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          Web Developer
    •   Posted: 16/3/09
    •   Contact: Russell Townsend
    •   Location: Birmingham
    •   Contract: Permanent
    •   Salary: Negotiable

          Overview of role:

          As part of our growing team Clusta are looking for a web developer to work at the Birmingham office.
          The successful applicant will be working under the creative director developing visual concepts for a
          range of projects including content management systems, e-commerce applications, viral marketing
          campaigns and bespoke applications to suit a clients unique individual requirements. As an integral
          part of the team you will be key to creative development for our clients and must obtain the ability to
          function in a fast paced deadline driven environment. A passion for producing the most innovative of
          solutions is imperative as is the ability to deliver complex work to challenging deadlines. You must have
          exceptional developer skills with a strong background in using Xcode and related tools, and must have
          the initiative to take onboard new technologies and applications as they arise. You must be able to
          work alongside other developers and designers on the on-going projects and supporting existing
          applications. Experience working with or for an advertising or digital communications agency is a

          Job Function:

    •   Responsible for the execution and production of various web and interactive based projects.
    •   Works closely with agency’s Creative Director to develop creative concepts.
    •   Works closely with design team to produce collaborative works.
    •   Manages time spent to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.
    •   Works closely with Account team to manage client expectations.

        Candidate Requirements:

          You are quick, accurate, stress tolerant, a problem solver with good communication skills and a strong
          understanding of design and web applications.

    •   4-6 years solid agency experience
    •   Ability to work with and understand new technologies.
    •   Strong studio experience and organizational skills, including the ability to manage your own projects.
    •   A collaborative work ethic.
    •   The ability to convey ideas from quick thumbnail sketches through to polished productions.
    •   Demonstrated ability to translate client business goals into meaningful design.

Reg No. 4924804
    •   Excellent presentation skills; experience working with clients.
    •   Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while creating a range of designs and animations for
        each project.

          Core Skills:

          You have strong skills in:

    •   Front-end web development such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript or Flash/ActionScript/Flex
    •   Back-end web development (at least one server-side language, and SQL)

        A knowledge of the following would be desirable:

    •   Windows server administration
    •   Version control
    •   Writing of technical documentation

          How to apply:

         Interested applicants can apply via email only to: russell@clusta.com
         Please include:
    •   PDF cover letter
    •   CV
    •   Examples of 3-5 recent projects (providing a description of personal contribution for each) plus examples
        of written code.
    •   Subject line: “Web Developer”

          No phone calls yet – we’re hiring because we’re busy, email only.

Reg No. 4924804

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