Coil Coil by ps94506


									                                     V-TechTM Single Fire Coil
                                     gives 1 spark for each
                                     cylinder as fired and will
                                     mount to stock bracket         32-0511                   32-7573           32-0743
                                     and accept stock coil
32-0467                    32-0474
VT No.     Finish
32-0467    Black
32-0474    Chrome
                       Volt Tech Stock Coils are factory quali-
                       ty to fit stock brackets.                   Volt Tech Black Molded Coil features black late shape with
                       VT No.        OEM         Years             bobbin type windings. 32-0511 features side terminals for 1983-
                       32-0711 6 Volt            Pre1965           99.
                       32-0128 12 Volt           1965-79           VT No. OEM           Year
                       32-0129 12 Volt           1980-83           32-7572     —        1965-79
                       Note: VT No. 32-0129 for electronic igni-   32-7573     —        1980-82
                       tion, top terminal mounting.                32-0511 31614-83A 1983-99
                                                                   32-0743 31655-99 2000-06
                    Chrome Stock Style Coils bolt to origi-        32-0585 31656-07A 2007-up              32-0585
                    nal brackets for exact fit.                    31-0758 31740-04 Mount Strip, 2004-up
                    VT No.        OEM          Year                12-0586 7638         All Coil Stud Nut
                    32-0513 31609-65A 1965-79                                            80 KV Coil for 1965-99 mounts to stock
                    32-0514 31609-80 1980-83                                             locations.
                    32-0512 31614-83 1984-99                                             VT No. 32-0095
                               Blue Streak 45,000 Volt Coils
                               provide more spark and energy
                               than stock coil and the higher
                                                                        32-0712     32-0709
                               voltage eliminates spark deterio-
                               ration at peak RPM.
   32-0171       32-0172
VT No. Years Type                        Ohms
32-0171 1980-99 Electronic Ignition      2.7                       Andrews Coils. Black coil fits through 1980 with point type

32-0172 1965-79 Point Ignition           4.6                       ignition sets. Rust colored coils are for 1981 and later with elec-
                                                                   tronic ignition systems. Both coils produce more voltage than
                    31-0321                                        stock coils.
                                                                   VT No.       Color    Ohms       Years
                                                                   32-0709 Black         4.8        Pre1980
                                                                   32-0712 Red           2.8        1985-99
Chrome Coil Mount Bracket Kit
VT No.  Year
                                                                                            Accel H.V. Super Coil. High perform-
31-0131 1971-94                                                                             ance bolt on for points or electronic
31-0321 1995-up                                                                             ignition systems. High-tech molding for
31-0758 2000-up                                                                             exact fit on 1965-99.
42-1004                                              42-0839                                VT No. Ignition          Ohm
                                                                                            32-7771 Points           4.7
                                                                                            32-7800 As Above Chrome
                                                                                            32-7772 Electronic 2.3
                                                                                            32-7801 As Above Chrome
                                                                    32-0090              Accel Single Fire Super Coil features
                                                                                         ultra fast coil rise time with voltage output
42-0039                                        42-0418                                   45% higher than stock and 3.0 ohms of
                                                                                         primary resistance. Mounts to stock coil
                                                                                         bracket and fits under stock coil covers.
                                                                                          VT No. Finish
                                                                                         32-0090 Yellow
Coil Cover available in polished stainless or chrome .                                   32-7802 Chrome
VT No. Fits             Finish
42-1004 2004-06         Chrome                                                           Accel Power Pulse Coil provides longer
42-0839 1983-03         Chrome                                                           spark duration with a greater KV rating and
42-0039 1985-03         Stainless                                                        faster rise time than stock coil. Molded in
42-0418 1971-78         Chrome                                                           bright yellow epoxy. 12 volt Twins. 1965-83.
                          Coil Mount Studs replace 64611-55,                             VT No. 32-0130
                          64612-55 models, pairs. Fits 1955-67
                          XLH. VT No. 37-9156
                   Tune Up Kit                                                           Magneto
      32-1115                                                                           1957-70 Joe Hunt Magneto. Order mount
                                                                                        plates separately.
                                                32-0116                                 VT No. 32-1297

