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					          JULY 2010
ACTING Editor : Gino Centofanti         WOODCRAFT MATTERS
Phone :         0419 613 759
          e-mail address:     

   The speaker for Tuesday 6 July 2010 the speaker will be Jim Carroll from Carroll’s Woodcraft.
   He will be talking about his firm and the products he can supply. Many of us, including me, have
   bought a lot of things from Jim over the years.

   START TIME IS:                 7PM
   DATE:           TUESDAY 1st of JUNE
   Don't forget your name badges.

                                     PRESIDENTS JULY REPORT.
 It is with regret to report that Simon Law’s wife passed away after a prolonged illness. A letter has been
sent on behalf of all members to the family.
The Australian Wood Turning Exhibition was a great success with 350 entries and our club well repre-
sented so we look forward to see if they take home any of the prizes?
It was good to see a good number of our members from all sections attended attend the event. I am sure
you all learnt a lot.
Four Carvers attended the annual Albury/Wodonga Carving weekend which was a great weekend.

Nominations for the next Committee have been distributors, and I ask all leaders to discuss this with
their groups so we can get a full representation from all groups on your new committee for 2010/11
 We will be discussing the Clubs new constitution at the club night next Tuesday. This is to be pre-
sented to members for approval at a special meeting prior to the annual meeting in August . Please dis-
cuss within your groups so any comments can be clarified or varied.

Questions have been raised re the safety of the band saw due to the time it takes to stop after turning it
off. This is being looked at by the committee. In the mean time stay at the saw UNTIL THE BLADE
STOPS and lower the height adjuster to the table.

We have been offered a quantity of 4x4 inch Good Quality REDGUM approx 30 inches long . See me if
interested, soon.

Remember all renewals for 2010/11 must be into the Treasurer within the next 7 Days.

Bruce Hensell

      Woodcraft Manningham Inc.         PO Box 567 Templestowe 3106 Victoria     Phone 9846 8148
Page 2                                                                             Woodcraft Matters

                                   To be held on Tuesday 3rd August 2010
                                         At 7.00pm in the clubrooms.
         Confirmation of the minutes of the AGM held 4 August 2009
         Receive Committee reports:
                                            Chairman’s Report
                                            Treasurer’s report
         Election of Officers of the Association:
                                            Five ordinary members
                                            Vice President (to be elected from the ordinary members)
         Nominations of candidates should be made in writing to the Secretary on the form provided.
         They should be signed by the candidate to indicate his/her permission.

                               WOODCRAFT MANNINGHAM
                           NOTICE OF SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING

          To be held Tuesday 3 August 2010 at 7 PM in the clubrooms.
Notice is hereby given to all members of the club that a Special General Meeting has been called by
the Committee of Management to be held in the clubrooms on Tuesday 3rd August at 7 PM.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and explain as necessary, consider and adopt the proposed
Rules of Association which are circulated to all members in draft form some six weeks before the meet-

Two (and only two ) Special Resolutions are to be put to the meeting. They are:

         That the name of the Association be changed to “WOODCRAFT MANNINGHAM”.

         That the draft Statement of Purposes and the draft Rules of Association as circulated to
                members in the club newsletter and available at the club rooms, be approved and

                                                                 Brian Luders
Page 3                                                                           Woodcraft Matters

                          CHANGES TO OUR CONSTITUTION
For some considerable time the Committee has been aware that our existing constitution (now called
Rules of Association ) no longer suits the way the club operates. We have also discovered that our
name change to Woodcraft Manningham has never been officially registered under the Act governing
incorporated associations.

The Committee has now prepared a draft set of Rules of Association, closely following the Model Rules
supplied by Consumer Affairs Victoria, which we believe will serve the club as it operates now and into
the foreseeable future.

In order to comply with the requirements to officially change our name and register the new set of Rules
there are several steps that we, as a club, must take. These are quite straightforward, and require us
1.       Hold a Special General Meeting to approve and adopt the name (Woodcraft Manningham) and
         the new Statement of Purposes and Rules of Association.
2.       Submit the necessary documentation to Consumer Affairs Victoria.
3.       Pay an application fee.

It has been decided that the Special General Meeting will be held on our regular General Meeting night
of Tuesday 3rd August at 7 PM. The meeting will be followed by the Annual General Meeting for 2010.
Both of these meetings are important for the ongoing operation of the club as they will establish the
new rules for the future and elect the Officers of the club and members of the Management Committee
for the next year.

