Micro Hydel Turbine by mikesanye


									  Enhancing the Rice-Wheat
System Productivity in the More
  Marginal Areas of the Indo-
Gangetic Plains- Building on A
  Farmer Innovation in Water
Harvesting and Efficient Energy
    (TAG NO. 522-CIMMYT)
       A UN-IFAD Project
Micro Hydro Turbo
  Pump System


       Head of water    Turbo pump system
      Rotary M ode Of

                          30-70                         0-25 kW
   Sluice gate            rpm                           power

                                   Gear ratio
                                   (1:20-40)            Milling flour

                           Gear                  Required
                           Box                   capacity           electricity
Water flow                                       pumps or
                                  Rpm (30 to
                                  1500 rpm)      irrigation
•Vedic Age
•From 4000BC till
•Vitrovian wheels
•Fuling mill: John

Figure (undershot)
Smearrn & Bossut -
1759(nth experiment)
To today's Mangal
 Water Wheel
Has undergone no
Much technological
Advances even if
Various scientific
systems have
Reached optimal
      Why have these efforts not borne fruit in Indian Sub-continent?

Technical Feasibility….1
• Mind set : Village sites are remote &
  bound to be un-competitive
   – low productivity & quality
   – Maximum people socially illiterate,
     suspicious of modern technology
• No systematic efforts by technical
  institutions to innovate technologies,
  management practices for decentralized
  production---limited expertise
• Technical education oriented towards
  organized sector alone
         Road Map for Pr omoting Energ y Manage men t
                  Integrating Hydr o P ower & RCTs
Action Ste ps                                                        Re s ponsi bilities
    Step - 1     Developing Technically Successful P rotot ypes            IIT/
                   wit h sat isfactory performance at lab unit            Agro.
                                                                          Uni v.
    Step -2
                     Fu rther de veloping the RC T & T rbo  u
                                    prototypes                               IIT D
                           with satis factory fiel d trials               C IMMYT
    Step - 3

                   Pre paration of Com ple te s pe cifi cations
                           for techn ology trans fer                      IIT D
    Step – 4
                           Identif ication of Pros pecti ve
                            Manuf acturer & Workshop                     Cimmyt

   Step -5                                                               Manuf ac-
Cimmyt                            el
                      Product de v opmen t and produ cti on              turer
                             of sam ple prototypes

   Step -6              Promoti on of Sam ple prototypes at                Cimmyt
                                 appli cation si tes
    Step -7
                    Sys tem in tegration of energy conserving              Cimmyt
                           de v ces wi th various RC Ts

   Step -8
                   Evolving commercial viabili ty for appropriate           Cimmyt
                             rural Agriculture Systems

    Step -9
                          Dissemination – Training, enabling
                      entrepren eur f inancing, Marketing support          Cimmyt
     Step -10   Introduction of New Farming Method f or Prof itability
                                            Specify flow rate and head

                                                  Calculate flow power

                                                   Power requirement?

Micro Hydro Turbo                              Flow or head enough for
System Design                                      required power

                                      Require water storage and P E utilization?

                                              Power can be produced

                                                 Start Turbine Design

                                Select turbine speed as per power consuming device

                                              No. of vanes to be kept odd

                    Material for manufacture according to availability: (best M, S material)

            Design for assembly of the system; turbine, power transmission devices, pump or alternator as required

                                                      Install & stop
    Comparative Study of Original Design and that of R&D
  Picture 1: With Dr BK Saha I A S       Picture 2:With native Villagers

 Place: River “SAJNAM” in Village Bhailoni Lodh,Lalitpur,Uttar Pradesh, India

Mangal Turbine (Old design)          New Turbine (Design I) (CIMMYT-
    (Farmers Version)                        RWC-IIT Delhi)
                     Comparative Study of Original Design and that after R&D

