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Deductible Credit Program


									                               Deductible Credit Program

City of Little Rock is excited to announce that the Deductible Credit Program
will be continued for 2010. We continue to engage in health and wellness to
meet the long-terms goals of improving overall health for our employees and
their families.

Each Employee & their Spouse is eligible to receive a Deductible Credit if they
complete the following steps:

      1. Go online to and complete the Personal Health
         Appraisal (PHA) and receive a $50 Deductible Credit.

      2. Complete an Annual Wellness Exam and have your physician sign and
         complete a physician verification form. By completing a wellness
         exam you or your spouse will receive a $200 Deductible Credit. The
         physician form is available on QualChoice’s website or you can contact
         QualChoice and they will email or mail you the form.

In order to receive the credit, both steps must be completed by March 31, 2010.

If you have any questions, please contact QualChoice Customer Service at 1-800-

             Personal Health Appraisal = $50 Deductible Credit
             Annual Wellness Exam      = $200 Deductible Credit

1.   Are there time limitations to complete this?

     Yes, the Personal Health Appraisal and
     wellness exam must be completed by March
     31, 2010.

2.   Do I have to participate in this program?

     No, it is voluntary.

     City of Little Rock is making the deductible
     credit available so all employees have an
     opportunity to reduce the overall calendar
     year deductible.

     If you choose not to complete the Personal
     Health Appraisal and Physical Exam then
     you will not receive the deductible credit.
     However, all other plan benefits will apply.

3.   What if I just had a physical?

     If you have had a physical exam since June
     1, 2009, then you would not need to get
     another one. Just take the form that you
     receive and have your physician complete it.
                                                               Did you know?
4.   Will City of Little Rock be able to see my
     responses?                                                  In 2009,
                                                      499 Members received a $50 Credit
     The Personal Health Appraisal that you          586 Members received a $200 Credit
     complete on-line is strictly confidential and    Were you one of those members?
     will not be shared with anyone outside of        If not, you have another chance.

     Your honest and accurate responses with the
     Personal Health Appraisal will help the
     nurses identify programs and services that
     best meet your needs.

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