Please read the formal Notice of Meeting (including the resolutions to be put) for the Special General
Meeting and the Annual General Meeting (including the agenda) and the nomination form for the AGM.
Please also read the draft Rules of Association that will be put up for approval and adoption at the
SGM. All of these are published in this newsletter and hardcopies will be available at the clubrooms. To
cast a valid vote at these meetings members must be financial

The need for change, the changes being suggested and the process of implementing the changes will
all be up for explanation, discussion and debate as necessary at the regular General Meeting to be
held on 6 July. The Committee agree that all members should be comfortable with the suggested
changes, so questions and discussion is welcome.
                                                              Brian Luders

                     Active membership is the lifeblood of this club.
                    Have you brought a new member to the club yet?
Page 4                                                                          Woodcraft Matters

                                 A DAY AT THE CARVERY

                       The workshop was busy all day on the last Friday of May with carving in the
                       morning and intarsia in the afternoon. Some members were so keen that they
                       stayed for both from 9 until 4 with a hurried bite for lunch.

                     In Bryan’s absence President Bruce was the unofficial leader of the DAY
                     CARVERS efficiently showing prospective students around, welcoming visi-
                     tors and showing interest and giving hints to the 10 carvers working on their
                     individual projects. Three of them, John, Frank and Philip are comparatively
                     new members but fitting in well and rapidly learning new skills. Philip’s book-
                     ends in the form of full sized hands looked particularly promising. Amongst the
                     visitors were Jean Gray [who showed a wooden skull that she had recently
completed] and a Carve-in supporter, Merle from Mount Eliza with Perth friend Doris in tow.

Around the other benches Bruce was putting delicate finishing touches to a kelpie dog, Rachael was
working on her or perhaps we should say an angel figure, Yen was producing relief carvings of known
people one of whom was Jesus with a crown of thorns, Cyril was starting on an interesting geometric
styilised female figure, Doug’s project was a formal carved lid for a large box he hopes to complete,
Reg had his golfer up to the painting stage, and Derek was attempting another frill necked lizard from
Q beech.

At show’n’tell we viewed Doug’s carved clock, Yen’s heads, Jeans skull and Derek’s two magpies, one
of which had had a bad accident on the golf course.

 For the afternoon INTARSIA session Greg and his able assistant, Robert, had 10 pupils to contend
with all busy trying to make pictures from small differently coloured wooden pieces. Some were more
advanced than others yet carving an amazingly different mouse from exactly the same Autumn sea-
son pattern. At least one carver had advanced to the second picture in the 4 Seasons project but
found the simultaneous scroll saw cutting of wave patterns from two different coloured woods to get a
perfect fit was harder than anticipated and beginning to realise that there was more to this Intarsia
than first thought.

With two couples in the class working amiably side by side it will be interesting to see who can pro-
duce the better mouse and which of the final projects will find wall space at home.
Derek Borrell

Sick list.
Our carving friend Reg Shanhan is in hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung. He was to be op-
erated on Thursday 24th at the Northern hospital in Cooper Street Epping.

Bryan Thompson

   On behalf of everyone at Woodcraft Manningham I extend a warm welcome to the following new
   member, Frank O'Neill.
   I hope you enjoy your time as a member with us.
Page 5                                                                          Woodcraft Matters

                           BUZZERS / PLANERS FOR SALE.

I have two Melbourne made buzzers for sale. The 6 inch buzzer was made around 1970 and the 12
inch buzzer was probable made in the 1950s or before the Second World War.

6 inch Genco buzzer $150 o.n.o.
       Motor:          ¾ HP double ended fully enclosed.
       Table length:    40 inch table length.
       Base:           Steel fabricated
       A spare set of blades.

12 inch Heath buzzer $100 o.n.o. No motor. 56 inch table length
       Motor:         No motor.
       Table length:   56 inch table length.
       Base:          Cast iron. (very heavy)

Bryan Thompson phone 9459 4176.

                                                                         OVER DUE
                                                                    LIBRARY BOOKS

                                                                  The library is there for every-
                                                                  one’s use, so if you have a
                                                                  library book which you’ve
                                                                  had for some time now
                                                                  would be a good time to re-
                                                                  turn it so as to give a chance
                                                                  to other people to borrow it
Page 6                                                                             Woodcraft Matters

                     TOUGH - WOOD TURNING LATHE
                                             FOR SALE

Tough wood turning lathes were manufactured by F & R Tough Pty Ltd in Belmont Western Australia
and are considered to be solid, robust lathes. This is a one owner lathe; I purchased it directly from the
manufacturer some years ago. It comes complete with heavy duty steel cabinet stand, which houses
the electric motor and incorporates a lifting arm for belt changing. The Crompton Greaves 1 HP, 240v
motor has a 4 speed pulley permitting speeds of approx. 595, 1175, 1725 and 3400rpm. Work up to
393mm in diameter may be turned on the right hand side of the headstock – larger diameters of up to
600mm may be turned on the left hand side. Work capacity between centres is 915mm.
Accessories included: Headstock spur centre, tailstock live centre, left hand face plate, 150mm and
300mm tool rests, tool rest bracket spanner, 5 tool rests for various bowl turning situations, reducing
socket for Vicmarc chuck.
PRICE: $999-00 ONO
The lathe is in Doncaster and can be inspected by contacting Peter Oppenheim
Phone: 9842 0145 or 0414 391 625