V-Twin Tune-Up Kits include plugs, points and condenser. Also
available as points and condenser kit only. Feature Accel plugs.
W/Plugs        W/O Plugs         Years           Fits
32-1114        32-0114           1957-70         XLH
32-1115        32-0115           1970-74         XLH
32-1116        32-0116           1958-69         XLCH Mag
32-1117        32-0115           1975-78         XL
                                      Accel Performance Tune-                                                              32-0116
                                      Ups Kits include replacement
                                      spark plugs, matched crown
                                      contact points, condenser,
                                      gap settings and point cam
lube. Kits available with or without spar k plugs.                   Magneto Replacements fit Fairbanks Morse and most after-
W/Plugs W/O Plugs Fits                                               market units. Covers include gasket and screws.
32-0100 32-0109            1957-69 XLCH w/magneto                    VT No.     # OEM               Item
32-0101 32-0107            1957-70 XLH, 1969 XLCH                    15-0149 A 29550-55             Gasket
32-0102 32-0106            1970-78 XL                                32-0644 B         —            Clear Cover
  32-0156                          Blue Streak Premium Parts for     32-0645 B 29530-55A            Black Cover
                                   1970-78 Twins                     32-0716 D 29524-55A            Coil
                                   VT No. OEM            Item        13-9208 E 29560-55             Coil Springs, 10 pk
                                   32-0156 32661-70 Points           32-0646 F 29600-62             Magneto Plate 1962-64
                  32-0157          32-0157 32726-30A Condenser       32-7784* G 32727-63            Large Condenser
                                                                     31-0485 H 29607-65             Control Arm, XL
      32-0117                                                        32-0515 I 29600-65             Upper Adapter Plate 1965-70
                                                                     32-0516 J 29604-65             Lower Adapter Plate 1965-70
                                                                     32-0116 K         —            Points and Condenser Kit
                                                                     *Note: Regulates light intensity on 1959-70 XLCH models .
Point Sets. Pack of 5.                                                                         Dyna Ignition Booster for single
VT No. OEM               Model                  U/M                                            point systems only transforms incon-
32-0117 30605-48 1957-70 XLH, 1970 XLCH         5 pk                                           sistent electrical surges into controlled
32-0118 32661-70 1970-E78 XLH-XLCH              5 pk                                           bursts of energy to the coil, po wer is
32-0119 29533-55A 1958-69 XLCH Magneto          Each                                           not wasted.
            Condensers.                                                                        VT No. 32-7787
            VT No. OEM         Year/Model
            32-0121 32726-30A 1957-70 XLH, 1970 XLCH
                       ,       1971-E78 XLH-XLCH, 5 pk
            32-0122 29534-55A 1958-69 XLCH Magneto

                                             Spark Plug Cover
                    Lightning Bug Spark Plug Ends are neon                                      Sparkies are chrome plated die cast
                    gas filled, glow as strobe lights.Fit plugs                                 covers to fit perfectly on a spark hex
                    with screw terminal fittings only, pair.                                    for Evo XL 883-1200 models, pair.
                    VT No. Color                                                                VT No. 37-8953
                    32-1552 Blue
                    32-1551 Red                                                                             Chrome SparkiesTM slip
                                                                                                            over spark plugs, pairs.
                                                                                                            VT No. Type
                                                                                                            42-0811 PreEvo XL
                                                                                                            42-0812 1985-up Evo XL
                                                                                                               1986-up Head Bolt
                                                                                                               & Spark Plug
                                                                                                               Covers are die cast
                                                                                                               and chrome plated to
                                                                                                               cover entire head bolt
                                                                                                               area and spark plug
                                                                     base. Held in place by rubber boots on spark plug wires. Fits
                                                                     883-1200 XL models.
                                                                     VT No. 42-0741
                                                                              Spark Plug
                                                            Champion Spark Plug Application Chart
                                   Available in Copper Plus style.
                                                                              Copper Plus                       Copper Plus
                                   Engine       Fits               HD# Gap    Champion       Qty                VT No.
                                   1200 V2      1988-up XL         6R12 .040  RA8HC          4                  32-7547
                                   1100 V2      1985-87 XL         6R12 .040  RA8HC          4                  32-7547
                                   883 V2       1985-up XL         6R12 .040  RA8HC          4                  32-7547
                                   1000         1979-85 XL         4-RS .040  RL82YC         4                  32-7545
                                                1972-78 XL         4    .030  H8C            4                  32-7544
                                                1972-78 XL         4    .030  H10C           4                  32-8073**
                                   900          1957-71 XL         4    .030  H8C            4                  32-7544
                                                1957-71 XL         4    .030  H10C           4                  32-8073**
                                   *Note: RN13LYC may also be used
                                   **Note: One heat range hotter than stock replacement plug

                              Accel Spark Plugs are available in U-Groove or Platinum type. U-Groove features a U-shaped
                              electrode, sintered alumina insulator and a copper/nic kel alloy electrode. Platinum type features a
                              Platinum tip electrode and a pure copper center electrode .
                              Engine       Fits                Pk No. Gap        Plug        U-Groove Platinum
                              883-1200     1985-up XL          2418     .040     882         32-0149      32-9245
                              900-1000 1979-85 XL              2413     .040     453         32-0147      32-9243
                                           1972-78 XL          2402     .030     166         32-0142      32-9236
                                           1972-78 XL          2402A .030        168         32-0155*        —
                                           1957-71 XL          2402     .030     166         32-0142      32-9236
                                           1957-71 XL          2402A .030        168         32-0155*        —
                              *Note: Heat range warmer than the stock kit listed.

