Hello_ Is ______ there by suchenfz


									Hello, Is ________ there?
Hi ________, this is _________ with the AmeriPlan Dental Benefits office.

You filled out a request online for information on dental benefits, is that correct?
Do you have a few minutes to talk?(wait for answer)
Were you interested in benefits for your entire family or just yourself? (wait for answer)
Do you currently have any other dental Benefits? (wait for answer)

_________, have you ever heard of AmeriplanUSA?(wait for answer)

Ameriplan is a 17-year-old Health Benefits company with almost 2 million members
and over 400 thousand providers.
We belong to the National Association of Dental Plans and are listed as the nation's NO.
1 Discount Health Benefits Company.
Our premium plan is called AmeriPlanDental Plus. We include every procedure a
dentist is licensed to do, even cosmetic dentistry, things like teeth whitening and adult
braces,...... AND all Specialists are included.

We save you up to 80% off!, on these health services and there is no waiting period,.... it?s
immediate benefits. No deductibles, no limits, no copays and we DO include all ongoing

We don't have a contract for you to sign. We let our benefits package stand for itself.
"There's a 100% satisfaction guarantee."

Does that sound like a dental benefits package that would be an asset for you and/or
your family?
( If they say "NO" give them your contact information and say good-bye and move on
to your next prospect.)

Okay! We have something "very" special for you.
With AmeriPlanDental     Plus we also include FREE vision, prescription and chiropractic benefits for
as long as you have your dental benefits.
We save you up to 60% on your vision care, including lasik surgery.
Up to 50% on your Prescription and Chiropractic benefits.
You get all 4 benefits for just $19.95 per month and there is a one time $20
registration fee to get your information in our computers and your membership
packet sent to you. Your benefits will be nationwide.
Your membership packet will come by mail in 7 to 10 days giving you complete
details on how to use our plan saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars, PLUS a
toll free number to the company for any unanswered questions.
Our Company prints out this booklet and membership cards for your exact zip code
and will have of all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the providers in
your area. It also gives you a list of all the procedures a dentist can do on you and
the tremendous savings you would receive.

(This is the start of where you must assume a strong posture.)

I can get you enrolled now so you can have all four benefits for the
price of the dental benefits.
___________, I have your name as________ and your address
as________is that correct? Did I call you on your home phone
number? I have your e-mail address as _________.
 I'll send a copy of your application confirmation to this address so
you can print it off for your records. I will also send you a welcome e-
mail with our 800 # and your member number, so you can use your
benefits before your member kit arrives if you need to.
What is your Birthdate?________
On your survey you've said that you want to pay your benefits
____(monthly or?) and that you want to activate your benefits
package by payment from your _____(credit card, debit,
checking,savings). Is that still what you would like to do?
Go ahead with the # when you're ready.
Credit card & exp. date ____________________
Welcome to Ameriplan Benefits! Watch for your kit to come in the
mail in 7 to 10 days. Keep our toll free number handy and don't
hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.
Have a great day!
*** Don't forget to get names and birth dates of all members of the
household if you are taking an application for a family plan.
If your new member is using a checking or savings account for
enrollment you must get the routing and account number. It is also
good to get the bank name in case you need to call and get the
bank's routing number.

Voice Message:

Hi ____________, this is ______calling from Ameriplan. You visited
our website and indicated your interest in dental benefits. I have the
information you need concerning our dental benefits, and with no
obligation on your part. Here's my name and number.
___ ___ at 111-111-1111 again that's ____ ____ at 111-111-1111.
Give me a call.        I know you'll be glad you did.
Can't wait to meet you, _______________

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