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									       Nuclear Energy

 Read and complete the following
questions concerning nuclear energy
       in the United States.
             Nuclear Energy
1.Describe nuclear energy?
2.Describe the difference between fission and
  fusion. Provide an example of each.
3.What’s a half-life? How is it measured?
4.What are the BENEFITS and DRAWBACKS to
  nuclear energy?
              Nuclear Waste
5.What is nuclear waste?
6.What are the issues concerning nuclear
7.What are possible solutions to the United
  States nuclear waste problem?
              Half-Life Problems
8. A sample of radioactive waste has a half-life of 10 years
   and an activity level of 2 curies. After how many years
   will the activity level of this sample be 0.25 curie?
9. Uranium-235 has a half-life of 710 million years. If it is
   determined that a certain amount of stored U-235 will
   be considered safe only when its radioactivity has
   dropped to 0.10 percent of the original level,
   approximately how much time must the U-235 be
   stored securely to be safe?
10. Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years. How
   long will a sample need to be kept in safe storage
   before it decays to a safe level (0.10)?
      Half-Life Problems
      Half-Life Problems

      Half-Life Problems

   Nuclear Power Plants in USA

Yucca Mountain
         Yucca Mountain, Nevada
                                              14. Why was Yucca
                                              Mountain chosen
                                              as a possible
                                              repository of
                                              nuclear waste?

                                              Examine the
                                              location of nuclear
                                              power sites in the
                                              USA. (Previous

Possible repository site for nuclear waste.   15. What potential
                                              may arise in
                                              transporting the
                                              nuclear waste to
                                              Yucca Mountain.
Nuclear Disaster: Chernobyl, Russia

                  16. What are the
                  consequences of
                  radiation exposure?
Nuclear Disaster: Three Mile Island, PA

                          17. Explain what

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