26 July 2006 - hold graduation ceremony for joint Master of Law

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26 July 2006

                          and Renmin University
Academic or student exchange / CityU
hold graduation ceremony for joint Master of Law
By Audrey Chung and Henry So

A graduation ceremony was held on 23 July on CityU campus for graduates
of the Master of Law (LLM) programme jointly offered by CityU and
Renmin University of China (Renmin U) which aims to nurture a new breed
of specialists on the mainland legal system.

CityU and Renmin U launched
the LLM programme in 1995 in
response to the need for more
specialists on the mainland legal
system. The programme,
renowned in the fields of
education and law, is approved
and recognized by the Ministry of
Education on the mainland.

The graduation ceremony was officiated by Professor Wu Xiaoqiu,
Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Renmin U; Professor Wang
Liming, Dean of the Law School at Renmin U; and Professor Long Yifei,
Associate Dean of the Law School at Renmin U. Altogether 24 students
graduated from the programme this year.

                               CityU academics invited to witness the
                               ceremony included Professor (Chair)
                               Roderick Wong, Vice-President
                               (Research)/Dean of Graduate Studies;
                               Professor (Chair) Peter Malanczuk, Dean
                               of School of Law; and Dr Priscilla Leung
                               Mei-fun, Associate Dean of School of Law.

                                At the ceremony, Professor Wong said
                                CityU and Renmin U had trained more than
                                200 legal specialists since the LLM
                                programme was set up 10 years ago. “CityU
                                and Renmin U have established a close
collaboration through the LLM programme, and I hope future collaborations
will contribute more to legal education in Hong Kong and mainland,” he
Professor Malancuzk praised Renmin U for its achievements and
contributions to Chinese legal education on the mainland. According to
Professor Malanczuk, the Law School at
Renmin U is one of the leading law schools
on the mainland, moving towards becoming
a world-class law school. He added that the
collaboration between CityU and Renmin U
enhanced exchanges between academic staff.

Professor Wang congratulated the graduates,
saying a degree marked the end of one
learning stage in life, but symbolized the
beginning of a new one. “I hope all of you
can make good use of your legal knowledge
to serve the country and the community, and
to attain equity and justice in society,” he said.

At an inauguration ceremony on the same day, Professor Wang and Mr
Zhuang Zhongxi, Chairman of the Hong Kong Renmin University Alumni
Association, were invited to be the Honorary Chairmen of the Renmin
                               University of China (Hong Kong) Law
                               Postgraduate Alumni Association. Dr Zhu
                               Guobin, Director of the External Liaison
                               and Cooperation Office at CityU, and Dr
                               Leung were invited to be Honorary Vice-

                                   The aim of the Renmin University of China
                                   (Hong Kong) Law Postgraduate Alumni
                                   Association is to bring together alumni from
                                   the School of Law at Renmin U in Hong
                                   Kong. In the coming year, the Association is
                                   planning to hold conferences and joint
                                   exchange activities between mainland
                                   universities and their alumni to enhance the
                                   understanding of legal development in Hong
Kong and the mainland.

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