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Hypnotized Orgasm: Do Self Hypnosis Really Work?
by Masked Magician

If you have no physical medical reason for not being able to experience orgasm (*anorgasmia)
then both the cause and answer lies within your mind. Some resistance within your
subconscious mind that you are possibly unaware of. If this is your experience, you will know
the very frustrated feelings that you have. You may still have orgasms, but they maybe not
quite as deep or intense as they once were. The good news is that you can now overcome
this. The resistance that has been preventing you can be unlocked, let go, and fully released,
through a breakthrough in self-hypnosis (hypnotized orgasm).

Almost every woman CAN reach Orgasm to varying degrees, yet 43% have some form of
problem with Climaxing and Orgasm. The biggest hurdle to a satisfying climax is the ability to
relax, let go and be comfortable with your body, your partner and the act of love making. Self
Hypnosis session for reaching an orgasm will help you remove past issues, relax and enjoy
your sexuality.

Many recent studies have shown have a great deal to do with her level of comfort about
herself, her body and the situation she is in. In fact some studies suggest that at the point of
climax the brain has to shut down the parts of the brain that cause fear and anxiety.
Hypnotherapy that makes it natural and normal for you to be able to:

1) Relax: One of the biggest hurdles to Climax is the active mind that is unable to focus on the
sexual experience. Let go of your intrusive mind bringing up past associations from
suppressed, religious or abusive life experience and enjoy the pleasure

2) Communicate with your partner your preferences when it comes to sex. Feel comfortable
being able to talk about what brings you pleasure or moan to let your partner know what to
keep doing, feel comfortable not continuing until your partner complies building trust

3) Experiment: Give you a sense of comfort being able to experiment on yourself and your
partner, with yourself or toys designed for increasing your pleasure. After all, if you don't know
what makes you feel great, how can you communicate or expect another to figure it out.

Do Hypnosis Mp3 Really Work?

To find the answer we must initially take at least a quick glance at what hypnosis actually is
itself. Hypnosis is typically thought of as a mental state encouraged by a series of instructions
and suggestions. Many decades ago people used to debate whether hypnosis itself even
existed but in more recent times the weight of scientific research and studies have landed
securely on the side of hypnosis being a genuine form of alternative healing.

Moving back to hypnosis downloads the question now becomes, does this translate over to an
audio recording? Fortunately the answer is a big yes. I can say with conviction that hypnosis
downloads do work. Otherwise there wouldn't be as many booming hypnotherapy businesses
with so many positive testimonials. A well trained hypnotherapist is more than capable of

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creating a download which is every bit as effective as a personal session.

If you've any interest in the personal development movement, it's sure that at one time or
another you will have had a look at the wide array of hypnosis downloads accessible on the
web. The choice is really overwhelming with many hypnotherapy companies each offering
hundreds of their own brands of downloads, typically in MP3 files. The important thing though
is the capability of the hypnotherapist. Prior to purchasing a hypnosis download from any
company you should always look for a background or an “about this site” section
with facts on the hypnotist who has recorded the audio. Have they been professionally trained?
How long have they been a hypnotherapist for? These are all questions that need to be
answered before you spend your hard-earned money.

I find a good review at hypnotized orgasm blog (click here to visit the site). And I tried to bought
the mp3 cause it is quite cheap. As you will find out, you cannot play the Mp3 once or twice
and get results. It takes a few weeks and the Mp3 is nearly an hour long. You need to persist
with the program. The results I found took around 2,5 weeks, I achieved orgasm easily. But
there are a lot of side benefits because of the relaxed state that you enter.

For more information you can visit http://hypnotizedorgasm.blogspot.com/

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