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									                               ENEGY STAR RFQ Questions:

  Question 1.) Is it possible that we get an vector art file of the plaque, along with a PMS
color for the Cyan background?
                Answer 1.) The color is close to 299 (c) but it is not an actual PMS color.
                You will be required to match the sample as best as you can. We do not have
                an “Art File”. All we have is the template that was provided in the RFQ.
                You can use that PDF and convert it to your desired software. Offerors are
                reminded that the sample plaques are provided to offerors to make there
                own measurements based off the actual sample provided

    Question 2.) Can you please provide that information as well as the font that is to be used for the
    word 'energy' and 'ENERGY STAR'?
                Answer 2.) We do not have a word template file. However "The Energy
                Star" is about 1.0 inches and the font is universe condense. The size ranges
                from the "e", which is about 1.5 inches tall to the "y" which is about 2.0
                inches tall. Offerors are reminded that the sample plaques are provided to
                offerors to make there own measurements based off the actual sample

    Question 3.) The dimensions listed in the RFQ do not match the dimensions on the sample plaque
    we received.
                   Answer 3.) You are to match the dimensions on the sample plaque.

    Question 4.) We are researching the coating systems identified in the RFQ. However, we are
    having issues locating the system identified with the paint suppliers. Is there any additional
    information that is available on the coatings. Do we have the option, if identified in our technical
    statement, to utilize our automotive finishes as long as they match from a visual perspective and have
    the same or better performance characteristics as the system being utilized? Also, the bronze area on
    the plaque appears to possibly have a color coating on it as well. Can you confirm whether the
    bronze areas of the plaque have a color coating on them as well as the clear coat?

                    Answer 4.) We have already provided details in the RFQ. I would
                    emphasize to them that while the materials may vary, their sample plaque
                    must look like the current plaque including the background.
     Question 5.) The bid requirement is to give a cost per unit, which we can do, but it is also to
     give shipping costs for inside delivery. To calculate shipping we would need to know how many
     plaques will be ordered at one time for one shipment so we can calculate the weight, boxing,
     freight charges etc. Without knowing how many we are shipping we really can’t calculate shipping
     costs. The request for quote indicates between 100-500 a month but that is a large range when
     dealing with a cast bronze plaque that is heavy. What do you suggest?

                     Answer 5.) EPA can only provide a range as to how many plaques
                     will be ordered on a monthly basis. That order number is dependent
                     on how many organizations are approved to receive the ENERGY
                     STAR, which we can guesstimate but not predict 100 percent. As a
                     result, please calculate as best you can, either per unit or selecting a
                     number like 300 and providing the cost for that. Providing a cost per
                     unit is preferable but not required. As stated in the proposal, the
                     quote is for inside delivery.

     Question 6.) Is there any where in the contract that addresses what happens if the price of
     bronze goes up during the contract period? We really can't control what we pay for raw materials
     and bronze is one of the metals that changes over time.

                     Answer 6.) You may choose to factor the fluctuation of raw material
                     cost into your price to the Government. Your quote will be evaluated
                     based on the criteria set forth in the RFQ, and award will be based on
                     a Best Value determination. In addition, if proposed, the government
                     may consider the inclusion of an Economic Price Adjustment clause
                     (for fluctuation in raw materials costs) if it is determined to be in the
                     best interest of the government.

     Question7.) We are not a small business; if I understand the modification currently it would now
     allow us to bid direct as a regular business (we are a foundry)? Am I correct? Also do you have
     the price per each individual plaque? Thank-you in advance for your help. We are trying to grow
     our business with your agency. We currently have the plaque contract with the VA (cemetary) as
     a prime vendor.

                     Answer 7.) This work is set-aside for small businesses only, and that
                     therefore they are not qualified to submit a bid directly to EPA. Also
                     regarding the cost I cannot divulge the cost per plaque. A FOIA request is
                     required to get further information regarding the current contract.

Question8.) Is the electronic version the only form of submission for the response to the RFQ?
                     Answer 8.) Please refer to the Submission Instruction in section V. The
                     electronic copy is to be sent to Jessica Wilson at
                     and Susan Bailey at and the plaques shall
                     be delivered to:
                     Susan Bailey (COR)
                     1310 L Street, NW Room 902d
                     Mailcode 6202J
                     Washington, DC 200

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