to Jims, free pizza…
Tournament rules; To get the rules for three on three basketball go to any or all
of these websites.
Estimated time for tournament: With 20 teams entered in a double elimination.
We started at 800am on Saturday and finished by 5pm.That includes break at
lunch for the exhibition game and the free throw shoot out. WE charged an extra
5$ to participate in the free throw shoot out and the winner got a trophy (which
was donated also) depending on the donations you can give away gift certificates
Registration: As the teams would register on the day of the tournament we
would have another person putting them into the brackets to play. This way they
would know what time and who they were playing. The teams that were playing
would be given a wristband so they would not be charged twice.
Concessions: We made our most money off the concession since almost
everything was donated. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, cotton candy,
candy bars, and all sorts of other candies. Since the basketball tournament
lasted all day most people would just buy there lunch there rather then go to a
fast-food place.
Clean up: All of the businesses that donated were sent thank you letters. We
sent them to the mangers. While we were promoting we would read a list of the
businesses on the radio so they were getting free advertisement. And then we
read off the list and had signs made up at the tournament. We swept the gym,
cleaned up the bleachers, got out all the trash and put up all the foods that were
left over which was not very much.

We have done this fundraiser twice. The first time we made 2,000 and the
second we made 3,000. The best time to do a tournament like this is in March
when basketball is the big rage. Be careful not to schedule your tournament
during another “real tournament”.
                                   Roxanne Moyer

Title of Fundraiser: Psychodelic Spaghetti (spaghetti will be died different
colors w/ food coloring and everyone will dress up in late sixties or early
seventies attire and there will be a contest for the best outfits worn)
Projected $ that can be raised: $500 dollars maybe more
Number of Participants needed:
        Set up crew: 10
        Cooking crew: 10
        Serving crew:         30
        Clean-up crew:        20
        Judging crew:         10
                Total: 60 workers
Supplies needed: 500 tickets $ nothing, 3 prizes, 20 large bags of regular
spaghetti $15.00, 2 boxes of food coloring $1, 2 extra large pots $ donated, 5 big
aluminum(through away kind) pans $4, 5 extra large jars of Spaghetti sauce
(Ragu, Prego, what ever is your preference) $20, Cooking utensils $ donated,
paper products (plates, cups, forks, knives, napkins, to-go plates) $ 30, 10 loaves
of French bread $20, 5 bags of salad mix $15, 2 bottles of Italian dressing $4,
and a box of tea to brew $2 Estimated total cost: $96
Instructions:          Have your set up crew set up the tables & chairs. Have them
put table cloths on the tables and set up a table at the front door to collect tickets
and money from those without tickets. Then have them set the salt and pepper
shakers on the tables. Next have them set up the plates, napkins, forks, knives
and the cups and drinks. While this is going on have the cooking crew cook 4
packs of spaghetti at a time, putting in one of the food coloring packets in one set
of four at a time. As part of the cooking crew does this have some others
cooking the meat and the sauce. Have at least 2 people cutting up the bread
and one person preparing the salad, and one person preparing the tea. After
everything is prepared have your serving crew in place. (The people will be
seated as the come in and someone will go to them and ask how many plates,
and how many drinks each table needs.) As the people come the crew will serve
them until the last person leaves. While everyone is eating the judging crew will
be looking at all of the different outfits that people have on and they will pick a 1 st,
2nd and 3rd prize winner. (The contest is to see how has the best late sixties, early
seventies outfit on, you can pick you prizes how you would like) Towards the
middle of the dinner the judges will announce the winners and present them with
their prizes. After everything is over the clean-up crew will take out all trash take
all table cloths and put them in a plastic bag to be washed by someone, wipe all
tables down, pick up all table and chairs, wash all dishes used and put them
where they belong, vacuum the floors, and wipe all counter tops and the stove
down. Finally have someone appointed to count the money collected and the
ammount of tickets collected and give info and money to the church secretary.
Post fundraiser: Clean-up discussed above. Send thankyou cards to ladies
in the church how donated huge pots, and affirm all workers for such a great job.
Title of Fundraiser:        Youth Auction Off (Each youth will be auctioned off to
an individual in the congregation that gives highest bid.)
Projected $ that can be made: $1000
Number of Participants needed: All youth about 150 and the entire
congregation about 500 = 650 people
Supplies needed: Youth and a description from each individual of what they
are good at doing around the house and in the yard. $ Nothing
Instructions:         Have each youth that is participating to dress in their best
Sunday morning attire so to have a really good presentation. You will need to
with pastor to plan when this event will take place and give plenty of notice to
youth parents and congregation. All of the participants will need to be in a
backroom that feeds onto the stage in the order that they will be called out. The
Youth Pastor will be the MC for the night and will do all of the presenting of each
auctionee. The MC will have all of the descriptions, given by the youth about
themselves, with him/her and they will announce each person using this
description. As the youth come out they should walk to the center of the stage
and stop and then walk to the very front of the stage and wait for the bidding to
stop. The bidding for each individual should start at $10 an hour. After the bid
has ended the auctionee should then be seated on the front two rows (which
should be reserved specifically for them). When a bid closes the MC should give
the paper to his helper and that helper should collect the winner’s name, phone
number, and type of job the auctionee will be doing and when they will be
needed. The money will be collected as the auctionees fulfill their jobs.
Post Fundraiser: No clean-up needed! Follow-up will include making the
youth to the job they were hired for and that the money pledged is collected.
                             SHAWN QUINNEY
                            KEEP IT OR SHAVE IT

PROJECTED AMOUNT OF MONEY: I believe we raised around $300. This all
depends on the size of your church and the influence that the shavee has on the

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDED: This fundraiser will include all of your
congregation and youth, no matter what size it may be.

-Two ballot boxes                                           $0-$10
(You may be able to just find two
old shoe boxes or something of the sort)
-Materials for advertisement                                $30
-A man in the church that is willing to        $0
shave any visible hair from his body
(head or facial hair, especially if they
have had it for a long period of time)
-Clippers (these may be borrowed from
someone in the church)                                      $0-$60
-Disposable camera and development                          $15
-Previous picture of the man with it                  $0
shaved(if accessible)

INSTRUCTIONS: This is an oldie in our church but a fun one as well! There
needs to be a man that will volunteer to shave hair from his head, chin, etc. In
our church this worked very well because the man that had to shave was the
youth pastor. He just grew a beard and it was equally liked and disliked in our
church. This helps on more competition. Every time before a church service
there would be two boxes set up right outside of the sanctuary. On one there
was a previous picture of the youth pastor before his beard and the other showed
a current picture with his beard. The congregation and even the youth would put
money in the box with the picture they liked better. We set a time when the
money was all counted and the box with the greater amount of money was the
deciding factor if the youth pastor kept or shaved his beard. We had people
throwing in money down to the very last second! It was very exciting. The last
night to give money we had a fellowship dinner and the results were told then. If
he had to shave than it would be done at this time for the entire congregation to
see. If it did have to be shaven then one could bid to be the one to shave the
hair. The highest bidder would of course then shave it in front of the

POST FUNDRAISER: Following the fellowship dinner, have all of the youth help
clean up. The money should be given to the treasurer of the church to be put in
whatever fund necessary. Make sure that every participant receives a thank you
letter, especially the man who shaves and the bidder who shaved him. Give
thanks to all the church and the youth group. Take down any advertisement.
Make sure to sit down and evaluate the fundraiser including pros, cons, and
suggestions for next time. HAVE FUN!!!
                                     UGLY TIE

PROJECTED AMOUNT OF MONEY: This may also depend on the size of the
congregation. We raised approximately $200.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDED: This fundraiser will require at least one
willing pastor and your congregation and youth.

