13. Olympus MTB Downhill_ Mountain Medvednica_ Zagreb_ Croatia by jlhd32


Learn mountain biking for all the riders, the talk will definitely give everyone downhill excited! Fully armed, wearing a mighty good protection, wear full protective helmet, the light looks very valiant. Together they rushed down a high slope, such as a camel fill the gap through a series of actions, how can we not exciting, shortness of breath, like a red-on, person to show his paces it? Yes children, perhaps the best mountain bike sports highlights youth agitation, uninhibited, wild on the number of non-downhill Mo! Select a mountain downhill movement is chosen to stimulate and challenge the limits, this does not also represent the youth of the pulse is so!

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									                       13th MTB Downhill
               May 8, 2005, Mountain Medvednica
                        Zagreb, Croatia

                    CITY TOUR AND EXCURSIONS

1. Regular City Tour of Zagreb-for individuals!
Every day:
Mon: 16 – 18 (walking tour)
Tue: 10 – 12 (walking tour)
Wed: 16 – 19 (walking and bus tour)
Thur: 10 – 12 (walking tour)
Fri: 16 – 19 (walking and bus tour)
Sat: 10 – 13 (walking and bus tour)
Sun: 10 – 13 (walking and bus tour)

Walking tour: 13 € (incl: guide, coffee break)
Walking and bus tour: 20 € (incl: guide, transportation, coffee break)

2.City tour with costumed guides
-duration:3 hours
Costumed guides of Zagreb

We invite you to experience the past and the present of Zagreb by passing through the
streets of the Lower and Upper Town by entering inside the Zagreb Cathedral and
taking in the everyday lively atmosphere of Dolac Market......... You will be accompanied by
celebrated personalities from Zagreb's past – August Šenoa, a novelist, and Marija Jurić
Zagorka, a novelist and the first Croatian lady-journalist....

Price(min 35 persons)=13 € (includes: transportation, costumed guide, coffee/tea, a
souvenir – pepper biscuit, Zagreb leaflet)

3.City tour of Zagreb with costumed guides and dinner
National gastronomy restaurant "Stari Puntijar" with traditional Zagreb specialities and
music, with possibility of visiting Gastro-Museum.
Price (min 30 persons)= 38 €
includes: tour guide, transportation, 3 course menu .

4. Plitvice, National Park – Croatian water necklace! (Whole day trip)

Plitvice Lakes are the most popular Croatian National Park. They rank among the
most beautiful natural attractions in Europe..a magical world of lakes, waterfalls, moss,
forests and sunlight, a string of 16 lakes that spill into each other in foaming cascades
and thundering waterfalls...

Price (min 30 persons):35 €
includes: tour guide, transportation, lunch and entrances to the National Park (small train
and boats).

5.Croatian Zagorje – