Deductible Expenses

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                                    Deductible Expenses
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The following is a list of expenses that may be deductible depending on your business structure, purpose, size and intention.
If you have any questions or would like clarification on whether you can claim a certain expense please give us a call.

A                                               F                                             R
Accident Compensation (in year due and          Flowers                                       Rent and rates
payable)                                        Foreign exchange losses                       • Equipment
Accommodation allowance (must deduct            Forestry losses                               • Plant
PAYE)                                           Freight                                       • Premises
Accountancy fees (unless regarding a            Fringe Benefit Tax                            • Signs
start-up or disallowed claim or activity)                                                     Repairs and Maintenance (includes assets
Advertising (prepayments over $12,000           G                                             under $500 plus GST)
to be written back if not used within 6         Gardening                                     Restraint of trade (employees)
months)                                                                                       Road User Charges
Audit fees                                      H                                             Royalties
Allowances to employees                         Heat, light & power                           Rubbish removal
Amenities (tea, coffee, etc)                    Home office
Airfares                                                                                      S
                                                I                                             Security monitoring
B                                               Insurance, including income protection        Stationery
Bad debts (must physically be written off in    Intangible asset amortisation (some forms,    Subscriptions (e.g. travel club member-
ledgers before year end)                        e.g. ltd life franchise fees, patents etc.)   ship, newspaper, magazines and journals)
Bank fees                                       Interest on business related loans
Bartercard and trade card transactions          Inventory consumed                            T
Business Coaching (where the business is                                                      Telephone costs
already operating)                              L                                             • Answer services
                                                Legal (special rules apply)                   • Cell phone
C                                               Licences and registration                     • Faxes
Cleaning                                        Loan fees                                     • Pagers
Commissions (area for care though)                                                            • Rental (business)
Consultancy                                     M                                             • Rental (apportionment of home)
Consumables                                     Management fees (special rules apply)         • Tolls (business)
Contractors                                     Marketing and research (especially recent     Trade and Exchange transactions
Couriers                                        changes re land works research)               Training & Seminars
                                                Motor vehicle expenses                        Travel costs (on business)
Depreciation                                    O                                             U
• Assets owned prior to business but intro-     Office expenses                               Use of money interest
duced into a business                           Operating leases
• Used in the business                                                                        V
• Uplift factor for new purchases                                                             Valuation fees (if required by insurance)
                                                Packaging (depends on value on hand at
Director’s fees                                                                               W
                                                year end)
Document destruction                                                                          Website updates (not construction)
Duty                                                                                          Wages
                                                Petty cash
                                                Postage and Printing
E                                               Promotion expenses                            This list in not exhaustive but rather is in-
Entertainment (subject to entertainment         Progress payments                             tended to promote creative thinking which
regime)                                         Protective clothing                           when linked and tempered with profes-
                                                Public Relations                              sional advice can result in paying less tax
                                                                                              in your business.

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