-10 ugliest ties one could find                          $0-$20
(You can find them in your closet
or a thrift store)
-10 ballot boxes                                                $0-$50
(You may be able to just find some
old shoe boxes or something of the sort)
-Materials for advertisement                                    $30
-A willing pastor                                               $0

INSTRUCTIONS: Have the youth find the ten ugliest ties that they can. Display
the ties and the ballot boxes outside the sanctuary before and after every
service. Let everyone know that the pastor will be preaching in whatever tie that
has the greatest amount of money in it’s box by the end of a period of time.(You
may want to have the pastor wear it in a less formal or serious setting if it will be
to distracting for what the Lord has for the congregation. i.e.: He may wear it in
the office for an entire week.) The number of ties may vary; this is completely
your prerogative. If anyone offers to bye one of the ties then by all means, let
them! Have fun with it and make money.

POST FUNDRAISER: Feel free to offer the ties to anyone in the church to
purchase or just give them away. If you have a costume room for productions
then you can give them away there. Make sure that the pastor is taken out for a
nice dinner or something of the sort. Let him know that you love him and he is
appreciated. Evaluate the fundraiser for next time.
                               TAMMY REAMSMA
I. Title: Pop Bottle Drive (“pop” in Michigan means “soda” or “coke”)

II. Projected Profit: $48 per hour

III. Number of Participants: Four students; Plus driver of truck (youth leader)

IV. Supplies and Expenses:
        Trash bags - $2
        Truck to throw bags of cans in as collected - (borrow one from someone in
        Gloves (optional) - $5
        Fliers to post ahead of time in local stores, and around neighborhood -
(print on computer)

V. Instructions: Make up fliers announcing a pop bottle drive and post them
around the neighborhood you are targeting. Be sure to include who, what, when,
where, and why. On the day of the drive, break students up in pairs and go to a
subdivision. Have one group of students on the east side of the street, and the
other pair on the west side going door to door and saying something like, “Hi, my
name is Tammy and this is Joe Shmoe; we are from Oil City Assembly of God.
We are raising money to support missionaries through Speed-the-Light, and
were wondering if you have any bottles or cans you would like to donate.” The
youth leader, driver, keeps pace with the teams on the side of the road so that
when the students get a lot of bags they can throw them in the back of the truck.
It is estimated that each team will be able to hit ten houses in one hour. On
average, I figured in Michigan you can collect twenty-four cans and bottles per
house since most people there save their cans and bottles to redeem the ten
cent deposit. (If you are in another state see additional information in Roman
numeral seven.) If you have two teams getting 24 items per house, and going to
ten houses per hour, that is 480 cans and bottles or $48 per hour. You must also
decide weather or not you will accept various alcoholic beverage cans and
bottles that have a deposit. You may wish to consult your pastor, but we
received whatever was able to redeem a deposit.

VI. Post Fundraiser: When you have finished collecting it is necessary to sort the
items collected between store brands and national brands. Pepsi, Coke, and 7-
Up products can be returned anywhere. Spartan, Sam’s Choice, and other such
“off brands” will only be received back with a refund at the stores that sell that
product. After you have sorted the items to determine which store will redeem
them, take them to that place, run them through a bottle return machine, get a
print-out, and then go through the grocer’s line or customer service to receive
cash back. Be sure to keep all your receipts, and of course, never go alone.
VII. Additional Information: The following states have a refund per can or bottle,
other states (not listed) recycle products such as aluminum, glass, or paper by
the pound.
      State Containers Recycled                               Deposit (money you
                                                             get per can/bottle)
     CA       Beer, soda, wine coolers, mineral and soda water         $0.025
                                                       for containers < 24 oz.
                                                       $0.05 for containers > 24
      CT      Beer, soda, mineral water                      $0.05
      DE      Non-aluminum beer, soda, mineral water          $0.05
      IA      Beer, soda, wine coolers                       $0.05
      ME      All beverage containers (no dairy/ unprocessed cider) $0.05
      MI      Beer, soda, wine coolers, canned cocktails, carbonated water          $0.05 on refillable
                                                              $0.10 on non-refill
      NY      Beer, soda, wine coolers, carbonated water      $0.05
      OR      Beer, soda, mixed wine drinks, carbonated mineral water        $0.02
                                                             on refillable
                                                              $0.05 on non-refill
      VT      Beer, soda, mixed wine drinks, liquor, mineral water $0.05         all
                                                             except liquor
                                                              $0.15 liquor
I. Title: Croissant Sandwich Sale

II. Projected Profit: $772.48 (see Roman numeral four, “supplies and expenses,”
for mathematical details)

III. Number of Participants: 8 students (This was our fundraiser for camp, so
     these figures are based upon eight camper ships each costing $95.)

IV. Supplies and Expenses:
       2 oz. Margarine croissant sliced (48/case) - $0.38
       5 lb. Box of 160 slice American Cheese - $0.07
       Ham (4 x 6 ckd; 26 lbs/ case) - $0.15
       Turkey (2 breasts/ case, each 8-9 lbs.) - $0.24
       Sandwich Baggies (Glad fold over, not cheap kind- 3 boxes of 300 count) -
       Labels (colored sticker dots to show ham from turkey) - $0.01
       Envelopes for collecting money- $0.12
       Plastic gloves for sanitary purposes - (get from church janitor closet)
    ESTIMATED COST PER CROISSANT - $0.72 (We sold them for $2 each,
     but if you bought five, you got the sixth one free) To get a free campership,
     you had to sell eighty-five sandwiches, not counting the free ones. Here’s
     the math:
           85 (croissants sold)
       x $0.72 (unit cost)
       $61.20 (total expense)

(85 x $2) = $170.00 (Profit)
- 61.20 (total expense)      free)
  $108.80 (Adjusted Profit)

  $108.80 (Adj. Profit)   $96.56 /camper
- $12.24 (cost of 12 campers
x     8
$96.56(/camper profit)
VI.     Instructions:
Supplies from Sysco, Sales Representative Ms. Danny Fuson, 1-800-669-3777
ext. 679
      •         Double check the cost of: margarine croissants, American cheese,
              ham, and turkey (package sizes as listed above) since prices may
              vary year to year. Also check on delivery day (Monday-Friday) so
              you can plan your sale dates. Ask Danny how soon before delivery
              day she needs your order.
      •         Order cash on delivery (C.O.D.) from Sysco, and be sure to have a
              check signed and approved so that all you need to do upon delivery
              is fill in the amount and give it to the driver of the delivery truck after
              checking your order.
      •         To assemble the croissants you need seven volunteers, and two

                      1      4

                      2      5

                      3      6
One table is for ham, the other is for turkey. People 1 and 4 put meat on.
People 2 and 5 put cheese on and put in baggie. People 3 and 6 put color dot
stickers on and re-box sandwiches (double check count- same # goes in that
came out on each shelf in box.) The seventh person is the “runner” to maintain
supplies. Note: With this set up, seven ladies have made 1123 croissants in
three hours.

