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					Home Address:                                                Phone: +971 50 6228783
P.O.BOX 51161,                                               Fax: +971 4 4422938
Dubai,                                                       Email:
United Arab Emirates.                                     

  Imad Al-Jamal
  Personal Information:       Nationality: Jordanian
                              Age: 56 (18/ 10/1953)
                              Languages: Arabic (mother tongue) and English (Fluent)
                              Marital Status: Married Gender: Male
  Experience:                 Total : 32 years

  2005- till date MD/ International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Centre (IDRAAC)
  2005 - 1996 C.E.O / Director of Oriental Engineering Construction Co. L.L.C.
  1996 - 1991 Worked as General Manager (CEO) for ALCO.
  1991 - 1988 Worked as “Engineering Manager” for Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone.
  1988 – 1985 Worked as Technical Manager for Trust Construction Coop.
  1985 - 1978 Worked in various site and Managerial positions for Cordoba Group in
  various projects with local, British, American, German, French, Japanese and Korean partners
  and Joint Ventures.

  Worked as expert , claims’ consultant and Certified Arbitrator with ABU DHABI

  Knowledge and practice of contractual claims, alternative dispute resolutions and
  procedures as well as adjucation, arbitration and litigation in the construction, real
  estate and related industries.

  Contracts preparation, negotiation, modifications in construction and real estate
  industries in connection with clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers as well as
  joint ventures , lease and agency agreements.

  Experience gained in project feasibility study, planning, design, organization,
  coordination, site inspections, quality control and reporting, forecast cost estimates, cost
  control, cost budgeting, verification of progress payments and completion certificates,
  preparation of tenders documents, drawings, appraisal of tenders submissions and
  tender award procedures, dealing with local and international contractors and
  consultants as well as government and private bodies.

  Experience (special):
   Completed Training Course Using Project Management Computer Aided
      Software. (Primavera)
     Participated in PMP (Project Management Professional) course and training

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   Participated in many seminars, lectures and conferences on various aspects of
    engineering contracts, management, mediation , arbitration and litigation
   Participated in BOT investment conference in Sudan, 2002
   Participated as Chairman and member in many local and regional conferences.
   Participated as a panel member in Engineering Forum Excellence 2005 held at
    Abu Dhabi Men's Higher Colleges of Technology, April 2005.
   Participated in TV debates and discussions on various aspects of the construction
    industry via Dubai TV, CNBC TV,BBC, CBS, Al Jazeera & Sharjah TV as well
    as written articles in local and international publications on the same topics.
   Prepared expert reports to UAE courts in connection with construction disputes.
   Worked as an expert, adjucator and arbitrator in several disputes.
   Worked as a mediator and claim consultant in several disputes.

Experience (general):

Considerable experience gained during the last thirty years, reinforced by personal and
professional contacts with both government and private institutions such as ADNOC, ADCO,
ADGAS, WED, PWD of Abu Dhabi as well as JAPCO, DEC, DWD, EGPC, EPPCO of
Dubai in addition to various government departments and private bodies in Sharjah.

Experience gained from major local and international construction and engineering
companies and contract consultancies which include: Quantity surveying; risk analyses;
extension of time and cost claim/defense preparation; expert reports; dispute avoidance,
management and resolution through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Project
involvement includes desalination plants, roads and bridges, landfill, shore protection, waste
water & water treatment schemes, tunneling, oil tank farms, external and internal finishing
and decorations as well as joinery and wood works , football and sports fields, greenery
gardening and plantation, hospitals, piping work for water and sewage as well as pumping
stations , sewage treatment plants, educational buildings such as schools and colleges in
addition to villas, high-rise accommodation and hotels.

Education:                  - (Honours), Civil and Structural Eng. June, 1978 –
                              University of Wales (Cardiff) Faculty of Engineering,, U.K.
                            - PhD in international arbitration. May, 2005.
                              Dissertation Title "Arbitration in Construction Litigation".

       Member of ICC-UAE committee.
       Member of Dispute Board Federation (DBF), Switzerland .
       Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, U.K.

       Member of Society of Construction Law (SCL).

