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the Worker by nyut545e2


									St. JoSeph
the Worker
pariSh neWS 15 June 2008
vocation Prayer
Lord give me the gift of a generous heart to follow
your will as I journey the path of life. You set before
me the vocation of priesthood, religious life, single life
and marriage. Grant me the grace and generosity I need
to answer your call.
the Practice oF eucharistic adoration
67. With the synod Assembly, therefore, i heartily recommend to the Church’s pastors and to the People
of God the practice of eucharistic adoration, both individually and in community.194 Great benefit would
ensue from a suitable catechesis explaining the importance of this act of worship, which enables the faithful
to experience the liturgical celebration more fully and more fruitfully. Wherever possible, it would be appropriate,
especially in densely populated areas, to set aside specific churches or oratories for perpetual adoration. I also
recommend that, in their catechetical training, and especially in their preparation for First Holy Communion,
children be taught the meaning and the beauty of spending time with Jesus, and helped to cultivate a sense
of awe before his presence in the eucharist.
Here i would like to express appreciation and support for all those institutes of Consecrated Life whose
members dedicate a significant amount of time to eucharistic adoration. In this way they give us an example
of lives shaped by the Lord’s real presence. i would also like to encourage those associations of the faithful
and confraternities specifically devoted to eucharistic adoration; they serve as a leaven of contemplation for
the whole Church and a summons to individuals and communities to place Christ at the centre of their lives.

ForMs oF eucharistic devotion
68. the personal relationship which the individual believer establishes with Jesus present in the eucharist
constantly points beyond itself to the whole communion of the Church and nourishes a fuller sense of membership
in the Body of Christ. For this reason, besides encouraging individual believers to make time for personal prayer
before the sacrament of the Altar, i feel obliged to urge parishes and other church groups to set aside times
for collective adoration. naturally, already existing forms of eucharistic piety retain their full value. i am thinking,
for example, of processions with the Blessed sacrament, especially the traditional procession on the solemnity
of Corpus Christi, the Forty Hours devotion, local, national and international eucharistic Congresses, and
other similar initiatives. if suitably updated and adapted to local circumstances, these forms of devotion
are still worthy of being practised today.195

Mission stateMent
to have Christ at the centre of our lives, enabling us to grow in
faith as a community where all feel welcomed, loved and valued.

Fr. Leslie Knight                                                                miss Bernadette rossiter
the presbytery, 17 highview Crescent, hutton                                     St. Joseph the Worker primary School
Brentwood, essex CM13 1BJ                                                        high View Crescent, hutton
t: 01277 221917                                                                  Brentwood CM13 1BJ
m: 07730 409784                                                                  t: 01277 227282
Welcome to our parish of St. Joseph the Worker

 ElEvEnth sunday of thE yEar (a)
 First Mass oF sunday
 Saturday 14            6.00 p.m. Maureen Smith                            J Gigg
 Sunday 15              8.30 a.m. People of the parish
                        10.30 a.m. Kath Stone R.I.P.                       G O’Regan
 Monday 16              9.15 a.m. Adrian Parrott                           P Mellin
 Tuesday 17             9.15 a.m. Danny O’Connor R.I.P.
 Wednesday 18           8.30 a.m. Pat Lynch int.                           G O’Regan               sunday 15 June 2008
 Thursday 19            9.15 a.m. Ruth Venner (sick)                       M & L Kent              Welcome to our parish of St Joseph the Worker.
                                                                                                   A very warm welcome to our new parishioners.
 Friday 20              9.15 a.m. Bill Pattle R.I.P.                       E Pattle                Please look out for new faces and introduce
                                                                                                   yourselves especially having coffee after the
 st aloysius GonzaGa
                                                                                                   masses. Human nature, as it is, keeps us among
 Saturday 21            9.15 a.m.                                                                  those we know for many years.