       The meat must be sliced in 2oz. slices ahead of time. This must be as
exact as possible, or you will be short on meat Have someone zigzag the
cheese ahead of time so it can be grabbed and placed on the sandwich easier.
Also it works best if the cheese is room temperature.

     •       Be sure to give each camper an envelope for collecting money. Be
             sure that the color codes for the types of croissants are clearly
             marked on each student’s order form. The order form should have
             columns for: name, address, phone #, ham & cheese, turkey &
             cheese, total sold, # free, amount due, and amount paid. Students
             fill all information in for each order.
     •         Divide the sandwiches by order. Count and recount to be sure
             each order is correct in number and kind of croissants ordered. The
             number divided out must equal the total number of sandwiches
             ordered and made.
     •         ***Once the sandwiches are made, you must have them delivered
             to the kids and in turn to the people who ordered on the same day or
             they must be refrigerated. The Church does not want to be liable for
             someone getting sick from spoiled meat. Stress same day delivery!
VI. Post Fundraiser:
     Clean up from croissant making day and write thank-you’s to all who helped
     out. Collect money from the students and pay for camp.

VII. Additional Information:
This is what our information letter would say:

      Attention Parents:

     Summer time is coming just around the next bend, and with it some exciting
     opportunities for your kids. The Michigan Assemblies of God is hosting
     summer camps for kids and teens.

     We would like to help your kids be a part of these opportunities. To do this,
     we are planning a croissant sale. For every croissant your child sells they
     will receive credit towards the camp fee. Camp costs $95 per person. We
     will be selling the croissants and $2.00 each, or a family can buy five and
     get the sixth one free. So if your child sells 85 sandwiches, their cost will be
     pro-rated. If they sell more than enough, the extra will go toward helping
     someone else’s fees, or towards gas for the van.

     If you are interested in your child attending camp this year, or would like to
     help some other child, please fill out the permission slip and return it to
     Tammy Reamsma as soon as possible. If you have any further questions
     please give the church a call at (555)555-5555. I need completed order
     forms, and completed camp registration forms turned in by Sunday, June

     I __________________, give my child, __________________, permission
     to participate in the croissant sale for camperships this year with the Oil City
     Assembly of God Church.

     I understand that I will be responsible for collecting all monies and
     distributing all sandwiches that my child sells. (Sandwiches will be delivered
     to you on June 9th. Any sandwiches not delivered by you immediately must
     be refrigerated.) All monies are due to Tammy Reamsma by Sunday, June

________________ _____________________________
Signature of parent or guardian)
__________________               _________________________
(Date)                           (Phone number)
                                         Ryan Rose

                         1.      An Eggsellent Fundraiser

        First of all this is a very quick and inexpensive way to raise a lot of money
really fast at church. This fundraiser is most appropriate to do around Easter
because of its content. To make this idea work you will need at least a minimum
of ten people, however more than ten would be better. For every ten people you
have participating you must buy one bag of 100 plastic assorted colored eggs,
which will cost around $1.88 a dozen from Wal-mart. You will also need to buy
large bags of small Easter candies such as chocolate bars or other types to put
in each egg, which will cost between $5.00 and $6.00 per 100 candies.


        Next you will need to take a day to have your kids and sponsors visit
various Restaurants, Department stores, Florists, Health Spas, etc., to get
donations of coupons for free services or free meals or discounts, but make sure
that you get at least one donation for each person in the group. For each 3 kids
you will need one adult to drive them around town. After you have secured at
least ten donations from businesses throughout the city, then you would get
everyone together at the church and give each person in the group ten eggs and
have them place one piece of candy in each egg. In one of their ten eggs they
would place the coupon from their donation.


       You could make an announcement during the Sunday morning worship
service that the youth group will be selling eggs in the foyer after service for
$3.00 a piece and there is a 1 in 10 chance you will win a gift certificate to (list all
the Businesses that make donations). Let the church know that these eggs are
being sold to raise money for whatever particular need in the youth group at that
time and each contribution will go directly to help support that need. By my
estimations after about $25 dollars is spent per 10 people participating, and
assuming that each person sells all of their eggs at $3.00 a piece, the total
amount of money raised in one post-Sunday service hour is $300.00! Depending
upon the size of the youth group, which usually averages around at least 30 kids,
the average youth group would make approximately $900.00 in one Sunday.


         The time of preparation is very minimal if you include about thirty minutes
for a trip to Wal-mart for supplies, and between two and three hours for the group
to visit the businesses and ask for the donation, and then to spend maybe thirty
minutes putting creating their eggs for sale, and another hour to sell them at
church, the total amount of time spent is approximately five hours of actual work.


       There is virtually no clean up besides taking home any excess candy left
over and throwing away any candy wrappers left on the ground. Appropriate
thank you cards or phone calls would be in order for those businesses and youth
sponsors who contributed in supervising this event. Over all this fundraiser is
also a lot of fun for the youth group with not a lot of work involved.
                         Youth Basketball Tournament

       For this fundraiser you will first of all need a gymnasium, which most
churches have access to on their property, and if not one can be borrowed from
a neighboring church for one day. Approximately ten adult sponsors and about
100 youth are needed (64 players and 36 helpers). Flyers and posters for
advertisement are needed. You will also need 150 hot dogs with hot dog buns
and condiments, and about 60 gallons of Gatorade. Shirts will have to be made,
about 70 of them. Two regular sized trophies for the winners are required.


        First of all announce a Basketball tournament to be held at a particular
location, either your church or another, and create 800 flyers and about 20
posters at Kinko’s copies advertising the event. This will cost approximately
$25.00. Have the students pass out the flyers and hang posters at their school
and promote the event about 5 weeks in advance. Allow for 16 teams consisting
of four people per team to play in a tournament divided by brackets of winning
and losing teams. Each player receives a complimentary shirt and each team
pays the entry fee of $50.00. The church can hold this event on a Saturday from
10am-4pm. During the event, 6 sponsors can use the church kitchen to cook hot
dogs and mix water coolers full of Gatorade to be sold for $1.00 each (including a
drink and one hot dog). The remaining 4 sponsors can officiate the games in
progress and maintain stability. The 36 helping youth can help distribute food,
shirts, receive money, announce games, clean up trash, and direct traffic. The
winning team receives the trophy and the recognition of their peers. There can
also be an additional shoot-out competition during the break between games at
$2.00 a person; the winner will also receive a trophy.


       A gym should be secured first of all, most helpful if it is done at a church
and a date set. Sponsors and help from youth leaders will need to be in place
beforehand to set up the food stand, the court with its materials. Students will
need to pass out flyers and hang posters at their school and public places where
allowed few weeks prior to event. Entry fees will need to be received 2 weeks
before to ensure the event is possible and everyone will show up. Food supplies
will need to be purchased one week ahead of time and refrigerated. Adults are
needed to prepare the food and operate the kitchen during the tournament. The
Shirts should be made at least 5 days before the event and handed out at the
door to the participants. All helpers and sponsors should be in place before the
event begins.

        Accounting for $45.00 in advertising allowing for 2 flyers per page at 6
cents a page and 20 posters at $1.00 each. There is also $350.00 for T-shirts,
which can be made around $5.00 a piece. Hot dogs with buns with condiments
(ketchup and mustard) along with 60 gallons of Gatorade I estimate can be
purchased for around $100.00 in bulk from Sam’s Club. Two average trophies
will cost around $10.00.

