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					                  Presenter: Wei Lu
          Email: wlu@uoguelph.ca
Instructor: Dr. Qusay H. Mahmond
                 Guelph University
 E-Business and SOA
 Web Services Issues
 What is ebXML
 ebXML Benefits
 Conclusion

eBusiness Trend
 Online Presence
 E-Commerce
 Online Product Delivery
 Online Service Delivery
 Online Business-to-Business Service Delivery

Web Services
 Bottom-up approach to SOA
 Consists of three main specifications:
    Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
    Universal Description Discovery and Integration
    Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Web Services Issues
 Only provide protocols for interoperation, not defining
  how the business process should be conducted
 Proprietary extensions and vendor-specific add-ons

 Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup
   Joint initiative between United Nations Centre for
    trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
    (UN/CEFACT) and Organization for the Advancement
    of Structured Information standards (OASIS)
   A set of specifications that enable a modular electronic
    business framework
   ebXML.org
   freebXML.org
ebXML in Industry
   Ontario Government of Canada
   Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
   US Dept. of Defense
   US Center for Disease Control (CDC)
   Aerospace Industries Assoc. – Boeing
   Japanese Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA -Collaborative EDI) and
    Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan (ECOM) - Japanese Kasumi Project
   Australian National Office of the Information Economy
   European Parliament
   UK Office of e-Envoy
   UK Ministry of Defence Technical Information
   UK Inland Revenue
   Belastingdienst, Netherlands
   REACH – Government of Ireland
   Hong Kong Univ. & Government - Center for E-commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID)
   Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce (KIEC)
   Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs
   And more…

ebXML in Software
 Oracle – Oracle 9i Application Server
 Sun Microsystems – JAXM
 IBM - WebSphere
 Sybase – Business Process Integration Suite
 Sterling Commerce - Sterling Integrator
 TIBCO Software – ActiveExchange
 Vitria – BusinessWare Integration Platform
 webMethods – Integration Platform
 And more…
What is ebXML
 A SOA aims to provide specifications for:
    Business processes & collaboration (ebBP)
    Collaboration protocol profile and agreements (CPPA)
    Core data components (CCTS)
    Messaging (ebMS)
    Registries and repositories
 Consists of five core components
    ISO 15000-1: ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile Agreement (CPPA)
    ISO 15000-2: ebXML Messaging Service Specification (MSG)
    ISO 15000-3: ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM)
    ISO 15000-4: ebXML Registry Services Specification (RS)
    ISO 15000-5: ebXML Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS)

ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile and Agreement
 Collaboration Protocol Profile
    Technical capabilities to engage in e-business
     collaborations with other partners
 Collaboration Protocol Agreement
    Agreed configuration of public, shared aspects of the
     protocols used in the business collaboration protocols

ebXML Messaging Services
 Delivering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    transactions within XML
   EDI transactions can be orders, shipping, invoices,
   Not restrict to only EDI documents
   Message can contain payloads of any format type
   Transfer over HTTP and SMTP
   Business-level header
   Application-level message authorization

ebXML Registry
 ebXML Registry Information Model
 ebXML Registry Services Specification
 Contains Collaboration Protocol Profiles

How does ebXML work
 A service client looks up ebXML registry for service
  provider’s Collaboration Protocol Profile (CPP)
 The CPP describes the provider’s electronic
 The service client then matches the CPP description
  with its own to find commonalities, and creates a
  Collaborative Partner Agreement (CPA) to send to the
  service provider
 The service provider validates and accepts the CPA,
  and the transaction begins
ebXML Benefits
 It defines a business process
 Top-down approach, provides a common framework
  for vendors to conduct business
 Built on existing Web services technologies, such as
  XML, SOAP, etc

 ebXML solves current issues with Web services
    Defines a common business process which companies
     can follow
    Eliminating vendor-specific extensions by defining
     industry standards
 Can replace current Web services architecture

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