Informatica ETL Resume

					  Informatica Resume


         Having 3 + years of experience of Development in Data warehousing using Informatica
          Power Center 7X, 8X.
         Extensive experience in designing and creating data marts
         Good knowledge in SQL & PL/SQL programming and experienced in scheduling the
         Strong knowledge in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Dimensional modeling, Star
          Schema, Snowflake Schema and OLAP concepts.
         Good exposure to Oracle8i/9i/10g,Sql Server databases.
         Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.


         Working as Software Engineer in Wipro from Aug 2008 to till date.
         Worked as Software Engineer for Polaris from Oct 2006 to Jul 2008.


         Having Good experience using Informatica powercenter7.1/8.1.
         Good experience in creating high level document and low level documents.
         Good understanding of Dimensional Modeling, ETL and Reporting process.
         Good knowledge in Data modeling Concepts.
         Experience in Banking, Insurance and Retail industry Business process.
         Experience of project life cycle Design, development, test, release.
         Good experiences with Performance tuning techniques.
         Exceptional user facing skills and client relationship skills, ability to perform
          independently as well as team member, ability to meet tight deadlines and work
          under pressure.


       Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from A.Nagarjuna University in 2006.


     ETL Tools             Informatica (Power center 7,8)
     RDBMS                 Oracle 8i/9i,Sybase and Sql Server
     Languages             SQL,PL/SQL
     Others                Unix ,MS Office

  Project: 1
Risk Management                                                             Oct 2008 – Till date

            NCC is designed for maintaining complete information regarding customer and
   Maintenance of Account types they hold such as savings Account, Current Account, Recurring &
   Fixed Deposits. It keeps track of the daily transactions taking place in the petty cash. Loan
   facility is also involved in this project, as it is one of the main incomes for Banks. Types of loans
   involved are commercial and retail banking, mortgage financing and servicing Consumer
   finance and asset management

Roles: Team Member


               Involved in developing mapping to populate data from various systems like flat files,
                oracle and Sybase to the single data warehouse.
               Involved in Unit test case preparation
               Involved in data verification and testing methods for the data warehouse to ensure
                data accuracy.
               Involved in Stage, Dimension and Fact loading mappings.
               Involved in parameter files generation for all the staging mappings.
               Extensively worked with SQL,Lookup, Expression and Normalizer transformation
               Done Unit Testing and system integration testing

Informatica8.6, Flat files, Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase, UNIX, Banking.

Project: 2

Sales Data mart -Arla foods                                                  Aug 2007 to Sep 2008

             Arla Foods is the UK's largest milk and cream supplier, controlling about 25% of the
milk market in England and Wales. It currently operates 13 dairies and 13 distribution centers
throughout the UK. The company has initiated to build multiple data marts to analyze sales
volumes across the nation. The Proposed data mart enhances the effective decision making for Arla
Foods various product sales across the nation. The Data is collected from various Relational and
Flat file sources at store level, cleansed, transformed and loaded into warehouse for study sales,
marketing strategies and sales variations.

Roles: Team Member


              Involved in requirement gathering for Sales Data mart.
              Created High level design documents, low level documents and designed the ETL
               processes using Visio tool to load data from Flat files, XML files and Oracle into the
               target Oracle 10g database.
              Increase productivity for reporting from facts.
              Involve in review code and scheduling measures.
              Created Reusable Transformations, mapplets using Designer Tool of Informatica.
          Involved in Unit test case preparation
          Developed and implemented data verification and testing methods for the data
           warehouse to ensure data accuracy.
          Done Unit Testing for the developed mappings.

Informatica 8.1, Oracle, Flat files, XML files, UNIX, Retail.

Project: 3

Insurance Warehouse - Richmond Insurance                                     Oct 2006 to Jul 2007

            Richmond Business is one of the biggest insurance organization providing different
products in Individual and Group Insurance. This project has been done for Group Benefits Division
in to cover Life Insurance and Disability. In Group Benefits any association opens a new account
first data will feed into different source systems like Private Label, Direct Side and Special Risk and
Life Health. The Policy Management data mart has been developed to store the data from those
three sources and will be stored in a Centralized database so that they can done business analysis
on this integrated data.

Roles: Team Member


          Involved in creation of Detailed ETL Mapping design document for development.
          Involved in the tuning the mappings to achieve performance.
          Developed mappings using Informatica Power Center Designer to load data from various
           source systems to target database.
          Extensively used ETL to load data from Oracle and Flat files to Data Warehouse
          Extensively involved in the slowly changing dimension mappings.
          Involved in identifying business requirements and deliver the solutions.
          Used various transformations like Source qualifier, Aggregators, lookups, Filters,
           Sequence Generators, Routers, Update Strategy, Expression, Sorter etc.
          Prepared the Unit Test Cases and executed them.

Informatica7.1, Oracle 9i, Sql Server, Windows, VSS, Insurance

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