Results/ Profit

       Altogether the money made off such an event comes to be between
$400.00 and $500.00 after deducting money for all the expenses. This type of
fund-raiser also can be used as a means of evangelism by allowing an
opportunity for the youth to bring in their friends who may not have any church
contact and this allows some information to be collected for further outreach.


      Trash from food will need to be cleaned up mostly, there shouldn’t be too
much else to recover from; clean up can be designated to youth volunteers.
Thank you’s should be given to all the adult sponsors and all volunteers should
be shown appreciation for their help and benefit from the money raised.
                                  Forrest Rowell



       The title of this fundraiser is simply filled with numbers, because the object

of the fundraiser is to produce numbers in the budget. I was interning at my

home church this last summer when this interesting fundraiser was suggested.

This was a fundraiser that I was that took place one week after I left the church to

come back to school this last fall.

       Anyway, the object of the fundraiser is to raise five thousand dollars in a

matter of four hours. Well, the first number in the equation, 50, stands for the

amount of participants that are needed to make it possible to reach the goal

effectively. The next number in the equation, 10, stands for how many people

that each participant must reach in that four hour time period. Then the next

number, 10, that appears in the equation is the amount of cash or check donation

they are trying to receive from the ten people they reach. In the grand scheme of

this magnificent plan, in a perfect world, $5,000 would be raised in a matter of

four hours.

       So the group of fifty would meet at the church and then disperse for four

hours and meet back later with a sum of $5,000 if all fifty reached ten other


       This is one of the wildest fundraisers I have ever heard of any church ever
doing. This unique idea comes from an Assemblies of God Church located in
Ohio. This particular churches youth program needed to desperately raise
$8,000 in a very short period of time, so they came up the idea of “pastor-nap”.
       The youth pastor along with some youth sponsors talked it over with their
senior pastor and got clearance to do such a radical move and planned this
event for a Sunday mourning service. On the specific Sunday mourning the
service was going well, but the youth pastor and his volunteers were not in the
service. All of a sudden the youth pastor, along with his gang of volunteers,
explodes onto the scene with some fake guns waving while wearing ski masks
and panty hose. They stormed the stage and took the senior pastor hostage and
told the congregation that they might never see their pastor again unless they
coughed up $8,000 right now. They took the hostage (pastor) to another room in
the building and took up the ransom cash they asked for. As they counted it they
realized they were a few bucks short, so they re-emphasized the fact that they
may never see their pastor again until all the $ came in.
                                     Matt Rule
                                The Lemon Squeeze

   This project is not designed to make the youth group exuberantly wealthy
   over-night. Nor will it raise the entirety of your Speed the Light budget in a
   single afternoon. However, this fundraiser will help to raise between fifty and
   a hundred dollars in a single setting. If you are able to do this in several
   locations you will draw in more money.
         The positive side is that it doesn’t require a lot of people to do it. You will
need at least three youth to actually participate in the squeezing, and one or two
to help take money, and clean up.
    In order to do this fundraiser, there are a few supplies that you will need. You
    will first need some lemons. Count on using three lemons for every glass you
    make. It might not require that many, but it’s better to have too many than too
    few. It is possible to get these donated from grocery stores. Kroger, Randall’s,
    Tom Thumb, and Fiesta are a few that usually help out youth groups who
    need free stuff. Wal-Mart sometimes helps too. If you can’t get them donated,
    you’ll have to buy them. However, lemons aren’t usually that expensive. If you
    time it right, while lemons are in season, you can get them really cheap. Plan
    on enough lemons to make at least fifty glasses. That’s about a hundred and
    fifty lemons. You will also need cups for this project. The cheaper, and
    smaller the cups are, the better. If you want to have complimentary cookies to
    go with the lemonade it’s a big plus. People don’t mind paying three or four
    bucks for a glass of lemonade if they get free cookies too. You will also need
    some kind of a container to put the money in. Be sure and have several trash
    bags with you to throw away all the leftovers. You will also need sugar to mix
    in with the lemonade. This is not a required thing, but it helps. Finally, you will
    need about three pitchers to make the lemonade and some spoons to stir it
        Now comes the fun part. You set up a table to make the lemonade on.
This should be done out in the open where people can see. This works best if
you do it at church in the front entryway. However, this fundraiser can also be
done at a public place, like a park or a store. If you plan on doing it outside of a
church, you will most likely have to make more glasses to get the same amount
of money, because people probably won’t give you as much as your
congregation will. Set up the table and all of the things to make it with. As people
approach you, tell them that you are selling lemonade. When they ask how much
the lemonade costs, tell them that it costs a dollar for every seed that you can
squeeze out of the lemon. It is a good thing to have one pitcher already prepared
with lemonade before hand, because it will take a long time to get enough for the
first person. Use probably twenty to thirty lemons per pitcher, depending on the
size, and how strong you like your lemonade. When the people agrees to buy a
glass, have one of the youth take a lemon, cut in half, and squeeze it into one of
the pitchers. It may take a few tries to perfect this, but you can squeeze two to
four seeds out of every lemon you use. The youth will squeeze both halves of the
lemons, count the seeds that fall into the pitcher, and charge the person that
much money; one dollar per seed. This can take a minute or two, so it is good to
have two or three lines with people squeezing. Pour a glass of lemonade for the
person, thank them, and send them on their way. Have a plate of cookies so they
can take a couple if they want to.
         After the fundraiser, clean up thoroughly. Put everything in the trash.
Wash out the pitchers, and vacuum the floor. Send a thank you card to the pastor
for letting you spill lemon juice all over the carpet in the church. Also send thank
you cards to any business that donated anything to the project. That gives a
better chance of getting free stuff at a later date. Take all the money earned,
count it up, and place it in a secure place. Then do whatever you are supposed
to do with fundraiser money. That’s all you have to do.
                               Holiday Gift wrapping

