School in Finland Meets the Future with Online Learning

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					                                             Microsoft Live@edu
                                             Customer Solution Case Study

                                             School in Finland Meets the Future with
                                             Online Learning and Collaboration

                                             “Live@edu is changing our way of seeing things and
Customer: Kello School
Web Site:
                                             learning. It’s getting us to where we need to be in the     next 10 to 20 years.”
                                             Minna Haanpaa, Primary Teacher, Kello School
Number of Employees: 60
Country or Region: Finland
Industry: Education                          Looking for Web-based teaching tools to prepare its students for
Customer Profile
                                             the future, Kello School, located in the municipality of Haukipudas,
Kello School, located in municipality of     Finland, deployed Microsoft® Live@edu to give students a rich
Haukipudas in northern Finland, is a
primary and secondary school with 54         online learning environment that fosters collaboration while
teachers serving 700 students.
                                             providing a safe online environment. Teachers use Live@edu for
Software and Services                        peer collaboration, and enabling students to continue working
 Services
  − Microsoft Live@edu                       away from school.
  − Windows Live Spaces
  − Windows SkyDrive
 Microsoft Office
                                             Business Needs
  − Microsoft Office Excel
                                             Finland’s public educational system—rated       “The Finnish national curriculum places
  − Microsoft Office Live Workspace
                                             number 1 out of 57 countries tested by the      emphasis on collaborative learning and
                                             Organization for Economic Co-operation and      introducing students to new kinds of learning
                                             Development—is built upon excellent             environment,” says Minna Haanpaa, a
                                             institutions such as the Kello School which     primary teacher at Kello School. “We had
                                             serves primary students in the municipality     been looking for an online learning
                                             of Haukipudas, located in northern Finland.     environment. We tried using the school’s
                                                                                             internal network, but teachers and students
                                             The 700 students at Kello School are served     couldn’t access work from their homes.”
                                             by 54 teachers with a passion for delivering
                                             educational excellence and helping their        The school network lacked the security
                                             students prepare for the future. Teachers at    infrastructure students needed to enable
                                             Kello had long been trying to find a Web-       them to have personal password-protected
                                             based teaching solution that would foster       file spaces. Another concern was how to
For more information about other Microsoft   collaboration amongst students and              provide students with Internet access, while
customer successes, please visit:
                                             teachers, provide e-mail, and that would help   limiting full Web access from their student
                                             extend the learning environment beyond the      accounts.
                                             classroom and into the homes.
“I tried using a Google solution for my class,”                         program for other educators in the district.        the open environment on the Internet. It’s
Haanpaa says. “But a major problem was that                             Students used Live@edu tools in planning            very protected.”
if I created Google accounts for my students, I                         and executing class projects. This included a
didn’t have any control over where they went                            set of educator-defined technical skills such       Supports Collaboration
once they got onto the Internet.”                                       as using Office Live Workspace for                  Educators at Kello are impressed with the
                                                                        collaborative work; creating a Windows Live         collaborative environment enabled by
Solution                                                                Spaces page to support Web logs and social          Live@edu. “In my physics classes, my
In October 2008 Finnish Prime Minister Matti                            networking, and uploading photos and                students do their reports in Live@edu, as
Vanhanen met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates                              documents to Windows Live™ SkyDrive™, a             well as their group work,” says Rousu. “It is
and announced he would introduce his                                    cloud-based file storage and sharing service.       wonderful that the students don’t have to be
country’s educators to Microsoft® Live@edu, a                                                                               physically in the classroom to access their
free hosted service for K–12 and higher                                 Live@edu proved extremely popular with              documents. They can continue working
education institutions that provides students,                          students, teachers, and parents—who liked           together from home.”
staff, faculty, and alumni long-term, primary e-                        the ease with which their children could
mail addresses and other applications they                              continue working from home. The project             Helps Meet National Curriculum
can use to collaborate and communicate                                  was honored at the European Innovative              Goals Rousu notes that Live@edu is helping
online.                                                                 Teachers Forum, and the district plans on           the school meet national educational goals.
                                                                        rolling out the project to students in all of its   “In the Finnish national curriculum,
As soon as Haanpaa read about Live@edu she                              schools.                                            mastering the necessary communications
contacted her colleague Sami Rousu, a fellow                                                                                and skills to acquire and use information is
teacher at Kello School who also coordinates                            Benefits                                            very important,” says Rousu. “When our
IT at the school. “We immediately saw that                              Kello School has enjoyed a number of                students use Live@edu, they are actually
Live@edu provided all the tools that we were                            benefits since deploying Microsoft Live@edu,        doing that. So, Live@edu is answering the
looking for,” Rousu says. “And it’s also easy to                        ranging from gaining a complete learning            needs of the Finnish national curriculum.”
use. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old.                         environment to gaining the ability to better
It’s very easy to begin using Live@edu.”                                prepare students for the future.                    Prepares Students for the Future
                                                                                                                            Kello teachers value the ways in which their
The two teachers received strong support                                Complete Learning Environment                       new online learning environment helps
from school and district administrators, who                            Live@edu provides the complete online               prepare their students for the future. “I love
organized a district educator’s conference                              learning environment that Kello teachers            Live@edu because with my friends we can
where the two teachers spoke to their peers                             had been searching for. “The main reason            do projects together,” says Anne Tuovinen,
about how Live@edu could provide an ideal                               why we started using Live@edu was that it           an 8th grade student at Kello School. “I can
Web-based collaborative learning                                        had, in one package, all of the elements that       take the things I have already learned into
environment for students and teachers.                                  we needed for our schoolwork,” says                 the future and I have access to it from
                                                                        Haanpaa. Rousu adds: “Students can do               anywhere and at anytime.”
“Minna and Sami are teachers who believe in                             projects, and they have also e-mails,
shared wisdom,” says Marjut Nurmivuori,                                 calendars, and different kinds of work              “Live@edu is helping the school move
Chief Education Officer of the Municipality of                          spaces with Live@edu. The fact that all             towards the future,” says Haanpaa.
Haukipudas Education Department. “That was                              students have a formal online identity              “Live@edu is changing our way of seeing
a great moment when they addressed more                                 enhances the integrity of the environment.”         things and learning. It’s getting us to where
than 200 teachers and gave their                                                                                            we need to be in the next 10 or 20 years.”
presentation about the Live@edu tools.”                                 Safe Online Environment
                                                                        Live@edu enables students to access the
Kello School decided to deploy Live@edu                                 Web safely. “It provides a safe online
immediately and serve as a demonstration                                environment,” Haanpaa says. “It’s not like

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Document published March 2009