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									Blogging to the bank: How to Create a Money Making Blog Empire in 30

        What would you do if you had to start your internet business from scratch
with no money at all?' This is a question that often pops up on the message boards
of affiliate marketing sites. It usually comes from newbies trying to figure out what
works best and fast. And the same answer comes up from experienced internet
gurus: Create money making blog empires!

Why are blog empires a perfect way for making money?

1. Blogs are easy to set up and manage:
Maintaining a blog doesn't require programming and webdesign skills. You just
register an account with a blogging service like, and you can start
immediately posting messages.

2. There are no start-up costs:
Blogging services like Blogger are absolutely free. You don't need to spend money
on hosting and domain names. If you run 30-50 niche sites and pay a domain name
for each, it's a huge sum of money. If you run 30-50 or hundreds of blogs, when
using free bloggging services, it doesn't cost you a dime.

3. Blogs are indexed by search engines within days:
One of the main problems that website owners have to overcome is getting into the
search engines. With Google it can be an annoyingly long process (think of the
Google sandbox effect). In the meantime, blogs are indexed much faster, usually
within days, thanks to RSS feeds.

4. Blogs are a better way to promote affiliate products:
This comes from the nature of blogs. Blogs are a series of subjective opinions
written by everyday people. It is a well-known fact, that the best way to sell
affiliate products is to write a sincere, positive review. Experienced internet gurus
use this technique to rank in tens of thousands of dollars monthly. Word of mouth
advertising is till one of the most effective methods to persuade people to buy
something. A well written blog post can do this for you.
5. Blogs can be easily monetized by using Adsense:
Contextual advertising is a popular way for webmasters to earn money without
effort. With blogs it is the same. Just put a piece of code into your page's source
and there you have it. Then wait for your visitors to click the ads. Even if you don't
know much of HTML codes, you can benefit from displaying text ads. Blogger
offers you to put Adsense ads on your blog's template, and you can do this from the
Blogger menu with a few clicks, so no need to bother with HTML codes. It even
offers you to match the color of ads with the colors of your blog's layout. It is
called blending and it increases click through rates enormously.

       Secret methods of creating money making blog empires fast

Method 1:
The first method is to create blogs that concentrate on certain problems. In your
posts first describe the problem, then offer a solution. This solution should be an
affiliate product or service, that you promote. Most people use the internet to find
information for solving a problem. For example, treatments for acne problems,
solutions for money matters, where to rent a car on holidays, reliable softwares
against viruses and spams, etc. This is where you can wirte about how you had the
same problem and how this or that product solved it.

If you start 5 blogs a day, you will have 150 blogs at the end of the first month.
Imagine how much money you can earn from this blog empire. And that would be
just the first month. This method sounds simple and obvious but many affiliate
bloggers do it wrong. There is a new way found out by Rob Benwell to do this
successfully. You can read more about it in my blog: http://blogging-to-the-
        Method 2:
This is a less often used method. Use your blogs as online courses or online
tutorials. Find a topic and start a series of posts like it's a series of lessons. Your
fist post should be lesson 1, the second post should be lesson 2, and so on. Place
affiliate links into your posts. You can also use these blogs for generating Adsense
revenue. Keep the number of lessons between 10-20. If you don't like writing or
don't know the subject well enough, go to free article directories. Pick 10-20
articles of your subject area and convert them into a series. That's all.

Start blogging today and in a month you will have a blog empire earning you a
decent amount of money. For more information see my blog below.

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