   This fundraiser can raise up to two hundred dollars if you do it well. The key
   to this is communication. If people know that you are doing it, they will support
   you. That is why advertisement is so important on this one. Use posters,
   announcements in the bulleting, and verbal communication in order to
   advertise this fundraiser.
        This fundraiser requires about twelve people to make it work right. You will
need about ten people to do the actual wrapping, and two to keep the others
supplied with paper and tape.
        You don’t need too many supplies for this project. You basically need
tape, wrapping paper, and gift cards. All of these things are hard to get donated,
but can be found very cheap. Wal-Mart has paper for around a dollar during the
holiday season. However, you can usually get it in bulk for much cheaper at most
dollar stores. You can also find tape and the gift cards there for cheap too. You
will need at least twenty rolls of tape, and probably fifteen rolls of paper. Get fifty
to a hundred gift cards. The best way to do this is to send women to do the
shopping. They are usually better at that kind of thing. It will help boost your
fundraising ability if you have refreshments for people while they wait. Also have
numbers to give each person as they arrive. This will help keep order, and
assure that each person has the correct gifts when they leave.
        Set up a time for everyone to bring their gifts to be wrapped. This is to be
done, obviously, during the holiday season. The best time is usually in the
evening, a couple of days before Christmas. Usually Christmas Eve is a bad time
to do it. You may even want to do it a week ahead of time, depending on your
community. The best location is at the church. Make the location easily
accessible and well organized. Set up about five tables, with two people at each
table. Have about a four-hour time slot for people to come and get their gifts
wrapped. Set the start time about thirty minutes early, or you will sit around for
the first hour with nothing to do. Once people arrive, have them place their items
on a table, then go to a waiting area. You can give them a piece of paper with a
number on it, to ensure that they get the same gift back. Give the wrappers the
same number. Each wrapper, when they are finished is responsible to go to the
waiting area and return the gifts to the person. You can have refreshments in the
waiting area if you like. It will make people more generous. When traffic begins to
get heavy, have someone to direct people to different tables, and keep things
organized. If things get out of hand it becomes easy to lose gifts, drop breakable
stuff, and make a bad impression. Once the wrapped gifts have been returned to
the patrons, they will be asked for a donation. Historically, a donation will get
better returns on this project than a flat amount. The key to receiving a good
donation is speed. The entire process, from the time the person walks in, until
they get their stuff back, should take no more than fifteen minutes. If you are
successful in this, you will get good donations, and people will be happy.
        After the fundraiser, clean up all scrap pieces of paper and put them in the
trash. Hopefully you do not have a ton of leftover scraps. Collect all unused
portions and store them for your next fundraiser, along with leftover tape and
cards. Put every table back in where it goes, and vacuum the floor. Send a thank
you note to your pastor for allowing you to do this, and thank the congregation
publicly for their support. Count the money and put it in a secure location. Turn it
into wherever it goes. This fundraiser can be very successful if it is organized
well, and done well.
                                Thomas Reusch

                                Popcorn Roulette

 The amount of money that can be raised when doing this fundraiser amounts to
about five dollars from each person who pledges to donate money according to
the outcome of the actual activity. So if you have 10 youth who each get 10
people to pledge, you will usually raise no less than $500, but should the popcorn
roulette do better than usual, you may raise much more.

For this fundraiser, you will need as many of the youth as you can to spend a few
weeks gathering the names of people who pledge to donate according to the
popcorn roulettes results. The roulette itself will require one adult supervisor, a
royal ranger, and as many of the people who pledged that can and want to be

As far as supplies go, you will need 4 big pieces of poster board (color doesn’t
matter), a fat sharpie marker, a saucepan large enough to pop popcorn in, some
uncooked popcorn kernels, popping oil, and a coalman portable camping grill
with the whole “flame-thing-shooting-out” capability for popping the popcorn.
Not much stuff here that you can’t find either lying around or buy al Wal-Mart for
2 bucks.

Popcorn Roulette is based on the southern county fair lotto style game called “A
Cow Dump”. The way the game goes is that you tape the 4 pieces of poster
board together, 2 long ways, and then the 2 bigger pieces get taped together on
the shorter ends making a larger rectangular poster board. You then make
vertical and horizontal lines across the whole poster board in a grid made up of
3” by 3” squares. Inside each square, you randomly right different values
ranging from 25 cents to 1 dollar, all multiples of 25. (25,75,1.00). The popcorn
then you cut o hole out of the middle of the game board large enough for the
saucepan to sit on the portable range and large enough that the game board
doesn’t catch on fire and burn the place down. The saucepan is then placed on
the range and the popping oil is poured in. You then gather everyone around
who has pledged his or her donation and everyone watches as the popcorn pops
out of the saucepan and onto the game board, landing on some random value.
As the popcorn finishes popping out of the saucepan, the values of the squares
which had popcorn land on them are all added up and the final number is the
pledge total of each person who pledged a donation. That is the whole gimmick,
you could end up donating lots and break your bank, or you could end up
donating a little because not a lot of popcorn popped out (but they usually end up
donating more anyways because their son or daughter is in the youth group).
That’s why it’s called Popcorn Roulette, luck of the draw. To advertise this
fundraiser, you first need to explain the game to the youth well enough that they
could sell it as a fun shindig after evening Service with drinks and cake, if you
want to add that all in, and then you send them out with pledge form and they
round up as many pledges as they can within the amount of time you give them.

For after the fundraiser, you will basically need to turn off the range, trash the
contents of the saucepan (which will be slim to none hopefully); sweep up
popcorn that may have flown astray, and finally the coupe de gras, collect all the
pledges or at least make plans with all the participants to collect the pledges at a
convenient time.
                                 Dessert Review

The amount of money that can be raised with the dessert review ranges from
$500 to $1,000, because there are so many different activities bringing in

For this fundraiser, you will need someone to act as an auctioneer, people to
bake cakes and pies and other dessert foods, actors/dancers (for human videos
and humorous skits), a receptionist to take money at the door for admittance, an
emcee, and enough youth to advertise the dessert review through their
neighborhood and invite friends and family from the church and so forth.

To run this dessert review, you will need enough pies to auction off, enough pies
for everyone to eat during the show, drinks, one of those generic roles of red
tickets, table covers (for to make it all pretty-like) a sound system w/ a
microphone, flyers, dining utensils (preferably disposable), and a cash box big
enough to hold the fat wads of moolah you are praying so earnestly for.

Basically, this fundraiser is a dining experience, coupling fine dessert items with
interesting theater and mini auctions during intermissions. To get into the
dessert review, each person has to pay a cover charge of three to five dollars.
This gets them all the dessert and drinks they can tackle during the show. As
they eat the desserts, they are entertained with skits performed by the youth,
songs sung by the youth, and human videos performed by the youth. The more
skits etc. that you have prepared, the longer the show can run and the more
intermission auctions you can have. As a skit or performance finishes, the
auctioneer is already beginning to auction of one of the specialty pies or desserts
that have been made and donated by mothers or sisters or aunts or
grandmothers or that curious brother of yours who loves to cook. This is where
some of the big bucks can be made. Start most of the desserts at a reasonable
price but allow the auctioneer to work his/her magic and help your fundraiser
rake in dough.

