Restoring a Lenovo Thinkpad R61 and Lenovo R400 laptop to

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					Restoration process for Computers for Teachers Lenovo Thinkpad R61 and Lenovo
R400 laptops: Computers for Teachers
The following instructions will enable you to completely restore the contents of Computers for Teachers Lenovo Thinkpad R61 or Lenovo R400 laptops to
their original factory settings.

 1. Turn on the laptop.

 2. Click the blue ThinkVantage button when the
    message To interrupt normal startup, press the
    blue ThinkVantage button is displayed at the lower
    left of the screen.

 The Rescue and Recovery workspace will open.
3. Select Continue.
The Rescue and Recovery Introduction window will

4. Select Restore your system and follow the on-
   screen prompts.

The Rescue and Recovery dialogue window will now

5. Click OK.
The Restore Your System window will now open to
Step 1.

6. Select Restore my entire hard drive, including all
   personal data and settings from a backup from
   menu list.

7. Select Next to continue.

The Restore your system window will open to Step 2.
8. Click Local Hard Drive and

9.   Select Sysprep Backup from the menu list.


10. Select I do not want to save any files from the
    menu list.
11. Click Next to continue.

You will now advance to Step 6 of restoration process.

12. Select Do not preserve My Windows User ID and
    password from menu list.

13. Click Next to continue.

A pop-up window warning you not to turn off the laptop
during this process will appear

14. Select OK.

A progress bar will now appear as your ‘out of box’
image is restored. This process could take up to 20

When the system has been restored it will automatically
shut down, reboot, load Windows, shut down again and
then reboot.

When this process is complete, you have successfully
restored your laptop to its original state.

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