 twElfth sunday of thE yEar (a)                                                                    In a recent reality show, The Duchess of York,
 First Mass oF sunday                                                                              Sarah Ferguson, visited a family in Hull to help
 Saturday 21            6.00 p.m. Phyllis Calvert R.I.P.                   J & J Jarvis            them change their lifestyle. By their own admission
                                                                                                   the family had grown out of shape thanks to poor
 Sunday 22              8.30 a.m. People of the parish
                                                                                                   diet and smoking. It would have been easier for
                        10.30 a.m.Vasanthan                                J Ariya
                                                                                                   the Duchess to swan in and impose a strict diet
                                                                                                   and gruelling fitness regime, but she didn’t do any
 Sacrament of reconciliation Saturdays 9.45–10.15 a.m. with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
                                                                                                   such thing. Instead, the Duchess spent a lot of
                                                                                                   time building a relationship with each family
 GiFt aid
                                                                                                   member finding what made each of them tick,
 If you or your spouse pays tax and you are making your regular offertory donations
                                                                                                   and identifying the obstacles that were preventing
 by bank standing order but have not yet signed a Gift Aid form, please consider doing so
 as the parish can claim a tax refund for a period of up to the last six years. A number           change. Any good counsellor will agree that
 of our people have bank standing orders in favour of the parish but do not Gift Aid               issuing someone with a list of do’s and don’ts
 their contributions.                                                                              is rarely helpful. Key to helping someone
                                                                                                   change is relationship.
 Please note that the parish is unable to claim a tax refund on “loose money” placed
 in the offertory plate, so it is to the parish’s benefit if you make your donation either         In today’s Gospel Jesus encourages his disciples
 by bank standing order or a numbered envelope.                                                    to go out amongst the people to seek out the
 Claiming tax back from the government in this way is perfectly legitimate and is a                lost and remove the obstacles between them
 concession made to registered charities.You will not be involved in any extra expense             and God. He sent out the disciples in a spirit
 – if you can help your parish in this way, please obtain a form from Fr Leslie.                   of empathy. Empathy and relationships are key
                                                                                                   to being able to help someone. Jesus was able
 Please Pray For our sick in the Parish                                                            to change people’s lives simply by the way in
 Jeanette O’Regan, Des O’Reilly, Fenella Murphy, Bernard Guilfoyle, Simone Austin,                 which he was able to relate to them and he
 Kathy Piper, David Clarke, Julie Cahill, Eileen Emus, Peter Lydon, Marie McNeill,                 asks us to do the same.
 Sandy Philpot, Anita Czupeynski,Vibert Mohabir, Winston Mohabir, Donald Frost,
 Margaret Cronin, Mick O’Dowd and Bernard Gordon. Our Lady of Lourdes                              We all live in our comfort zones where we feel
 intercede for them. If there is any change in the sick list please see Fr. Leslie.                safe but to reach out to other people makes us
 anniversaries                                                                                     feel vulnerable. It is true so often we try to impose
 We pray for Myra McGillucuddy, William Pattle, Mary O’Connell and Priest of                       our views on others whether they like it or not.
 of our Diocese – Bishop Patrick Wall (Fourth Bishop Brentwood) and Father
 our Diocese – Bishop Patrick Wall (Fourth Bishop of of Brentwood) and                             We are afraid to get involved and make excuses
 Father Vincent Dulton. May they peace peace and rise in
 Vincent Dulton. May they rest in rest in and rise in Glory. Glory.                                about how precious our time is. The Gospel is
                                                                                                   to be heard and spread to others. We do this
 youth Mass dates                                                                                  by empathy and relationship. There are no
 Sundays: 29 June (going forth). All at 10.30 a.m.                                                 tables for one in God’s kingdom.
 Financial Matters
 Envelopes £63.00                                                                                  Pope Paul VI said “It would be useful if every
 Loose plate £246.54 (this includes First Communion collection)                                    Christian were to pray about the following
 Standing orders for May £246.54                                                                   thought: others can gain salvation in other
                                                                                                   ways, by God’s mercy, even though we do
 Feast oF ss Peter and Paul
                                                                                                   not preach the Gospel to them; but as for us,
 Falls this year on Sunday 29 June. The retiring collection on that day is for “Peter’s
                                                                                                   can we gain salvation if through negligence
 Pence” i.e. the Charities supported by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.
                                                                                                   or fear or shame – what St Paul called
 altar servers traininG                                                                            “blushing for the Gospel” – or as a result
 Fr Leslie is looking for any young person who would like to train to be a parish                  of false ideas we fail to preach it.”
 altar server. The role of the altar server is to assist the priest who presides at the
 celebration of Mass ‘as the person of Christ’. By your serving you enhance the liturgy            God bless and thank you.
 and draw the congregation into our celebration.You have to have made your first
 Holy Communion and be aged 8½ upwards. Perhaps parents you might encourage
 your son or daughter. Please put your name on the list at the back of the church.