                          Bosch Spark Plugs sold in pairs. Available in Super and Silver type.
                          Super: Copper core, nickel, plated electrode and polled threads .
                          Silver: Hard silver center electrode, extended service life.
                          Engine Fits                      HD#           Super          Silver
                          1200 V2 1988-up XL               6R12            —            32-1223

                          1100 V2 1985-87 XL               6R12            —            32-1223
                          883 V2     1985-up XL            6R12            —            32-1223
                          1000       1979-85 XL            4-RS          32-1224          —
                                     1972-78 XL
                          900        1957-71 XL            4-RS          32-1224          —

                     Factory Spark Plugs. Most have copper
                     coated electrodes for foul resistance. Sold
                     in pairs.
                     VT No. OEM           Mfg# Fits
                     32-8901 31629-78 4R 54-85 KH-XL
                     32-8903 32301-80 4R5 1971-85 XL
                     32-8904 32303-47A 3 1954-78 KH-XL
                     32-8909 32317-86A 6R12 1986-up XL
                                                                   Split Fire Spark Plugs incorporate a patented Split -V
                                                                   Electrode which creates an aggressive flame kernel for
                                                                   improved combustion efficiency. Pairs. Noted as for Stock (S) or
                                                                   Slightly Modified (SM) or High Performance (HP). Split Fire3®
      32-8901                                                      features three platinum surfaces and a fine wire tip that requires
                                                                   less voltage to fire.
                                                                   Splitfire3 Standard Range          Fits
Autolite Platinum Plugs.                                              —           —      Standard     1986-up Evo XL 883-
VT No. Autolite#       Year      Model               U/M                                               1100-1200, S, SM
32-9232 AP4164DP2 1986-up V-2 Evo                    Pair             —        32-8911 Cold           1986-up Evo XL 883-1
Autolite Spark Plugs, Standard.                                                                        100-1200, HP
VT No. Auto# H-D#         Fits                                        —        32-8912 Standard       1975-85 XL 1000 except
32-9293 4316      4       1954-79 Hotter Plug        10                                                XR 1000 S, SM
32-9294 4123      4R5     1980-85                    10            32-8917 32-8914 Cold               1983-84 XR 1000, HP
32-9295 4164      6R12    1986-up Evo XL’s           10               —        32-8924 Standard       1954-74 XL
                                                                                                       900/1000, S, SM
                         Wire Set                                       37-9062