The cleanup is just like the clean up after a church luncheon or what-have-you.
Throw away the table covers (if they are disposable) and clean up the floor.
Send a leftover pie home with the auctioneer and emcee if you think they
deserve it and make sure to make arrangements to collect all the donations from
everyone at a time convenient for them. Make sure to put the sound system
back in the sanctuary if that’s where you snagged it from and leave the fellowship
hall looking nicer than when you found it.
                                  Michael Willburn
Title: Mud Volleyball Tournament
Projected amount of money that can be raised: three to five thousand dollars
Number of participants needed: This fundraiser needs a minimum of about 15
people to help on the day of the event depending on how many volleyball courts
you use. We had four separate courts so we had 8 referees who rotated in and
out, 4 for the concession, 2 to help sign in the teams, and 1 to run the sound
system. then we had about 8-10 others who were just our run around people who
helped do whatever was needed throughout the day such as picking up trash and
running the water hoses to help people get cleaned off. As I said though, these
are things to do on the day of the event. Most of the work is done weeks prior to
the event which all of the youth were involved in such as calling and getting
sponsors, preparing the courts, etc.
Supplies needed: Volleyball nets (possibly donated from a YMCA), volleyballs
(donated or borrowed from the YMCA or school), fire hose (borrowed from the
fire department), water hoses (most likely already available at the church),
snacks and drinks for the concession stand (about $100 and some can be
donated through church members). Also, large amounts of water will be used to
prepare the courts which means a huge water bill unless the water company will
donate it, which is very possible, they did for us.
How to do this fundraiser: Most of the work for this fundraiser will be done
weeks if not months in advance before the actual day of the event. The first thing
to be done of course is to get the word out about the event preferably a couple
months before it will take place. This could be done first of all with a letter sent
out to local churches and youth groups as well as churches or youth pastor
friends within the district who might want to be involved. The cost is $10 per
person involved and the letter is immediately followed up the next week by a
phone call from the youth pastor to explain and answer any questions, and most
of all to get them pumped about the event so that they really want to be involved.
A couple weeks later (after giving time for the youth pastor to announce it to the
youth group and see who is interested) another call is made, this time by
members or leaders in the youth group, to find out for sure those who are going
to be involved. The second procedure is to contact local businesses to try and
get them to sponsor this event. This is where most of the money for the fund
raiser will come from so it is very important to do everything possible to make
them want to be involved. Some will sponsor just because it is a church event,
but others you will have to coerce. One of the things we did was that we told
them that everyone who gave in excess of a certain amount would have their
businesses logo printed on the backs of the mud volleyball shirts that we made.
Also, we had huge signs posted all over town to help announce and remind
people of the tournament and on each of these signs, it would say “thank you to
our sponsors…………, for helping us with this event”. Another thing was we had
free radio spots from a local Christian station and each time the tournament was
announced, each business’ name was announced for helping sponsor the event.
These methods are very affective to help raise the money, especially if you have
businessmen in the church that will sponsor, and many times they can influence
their friends in business to sponsor. We had as much as $1,000 dollars donated
from a couple of businesses. The main thing is finding something that will hook
them and make them want to sponsor the event. After all of this is done, when
you know how many are going to be involved and who is going to be sponsoring,
now it is time to prepare the volleyball courts. First of all, someone will have to
come with a tractor and teal up the ground for each court. This should be done
probably about a week before the day of the tournament. After the ground is
tillled up real well, have some kids in the youth group come down to help go
through the dirt and make sure all of the rocks are pulled out. Depending on
where you are, this may or may not take very long. We filled a few wheel barrels
full of rocks from our courts. After the rocks are out, the courts are ready to be
blasted with water from the fire hose, but this should be done the day before the
event, and maybe early on the morning of the event. Doing this will require a lot
of help because it is very tiring working that huge hose. It takes about 4 or 5
people to handle it each time because the water is on full blast, and because the
purpose is not just to fill the courts with water but to let the water pressure dig
into the ground so that it grinds the dirt making the court about 1 foot deep with
pure mud. This will take many hours, possibly as long as 2 hours per court, to
get them how they need to be. So on the day before the event, the courts will be
prepared, the drinks and snacks should be bought and ready to sale, and
everything needed for the games---volleyball nets, balls, etc--- should be gotten
together. Then, on the day of the event, make sure the courts are still ready, put
up the nets, drag out the sound system to blast some music, and let the games
begin. This is going to be an all day event most likely, so anything can be done
throughout the day to keep everyone entertained. Some things that we did was
we had a few of the local Christian/Alternative bands come and play, we had
some other games off to the side, we even had the DJ’s from the radio station
come out and do their morning session at the tournament. So this can very
easily be turned into a huge event, and if done consecutively each year, more
and more teams and sponsors will want to be involved.
Post Fundraiser: There is a large amount of clean up to be done after the
tournament is over, mainly in taking down everything and cleaning up. So you
will want to beforehand have a group of people that you know are going to stay
and help with this. Some things (taking down the sound system, cleaning the
nets and putting them away, and putting up the hoses) will need to be done on
that same day. Other things (returning fire hoses, nets, balls, and whatever else
is borrowed) can probably wait. One other thing that will probably have to be
done is to repair the fields where the courts are after the mud has dried. This
would include replanting grass, maybe adding dirt, or whatever else it may take.
Title: Carry Out Lunches
Projected amount of money that can be raised: $1,000 to $1,500
Number of participants needed: At least 12 people will be needed for this.
You will need 2 to cook the food, 3 to fix the plates, at least 6 people delivering,
and 1 person to help oversee things and keep things flowing in order.
Supplies needed: The supplies that are needed and the expense will depend
on what type of meal is going to be prepared. Sometimes, local grocery stores
will donate some of the food, especially things like rolls, canned products, and
the carry out trays. Also, you can probably get some of the ladies in the church
to make the deserts. Most times you can plan on spending around $200, again
depending on what type of meal you do. Though it is important to spend as little
money as possible, it is also most important to make the meal worth the money
paid for it, because if not, it will be hard to repeat this fundraiser in the future
because no one will want to buy the meal.
How to do this fundraiser: The first thing to do for this fundraiser is to decide
what type of meal to do. Some things that worked good for us were: Taco
salads; BBQ chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, bread, and a desert; Roast and
gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, and a desert; Spaghetti and garlic
bread; and Grilled chicken breast strips marinated in Italian dressing, cheese
potatoes, corn, bread, and a desert. When you decide the type of meal to
prepare, you can determine how much you need to charge for the plates.
Usually 5 and 6 dollar plates sell pretty easy. The next thing is to go out to local
businesses and try to sell the dinner. Examples of good places to sell these
meals are offices, health clinics, banks, small businesses in shopping centers,
etc. Some churches get tickets printed, but that is not really necessary. What
we did was we went to the businesses and told each person about it and if they
wanted to buy a meal we wrote their names down and the name of the business
where they worked and what time they needed their meal delivered and then we
left them a flyer (this was to remind them and also it had the phone number on it
that they could call in case they had any more orders). Also, it is easier if you
can get their money right then so that part will be done with when you deliver the
meals, but just make sure to mark those who pay and those who don’t pay. After
taking the orders, this should be done about 3 days before the meal, you are
ready to determine how much food will be needed, and to go get the supplies. Of
course next is to cook and prepare the food and this could start on the day of the
meal or may have to begin the day before, according to what all is involved. Of
course things like peeling potatoes, and marinating the chicken, and other things
that can be done ahead of time should be done the day or night before. On the
day of the meal, you will want to have all of the people, especially the cook, there
in time to make sure everything is done in an orderly fashion so that the meals
can be delivered on time because if they are not on time, it will mess things up
next time you try to do this again. Though this may seem like an easy fundraiser,
it can get very complicated. For instance if you have 100 meals all having to go
out at 12:00, things can get pretty crazy, so be prepared for anything.
***One good thing about this fundraiser is that it can be done as often as you
want to do it and with each time it gets easier and easier. Once a good
foundation is set with all of the businesses, you can tell them how often you will
be doing it and they will be prepared each time. Say for instance you want to do
it on the last Friday of each month. Everyone that usually orders will know when
you are doing it and they will know not to make plans for lunch that day. For us it
got to the point where as soon as we walked in to sell the meals, they knew what
we were there for, gave us the money, and we were in and out in just a few
minutes. So each time it gets easier and it becomes a fairly quick and easy way
to make a good sum of money.
Post fundraiser: After the fundraiser, the main job left to do is to clean
everything up. You will have to wash all of the dishes, mop floors, take out
garbage, and just mainly always leave the place cleaner than you found it. After
all of that, you get to enjoy the best part of the whole fundraiser: eating all of the
                            Steve Salvidge
                         Bench press Contest.

