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                 Data Compass
       The Must-Have Tool for Data Recovery

           Especially aimed at:

           Logical Malfunction    Partition loss
                                  File corruption Virus Attack
                                  Accidental Disk Format
                                  File Deletion

           Physical Malfunction   Undetected by BIOS or OS
                                  Firmware corruption
                                  Physical damage on sectors
                                  Read instability after head swap
                                  Single head damage

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The more professional you are, the more market you will get

 To be a GUR U

As a specialist in data recovery world, you know many causes of data loss. In general, we can sum up as follows:

                                                        Causes of data loss

                             HARD DRIVE&                                      * Inexperienced&operation error
                                                                              * Viruses
                             MALFUNCTION        LOGICAL

                             42%                PROBLEM 58%                   * Software program malfunction
                                                                              * Forgotten password

                              LOGICAL PROBLEM           HARD DRIVE&SYSTEM MALFUNCTION

                       *   Hard Drive with "Clicking"                                     Firmware
                       *   Drive spin motor fault
                       *   PCBA damage
                                                                               Firmware contains the commands
                       *   Bad sector
                                                                               which make the Hard Disk work and
                       *   Firmware / ROM damage
                                                                               a mass of management information
                       *   System Area defect
                                                                               such as P-List,G-List,bad sectors
                                                                               and so on.
                                                                               Firmware can be compared to the
                                                                               personal computers operating

               Logical problems you can handle with so much available software.

However if you can handle those 42% of the problems of Hard Drive malfunction you can do more data recovery no
matter what case you meet. Then people will start calling you "Guru" , bringing you recognition and leadership in the
profession and more business to your company without doubt.
Want to get more from every drive?

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DATA Extraction & File Retrieval: The key task.
After bringing a failed drive back to life, as a data recovery professional, you know now you need to recover the file
system which may be damaged by using file system recovery software; and maybe you know also you need to do a disk
imaging in order to work from an accurate, stable hard drive image.

Unfortunately, traditional disk imaging tools and methods are designed for and work on good HDDs only, not the
damaged HDDs that are unstable or inaccessible because of media defects and unstable head, which are common
challenges of Stage 2 in practice. Even more, with those traditional imaging tools, the time involved and the ordinary
user-level repeated-read access to the media bring a risk of damaging the disk and head, making lost datadata

Now in 2008 a world-leading solution incorporating state-of-the-art data recovery technologies changes the mode of
data recovery mode revolutionarily. Data Compass helps to easily complete the incredible difficult job.
Data Compass is the Stage 2 and Stage 3 tool used in extracting the data and in file recovery.

    This    stage   repairs   drives    that   are                       This extra stage deals with drives with
    undetected, not responding, and drives                               physically          damaged       hardware
    that can be accessed but produce null                                components such as head stack and
    data. Being the primary stage of the DR                              spindle      m o t o r,   which   can't     be
    flow, another use of it is to carry out all                          repaired:the only solution is to replace
    round    diagnostics to      the drive     and                       with a good one.
    decide which stage to follow next.

    This stage involves rebuilding the file                              This stage deals with drives that have
    system, retrieving the user data and                                 read    inability    problems     because   of
    verifying the integrity of the files.                                physical/ logical bad sectors on SA and/
                                                                         or user area.

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    Data Compass
    One integrative portable hardware-software complex specially designed for data recovery.

                                        Developed since 2007, the technical specifications and design ideas of Data
                                        Compass completely surpass any other professional products in present market. All
                                        these highlights make it become the revolutionary product in data recovery industry,
                                        guiding the data recovery in a new era, only competitive companies survive.
                                        The best worldwide leading solution in 2008: It offers several initiative data recovery
                                        technologies globally so that bringing a revolution to the traditional data recovery
                                        With DC, you can complete the incredibly hard work easily.
                                        DC can easily fix the fowling problems: The bad sector problems caused by
                                        scratches in SA and data area as well as the problems caused by unstable head and
 servo defect, etc. .
 It not only represents the hardware with a world leading technology, but also is equipped with a built-in data recovery
 software- Data Recovery Studio.
 This open-source design of DC can be compatible with all your familiar softwares (R-studio                   Winhex, ENCASE, any )
 to recover data from corrupted file and partitions. The revolutionary design of DC allows you to access the data directly
 like accessing the good working hard disks, whether it is a HD with firmware problem or bad sector scratch. With DC,
 you don t need the traditional repair.

Traditional Data Recovery Mode

                                   Clients Reception

                                                                      Platter Scratches   needs a lot of time and energy to evaluate
                                                                                          manually. Success rate: 5%.

                                                                                          look for a donor Firmware---- waste several
                                                                                          days,You can do nothing.
 Intact Sector Medium Disk     Unstable Head and Store
                                                         HDD Repair
                               Sector Medium Disk                                         Look for the donor: Head, ROM, PCBA and
                                                                                          other components. This needs days,
                                                                                          Weeks,months, even longer time.

      Image of the Whole
                        ----It takes tens of hours, days even longer. Even must need an engineer standby.
       Hard Drive

       Data Recovery    ----How long does it pass after you get the case? Three days?One week? Or even longer time?