     32-2024            32-2064

                                                                                                         37-2911 Installed

                                                                       Spark Plug Wire Clamp Set .
                         32-2044                                       VT No.      Size     Finish
    32-2004                                                            37-9062 7mm          Chrome
                                                                       37-9072 7mm          Alloy
                                              8 mm                     37-2911 8mm          Chrome
                                                                       37-2912 8mm          Alloy
Sumax by Taylor Colored 8 mm Plug Wires are pre-cut and
have the plug/coil boots and ter minals already installed.                                            Sumax 10.4 mm Thunder Volt
Designed for electronic ignition, but work great on point types.                                      50 Black Wire Sets feature a fer-
Color 1986-03            2004-up                                                                      rite spiral wound coated core that
Red       32-7233        32-2024                                                                      is a blend of copper/nickel alloy
Purple        —          32-2034                                                                      bonded by a conductive acrylic
Blue          —          32-2064                                       latex cover. This process is designed to reinf orce and assist in
Black     32-7033        32-2004                                       holding core resistance to 50 ohms . The fat 10.4 mm (.409”)
Yellow        —          32-2044                                       wires also feature three layers of pure zimplex silicone, 600
                 Universal 8mm Pro Spark Plug Kits feature             degrees of heat protection, 102,000 v olts dielectric strength
                 24” wire leads with either 90 ° or 180° molded        with a tightly woven heat treated fiberglass br aid and black
                 plug boots and straight coil boots with br ass ter-   pro boots bonded to the b lack with gold lettering wires.
                 minals. Wires feature the Spiro-Pro design            VT No.        Fits
which provides 10 times the firepower of carbon core wires             32-0033       1986-2003 XL
and heat protection to 600F. Works with electronic or points           32-2032       2004-up XL
style ignition. All wires have a resistance factor of 350 ohm/ft.      32-5608       24” Universal (2 pc) with 90° boots
Great for magnetos, distributors or dual plug heads.
90° Kits Color                    32-6481 Yellow                                Blue Streak Wire Set
32-6081 Black                     32-6681 Blue                                                      Blue Streak XXX Silicone 8mm
32-6181 White                     32-6381 Purple                                                    Wire Sets offer maximum RFI sup-
32-6281 Red                       32-6085 Black (180° Kit)                                          pression. Copper core wire sets are
42” Accel 8.8 Wire Sets have the ends ter minated with a 90°                           32-0250 for point type ignition systems only
or a variangle boot and comes with a hardw are kit which                                            and feature a copper core wire to
includes terminals, boots and instructions.                                                         allow for special improved electrical
Variangle                                                                8 mm                       conductivity and mechanical
VT No.       Color        Type                                         strength. All wire sets are supplied with electr ical boots and
32-9248 Black             Suppression                                  OEM style terminals that lock onto the spark plug.
32-9252 Yellow            Suppression                                  Copper Core Sets
32-9253 Yellow            Copper                                       VT No. Year                  Model
90°                                                                    32-0250 1958-69 XL/XLCH                 w/Magneto
32-9250 Black             Suppression                                  32-0251 1971-78 XLH/XLCH
32-9254 Yellow            Suppression                                  VT No. XXX Silicon Sets Replaces
32-7536 Yellow            Copper                                       32-0253 Universal Application Self Make Kit             32095-98
Universal 7 mm Wire Sets are 40” long with double 90° spark            32-0257 1986-05              XL                         32092-98
boots. Simply cut to the desired length and install coil ter minal     32-0261 1998-up 4 Plug XL 1200S                         32054-98
clips supplied. Available in copper or suppression core .              32-0270 2004-06              XL                         31958-04A
VT No.      Color         Type                     32-0648             32-0271 2007-up              XL                         31901-08
32-0647 Yellow            Suppression                                                         32-9101
32-0648 Yellow            Copper                                                                                               32-7535
32-0650 Orange            Copper
32-0651 Black             Suppression
32-0696 Black             Copper
Stainless Braided Wire Sets.
VT No,      Fits                                                       Accel 8.8mm Custom-Fit Ignition Wire Sets are available in
32-0663 65-85 XL                                                       300+ or custom fit.
32-0664 65-70 XL Mag                                                   300+       Custom Fit
               Splitfire Dual Mag Black 7mm Wire Sets incor-
                                                                       Black      Yellow Black    Year        Model
               porates two premium magnetic suppression core
                                                                       32-9101    32-0656 32-8044 L1979-85 XL, XLCH-XLX,
               conductors, which are protected by a layer of
                                                                                                  L1979-82 XLS
               braided fiberglass and a 100% pure silicone outer
                                                                       32-9101    32-0655 32-8046 1971-E78 XLH-XLCH
                                                                       32-9102    32-0659 32-8047 1958-69     XL-XLCH w/ Magneto
               VT No. Fits
                                                                       32-9105    32-7535 32-8050 1986-up All    XL’s
               32-2086 1985-98
                                                                       8mm V-Twin Wire Set
               32-2945 Universal 48” length with
                                                                         —        32-0661    —    1971-83 XL-XLCH
 896                      spark plug boot at each end
                                                                       Ignition Advance
                                                                                                          Blue Streak Sifton
                                                                                                          “Tuneable” Ignition
                        32-0136         32-7773                                                           Advance Assembly
                                              Points                                                      includes stainless advance
                                              Conversion Kit.                                             base, points plate with
                                              Both brands                                                 “Blue Streak” points and
                                              include everything                                          condenser with hardware
                                              necessary for                                               and 3 pairs of color coated
                                   32-0150 direct replacement                                             springs which allow full
                                              on 1971-78                                                  advance at 1400, 2000 and
Sportsters or for converting late model electronic-type back to                                           2600 RPM depending on
points. Accel type available with mircochip points, which will                                            which spring is selected.
require a domed shaped points co ver such as VT No. 42-0299                                               VT No. 32-0713
to accommodate taller points. The V-Twin unit includes stock                                     Mallory Ignition Plate fits all
style points & condenser and is a vailable with stock needle                                     1971-78 XL models.
bearing weights.                                                                                 VT No. 32-5129
VT No.      Item                Type
32-7773 Accel Microchip         Stock
32-0136 V-Twin Points           Stock
32-0150 V-Twin/Points           Needle
                                                                     32-0549             Points Plate Assembly available as stock
                                                                                         point and condenser replacement or Accel
                                                                                         Super plate with micro chip condenser and
                                                                                         32 oz. spring points. Both for 1970-78.

Stainless Advance Unit features stainless base, heat treated         VT No.    OEM                  Item
weights & cam center screw for 1970-up mechanical advance            32-0549   32577-70             Point Plate Assembly
ignition.                                                            32-0042   32618-70A            Mount Plate Only
VT No. Item              Brand                                       37-8809   1047                 Point Mount Plate Screws and