                                                                                                   Father Leslie
 Toilets are situated in the hall (next to Church)
                                                                                         Welcome to our parish of St. Joseph the Worker
PoPe benedict’s Prayer                           st JosePh the Worker school, inFlatable eveninG – 20 JunE
intention For June                               The PTA have organised a family fun evening with Go-Bonkers Inflatables, a BBQ provided
Being an “adult” means having a faith            by the OUTBACK restaurant along with refreshments, home made cakes and a beer
which does not follow the waves of               and Pimms tent. Please joins us from 4.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. for an enjoyable evening.
today’s fashions or the latest novelties.
                                                 saint thoMas More – 22 JunE
A faith which is deeply rooted in friendship
with Christ is adult and mature. We are          In 1534, Thomas More, with his close friend, St. John Fisher, refused to render
asked to join Pope Benedict’s prayer for         allegiance to the King as the Head of the Church of England and was confined
June. “That Christian’s may cultivate a deep     to the Tower. Fifteen months later, and nine days after St. John Fisher’s execution,
and personal friendship with Christ so           Thomas More was tried and convicted of treason. He told the court that he could
they are able to communicate the strength        not go against his conscience and wished his judges that “we may yet hereafter in
of His Love to those they encounter.”            heaven merrily all meet together to everlasting salvation.” And on the scaffold,
                                                 he told the crowd of spectators that he was dying as “the King’s good servant,
Pastoral Provision: norbertines                  but God’s first.” He was beheaded on 6 July 1535.
An opportunity has arisen to establish in        On this feast day we are asked to remember conscientious objectors everywhere.
our Diocese a religious order known as           Consider joining a group such as Amnesty International. There are many ways you
the Norbertines. In full consultation with       can help Amnesty International, including making a donation, or joining as a
Fr Brian O’Shea I have now decided to            campaigner. Visit
invite them to take pastoral responsibility
for the parishes of Our Lady Immaculate          altar servers – 24 JunE
and The Holy Name. Both parishes have            The junior altar servers’ dinner at the ‘Strada’ Billericay on Tuesday 24 June 6.30 p.m.
the pastoral work and needs which are            Make sure you have chosen from the menu in the Sacristy. We shall meet in Waitrose
part of the charism of the Norbertine            car park at 6.15pm.
Order. Their Community will consist of
four priests and two brothers, together          catenian WorldWide centenary lecture series – 25 JunE
with two students currently in Rome.             “Catholic Family Life”, speaker Christine Vollmer. President of the Latin American
I believe that having such a significant         Alliance for the Family and a member of The Pontifical Council on the Family and
Community here will be a great                   Pontifical Academy for Life. She is also the creator of “Alive to the World”, a new
resource to both Chelmsford and                  approach to PSHCE – a series of books for school children. Wednesday 25 June at
the whole Diocese. They will start               7.00 p.m. in Westminster Cathedral Hall, Ambrosden Avenue, London SW1P 1QJ.
their ministry here this October.                Tickets are £5 including light refreshments. Tickets available from Keith Talbot on
                                                 01277 224 772.
exaM inviGilators required
                                                 street child aFrica – 1 July
For June and July
                                                 Come and be pampered and support some of Africa’s most vulnerable children.
Exam invigilators are required for June and
                                                 A pamper evening in aid of Street Child Africa is being held between 7.00 p.m. and
July at Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School,
                                                 10.00 p.m. on Tuesday 1 July at Brentwood Cathedral parish hall. Treatments include
Upminster. There will be opportunities for
                                                 mini-manicure or pedicure, reflexology and Indian head massage. Entry £3 with
part-day and full day work depending on our
                                                 complimentary drink (conc. £2), each treatment £5. Pre-booking of treatments