            First you start by going to a local gym and finding somewhere to be
   able to hold the contest at. Once that is taken care of, you then make
   fliers to be able to post around the community and also at the local YMCA.
   Then entry free will be 10 – 20 dollars. They will generally let you place
   things on their poster wall for free. Once you start doing that then you let
   your students spread the word. The rules to the contest would eighteen or
   older and everyone else is welcome to watch.
            After you get all that straightened away then, you sit down and
   divide up the participants into age and weight. Then at the end of the day,
   you have an all around competition. The winner will receive a trophy and
   their names could also be in the local newspaper. The gyms will like this
   idea because it will generate business for them. Also the youth group
   could sell water or Gatorade at the competition, with the gyms approval.
            If the contest is done right and has a good enough promotion then
   there could be at least $200 made. It all depends on how many people
   you have in the competition. If you started off with say 30 participants,
   then you have $300 dollars if the entry fee is ten dollars a person. The
   drinks can be donated or the youth group can make lemonade, so it is not
   a high cost. Selling each bottle of water/glass of lemonade could generate
   an extra 100-150 dollars. Getting a trophy for the winners is not very
   difficult or expensive. All in all you could make some large amounts of
   money. Anywhere from 200-1000 dollars depending on the amount of
   participants. Plus, if you make it an annual contest, you will attract more
   attention. More will people will want to enter to challenge last years
   champion. If you can get local companies to sponsor the competition,
   then you just end up spending less and less money.

  Paper for fliers – 15 dollars
  Water/lemonade/candy – free donated (Liberty distribution Company)
  Trophies – 20 to 50 dollars depending on the size of the trophy

   Number of participants – 35 X $10 entrance fee = $350
   Water bottles/lemonade 200 X 1.00 = $200
                          Candy 100 X $.50 = $50

                Bowl-a-thons are extremely easy to set up and get in motion. First
        you talk to a bowling alley and get a price for a certain amount of bowlers.
        Generally, you will get a discount if a certain number of people bowl. Next
        you make pledge sheets for the teens to get people to pledge a certain
        amount of money per pin. Or the people who pledge can just give a flat
        rate. If three games are played then there will be 390 pins in play. You go
        by pin not by the score the bowler receives.
                You pump this up in youth service and in the adult service. Have
        the kids that have jobs, ask their bosses to help them out. Say whoever
        gets over a certain amount of money pledged gets a free trip somewhere.
        When this was done at my church we had four kids bring in about $350.
        My friend Stephen brought in $760 dollars. The highest person brought in
        nearly a thousand dollars. This is a way to bring in some money quick.
        When more kids are involved then more money can be made.

      Paper for pledges = $15
      Bowling games/shoes = $75 (discount because of number of people

        30 participants
        If each participant get pledges of $100 = $3000.
        If at least five people get more than $300 then $4000
                               Trisha Waggerman

I.         Each student is to get pledges of at least $50.00. We are counting on
           20 youth showing. Projected amount $1,000.00.
II.        Supplies needed:
                   Students are to provide their own Rocking Chairs.
                   Each student is to provide one devotion.
                   Each student is to bring munchies for him/herself and
                     enough to share.
                   Pop is provided. 3, 24 packs of pop, $5.00 a piece. $15.00
                     Youth pastor put out of own pocket
                   Movies and games are provided.

III.       Rules:
            For 12 hours the rocking chairs must not stop rocking.
            10 min of every hour is allowed a bathroom break. Catch is: Your
              chair has to stay rocking, so person on either side of you has to
              rock your chair while your gone. This 10 min. include bathroom,
              stretching and getting munchies.
IV.        Post fundraiser-
          Clean up
          Collect pledge money
          Update in church to let them know how many kids came, how much
           money was raised.
                        Christmas Babysitting and Gift Wrap

I.     Projected amount of money: $1,000.00
II.    All youth, 20. There are 15 families with an average of 40 kids all
III.   Supplies needed:
        Parents provide sack lunch and munchies for the day.
        Donated wrapping paper, tape and ribbon (Wal-Mart, dollar stores,
        Board games, coloring books, scissors, crayons, construction
           paper, toys, books, and sports brought from home by youth to
           entertain kids.
IV.    Details.
        Friday night from 4:30-10:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00
           p.m. Babysitting will be available so parents can Christmas shop for
           one weekend in December.
        $1.00 an hour per kid.
        Youth offer to wrap presents when parents pick up kids. $2.00 for
           big boxes, $1.00 for medium boxes and .50 for little boxes.

V.     Post Fundraiser
        Clean up
        Thank you notes to those who donated gift wrap
        Church update (How many youth participated, how many kids
          showed up, money raised).
                                  Phil Sadaka
                        Spaghetti Dinner & Talent Show

       A great fundraiser is a spaghetti dinner with a talent show. This is an easy
fundraiser to hold that also allows you to gain a nice amount of money in the
budget. This fundraiser will take a few helping participants and some certain
materials. They key of this fundraiser is how exactly you do it.

Projected Amount of money that can be raised:

       The total amount of money that can be raised would be about $1,000.00.
It would cost 10 dollars per person. I know that this sounds really high for just
dinner and it would be, but that is why you provide a little entertainment. If you
charge 10 dollars per person and limit it to 120 people that would give you
1,200.00. A spaghetti dinner is extremely cheap to make. Spaghetti for 120
people can be made for no more than 200 dollars. To make sure that you raise
1,000 dollars you would sell tickets previous to the dinner.

Number of Participants Needed:

        For this fundraiser you would need a total of 18 participants. Twelve of
the participants would consist of kids from the youth group. They would play the
role of waiters and waitresses. You would designate 1 youth for every 10 people.
Then you would need a total of 6 cooks. These 6 participants would have to be
adult leaders or possibly even mature juniors or seniors. Again the total amount
of participants would be 18, but for the talent show it can consist of those 18 and
as many more as you like.

Supplies and Expenses:

        For supplies you would need 120 paper cups, paper plates, plastic forks
and knives, and about 240 napkins. These could possibly be donated by a local
grocery store, but if not these items would cost no more than 35 dollars. Then
you would need a total of 15 packs of angel hair noodles, 8 jars of Ragu
spaghetti sauce, and 6 pounds of hamburger meat. Each pack of noodles is
about 3.99, Ragu is 5.99 each, and 5 pounds of hamburger meat is 15.00. This
totals up to approximately 123.00. Last you would need to get 8 bags of ice and
a can of Lipton ice tea mix. Each bag of ice would be about 1.00 and the tea mix
would be 12.00. This would total you up to 20.00. The total of expenses would
be approximately $178.00.
        Now you should hopefully have the remaining supplies at your church.
You would first need access to a kitchen, but before that you will need a large
fellowship area in the church. In the kitchen you would need a huge pot for
boiling noodles and another for the tomato sauce along with stirring utensils.
Then you would need 16 long tables or round tables. You cannot forget the
chairs as well, at least 120. The only other things that you may have to buy are
tablecloths, which should not be any more than 20.00. If you have to get the
tablecloths it would bring your total cost to 198.00.
       To make sure you have enough money you should allow yourself to have
a 200-dollar budget for all expenses. A lot of these items may be donated if you
send a letter to a company or place letting them know what you are doing, or if
someone in the church has some kind of access to them to donate.
Instructions on the Fundraiser:

