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					                                                   PC & IT MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS

    Services Offered:                             1150 North Nimitz Highway Unit #1,
                                                   Honolulu HI 96817 808-447-8960
    Complete PC/Laptop Repair
                                              “Right behind Eagle Café on Nimitz High-
    PC/Laptop Diagnostics
                                                     way, store front parking”
    IT Managed Services
                                                With the merger of              provide a set monthly fee to
    Server Management
                                                Voltsvault and Digital Net,     ease the burden of budget-
    Complete Networking                        Digital Vault Consulting was    ing support costs for unfore-
                                                born. Digital Vault Consult-    seeable issues. Additional
    Virus / Spyware Removal                    ing was established in          offerings include the ability
                                                March 2010. We secured          to include monthly mainte-
    Custom Built PC for Gaming,                our store front location and    nance, which will ensure
     Graphics, Business and Home                office as of June 1st, 2010.    your Servers and Work-
     use                                                                        stations are updated and
                                                Digital Vault Consulting        optimized to ensure opera-
    Retail Sales                               seeks to provide quality        tion at peak proficiency.
                                                monitoring services which
    Home / Business Delivery and               monitor every aspect of your    Once an agreement is set,
     setup available                            IT infrastructure. Servers,     Digital Vault Consulting will
                                                Desktops, Networking            work with your business to
    Onsite support                             equipment, etc. are moni-       provide solutions to current
                                                tored 24/7 by management        issues as well as solutions
    Home and Business tune ups                                                 to move your business for-
                                                software which will alert us
                                                of potential problems and       ward in the ever-changing IT
    Business System Monitoring
                                                allow us to act proactively,    world.
    Data Recovery                              versus reactively, resulting
                                                                                Managed Services is the
                                                in increased uptime for your
                                                                                future of IT support.
                                                business, increasing your
                                                business' own bottom line.      Don't be left behind as your
                                                                                competitors move forward!
                                                Managed Services are pro-
                                                vided at a fraction of the
                                                cost of dedicated in-house
                                                IT support employees.
                                                Digital Vault Consulting will

                “Building Hawaii’s Highest Performance Systems for Home or Business,
                                    with over 45 years of experience.”

    “Why have a Geek do the work on your computer when you can have an expert!”
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                  Complete PC/Laptop Repair and Diagnostics:

                    We can diagnose your desktop or laptop and
                    then determine the course of action for repair.

                                     There will be no hidden fees
                                     and we warranty our repair
                                     work for 30 days. If we miss
                                     diagnose a problem then we
                                     cover the labor costs at no
                                     charge to you.
                                                                            Virus / Spyware Removal:
                                      Whether we need to reload
                                      or repair the operating sys-
                                      tem, change out parts, recon-           We can remove and clear systems
                                      figure the registry or even             of unwanted software, virus, spy-
                    recommend a new system all together, we                   ware type infections. Some systems
                    take care of it all. It’s all done here in our            may be so infected that they can’t
                    shop locally. Why have a Geek do the work on              be cleaned. We can reload the sys-
                    your computer when you can have an expert?.               tem back to the day like it was when
                                                                              you first purchased your PC or lap-
“Why have a                                                                   top. Digital Vault will install an anti-
Geek do the                                                                   virus and spyware removal software
                                                                              to properly protect you before the
work on your                                                                  infections occur.
computer when
you can have an
Expert?”                IT Managed Services, Server Management and Complete Networking:

                  Our company will proactively         sources and often introduce
                  monitor your network and re-         viruses and Spyware.
                  motely address potential points
                  of failure before they become        Patch inventory ensures your
                  critical .                           operating systems are up-to-
                                                       date and not exposed to vulner-
                  When a site visit is required,       abilities.
                  automatic alerts guarantee a                                              of any needed upgrade plan-
                  rapid response time .                Up-to-date hardware, software        ning for either more units and
                                                       and patch information.               increased storage capacity for
                  Problems will often be resolved                                           a growing business.
                  before you’re even aware that        All this information can be used
                  they are occurring.                  for insurance claims in case of      Digital Vault Consulting can
                                                       flood, fire or theft.                meet every quarter with you to
                  Extensive reporting gives you a                                           discuss the overall health and
                  bird’s-eye view of your entire       Digital Vault Consulting can
                                                                                            performance of your IT assets
                  network’s security.                  minimize disruptions to your
                                                                                            and ways to get the most out of
                                                       work environment by resolving
                            We see alerts on                                                your investments.
                                                       issues proactively.
                            attempted network                                               Extensive data about your IT
                            access by unauthor-        Deep, remote visibility into the
                                                                                            will support more accurate
                            ized users and in-         health and performance of your
                                                                                            budget forecasting.
                            form you directly.         IT assets allows us to diagnose
                                                       problems faster than ever            We can even come into your
                             While monitoring                                               small business environment
                             your network we can       You can receive comprehen-
                                                                                            and install your networking
                             ban and shutdown          sive, graphical reports emailed
                                                                                            needs. We can lay the cable
                  access to high-bandwidth inter-      automatically every month.
                                                                                            and do all the wiring necessary
                  active games or illegal peer-to-                                          for your business.
                                                       You can be alerted on capacity
                  peer file sharing applications
                                                       management and be informed
                  that monopolize business re-
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Custom Built Computers for business or home:
Custom building a PC to your       Components are put into place         When we add processing
business or home user needs is     so that major upgrades can            power, ram, more storage,
the only way to go. This assures   take place when more compu-           raiding hard drives for speed
you that you get maximum pow-      ting power is required. There is      and performance, add
er and perfor-                                  no need to buy a         video drawing power, we
mance that is                                   new PC every time        pay attention to detail
needed in to-                                   a new feature            where you need this
days industry.                                  comes available in       increase in performance
                                                the market.              the most. Most compa-
When you click                                                           nies give you options
on something,                                   We want to keep          from a drop down menu
something                                       you connected to         with no explanation on
should happen.                                  your business or         what it does. That’s where
We have all                                     home. We make            we come in at Digital Vault
been there waiting for things to   sure that todays smart phones         Consulting.
execute and then there is a        are being utilized to their fullest
long pause.                        potential and while you are on a      We keep systems clean and
                                   business trip or vacation you         lean so you know all the fea-
Different types of systems in-     can get all the information you       tures running on your system.
clude Architectural and CAD        need for peace of mind.               There are no extra unneces-
systems, Day Trading, Engineer-                                          sary programs installed that
ing, 3-D Animation, graphics,      You can be just about anywhere        you don’t know about.
Gaming based computers, Serv-      and access your
er based designs, home office      accounts or see your
use, receptionist, Word and        appointment book.
Excel, Video editing. When we      One can even ac-
construct these types of sys-      cess their client
tems we keep in mind that all      data base, pictures,
machines need to be able to        music, forms, ac-
adapt to new and ever changing     count information,
technology.                        you get the picture.                                                  “We keep
                                                                                                         systems clean
                                                                                                         and lean so
                                                                                                         you know all
Home / Business Delivery and setup, Onsite support:                                                      the features
                                                                                                         running on
Digital Vault has many options
                                                                                                         your system. “
available for us to come to your
home or business and drop off,
setup, install and even config-
ure your entire computer infra-

We will advise you on how to
keep your computer running
smoothly and effectively.

With onsite support and being a
locally based company, we are
able to respond quickly to any
request that you may have.

Options of onsite or remote
access to your system are avail-

                       Minor Data recovery available, we also sell computer components.

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