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					                                            Informatica Resume

Experience Summary
      3+ years of experience in data warehousing and ETL this includes mapping creation and
      Extensive hands on experience with Informatica 7x, 8x. Worked on ETL process consisting of
       data transformation, conversion, loading and data analysis, design and development of
      Worked on Informatica Power Center tool for data conversion from variety of source systems.
       Dealt with various transformation logic like Lookup, Aggregator, Joiner, Source Qualifier,
       Normalizer, Expression, Update Strategy and more while designing and developing complex
       mappings and mapplets.
      Exposure to Banking and Retail domain and good knowledge of data warehousing concepts.
      Have good experience in Oracle 9i, 10g databases and worked with different data sources like
       Flat Files and Databases.
      Experience of project life cycle Design, development, test, release.
      Good experience with Performance tuning techniques.
      Good Self Learning, Problem Solving, Analytical, Interpersonal and Communication skills.

Work Experience:
            Working as Programmer analyst in Zensar From Apr 2008 to till date.
            Worked as Entry Level Trainee programmer in Cognizant From Feb2007 to

            Bachelor of Science in computers from Andhra University,2005Mar.

ETL Tools                :        Informatica (Power center 7X, 8X).
RDBMS                    :        Oracle 9i, 10g
Languages                :        SQL, PL/SQL.
Operating Systems        :        WindowsNT/95/98/2000/XP, UNIX.

Relevant Project Experience
Project #1
Supply chain Management, Thermwood Corporation                                      Aug2009-Tilldate

         To develop a Decision Supporting System that enables Business users to analyze the data better
to contribute to the effective growth of the company with the help of ETL process. Sales & Distribution
Analysis Module, an application module for supply chain management and operational performance
management, provides more than 165 performance metrics and over 80 key reports to help your
organization achieve operational efficiencies across the sales-through-distribution value chain.

Roles & Responsibilities

            Involved in developing mapping to populate data from various systems to the single data
            Involved in slowly changing Dimensions and Fact loading mappings·
            Involved in parameter files generation for all the staging mappings.
            Extensively worked with Lookup transformation and Normalizer transformation·
            Involved in Unit test case preparation·

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                                          Informatica Resume
            Done Unit Testing.

Project #2
Revenue Master, Discover                                                                Apr2008-Jul2009
         Discover has offices all around the world. Revenue Master is a unified database that contains the
details of the each and every transaction that happens at Discover offices across all the offices. As most
of the business of Discover was carried out in USA, so the source was divided into two source systems
Basys (Which contained the transactions carried out in US offices and was loaded daily) and Non Basys
(Which contained transactions from all over the world except US and was loaded on monthly basis).Once
the data gets loaded into Revenue Master Database. At present the data passes through rigorous
validations are done on the data to ensure that only correct data reaches Revenue Master.


       Development of ETL Mappings, Sessions and Workflows for data cleansing and Performance
        Tuning of mappings
       Writing test cases, preparation of test data and testing of mappings
       Write Stored Procedure
       Data Loading by ETL mappings and performing required data checks.
       Development of ETL mappings for redesigning of Revenue master,
       Development and Testing as per requirements.

Project #3
Single order entry, Cmc                                                                 Feb2007-Mar2008

        Cmc architecture does not provide the flexibility to effectively meet the order entry requirements
of partners and customers (e.g., combining product and subscription on the same order). The primary
purpose of the Single Order Entry (SOE) initiative is to consolidate the back-office environment to a single
order management and a single entitlement management infrastructure

Roles & Responsibilities

            Increase productivity for reporting from facts
            Prepare Central repository of exposure data to monitor risk associated with invested amount
             for each businesses
            Created Reusable Transformations, mapplets using Designer Tool of Informatica.
            Involved in Unit test case preparation
            Developed and implemented data verification and testing methods for the data warehouse to
             ensure data accuracy.
            Done Unit Testing for the developed mappings

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