    Specifications          Farmers Version Mangal   New Design I Mangal
                                    turbine               Turbine
   Weight of turbine                1500 kg                350 kg
Outer diameter of wheel              4.0 m                   1.26m
     Wheel speed                   13 RPM                   70 RPM
    No. Of blades                     24                       14
         Head                        1.5m                     1.5m
  Water consumption               1800 lit/sec             500 lit/sec
  Flow turning angle           70o for Big blade              110o
                              49o for Small blade     (One type blade only)
     Blade width              Big blade = 670 mm             380mm
                             Small blade = 435 mm
     Blade depth              Big blade = 235mm             100mm
                             Small blade = 100 mm
       Gear box                     3 stages               2 stages
                               Gear Ratio 1:125       Gear Ratio 1: 21.54
       Material                       M.S.                  M.S.
    Specific Speed                 75 RPM                  3771RPM
      Pump discharge               22 lit/sec               22 lit/sec
     Output power                   6 KW                     6 KW
      Efficiency                    22.7%                     72%
    Cost of wheel                   80,000           $1800 7,000         $160
   Cost of gear box                120,000           $2700 14,000        $320
Turbo pump system
                                Conceptual Design & Layout towards                                  Local hydro
                                                                                                    resources from
                              Farm Profitability & Energy Management                                surrounding
resources                        Integrating RCTs and Hydro Power                                   villages/waste
from                                                                                                drains etc.
               Zero Run-Off
              Concept of Water                                                Micro Hydro
                                                  RCTs                                          DAM STORAGE
                Harvesting                                                    Water Wheel       Subsidisedmanufactu
                                                                                                re in workshop

                              POWER-HOUSE with EFFICIENT Consumables                            ELECTRIC Supply
Services &                                                                                      FLOUR MILLING
                                                                     Soil                       FISHERIES
                                 Aforesta          Ferti-             up
  ADMN.                          -                 seed                           turbo
  ADMN          Water shed       tion+wat                          gradatio
                                                   manage                         power
  OFFICE                         er table                             n                         ENERGY-
                                                   ment                                         PLANTATION-
  Researche                                                                                     WASTE LAND
  rs                           STORAGE      INTEGRATION REGULATION                              AFORESTATION
                                                                                                Reduction in
                               POWER         FERTILITY         H20 SUPPLY
  Managers                                                                                      GHG
  Marketing                                                                                     PRODUCTION

  Finance                                   F.P                 F.P                 F.P
                                                                                                RURAL ENGG.,
  ce                                    Less Irrigation costs, Improved Quality and timing of
               Flour Mill                                                                       TURBO
                                        Crop, Cut in C fuel usage, Electrification, Improved
               Quality seed                    Water Table, Optimal Ferti use, R & M
                                         ECO-TECHNO UPLIFTED FARMERS IN IGP                     WORKSHOPS

              PRODUCTS                                                                       RAW-MATERIAL
              MARKETING                                                               PROCUREMENT-STORAGE
• The first reference to its use dates back to about 4000 B.C., where,
  in a poem by an early Greek writer, Antipater, it tells about the
  freedom from the toil of young women who operated small hand
  mills to grind corn.
• As early as the first century, waterwheels of the vertical design were
  replacing the horizontal waterwheel.
• An early horizontal-wheeled watermill used for grinding grain in
  Greece was the called Norse Mill. In Syria, the watermills were
  called "noriahs". They were used for running mills to process cotton
  into cloth.
• Of the three distinct types of water mills,
    – The simplest and probably the earliest was a vertical wheel with paddles
      on which the force of the stream acted.
    – Next was the horizontal wheel used for driving a millstone through a
      vertical shaft attached directly to the wheel.
    – Third was the geared mill driven by a vertical waterwheel with a
      horizontal shaft
        In Modern Times What
         do We Value the Most             ?

    Vitamin M          MONEY

This integrated technology that has got adopted
                  & is the one
 that has brought profits for the poor farmers
                 In remote IGP
                    Comparative study on development of Micro hydro water wheel

Specification                Farmer’s version     New Design I      New Design II
                             Bhailoni Village   (Semera Village)   (KVK, Sonipat)
                               Lalitpur,UP         Lalitpur,UP        Haryana

Diameter in m                       4                1.26               1.5

Head at site in m                  1.5                1.5                1

Power developed                   6kw                6kw                5kw

Water utilized to run            1800l/s             400l/s            450l/s

Pump discharge                    22 l/s             22l/s             22l/s

efficiency                   40%[t] 20%[p]      72%[t] 68%[p]      86%[t] 76%[p]

No. of blades                      24                 14                15

Principle                        impulse            impulse           impulse

Cost of wheel                     $1800              $160              $170

Cost of gear box                  $2700              $320              $400

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