Does this waste your time and labor? No, it is not only this. Plenty of investment certainly follows an increasing cost.
What's more, you are losing your clients.

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Optimize Your Tools, Explore Your New Territory

  Data Compass Saves More Resources for You
                                                         ------more rapid, more secure and more reliable

In traditional mode, we always encounter hard drives with unstable head or precarious store sector medium when doing
data recovery. In this condition, what we should do first is to repair the hard drive, then image all the data into a good
drive, finally recover data by other logical data recovery softwares. It takes days even months from looking for a donor
firmware, head to imagining the data. Meanwhile, you must arrange at least one engineer to track the whole process.

Plenty of investment follows an increasing cost. As a result, the quotation of your service is incredibly high. However,
the high price and untimely recovery make your clients leave you behind. The proportion of this loss may occupy 30% of
your monthly turnover. Even if the clients may select you and request data recovery, you can     t get the useful data for
him after a long time. The result is finally a failure and all your effort is in vain.

Now, you can earn 50% more with 10% less time and labor than before.

The reasons are very simple. DC can fix physical problems, such as the bad sectors problems which caused by scratch
in SA and data areas and problem caused by unstable head as well as servo defect, etc. Then you needn t look for the
donor head aimlessly. The powerful functions of DC make you no need to arrange an engineer to track the whole
process. DC can easily finish the work within 2-3 hours and help you recover 20%-30% more data and 30%-50% higher
file open success rate than before.

With 10% less investment and time of the past, you can recover more data. Thus, you have at least three marketing

1.Providing more attractive price;
2.Charging based on data amount;
3.Flexible adaption according to your management policy

So Excellent service as this, why your customers turn to others? Also you will not be annoyed by losing of valuable

It is certain that you know this advantage will bring you the increasing turnover, even promote your leadership
in data recovery field. Furthermore, the reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty will bring you continuous

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                                                                                               DATA COMPASS
    40%                                                                                        Traditional Tools

               Labor                 Time       Files open rate      Files open success rate

                             The preferred data recovery company
                     That's why the clients always choose the reliable and powerful company

                           Success            Price          Security           Efficiency

                      The Preferred Standard of data recovery company to the Customers

                              Profession           Reputation                Experience

We have made a comprehensive calculation that DC can pay off the cost after providing five to ten data
recovery service.
That's because:
1.You can handle the incredibly hard problem;
2.You can ask higher charge than your competitors because of higher success rate;
3.DC can help you compete with your peers on technology. In data recovery Industry, you are a professional,
profound and a progressive company in customers' eyes.

    The SalvationDATA Data Compass easily helps me get rid of SA
    bad sectors which can't be repaired by other drive restoration
    products we've been using before, because it gives access to
    user data area directly by using its Analog technology which
    virtually boot the hard drive SA-independently.

    --- Yimei Cao, Lead Data Recovery Engineer
                    CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

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Traditional Data Recovery Management

                                                                                            Cost                                                                                                      Cost

                                                                                                   Work Stagnation from Personnel Fluidity

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Working Time
                                                             Equipment Upgrade
                           Initial Equipment Configuration

                                                                                                                                                                                  Working Intensity
                                                                                                                                                           Learning Cost
       Market management

                                                             Boss                                                                                                          Technician

     In traditional model, the owner will not only manage                                                                                    In traditional model, engineers must accumulate a
     the market and train the stuff, but also solve the                                                                                      mass of information and spend a lot of energy in
     problem of work stagnation caused by personnel                                                                                          studying the tools.
     fluidity. Besides, the company has to pay the cost of                                                                                   In practical operation, engineers have to try hard to
     equipment upgrade, even know the equipment                                                                                              find the donor firmware and head. Simultaneously
     provider only added one or two functions.                                                                                               they must pay attention to the file imaging. Thirty-six
                                                                                                                                             hours' long work is quite normal. It's also unknown
                                                                                                                                             whether the file will be imaged smoothly to charge
                                                                                                                                             the customer. If there is potential problem, all your
                                                                                                                                             efforts come to nothing.

Solution for all the problems

An Easy-to-use set with intelligent language support software included ---From the beginning, we are sticking to
easiness, simplicity and adopting the idea of the digital camera as our product designing concept. The users needn't
know which new technologies adopted, how precise the inner design. They only need to know its effectiveness and
simplicity of the operations. The release of DATA COMPASS is the best annotation of this concept. It's very easy to
operate even for hard drive with multiple bad sectors. For beginners who only know basic operations of a computer, after
2 to 5 days or 6 online training courses, also can start their data recovery work independently. For those experienced
engineers who can use logical data recovery software skillfully, DATA COMPASS can cope with their work without any
time waste, because DATA COMPASS is compatible to any logical data recovery software (i.e. R-STUDIO, FINALDATA,
WINHEX) and can be used with previous experiences. Also there is intelligent language support software pack inside
which allows the translation from the interface language to the user's mother language (all languages supported by
Windows OS, like French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.), thus no worries and upsets of language problems.
DATA COMPASS not only offers solutions of work stagnation which comes from personnel fluidity, but also saves a lot of
time and efforts for engineers.

