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					                                                    DATA SHEET

   Automati c Backup, Reliable Data Recovery,
   Unbeatabl e Security and Unmatche d Scalability
The Data Backup Agency’s PC Backup solution,                                   PC Backup provides essential functions:
powered by Iron Mountain, is the number-one
service for automatic desktop and laptop data                                             . Enables rapid, automatic backup of PC
protection and reliable data recovery. PC                                         data, even over dial-up connections
Backup virtually eliminates the risk of PC data                                               Data recovery is typically managed
loss, by automatically backing up desktop and                                     with a few mouse clicks
laptop computers as users go about their usual                                            Quickly repairs damaged or corrupted
tasks.                                                                            applications and files on any PC ‘rolling back’ a
                                                                                  PC to a previously working state puts an end to
                                                                                  user downtime, usually without         having to
                                                                                  trouble the help desk
                                                                                              Allows users access to backed-up
                                                                                  data through a secure Internet connection
             Connected Backup for PC Agent
                                                                                  using any PC with a working web browser
                               Delta Block

                                                                                Companies can use the PC Backup solution to
            fo New Files &                       Data available for recovery
                               Ema ilOptimizer

                     NEW       Co mpression                                     protect and restore data from one PC to hundreds
                                                                                of thousands, using one tool managed from          a
                                                                                central    location.    The     solution   enables
            Dec                                                                 information from as many as 20,000 PCs to be
                                                                                stored on a single pair of Data Centre servers. Best
                                                                                of breed data reduction technologies and data
                                                                                compression make this possible.

Thousands of organisations and more than 3.5                                                           This patented technology allows
million people rely on the Data Backup                                               only changed data – at the block level – to be
Agency’s PC Backup to help manage their most                                         saved. When a document changes, only the
current vulnerable data. More than 3 petabytes                                       changes are backed up. This minimises network
of customer data are protected by Iron                                               traffic, reduces backup time, enables backup
Mountain and the Data Backup Agency.                                                 even over dial-up connections and cuts the
                                                                                     overall size of stored files.
PC Backup provides automatic data protection
and recovery on demand, giving IT centralized
control of desktop and laptop data. The simple                                                     Another patented technology,
yet powerful solution:                                                               backs up common files to a ‘SendOnce’
                                                                                     pool, preventing extra copies of shared files
       Automatically backs up PC data without                                        from being stored in multiple user archives.
       disturbing users                                                              Users are saved the time and expense of
                                                                                     storing the same files over and over again.
       Allows reliable and easy data restoration

       Gives IT control of secure backup and                                    Taken together, these technologies can reduce data
       restoration both inside and beyond                                       storage requirements for PC Backup/recovery by up
       company firewalls                                                        to 85% in comparison to traditional solutions.

                                                                                           0800 112 3050
                                                                                                                                        The Data Backup Agency | PC Backup

PC     Backup        is               available
  Connected Backup for alsois also available with
                            PC                        with
EmailOptimizer, an important feature that
                                                                                                       The PC Backup solution manages its backup tasks
enables fast and efficient backup of local email
  and efficient backup of local email archive files (*.pst -
                                                                                                       without ever coming between users and their PCs.
archive files (* .pst Microsoft Exchange and                                                           Users won’t notice the program until they need to
  EmailOptimizer allows text and attachments to be
*nsf Lotus Notes). EmailOptimizer allows text                                                          recover files.
and attachments to be identified individually                                                          • VSS (Volume       Shadow    Copy     Service)  takes
within the email archive and then applies the                                                           advantage of Windows XP capabilities to enable
patented data reduction technologies, Delta                                                             rapid backups entirely in the background. Users
Block and SendOnce, to deliver significant band                                                         will not even notice their machine is backing up.
width and storage efficiencies. In practise
                                                                                                       • The PC Backup solution now reads MFT’s (Master
EmailOptimizer reduces storage space needed
  benefit of using EmailOptimizer is that opened or
                                                                                                        F i l e Tables) directly, significantly improving the
for backing up email by an average of 30%.
                                                                                                        speed and performance of file transfers.
Another major benefit of using EmailOptimizer
is that opened or password protected mail
archives can also be backed up.

                                                                                                      PC Backup can be delivered in two ways:
The PC Backup solution provides the highest
                                                                                                          Subscription for PC solution secure,
                                                                                                   The Connected Backupservices provides can be off-
         of    data security available.
levels laptopdigital is kept encrypted both Data is
  and                                        during
encrypted at the desktop using government-                                                                          site data storage, instant scalability and
                                                                                                             requires storage, instant scalability and
                                                                                                   secure, off-site data no capital investment
level 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
(AES). All desktop and laptop data is kept                                                                          Licensed software allows organisations to
encrypted during both transmission and in                                                                           run PC Backup within their own IT
storage.                                                                                                            environments. Delivery is from the Data
                                                                                                                    Backup Agency and Iron Mountain.

Because the PC Backup solution can be
centrally managed using an intuitive GUI, one
administrator can manage thousands of
backup accounts. IT controls deployment, sets                                                          From any PC with      a network  connection, the
the timing forCenter servers, providingdetermines
  multiple Data  daily backup, and single-view                                                         individual account management website allows the end
                                                                                                       users to:
what types of files are backed up and what are
excluded, sets user access and functionality                                                           • Use MyRoam to securely retrieve individual or
and manages the network and the storage                                                                 groups of files,
impact of desktop and laptop data.
                                                                                                       • Review a summary of their backup activity and
                                                                                                        account status,
       single    console
A operating system.           supports       centralised
management of multiple Data Centre servers,                                                            • View their backup history and check their usage
providing single-view control over multiple                                                             against any storage limits,
           processes. Support API (Application
server customers there is an Centre reports
                                                                                                       • Update their individual account profile details.
provide regular details on server activity,
account activity and recent backups.
  billing systems and web sites providing a seamless and

PC Backup is designed and optimised for use
with the Microsoft® Windows® operating
  registered trademarks of Iron Mountain Incorporated and are licensed for use by Iron Mountain Digital Ltd. All other trademarks and

  The Data Backup Agency partners with Iron Mountain Digital and is the world's leading provider of data backup/recovery and
  archiving software and services. For more information please visit either or

                                                                                                                         0800 112 3050

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