32-0178 Set              Sifton                                                7115, 6189W          Washer Assortment
32-0168 Set              V-Tech                                            13-9247               13-9246              13-0121
32-0055 Bolt Only        VT
                            Advance Units feature heat
                 32-0055 treated weights . Order center              1970-up Advance Weight Springs.
                            bolt separately.                         VT No.   Fits
                            VT No.      Type                         13-9247 Severe Duty Advance Weight Springs for all
                            32-7510     With steel base                       Hi-compression and heavily modified engines.
                            32-0055     Center bolt                           Also useful for applications experiencing
                                                                              detonation (pinging) or very erratic idle, pair
                                                                     13-9246 Heavy Advance Weight Springs for slightly
                           Competition Advance Unit features                  modified stock, low compression or mild stroker
              32-9220                                                         application, helps cure minor idle prob lems, pr
                           machined stainless steel shaft and
                           plate, metallic coated weights and        13-0121 Original type replacement. Uses premium
                           special wound springs for exact                    grade spring steel, 10 pk
                           advance. Replaces 32505-78A for                          32-9220
                           1970-up, mechanical advance appli-
                           cations. Center screw included.
VT No.      Item                                   Brand
32-9037     Competition Unit                       Rivera
32-9223     Rebuild                                Rivera                                                                    32-9261
32-9220     Complete with tuneable springs         V-Twin
                                                                     Tuneable Advance Unit features stainless base, heat treated
             Points Plate Screws.
                                                                     weights cam bolt and 3 different color coded spring sets which
             VT No.    Year          Type
                                                                     allows full advance at 1400, 2000, and 2600 RPM depending
             32-0049 1982-up         Steel
                                                                     on which springs are selected. Can be used with all ignitions ,
             32-0760 1982-up         Stainless
                                                                     points, single or dual fire types which utiliz e an advance unit.
             32-0051 1970-81         Steel
                                                                     Springs also available separately.
                             Automatic Advance Rebuild Kit           VT No.       Type                      Item
                             includes 2 of the following: springs,   32-9220      Stock                     Kit
                             weights, and 4 roll pins. For all       32-9261      Needle Bearing            Kit
                             1970-78 Twins.                          32-7510      Stock Base Only           Base
                             VT No. 32-0140                          32-0055      Bolt
     Ignition                                                                                            42-0084          42-0299

    and Points                            42-0090      42-0106         42-0087           42-0088

      for XL
                                           42-0662        42-0638        42-0960          42-6100            42-0077        42-0035
Chrome Points Covers for 1971-2003 vertical                                              Chrome Spinner Points Covers feature
application and horizontal for 2004-up use.                                              iron cross design that spins when engine
VT No.     Style           Year              Finish/Type                                 is running. Can only be used with
42-0090 Live to Ride 1971-2003               Chrome                                      mechanical type advance assembly. As
42-0106 Live to Ride 2004-up                 Chrome                                      a drive shaft bolts to the camshaft and
42-0087 Live to Ride 1971-2003               Gold
42-0088 Live to Ride 2004-up                 Gold
                                                                                         VT No. 42-0162
42-0035 V-Tech             1971-2003         Both
42-0299 Domed              1971-2003         All, 2-Hole
42-0662 Flat               1971-2003         Chrome
42-0638 Finned             1971-2003         Chrome                                Timing Plugs
8764-2     Screws          1970-78 Allens
8765-2     Screws          1978-up           Allens                      7106-1                     7500-2                7501-2
8402-2     Screws          1978-up           Chrome Acorns                 A                         B
37-9082 Screws             1970-78 SS, 25 pack
37-9083 Screws             1979-up SS, 25 pack
37-9216 Screws             1979-up Tapered, 25 pack              Timing Plugs. Note Stock is 5/8” x 18 thread, Oversize (O.S.) is
2219-2     Torx            2004-up                               11
                                                                   /16” x 16.
Chrome Skull Design Point Cover.                                 A. Acorn style plug fits all models Spor tster timing plug holes
42-0084 1971-93                                                  and oil tanks.
42-0081 2004-up                                                  VT No.7106-1
Chrome Maltese Points Cover.                                     B. Acorn style plug with oversize thread and one tap for
42-0960 Flat          2-Hole                                     rethreading stripped out timing hole. Fits all timing holes.
42-6100 Raised        2-Hole                                     VT No. Type
Points Cover Gaskets.
                                                                 7500-2 Plug and Tap (O.S.)
VT No. Year
15-1032 1970-79                                                  7501-1 Plug Only (O.S.)
15-1033 1980-up                                                  9407-1 11/16”-16 Tap (O.S.)
                                                                                                  C. Stock Type Timing Plug for
          42-1524           42-0464                                C
                                                                                                  1936-69 in chrome or cadmium
                                                                                                  VT No. Finish
                                                                                                  8114-1 Chrome
Flame Points Cover fits 1971-up XL.                                                               8115-1 Cadmium
VT No.    Years                                                                                   9404-1 Cadmium (O.S.)
42-1524   1971-05                                                  D                              9304-1 Chrome (O.S.)
42-0464   2004-up                                                                                 D. Functional and custom
                       Flame Points Cover fits 1971-up XL                                         design plug fits all Spor tster tim-
                       models.                                                                    ing plug holes and oil tanks .
                       VT No. 42-0251                                                             8610-1 Chrome
                                                                                                  8611-1 Cadmium
                                                                                                  8612-1 Black oxide
                            Smoothie Hidden Points Cover            E                             E. Allen style plug use on all
                            Kit features an inner mount sys-                                      1970-up replaces 720.
                            tem in which the outer co ver                                         9402-1 Chrome
                            screws on. No visible mount                                           9403-1 Cadmium
                            screws. Fits 1971-02.                                                 37-9206 Chrome by GW
                            VT No. 42-0956                                                        9960-1 Chrome (O.S.)
                                 Chrome Billet Flying                                        16-0829
                                 Wheel Pointss Cover.
                                 VT No. Years                                  16-1731                                   16-0160
                                 42-0077 1971-2003               Clear Timing Plugs available long optically clear type or shor t
                                 42-0078 2004-up                 standard version with or without the inter nal hex.
                                                                 VT No.      Item
    42-0077          42-0078                                     16-1731     Long Type
                                                                 16-0829     Hex Type
                                                                 16-0099     Standard, 10 pack
898                                                              16-0160     Standard, each

