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									                           RBUSS - The Cost Effective & Convenient Data Backup Service for your School

                                The data at your school is now more important than ever and with this increased
                                level of reliance on school information systems comes the added responsibility to
                                ensure its protection and backup in the event of a problem from which you need to

Service Highlights              recover. Additionally, your school will have seen an increase in laptops for teachers
                                meaning more complexity, cost and burden on backup systems you could probably do
   Complete peace of
   mind & satisfaction          without. With our Remote Backup Service for Schools, you can now benefit from

   No more backup               reduced costs, reduced complexity and you can relax in the knowledge that backups
   hardware or DVD/CDs
                                take place automatically without anyone at your school being involved in the process.
   Data stored off-site
   for disaster recovery
                                 Features and Benefits
   Supported & endorsed          Our Remote Backup Service for Schools offers many benefits over traditional CD/DVD and tape
   by Capita for SIMS            backup systems with immediate savings in time, money and complexity.
   Full security of data
                                 No DVDs, CDs or tapes means you not only                      Support for admin, curriculum and SIMS
   to the highest level
                                 benefit from immediate cost savings but also                  servers and any number of devices you wish
                                 the problems you may suffer such as slow                      to backup.
   Quick & effective
                                 backups, mechanical breakdowns or data loss
   recoveries of data
                                 from faulty tapes and DVDs!                                   Support for teachers’ laptops, so in the event
                                                                                               of data loss we can recover data back to the
   Full support for
                                 No Backup Software is required by your school                 teacher’s laptop directly or if the laptop is lost
   teachers’ laptops
                                 any more allowing you to save money on                        or stolen, data can be recovered to a brand
                                 maintenance, training, upgrades and updates.                  new machine resulting in massive time
   Reduction of backup
                                 With our service, everything is done for you.                 savings, not to mention relief for the teacher!
                                 Data is backed up online and stored off site                  Convenient price plans based on the amount
   Full data archive
                                 providing you with a data vaulting & disaster                 of data you wish to backup and the number of
                                 recovery policy with security from data loss at               devices you want to protect. There’s no limit
                                 your school.                                                  to either the number of devices you want to
   Data available 24/7,
                                                                                               protect or the amount of data. The service will
   365 days per year
                                 Simplified recovery of data with the full                     continue to grow with you.
                                 assistance of our trained staff, we can quickly
   Full ongoing support
                                 recover your data for you to the right                        RBUSS supports Windows, MS Office, SIMS,
   from our Service Desk
                                 machine.                                                      MIS, FMS, curriculum, admin and more.

                                 Completely automatic so you don’t have to do
                                 anything to start backups and you don’t need                      Save time, money and 
                                 to check on whether the backup was a                              the unpredictability of 
                                 success as it’s done for you.                                       your current  backup 
                                                                                                        systems with the  
                                 No compromise on data security and the
                                                                                                  Remote Backup Service 
                                 elimination of risk as no-one will ever need
                                 to take media (such as DVDs or tapes) home                                   for Schools. 
                                 or even remember to backup during the                                      Call today for  
                                 holidays or absences of key staff.                                    more information. 

                           Issued By: ICT & MIS Support Service - Greenwich City Learning Centre - 1a Middle Park Avenue - Eltham Green - London - SE18 5HR
                          How the remote backup service works
                                                                                                      Teachers’ laptops can be added to
                                                                                                       the backup process . With more
                                                                                                      and more laptops now in schools,
                                                                                                      our service can be used to protect
                                                                                                          these vulnerable devices.

                                           SCHOOL SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                      Minimum System Requirements

                                                                                                                      Servers - Windows 2000/2003 server
                                                                                 The backup starts automatically      with 256Mb RAM, 5Gb of free disk space,
                                                                                   without any intervention and       broadband internet.
                                                                OUR DATACENTRE
                                                                                  gets the data ready to be sent
                            Data is backed up to our                                   to our datacentre using        PC - Windows 2000/XP with 256Mb RAM,
                            datacentre securely over                             secure protocols and        com-     5Gb free disk space, broadband internet.
                             the internet where we                                pression. Once the first backup
                           keep it online for a period                             is done, only changed data is      Exchange Server - MS Exchange 2000 or
                                 of time for data                                backed up meaning each subse-        later with 512Mb of RAM, 5Gb free disk
                           recovery purposes. If you                              quent backup takes less time.       space, broadband internet.
                            need to recover data, no
                             matter how much, just                                                                    Laptop - Windows 2000/XP with 256Mb
                              place a call to us and                                                                  RAM, 5Gb free disk space, broadband
                                we’ll do the rest.                                                                    internet

                           Order the Remote Backup Service for Your School

                                                              Greenwich has been able to negotiate a fixed 3 year price for this service and
                                                                   schools are required to commit to purchasing the service for this period.

                             2008 Pricing
                              Price with 15Gb allowance (Admin, SIMS or Curriculum)                                                   £350 PA per server
It saves our school           MIS Plug-in (required for SIMs or other systems)                                                        £50 each PA
  money and has               Individual Desktop or Laptop (only available as an addition to the server service)                      £25 pa
   proved to be a             One-off installation fee per server                                                                     £50
 major time saver
as well, removing
    the burden of                                        Option 1                                                            Option 2
   backup on our
                             School with a Windows XP Workgroup                                  Administration server or single Windows 2003
school completely            Administration server or single Windows                             Administration/SIMS server and single Windows
   - the service is
                  “          2000/2003 Administration/SIMS server wishing to                     2000/2003 Curriculum Server wishing to backup
                             backup SIMS and staff user documents – estimated                    SIMS plus staff and pupil documents – estimated
  very impressive            storage requirement – up to 15Gb (Most Primary                      storage requirement – up to 30Gb (15Gb
                             Schools).                                                           Admin /15Gb Curriculum).
                             Administration Server £350 pa                                       Administration Server £350 pa
 The Ben Johnson School      MIS plug-in £50 pa                                                  MIS plug-in £50 pa
                                                                                                 Curriculum Server £350 pa
                             (plus £50 installation in Year 1 only)                              (plus £50 installation in Year 1 only)

                            Additional Storage Space                                                     Ready to Order?
                            Additional 5Gb                  £40 Per Annum
                            Additional 25Gb                 £200 Per Annum                         To order your backup service,
                            Additional 50Gb                 £400 Per Annum                             please complete the
                            Additional 100Gb                £800 Per Annum                         Greenwich RBUSS Order Form
                            Additional capacities           CALL

                              Issued By: ICT & MIS Support Service - Greenwich City Learning Centre - 1a Middle Park Avenue - Eltham Green - London - SE18 5HR

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