                                  CHECK OUT THIS YOUTUBE CLIP


This is unbelievable!!!
For those of you who use a table saw, you will find this fascinating. You are going to enjoy this one and
say ouch!! Watch all of it!
If you have never seen "Time Warp," it's a show all about super slow motion cameras capturing things
we take for granted and never see as they really are.
In this case, they take photos of this guy's new invention.

Courtesy of Neil Wakeman
Page 7                                                                              Woodcraft Matters

Eastern Woodturning Club will be holding an exhibition of their work along with the Quilters
at the home of the club:
                              Mont De Lancey Historic Homestead
                                       71 Wellington Road
                                        Melway: 121 B12
                                    7th July – 1st August 2010
                                   Open Wednesday – Sunday
                                          10am – 5pm

With an open weekend in the Woodturners workshop:
                          Saturday (Market Day)10th July 9am – 1pm
                   Sunday (Bastille Day celebration) 11th July 10am – 4pm

Our club would be pleased to see any woodworkers who wish to come along and see our
new club room and talk to members.
Enquiries: Charlie Chamberlain 9728 2179 after hours.

             Latrobe Valley Woodturning and Woodworking Club

The Latrobe Valley Woodturning and Woodworking Club will be holding its annual inter-club day on
Saturday 20th November 2010 in Old Gippstown, Moe (Vic 3825). This will be an opportunity for the
exchange and demonstration of techniques and ideas in woodturning and hopefully, other wood based
Incidentally, for those of you who would have to travel a significant distance, we would recommend
making a day of it and enjoying something of Gippsland as you pass through. There are vineyards,
cheese makers, gourmet food producers, restaurants etc. in abundance (just try Googeling 'Gippsland'
and 'tourism')

Yours sincerely,

Stephen J Briggs (LVWWC committee member)
  Page 8                                                                              Woodcraft Matters

                            Central Tablelands Woodcraft

"Craft on Show" is on again on 30 and 31 October 2010. This is our 20th year, and the Show
is bigger than ever. The exhibition space covers the adjoining Pavilions, the Beau Brown &
Trevitt at the Bathurst Showground.

It started as a Woodcraft Show, eventually expanding to encompass all genuine handcrafted

This year the emphasis is on Woodcraft with cash Prizes for various categories of the craft -
an opportunity to sell and exhibit your craftsmanship and particularly promote your Club -
Group or individual skill. The event has a good social aspect and an environment for ex-
change of ideas.

Support your interest by participating in Craft on Show. Do not allow the skills of your Craft to
be lost to future generations because of lack of involvement with the people of the Central

October is not far away. Get your Group enthused and be ready to participate.

Michael Nassar, President

Page 9                                                                              Woodcraft Matters

WMS are located at:        129 Plenty Road
                           Preston, Victoria
Postal address:            P.O Box 1637 Preston Sth.
Telephone:                 (03) 9416 9022
Web address:     

WMS Will give 10% discount to members on retail prices.

                                     Newsletter dead line.
  Please be aware that the newsletter needs to be in by Midday on the Last Tuesday of the
  month. The date will vary month to month so please look at your calendar.
  This is so to allow for the nice lady at Bruce Hensell’s work place enough time to print the snail
  mail version of the newsletter. This way everyone has advance notification of the monthly club
 Page 10                                                                                    Woodcraft Matters

                                                                                  Above Potatoe Mashers
                                                                                  by Allan Way.

Above walking sticks created by the following
                                                                         Carving of
First Three on left were created by Dough Ogdon.                         Jesus Christ
                                                                         by Yen Ip.
Top left was made out of Olive wood and Water buffalo Horn.
Second from left also Buffalo horn and remains of a billiard que.
Third from left was created from Black Wood.
Forth from left also out of Black Wood was created by Patrick culshaw.
Also above on the right are close up photo’s of the handles.
My apologies to Patrick as my close up of his “Rams Head” was too
blurred to use.

 Longsworth chuck at left                                           Above Left Scroll Saw of Last supper cre-
 was made by Joe                                                    ated by Robert Murphy.
 Grasso. This piece was
 made with great accu-                                              Above Middle carving of White Necked
 racy.                                                              Herron” created by Greg Williams.
 There were many                                                    Above Right dead Magpie next to golf ball
 more creations on the                                              was created by Derek Borrell.
 night but too many to
 fit here.                                                          My photo of the Magpies does not do it
 Regards Editor