                                                                                Dyna 2000 Digital Ignition Systems. Systems include Dyna
                                                                                2000 HD-1 Ignition Module and a matched Dyna Twin Fire Coil
                                                                                for each application.
                                                                                VT No.      #            Fits
                                                                                32-0802 SFK-3            1994-up XL
                                                                                32-0804 SFK-1            Pre 1994 XL
                                                                                32-9118 Programming Software for 32-0802
                                                                                32-9117 Programming Software for 32-0804
                             Daytona Twin Tec Internal Ignition Kit                                        Dyna 2000I Digital Ignition available
                             for 1998-up Sportster models (except                                          as a module only or complete kits that
                             1200S). Kit includes matching Deutsch                                         include correct coil as listed. Features
                             plug and harness for single fire conver-                                      include single or dual fire oper ation,8
                             sion, coil and spark plug wire set.                                           advance curves, built in tach driver,
                             VT No. 32-3016                                                                adjustable RPM limit from 6000 to 7500
                                                                                and easy static timing with b uilt in timing indicator. Fits all 1970-
                     Twin Tec Internal Ignition for 1970-99 Big                 98 carbureted models and requires 1983-up sensor cup f or
                     Twin models and 1971-2003 XL. Two                          1982 and earlier applications. Advanced Programming Software
                     advance curve families with adjustable                     allows mechanic or tuner the ability to fine tune 2000i ignition
                     advance slope accommodate stock to highly                  but requires adapter harness.
                     modified engines. Digitally set RPM Limit (100             VT No. Item
                     RPM Steps). Selectable single or dual fire                 32-9151 Kit Single Plug/Single Fire with DC3-1
                     mode. Coil outputs protected against shor t                32-9152 Kit Dual Plug/Single Fire with DC1-1
                     circuits. Optional PC link cable and software              32-9153 Kit Dual Plug/Dual Fire with DC2-1
                     for programming custom advance curve                       32-9155 Kit Single Plug/Single Fire with DC6-5 miniature coil
                     VT No. 32-1005                                             32-9159 Module Only
                                                                                32-9087 Sensor Cup, 1983-94
                                  Daytona Twin Tec External
                                                                                32-9124 Sensor Cup, 1995-up
                                  Ignition Kits include module, coil

                                                                                32-9052 Cup Screw, 10 pk
                                  and spark plug wire set.
                                                                                32-9120 Advanced Programming Software for Above Ignitions
                                  VT No. Fits
                                                                                32-9121 Software Adapter Harness for Above Ignitions
                                  32-3017 1990-93 Sportster
                                                                                POWER COMMANDER V Fuel and Ignition Timing Control for
                                  32-3018 1994-99 Sportster                     each cylinder in a new smaller enclosure. Rev Xtend feature
                                                                                increases stock rev limiter. Switch between two maps “on the fly”
                                                                                maps can be adjusted on a “per gear” basis. Allows for one map
                                         Daytona Twin Tec Internal              per cylinder per gear if required. Adjustment of fuel and timing
                                         Ignition Kit for 1971-97               based on engine temperature is provided by the cold start feature.
                                         Sportster models. Kit includes         Will power up with USB cable only for programming. note: not
                                         ignition, coil and spark plug          legal for use on pollution controlled vehicle
                                         wire set.                              VT No. Fits
                                         VT No. 32-3015                         32-0844 2009 XL 883
                                                                                32-0846 2009 XL 1200
                                                                                A                                  32-9264
                                   Sensor Cup Kit includes
                                   special screw to fit all
                                   “Sensor” type ignition kits.
      32-0559             32-9124 VT No. Year                                    32-9285
                                   32-0559 1983-94
                                                                                Dyna Twin Fire Ignition Coils are designed to work with Dyna
                                   32-9124 1995-up                              2000 HD-I ignition modules. Twin fire coils are slightly larger
                       Performance Ignition Modules for up to                   than stock coils, fit the stock mounting bracket. Twin fire coils
                       6800 RPM.                                                can be used with any electric advance ignition system that
                       VT No. OEM          Fits                 Note            incorporates dwell control except Dyna DS6-2 or similar type
                       32-8007 32420-87A 1988-93 Evo XL         1-2             ignitions.
       32-9014         32-9327 32597-96 1988-93 XL              2               VT No. Dyna            Ohms/Type
                       32-9014 32408-90 Pre1990 Harness                         32-9285 DC6-5 3 (A)Twin Fire II Miniature Dual Output
                                                                                                          Towers, Replaces DC6-3
Note 1: 1986-90 XL-883 models reworked to 1200cc
require module 32420-87A, 1986-87 XL-1100 models
                                                                                32-9264 DC6-4 3 (B) Four output towers
reworked to 1200cc require module OEM 32429-86.                                                           Fits Dual Spark Plug
Note 2: Use 32-9014 harness to install ignition module on all pre-90 models .   Dyna    Application
                                                                                DC6-5   All FXR-FXST and Dyna models
                                                                                DC6-4   Dual Spark Plug Head Application


