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                Universal Laptop Mount
                Universal Laptop Mount
                  the ultimate in ruggedized mounts

When flexibility and safety count
LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD’s new Universal Laptop Mount
represents the next generation of ruggedized mounts for
laptops that do not have the need for port replication. With
a new lightweight design featuring composite materials and
a lightweight and strong aluminum structure, the Universal
Laptop Mount provides the most flexible and durable universal
tray available for mobile computing applications. The Universal
Laptop Mount, in conjunction with LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD
supplied mounts and motion accessories, continue LEDCO-
CHARGEGUARD’s tradition of designing the most ergonomically
correct and safe solution for your equipment while minimizing
the risk of injury and maximizing productivity. This combination
of comfort, quality and safety in a truly universal device are
what make the LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD Universal Laptop Mount
the clear choice.

•	 Engineered with lightweight aluminum and composite
   materials to maximize strength while minimizing weight.
•	 Attractive footprint and design provide for improved
   ergonomics in universal tray application.                       Top: Lock helps keep your
•	 Easily configurable by the user for the best ergonomic fit      computer secure
   with most laptop computers and manufacturers.                   Bottom: Universal Laptop Mount
                                                                   with a Dell computer
•	 Complies with MIL-STD 810F vibration testing
•	 Latch mechanism tested to 50,000 cycles

                                                                                         v. 11.05.08

          Universal Laptop Mount
            the ultimate in ruggedized mounts
          Length: 13.2-16.5" (33.3 - 41.9 cm)
          Width: 11.1-12.1" (28.2-30.7 cm)
          Height: 1.9-2.5" (4.8-6.4 cm)
          Weight: 4.08lbs (1.9 kg)
          Material: Lightweight aluminum structure,
          steel interior latch components
          NOTE: Specifications will vary slightly when
          products are installed
                                                              Fences are adjustable so that laptop is secure but ports and
          Laptop Compatibility                                vents are not obstructed
          The Universal Laptop Mount is compatible
          with most of the laptops currently on the           Complementary Product
          market, including Panasonic, DELL, Lenovo,          DCPR.90 Power Supply
          IBM, Hewlitt-Packard and Toshiba. Please             • 12 VDC power supply that is compatible with
          contact a LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD sales                      many laptop models. Comes with a cigarette
          representative to confirm that your model              lighter adapter.
          of laptop is compatible.                            TuffHub (HUB.USB)
                                                               • Ruggedized self powered USB Hub that offers
                                                                 three additional USB ports and one RJ45.
                                                              CHARGEGUARD Select (CG.X)
                                                               • Self-contained unit that provides intelligent circuit
                                                                 protection for a vehicle's power system and is
                                                                 regulated on a programmable timer.

                                                              The Universal Laptop Mount has mounting holes for both the
          The Universal Laptop Mount attaches to existing     TuffHub (top) and DCPR.90 (bottom), making adding these
          LEDCO-CHARGEGUARD mounting equipment                accessories simple

          Contact Us
          •	 On-site fleet audits and installation training
          •	 Demo equipment programs and presentations
          •	 Dedicated customer service
          •	 Standard Three-Year Warranty on all units
          •	 Extended Plus Warranty available


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