needs and your availability. We are seeking
                                                 is highly recommended. Please contact Catherine Boyle on 01277 220 287.
responsible people who enjoy working with
young people and it would suit a recently        aylesFord youth Festival – 5 July
retired person or someone local who is           The Holy Spirit will come upon you ‘…and you will be my witnesses’.
able to work for short periods during the        Saturday 5 July 2008, 10.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.Two age streams, 13–15 years and 16–18 years.
school day. The pay rate is £7.56 per hour       Including drama, drumming, social justice, sign language, street dancing, arts and crafts.
(pay award pending). If you are interested,      Key speaker: Fr Paul Keane. There will be young people from Diocese of Brentwood,
please telephone the school on 01708             Arundel & Brighton and Southwark. Cost £10.00 age 13+. I would like to see a “Great
222 660 for an application form.                 turn out” from our parish. May I ask you the parents to encourage your young people?
Job vacancy at st JosePh the                     suMMer lourdes 2008, aGe 15+ (school year 10) – 24 July to 2 august
Worker rc PriMary school                         We have now filled around 80 of the 125 places for this year’s summer Lourdes.
Would you like to join a friendly, supportive,   As you will know, the experience of Lourdes is wonderful and each year our trip seems
hardworking team? Then we have the job for       to grow stronger and stronger. This year has a special focus as the 150th anniversary
you.We are looking to employ someone to          of the Lourdes apparitions. It is best for us to receive applications before mid April:
provide general clerical and welfare support     much later than that and there is a strong probability that the trip will be full.
on three mornings per week, term time only.
The hours will be 8.45 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.        Parish triP to see JosePh at the adelPhi – 9 octobEr
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.                 Thank you for the response – the event is now sold out and we have a waiting list!
                                                 A coach has been booked to take you from the Church to the Aldephi and return
In addition we would require a further 1½        to the Church at the end of the evening. Please could we have your money as soon
hours on Wednesdays assisting the children       as possible. Cheques payable to St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church. It will be a
at lunchtime (12.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.).          “great” evening. The cost including coach is now £37.00.
We would like you to start in September.         200 club
If you would like further details and/or         For an annual subscription of £24, you can take part in a monthly draw and have the
an application form, please contact the          chance to win a cash prize whilst helping the parish at the same time. Please see
school office (227 282). Application forms       Fr Leslie if you are interested.
will be available after half term, which will
need to be returned by Wednesday 18 June.        celebratinG the Mass
                                                 “Celebrating the Mass” by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales is available,
bible alive                                      price £7.95, and can be obtained from Father Leslie or please see Karen in the Repository.
£1.90 from the back of the Church.
in your 20s?
The twentysomethings is a group for Catholics your age. We do walks, meals, prayer, holidays, retreats etc. Come to what you
want! To be on our mailing list and get involved, contact Clare on 07950 202 205 or or visit www. In your 30s? Then the thirtysomethings is for you!
neWsletter – soMethinG neW
If you are away from the parish or occasionally come to your parish or if we run out of newsletters we can e-mail a newsletter
to you each week so that you are kept in touch with our parish family community – all you have to do is give your name and
e-mail address to Fr. Leslie. We want all our parishioners to be in touch with our parish life and make you all welcome.
livinG the Word GrouP
Meet on the second Thursday of each month to read and informally discuss the gospel for the following Sunday. The meetings are
at 9 Fairview Avenue, 8.00 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. Contact Willa Jackson 01277 215 846 for more details.
50+ club
The 50+ Club meets every Friday afternoon from 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.Tea, biscuits, chats and board/card games. Everyone is welcome,
especially new parishioners. Just turn up at the Parish Hall.Welcome to our new members.