                                                                                       Ignition Sensor Plate Assembly.
                                                                                       VT No.    OEM           Fits
                                                                                       32-9020 32400-80A 1980-94 XL
                                                                                       32-0519 32400-94        1995-97 XL
                                                                                       32-0508* 32466-98       1998-03 XL Std, Hugger 883
                                                                                       32-0507* 32465-98       1998-03 XL 1200 Custom
                        Dyna S Performance Ignition Systems.                           *Note Does not fit 2000-03 Spor t models and has integrated
                        Available in dual or single fire f or street appli-            sensor.
                        cations only. Each kit includes sensor plate                                     Crank Position Sensor
                        assembly and correct coil for each applica-                                      32-1001 2004-2006 XLH
                        tion. Single plug only. 1980-up applications                                     32-0988 2007-2010 XLH
                        require 32-7510 advance mechanism.
                                                                                                                              Dyna ‘S’ Hi-Performance
                        VT No. #            Type
                                                                                                                              Ignition System is com-
                        32-0800 DSK-6-2 Single Fire
                                                                                                                              pletely self contained, fits
                        32-0801 SDK-6-1 Dual Fire
                                                                                                                              behind ignition cover,
                                          Dyna 2000 TC for 2004-07                                                            uses magnetic rotor with
                                          Sportster models. Features                                                          the original spark
                                          programmable advance                                                                advancer so factory
                                          curves, rev. limiter, LED diag-                                                     advance curve is main-
                                          nostic lam for static timing,                                                       tained. Improves perform-
                                          plugs into stock harness and                 ance, extends spark plug life, eliminates points and condensers.
                                          bolts to stock module location.              Great for dual plugged heads, on 1980-up use advance mecha-
                                          VT No. 32-9123                               nism VT No. 32-7510. VT No. 32-7778 (DS6-1)
                                                                                                Replacement Rotor for Dyna Ignitions.
             32-7789                                       32-8055                              VT No.     Fits
                                                                                                32-9300 DS-6-1
                                                                                                32-9301 DS-6-2


                                 C                                               C                                                                   32-7777

                                                                                       Dyna ‘S’ Single Fire Ignition has the features of the Dyna ’S’,
                         32-7792                                         32-7793       but fires front and rear cylinders independently of each other
Dyna Coils. 35,000 volt! Works with all points ignitions, after-                       which allows accurate timing of each cylinder. Stock ignition
market or factory electronic ignitions.                                                systems fire both cylinders at the same time which has the
VT No. Volt Ohm #                    Dyna     Type           U/M                       wasted sparks on the exhaust stroke. This eliminates this inher-
32-7789 12V 3           A            DC-1     Angle, Dual Pair                         ent problem. For use with either dual or single plug heads . On
32-7790 6V       1 1/2 A             DC-2     Angle, Dual Pair                         1980-up models, use VT No. 32-7510 Advance assembly.
Use 2 for dual plug heads                                                              VT No. 32-7777 (DS6-2)
32-7792 12V 3           C electro DC-6        Stock, Dual Each                                                       Dyna Electric Tach Adapter Kit
32-7793*12V 5           C points DC-7         Stock, Dual Each                                                       must be used with Dyna ‘S’ single
32-8055 12V 3           B            DC-3     Angle, Single Pair                                                     fire ignition is installed on an y twins
32-8086 12V 5           A            DC-8     Angle, Dual Pair                                                       with dual plugs when electr ic tach is
32-9035 12V 5           B            DC-10-1 Angle, Single Pair                                                      used. VT No. 32-7799
*Note: Use 2 for single fire ignition.                                                 K. V. Recommends the following coils for Dyna Ignitions:
Single Fire: Just the spark plug for the piston that is in its compression strok e     DS6-1Ignition VT No. 32-7778
will be fired. The other piston, being in its o verlap position will not be ignited.   Street, Single plugs use DC-7 or DC-8
Dual Fire: Both spark plugs are fired simultaneously at the time only one piston       Race, Single plugs use DC-1 or DC-6
is in its compression stroke.                                                          Street/Race Dual plugs use 2 DC-2 or DC-5, wired in ser ies
This is the way the stock motor works.                                                 DS6-2 Ignition VT No. 32-7777
Single Plug: One spark plug in each head. Total of 2 spark plugs in one engine.        Race, Single plugs use 2 DC-3
Dual Plug: Two spark plugs in each head. Total of 4 spark plugs in one engine .        Street, Dual plugs use 2 DC-7 or DC-8
                                                                                       Race, Dual plugs use 2 DC-1 or 2 DC-6
                                                                                       Street, Single plug uses 2 DC10-1