       Member of Advisory Board of Inst. of Infrastructure and Management Studies.

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       Vice chairman of MCIArb of U.K (UAE branch).

       Member of Who’s Who International (since 1997).

       Member of Association of Engineers, U.A.E.

       Member of Association of Engineers, Jordan.

       Member of Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre panels of

        experts & Arbitrators.

       Member of Dubai International Arbitration Center and Arbitration Centre Panels

        of Experts & Arbitrators.

       Member of GCC Center Panels of Experts & Arbitrators.

       Vice Chairman of Higher Consultative Committee, C.A UAE.

       Contracts and Development Consultant, CA, UAE.

       Member of National Geographic Society, USA.

       Member of PMI institute, USA.

 Continuous development, training courses and seminars:
 1.0 Computer Structural Analysis and stiffness matrices methods.
 2.0 The conditions of contract by world of Concrete Middle East
 3.0 Prepare your own Claims- Why Appoint Claims consultants.
4.0 Solving Contractual Issues and payment Problems Course.
5.0 Contract Administration and Commercial Awareness Course.
 6.0 Changing Liabilities in Design & Construct Contracts by World of Concrete M. East 94.

 7.0 Negotiation Tactics & Counter Measures Course by H.F. Middle East (Course)
 7.1 Changing liabilities in design and construct contracts.
 7.2 Liquidated damages and Extensions of time.
 7.3 Arbitration, liquidation or alternative dispute resolution.
 8.0 Total Quality Management Looking ahead by contex 95.
9.0 Practical approach to Construction Contracts by Contex 95.
10.0 Understanding ISO 9000 Program Course by Advance Institute. (Course)
11.0 Effective Communication, Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Course by Atheer.
 12.0 CONSEC’ 93 Convention on Site Safety and Security April, 1993 (Convention).
13.0 Seminar on Engineering Insurance led by Experts from Swiss Re, Switzerland &
and Allianz Versicherung, Germany (Convention).
 13.1 Construction and Erection Insurance, by Swiss Re Zurcih.

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13.2 Risk Management and Safety on Construction & Erection Projects by Allians
Versicherung, Germany
14.0 Arbitration, Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution by Javed Gaya Legal
Consultant – Nabarro Nathanson Dubai, January 1994.
15.0 Contract Administration Procedures and Commercial Awareness.
 16.0 The Impact of GATT on Developing , AGCC and U.A.E. Economies. 1994
17.0 Seminars on Arbitration in Petroleum and other EnergyContracts.October 1998.
18.0 Law and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration with Emphasis on UnRules
        and the Model Law and References to ICC Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration,
        Cairo, Egypt, December, 1997 (Course, Workshops and Exams).
19.0 Work Paper by Simmons & Simmons of London on Insurance Arbitration in the
        U.A.E. and the U.K. a Comparative study Abu Dhabi, May, 1995.
20.0 Work paper presented by: Emirates Insurance Association Abu Dhabi on “Arbitration
        in Insurance Relations, Legal and Applied Aspects, in the Light of U.A.E. Laws”.
21.0 Work paper presented by: Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center
        on “Arbitration in Insurance Relations” Abu Dhabi, May, 1995.
22.0 Seminar on “Arbitration and Choice of Jurisdiction Clauses for Banking Activities”
        paper by Prof. Piero BERNARDINI Vice president Italian Arbitration Association.
 22.1    Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Abu Dhabi Commercial
Conciliation & Arbitration Centre Seminar on Arbitration in Banking Affairs,
 22.0    Seminar on “Arbitration and Choice of Jurisdiction Clauses for Banking Activities”
paper presented by Prof. Piero BERNARDINI Vic president – Italian Arbitration Association.
23.0 Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation &
Arbitration Centre Seminar on Arbitration in Banking Affairs, April, 1994.
24.0SeminaronConstructionandErectionInsurance Albrecht Domke, Swiss Re, Zurich

25.0SeminaronRiskManagementSafety on Construction & Erection Projects .

a) Personal documents
b) Academic documents
c) Membership documents
d) Experience records
e) Training seminars and lectures

NB: Attachments will be provided upon request

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