We hope you enjoyed reading the newsletter this week; please do remember that if, for some reason, there are not enough hard copies at the back of the
Church, it can always be downloaded from the Parish website ( A PDF of the newsletter can be found under “communication”.

                           CATHOLIC AND HAVE LOST TOUCH?
                           If you have been a non Church‑going Catholic for a long time, it can be very helpful to read about
                           contemporary Catholic beliefs and life. It may appear to you that some things have changed.
                           Free materials are available from the Catholic Enquiry Office.
                           Contact: “Coming Home”, CEO, 114 West Heath Road, London, NW3 7TX.
                           Tel: 020 8458 3316. e‑mail:

  K.E. Jay & co Chartered Certified Accountants                                                                 Jerry & Karen Harris
  you are too blessed to be stressed. so if you require help with your
                                                                                                                          of the
  business Finances we can provide the following services:                                                 EAGLE & CHILD
      •	 Accounts	Preparation                                                                                Chelmsford Road, Shenfield
      •	 Self‑assessment	Returns                                                     ❧   Now offer a range of drinks,
      •	 Payroll,	PAYE	&	VAT	Returns
                                                                                                                              ❧    Don’t miss our 2 course Sunday
                                                                                         buffet or full meals to mourners          Carvery, with a choice of meats
      •	 General	Accounting	Services                                                     in relaxed, discreet surroundings.        and fresh vegetables.
  Telephone	01277	212211		                     E‑mail                                           01277 210 155

                                                                                 To advertise
                                                                                 on this page,
                                                                                                                          FUNERAL DIRECTORS
                                                                                please contact
                                                                              Advertise-                             Providing Funeral Arrangements
                                                                               Father Leslie or
                                                                                  ment                                   & memorials for Catholic
                                                                                Ian Restall on                          families throughout Essex
                                                                                                                            & Greater London
                                                                                01277 223078
                                                                                                                                 120 High Street,
                                                                                                                              Brentwood CM14 4AS
                                                                                                                        01277 210104 / 210654
           F.E. FARRER                                            A.B.C. Cars                                                     2 High Street,
           Funeral Directors &                               Brentwood’s leading taxi service,                                Billericay CM12 9VQ
           MonuMental Masons                                   Friendly and reliable service,                                     01277 624289
  5th Generation Family Owned since 1860
                                                               Competitive rates for airports,                          (24 Hour Emergency service)
     Private Chapels of Rest                                  weddings, school runs etc. etc.                 
     Home Visits Arranged                                     5% discount for parishioners
     Pre‑Paid Funeral Plans
     Memorial Headstones, Additional                          01277 216060
     Inscriptions and Renovations
     ~ Rolls Royce & Daimler Fleet
     ~ Horse Drawn Carriages

     For Immediate Personal Attention
     Day and Night Please Telephone
     John or Roy Farrer
                                                          Full design & installation service. Free survey and no obligation quote.
    33 High Street          246 Hutton Road               12 month guarantee with all installations. Sale only available.
    Billericay                 Shenfield                  Trade discounts available.
    01277 622944              01277 216030
                                                          207 Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex CM13 1LZ Tel: 01277 216164
                                                          Mon‑Thurs: 9.30‑5.30, Fri‑Sat: 9.00‑5.00, closed Sundays Ample free parking at rear

                                                The Brentwood Diocesan Trust – Registered Charity No. 234092

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