                                07-up XL Power Commander III
                                USB Engine Management
                                Systems for Fuel Injected Models.
                                                                                Module for XL
                                Allows for both fuel and ignition
                                adjustments. Each unit includes a
                                specific map, designed to improve
                                performance over stock. The
                                Power Commander includes an
IBM compatible link cable and software package which allows
you to fully map the fuel ignition cur ves on an IBM compatible
computers. If a computer is not a vailable, the fuel cur ves can be
adjusted by using three touch buttons on the face plate.
VT No.        Fits
32-3028       XL 1200
32-3029       XL 883                                                  Self Learning Module by Accel helps regain control of fuel
                        Replacement Ignition Modules bolt-on          injected bike. Improves mileage-while increasing power and
                        replacements.                                 reducing emissions, works on all stock and mildly modified.
                        Harness 32-                                   Automatic recalibration-optimizing modifications gains expect-
                        9014 required                                 ed from performance exhausts, air cleaners and
                        as noted.                                     camshafts.Easy installation-direct plug-in connections to f acto-
                                         42-0399                      ry throttle position, crank shaft position, and oxygen sensors.
VT No.      OEM             Fits                                      Self learning-module seamlessly compensates for changing
32-9015     32399-84A       1980-82 XL                                loads, weather conditions and altitude while y ou ride; no need
32-9017     32410-91A       1986-93 XL 883, 1986-87 XL 1100           dyno tuning sessions or downloading new calibration maps to
32-9018     32432-91A       1988-90 XL 1200                           a laptop computer.Smoother running engine-eliminates to pop
32-0507     32465-98        1998-up XL 1200 Custom                    and bang associated with a mis-prog rammed ECU due to
32-0508     32466-98        1998-up XL 1200, 883                      intake or exhaust modifications, the need to re flash the f acto-
32-9014     32408-90A       Harness for installing the above          ry ECU has been eliminated, tr uly a plug and play proposition.
                            modules on pre-1990 except                ACCEL NO. SLM03 07-09 Sportster utilizes factory installed
                            1980-82 XL                                O2 sensors
42-0399                     Cover                                     VT No. 32-1702
                      S&S Spark Technology Ignition System            32-3035
                      features an ECU module that will automati-
                      cally adjust ignition timing. When detonation

                      is detected by knock sensor, the ECU
  32-1013             retards the ignition timing to prevent engine
damage. When detonation is not present, ignition timing is
advanced for maximum power and economy. Additional features
include: Simple installation--plugs into stock harness, No timing
adjustments, 7000 RPM rev limiter, single fire operation, auto-
matic dwell adjust, short circuit and          Installation Kit
reverse polarity protected.                    32-1049 1986-03
VT No. Fits                                    32-7806 2004-up
32-1013 Module
                              Vance & Hines Fuel Pak. A throttle
                              position sensor based system that       Dyna Tek FI Controller is a plug module that offer 3 user
                              simplifies the process of fuel injec-   selectable base fuel cur ves that are designed to impro ve
                              tion tuning. Enables you to fine tune   engine operation and can be modified to suit a wide v ariety of
                              the fuel mixture throughout the         modifications. Fuel mixture can be enr iched or leaned as
                              entire RPM range. No computer or        required. The Dyna FI controller uses the f actory connectors for
software is required. Simply punch in the values supplied with        easy installation and there is no PC required f or tuning or
the fuel pak. Requires use of high performance air cleaner.           adjusting the fuel cur ves. There are no modifications required to
Fits 2007-up XL.                                                      the stock ECU and removing the Dyna FI controller retur ns the
VT No. 32-0293                                                        vehicle to the factory configuration.
                    Compu-Fire Plug In Performance                    VT No.      Fits
                    Ignition Module features programmable             32-3035 2007-up XL 883
                    advance curve, RPM limit, Single Fire or          32-3036 2007-up XL 1200
                                                                      32-9079             32-9080
                    Dual Fire operation, Accu-Ray Timing light
                    which simplifies installation and tw o selec-                                                  32-9158
                    table levels of VOES control. Fits 1996-97
                    8 pin Deutsch style. Note: Each module            Vacuum Switch Assembly
                    has two pigtails and plug connector. White        VT No. OEM       Fits
                    lead goes to tach, red lead goes to the           32-9079 26557-83 83-85 XL-XLS-XLX
second coil for single fire operation.                                32-9080 26558-84 1986-93 All XL
VT No. 32-2503                                                        32-9158 26558-94 1994-up XL


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