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SAFETY                                                             NOTES
 SPOKANE FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                             JANUARY 2011

                 DETECTOR                               Do some research on CO detectors so that
                                                        the units you select will be a good match for
                                                        tenants, budget and buildings. Before
                     UPDATES                            purchase, check to see what the
                                                        manufacturer’s recommendations are in
                                                        terms of placement. WA code will require CO
                                                        alarms “outside each separate sleeping area
                                                        in the vicinity of the bedroom.” Some
The Washington State Building Code Council              detectors are installed as plug-ins near the
has issued an updated schedule for requiring            floor. Others require a ceiling mount.
carbon monoxide detectors in new and existing
residential units.                                      While smoke detectors must be replaced
   •   By 1/1/11, CO alarms must be installed in all    every 10 years, carbon monoxide detectors
       new residential occupancies where an
       attached garage or fuel-fired heat source is
                                                        typically last only 5 to 7 years. Replacement
       present.                                         dates should be indicated on the packaging.
   •   By 1/1/13, CO alarms must be installed in        To track the life expectancy of each unit, it is
       existing dwelling units in apartments, single-   wise to mark the expected replacement date
       family residential units that are rented,        on the back of every CO alarm.
       motels and hotels where an attached
       garage or fuel-fired heat source is present.
                                                        It will also be important to teach your tenants
                                                        about the function of the CO alarm and how
Carbon monoxide is often referred to as “the
                                                        to replace batteries as needed. CO alarms
silent killer” because the gas has no taste, color
                                                        that cost a bit more have LED screens
or odor. Symptoms of low-level CO poisoning
                                                        indicating the amount of CO in the air. These
(i.e. shortness of breath, mild nausea and
                                                        are a good investment because they provide
headache) can be confused with food
                                                        an immediate indicator of the extent of CO
poisoning or the flu. Even moderate levels of
                                                        toxins in the room. If the detector shows 9
CO exposure can cause death if headaches,
                                                        parts or more of CO per million parts of
dizziness, and nausea are ignored until the
                                                        oxygen, residents must evacuate.
person is unable to respond. While statistics
tend to focus on the number of persons who
                                                        The simplest advice: when a CO alarm
are hospitalized or die from CO exposure each
                                                        sounds, the tenant should exit the home and
year, there is less awareness of the long-term
                                                        call 9-1-1. The Fire Department will respond
effects of CO poisoning. Memory loss,
                                                        with testing equipment and may recommend
cognition problems, personality and behavioral
                                                        a follow-up call to the landlord for furnace or
changes as well as impaired coordination and
vision can last for years.                                                                   continued
other repairs. We are fortunate to have the
technology in CO alarms needed to detect “the
silent killer” before more lives are impaired or lost!                           DISHWASHER WOES
(For more information on CO detectors, refer to
our January 2010 edition of the Apartment
Newsletter at www.spokanefire.org under


Too many tenants fail to recognize the benefit of
Renter’s Insurance until they face a major loss.
One way to welcome this New Year is to
encourage every tenant to invest in themselves by
contacting their insurance agent and setting aside
about $15 to cover a monthly renter’s insurance
                                                       Remind tenants how to best extinguish a kitchen grease fire
Many renters mistakenly believe that their
                                         by putting a lid over the pan and turning off the heat.
                                                                                                          Studies conducted by the NFPA
                                                                                                          and US Fire Administration
landlord’s insurance will cover any of the tenant’s
                                         Recommend that tenants always keep a lid and a box of baking     show that:
                                                                     The December              your at
                                         soda handy whenever they cook with grease. Whilefire oldera Spokane Valley
personal losses from fire. They also may be be aware of this simple information, many teen and •Unattended cooking is the
                                         tenants may
                                         young adult cooks have no idea Station reminded
                                                                     Fire                                   all leading factor
unaware of their own liability if they accidentallyreach for water! how to extinguish a grease fire ussingle of the contributing
                                         and may even                                                     to home fires.
cause damage that impacts other tenants. One                         importance of periodically checking the
                                                                                                          •Males face disproportionate risk
                                         Keep grills a safe distance from siding, eaves, woodenSafety Commission’s
Spokane renter without renter’s insurance and overhanging Consumer Product for of a cooking fire injury relative to
                                                 recently            branches. Although grills account
                                                                     recall site propane grills on the the amount of cooking they do.
discovered this hard fact when presentedawith portion of cooking-related fires,at www.cpsc.gov. In the case of
                                         only small a
                                         decks of multi-family residences can dramatically accelerate any •More than 50% of home
$410,000 bill for fire losses!                                                                            cooking Bosch and
                                                                     the firefighters, over 476,000 injuries occur when
                                         fire that starts on the exterior of a building.
                                                                      Siemens dishwashers manufactured fire
                                      Investigate new technology that addresses the problem of
                                                                                                                people try to fight the
Resolve to have a simple handout on renter’s                          between May 1999 and July 2005 were
                                      cooking fires. If you have tenants who are part of the “higher-
                                                                                                                •Although gas grills are used
                                                 as be interested college students or senior
insurance as you welcome each new tenantyou will fire” groups ofto learn more about the CookStop
                                                                                                                           times electrical
                                                                                                                  becauseas are as
                                                                      recalled in January 2009about 1.5grills, theyofteninvolved
                                      device of the
well as an annual reminder to every tenantthat monitors movement in the kitchen and shuts off the
                                                                      components could overheat. In addition,   in 5 times as many fires.
                                       Notwhen the cook leaves the room
value of renter’s insurance coverage. stove more at www.cookstop.com. or falls asleep. You can
                                              many                    nearly 2 million other dishwashers were   •More than one-third of
belongings can be replaced with the $120 to $200                                                                residential cooking-fire fatalities
                                                                      recalled in 2010 for electrical failures in were
                                           On a related note, Spokane Fire Department Prevention                occurred while the victims
“saved” in annual renter’s insurance premiums! the opportunity to witness the effectiveness of the sleeping.
                                           personnel had
                                                                      heating elements. pot of brands include
                                           Safe-T-element at a 2009 presentation in Spokane. A
                                           water was kept boiling on Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Aire, Magic Chef,
                                                                       a hot plate fitted with Safe-T-elements.
                                           A piece of ordinary paper placed on the element and under the
                                                                      Admiral and hours, You
                                           pot of water was slightly scorched after several GE. but was can find model
                                           not burned. The Safe-T-element            TM
                                                                                 replaces the regular element
                                                                      numbers, photos and recall remedies at
                                           on stovetops. It is more energy-efficient than a regular burner
 You can sign up for this monthly newsletter, askita                  the CPSC website under Product Type /
                                           because allows more even warming at a lower temperature. It
                                           safety topic
 fire-related question or suggest a specific actually prevents stovetop fires because it automatically shuts
                                                                      Dishwasher. Safety or
 by contacting Jan Doherty at jdoherty@spokanefire.org at 370 C or 698 F.) Formaximum of 350 Con
                                           the stove off when temperatures reach a                         Tip: Don’t put the
                                           662 F. (Oil ignites               o        o  more information
 or by calling 625-7058.                                              dishwasher on this device
                                           how the U.S. Navy has studied the effectiveness of before going to sleep or
                                                                      leaving the house or
                                           on base housing, go to www.wsafc.org/Lists/NewsArticles/ fire station!
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