        For this fundraiser it may take a little extra work than just one day. It will
consist of a few things over a month’s time. I will explain in detail all the steps
that must be done in order for this fundraiser to be successful.
        At least one month before you decide to put on this dinner and show you
must make your whole church aware of it by making announcements. For the
next two weeks you must sell all 120 tickets. Make as many advertisements as
you can to have this done prior.
        After you have all the money collected you must begin shopping and
finding places to get all these needed items. Write as many letters and ask as
many people as you can find helpful to donate some or possibly all the needed
        Now about two or three weeks before the dinner you must find your
participants. The best day to hold this event would be on a Saturday, because
more people will be off and available both helper and guests. First you will need
at least 12 youth. This should not be to hard to do because all your core kids will
want to participate and a lot of congregation students will as well. My suggestion
would be for you to make a sign up sheet for them to commit. A lot of time more
than 12 will sign up, but that is okay because the rest can help in the show. In
the same way you will also need 6 adults or mature student leaders. First I
would ask only a couple of core kids to help in the cooking area and then find
some willing adult leaders to help.
        After all the participants are gathered and committed two weeks before the
dinner you need to practice twice for the talent show. As all your participants are
gathered for a practice on a day that the majority can be there you go over all
their talents, funny or serious. It does not matter how they are talented. It may
be in crazy ways or in ways of drama and singing. After finding all there talents
organize it in a way to form a talent show. This can be organized in any way that
you prefer. Then the following week go over the show to make sure it is together
and organized.
        Now it is the day of the dinner and show. That morning you will need to
set up the fellowship area. I would get at least 5 or 6 guys to help you. Then at
about 3 hours before the show have your 6 adults or student leaders to come
begin cooking. At about an hour and a half have the rest of your participants
come and begin to instruct them on what their jobs and duties are. After that
have them go over their parts for the show. Now at about 20 minutes before the
dinner starts have your participant prepared for the guests. As the guests arrive
place them at a seat and let them choose if they would like water or tea. Each of
the 12 serving students will do this. Then after 20 minutes of the planned time of
the dinner go ahead and serve them. After they have all been served lead a
prayer. Then let them eat dinner for the next 20 to 30 minutes. Then begin the
talent show. After the show is done thank everyone for coming and helping the
youth group to raise the amount that you did and then dismiss them with a prayer
of blessings.

Post Fundraiser:

        Now after everyone has left it is clean up time. Most of your participants
will be ready to go. Have everyone stay and contribute somehow to finish it in
approximately 15-20 minutes. What you will need to do is clean off all the tables;
fold up the chairs and tables putting them back where you got them. Since you
use paper and plastics you can just throw them all away. You will need to wash
all the pots used and put them back where found.
        The last and most important thing that you must do is to thank everyone
who contributed. Send thank you cards to everyone who donated something and
tell them of the success that it was because of what they did. This will help you
in the future as well if you need anything again from them. Then you should
thank the congregation for contributing by coming and blessing the youth group.
You could do this by making an announcement in the Sunday morning service.
And last thank the participants. You can do this several different ways. Show
them how this was a type of servanthood that they should do this in their every
day life. Also keep on encouraging them to participate in similar events in the
future, which will also help the group later.

                                 The Cross Walk

       The Cross Walk is another fundraiser that is even easier to perform. This
fundraiser will only be as successful as the participants want it to be. Anyone
and everyone can be involved. To perform this event you will need to do the
following steps.

Projected Amount of Money that can be raised:

        In this fundraiser you could and should be able to make $1,000.00.
Unfortunately the first time you do this event you will have to subtract about
$150.00 for expenses. The way that the money is made is by donations. Each
participating student will have to find sponsors who will donate a certain amount
for how long of a walk he or she does.

Number of Participants Needed:

       The Cross Walk fundraiser will definitely need a few participants. In fact
there must be 22 in total. It may consist 20 youth, both girls and boys, but for
every girl that signs up a boy must also. Each of the participants will be
partnered together with another. Usually a girl and a guy must be partnered up
in a group. In this event there must be at least 10 guys that sign up to make this
event possible. You will have all 5 different types of students who may want to
do this event. Lat you will need two youth leaders to help distribute water during
the event and pick up the students at the end of the walk.

Supplies Needed and Expense:

         The best thing about this event is that you only have to get the supplies
once to do this fundraiser many times. The only bad thing about this fundraiser
is that the first time you do it you will have to spend a nice amount of change and
a little bit of hard work. The supplies that you will need is 10 pieces of 4 by 4
plywood that are 5 feet long and then 10 pieces that are 3 and a half feet long.
This is where most of the expenses are. Just for the wood it will cost about
$125.00. Then you will need 3-inch carpenter nails to make these pieces of
wood into crosses. This will cost you about $10.00. After those items you will
need a small court of stain paint costing $12.00. The good thing is that if you can
write a letter or talk to the manager of carpenter store, and he may donate the 9th
and 10th pieces of plywood for free and maybe throw in the nails if you ask. Then
last you will need some tools. You will need a sander and a hammer. Someone
in the church will have these items if you look. Do not spend money on these
tools is you do not have them. The last thing you will need is someone to build
all of this into crosses. I can tell everyone now that there will be someone in the
church who would do this for you. The key is that you must look for someone
and I am sure they would do this for you and the group. All of these prices
quoted will vary depending on where you buy them, but it should be no more
than about $150.00.

Instructions on the Fundraiser:

        This fundraiser is easy to perform. You must begin this fundraiser about
three weeks before you actually do the event. You will have all of your
participators sign up and begin to have them find donators. The Cross Walk will
be five miles in total. What you have the participants do is find donators who will
sponsor you for every mile you go with you and a partner switching off carrying
this approximately 25-30 pound cross. Most donators will give $1.00/mile, but if
every participant can find 10 people like this they can each raise a total of
$50.00. If all 20 participants can do this they will raise a total of at least
$1,000.00. It could really be easy to make even more depending on the
donators, but I will say that you should raise at least $1,000.00.
        Now the day before the Cross Walk call up each participant. When you
call them remind them of the event and make sure they drink a lot of water and
eat a solid meal before they meet the next day. This will help keep your
participants from passing out.
        Now it is the day of the event. Have everyone meet at a designated spot
at a designated time. Try to make this spot right in the middle of town, so it can
be a witness to those who see. Then have them start walking together. At every
half mile have a leader there with a jug of water. They wont stop walking, but
they will get to have a drink. And remember you will have to walk with them the
whole way. It is up to you, but you may want another leader to go as well. Then
do the walk with them until they reach the goal of five miles.

Post Fundraiser:

        After the students are done walking have two vans or a few cars there to
pick them up and a truck for all the crosses. Thank the participants for the help
and encourage them to help in future events. From doing this fundraiser I would
suggest that you preach the following youth service over the death and
resurrection of Christ or how to press on using Philippians 4. After this event
these messages may mean a little more to the kids who participated.
        Also you must thank all of those who helped and participated in making
this fundraiser happen. Send thank you cards to everyone who helped out or
donated something to make this fundraiser successful.
        Now the biggest thing that you must have your participants do is collect all
the money that was raised. Have them all do this within a week of the actual
event. Then have them turn it in to you.

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