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C.No II/3/09/2010-Estt.                                                  Dated: 07 .05.2010

                                     ORDER NO.44 /2010

       Sub: Transfer & posting in the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise & Customs in Kerala
Zone – regarding.

      The following transfers and postings in the cadre of Inspectors of Central Excise &
Customs are hereby ordered.

        Name                     Present Formation    From                   To
        S/Shri./ Smt.
   1    Bijesh Ben A.            ST ‘B’ Range         Cochin C.Ex.           Trivandrum C.Ex.
   2    Geetha E.                Hqrs. IAD            Cochin C.Ex.           Calicut C.Ex.
   3    Jose George              Vandiperiyar Range   Cochin C.Ex.           Trivandrum C.Ex.
   4    Ruby S. Thomas           CC Office            Cochin C.Ex.           Calicut C.Ex.
   5    Sunil Kumar E.           ST ‘B’ Range         Cochin C.Ex.           Trivandrum C.Ex.
   6    Lovis P.S.               Ernakulam I Divn.    Cochin C.Ex.           Customs Preventive
   7    Mohanan K.K.             Hqrs. Legal          Cochin C.Ex.           Customs Preventive
   8    Rebu V.P.                ST Division          Cochin C.Ex.           Customs Preventive
   9    Varghese M.S.            ST Gr.B.             Trivandrum C.Ex.       Cochin C.Ex.
   10   Tojo Davis               Hqrs.IAD             Trivandrum C.Ex.       Cochin C.Ex.
        Somasekharan Pillai      Hqrs. Tvm            Trivandrum C.Ex.       Customs Preventive
   12   Seetharaman S.           PRO Unit             Trivandrum C.Ex.       Customs Preventive
        Ashok Singh              Palakkad I Divn      Calicut C.Ex.          Cochin C.Ex.
   14   Ramakrishnan P.V.        Kannur Division      Calicut C.Ex.          Customs Preventive
   15   Sethumadhavan K.P.       Hqrs. Vigilance      Calicut C.Ex.          Customs Preventive
   16   Sunny Thomas             ST Range Palakkad    Calicut C.Ex.          Customs Preventive
   17   Raji K.R.                Trichur ST Range     Calicut C.Ex.          Customs Preventive
   18   Meera P.                 Hqrs. Calicut        Calicut C.Ex.          Customs Preventive
   19   Ameer O.K                CPD Kannur           Customs Preventive     Calicut C.Ex.
   20   Lalithakumari K.A.       CCP Hqrs.            Customs Preventive     Cochin C.Ex.
   21   Mohanachandran K.        NCP Trivandrum       Customs Preventive     Trivandrum C.Ex.
   22   Sebastian D’silva        CCP Hqrs.            Customs Preventive     Calicut C.Ex.
   23   Sujatha M.K.             CPU Chavakkad        Customs Preventive     Calicut C.Ex.
   24   Vivek V.                 CCP Hqrs.            Customs Preventive     Cochin C.Ex.


       In addition to the above Inter Commissionerate Transfers, the following transfers and
postings in the cadre of Inspectors at Calicut and Trivandrum Airport/ AIU/ ACC (UB) are also

 Sl.No.     Name                    From                     To
            S/Shri./ Smt.
     1      Vijayakumaran C.        AP TVM                   Customs Preventive
     2      Chacko P.T.             AP TVM                   Cochin C.Ex.
     3      Santhosh Kumar S.       AP TVM                   Trivandrum C.Ex.
     4      Sudhir G.               AP Calicut               Cochin C.Ex.
     5      Unnikrishnan M.         AIU Calicut              Calicut C.Ex.
     6      Santha Kumar V. Nair    UB Calicut               Calicut C.Ex.
     7      Umadevi M.              UB Calicut               Calicut C.Ex.
     8      Renji William P.        UB Calicut               Calicut C.Ex.
     9      Sheeba R.               UB Calicut               Cochin C.Ex.
     10     Simla K.M.              UB Calicut               Customs Preventive
     11     Manoj K.P.              Calicut C.Ex.            AP TVM
     12     Muralidharan V.         Calicut C.Ex.            AP TVM
     13     Sreekumar S. No.I       Cochin C.Ex.             AP TVM
     14     Sudheer K.              Calicut C.Ex.            AP Calicut
     15     Nasir K.V.              Calicut C.Ex.            AIU Calicut
     16     Govindan V.             Calicut C.Ex.            AIU Calicut
     17     Nixon A.G.              Cochin C.Ex.             UB Calicut
            Nandakumar S.           Cochin C.Ex.             UB Calicut
     19     Balakrishnan T.S.       Cochin C.Ex.             UB Calicut
     20     Antony George           Cochin C.Ex.             UB Calicut
     21     Santhosh Kumar P.V.     Calicut C.Ex.            UB Calicut

       The respective Commissioners are requested to issue individual posting orders
immediately. All Commissionerates are requested to relieve officers on or before 20-05-2010. A
compliance report may be forwarded to this office by 24-05-2010.

       This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

       Hindi version follows.

                                                                     [RANJIT J. KOSHY]
                                                            ADDL. COMMISSIONER [P & V]

The individuals [Through officers concerned]

Copy Submitted to :
The Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Kerala Zone, Cochin.

Copy to:
   1. The Commissioner of Central Excise, Calicut / Trivandrum/ Customs Preventive
       Commtte./ Commissioner (Appeals), Cochin
   2. All Dy./ Asst. Commissioner in charge of the Divisions of Central Excise Cochin.
   3. The Dy./ Asst. Commissioner in charge of AP Trivandrum / AP Calicut.
   4. The Pay and Accounts Officer / Chief Accounts Officer, Cochin./ ACES Hqrs.
   5. AO (DDO)/ Supdt. Vigilance/ Confidential/ PRO Hqrs. Cochin.
   6. The Gen. Secretary, All India Association of C.Ex. Exe. Officers, Kerala Unit.
   7. The Secretary, C.Ex. Employees Credit Co-operative Society, Cochin

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