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Excellent Service and Free Upgrades                 DC users can also have our free upgrade services as we always do. You cost
nothing but obtain ever-changing technologies and devices in order to keep your leading position in this industry. At the
same time, we offer Engineer Remote Assistance as follows:
1.Immediately getting the prompt diagnosis with professional engineers together. Enjoying the "think tank" to bring you
the various options.
2.Improving your technical level to maintain your leading position in this industry with high-level technical
3.Besides technical services, we offer you all kinds of information to improve your management and market control

You also enjoy free repair service within one year and cost repair service within three years. Any repair work will be
finished within 48 hours.

                                                                               As an executive, you can
      DC solves problems from physical level                                   have more time for market
      to logical level, which cuts your initial                                scheme and management
      purchase cost to 50% compared with                                       than before.                       never experience work
      the traditional models you may have to
                                                                                                                  stagnation which comes
      pay for different devices with single
                                                                                                                  from personnel fluidity.
                                                    In traditional models you have to
                                                    spend one year or more to train an
                                                    engineer, now only 2-5 days or 6
                                                    courses online video training.
                                                                                                                                      To be the leader in this
  No upgrade cost                                                                                                                     industry and gain more
                                                    With intelligent language                                                         profits.
                                                    support software pack included
High quality and                                    which helps you use your
perfect after-sale                                  familiar languages.
                                                                                                           Simple to learn with video
services to relief                                                                                         training courses enables
your worries.                                                                                              you to carry our work after 2-
                                    Engineer Remote Assistance
                                    prompt help from professional          High compatibility can cope     5 days or 6 courses.
                                    engineers.                             well with any other logical
       Environmental friendly                                              data recovery software.
       and energy conservation
       concept in details

                                     Boss                                                                 Technician
     More economical to purchase all-in-one device than many devices            Simple operation and comprehensive functions, greatly improve
     with single function.                                                      the efficiency and reduce working intensity and time.
     You may expect free function upgrade with excitement, no need to           Accomplish more tasks with higher successful rate, more bonus
     pay one cent.                                                              from work

     Solve the problem of work stagnation which comes from personnel
                                                                                Great improvement in technical level. More respect in this industry
     fluidity thoroughly.

     Double energy and time for management and marketing than before            Have more time and energy to learn new knowledge

     Gain rapid recognition. Advance smoothly with larger business scope

     Perfect after-sale service, worry-free

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   Time is Money. Keep Ahead of Your Competitor.

                                                                                        Data Compass can change your solo and
                                                                                        passive business mode of doing nothing
                                                                                        but waiting. For those customers, such as
      R ec ep tio n
                                                                                        Research Institutes, large enterprises,
                                                                                        organizations, they never allow their
                                                                                        confidential data out of their sight but
                                                                                        request on-site operations. What s more,
                                                                                        it is another absolutely competitive
                                                                                        advantage by providing on-site services
 Traditional Mode: Waiting for customers passively            Data Compass....Now
                                                                                        for all after-sales services IT companies.

  Portability of Data Compass,Adopting USB interface in their design proposal, DC can implement its portability with
  this precondition (USB Interface).
  One laptop, equipped with one SalvationDATA Data Compass, can assure you to handle data recovery cases on any
  brand HD, anywhere, anytime and any environment.(Picture 1)

  With built-in power convertor, Data Compass can use laptops power supply directly. Thus, you can use your laptop
  power supply to run it while you are working on it by using of its cells.(Pictuer 2)

   To select your type

                                            Data Recovery Companies

                                            Public Sectors and Corporations

You Are
                                            Computer Forensics Professionals

                                            Research Center/University

                                            IT Network Practitioner
                                            Expecting to Enter Data Recovery Industry

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    SalvationDATA named the product as "Data Compass" which endows it with the special indication of "Navigator". We
    are living in the era surrounded by data. When enjoying the conveniences and quickness from the data, we should also
    strive with series of data disasters, such as: data loss, data disclosure, data damage, etc. For such a big market, large
    numbers of data recovery companies emerge as the bamboo shoots growth after a spring rain. As a leader in data
    recovery field, we are not only regarding "creating more convenient and quick products" as our conception, but also
    keeping "serving customers" as our tenet. With more than 10 years' experience, we are accepted by a lot of customers.
    In the worldwide, more than 5,000 professional data recovery companies, governments and institutions chose
    SalvationDATA solutions and products. Newly released DC not only has the powerful function scontaining the data
    recovery from disk-level to logic-level, but also has the open-source design which is easy to understand and operate.
    All of these only for helping you establish a data recovery company faster and more effective, and for the companies or
    institutions who want to establish their data recovery department.

    With Compass, Columbus discovered the new continent; brought back a great deal of gold and silver to Spain and other
    colonies. Therefore, the noble metal in Western Europe has increased more than 3 times, which developed those
    countries greatly. Selecting DC as your compass, it will be certainly lead you to discover your "New Continent" ,
    finally establish your empire.

2008 SalvationDATA Technology, LLC. Designed and printed in China.
All data are confidential. We will not inform individually about any modification and changes in the future. Regarding all material above, SalvationDATA reserves all the final right of interpretation.

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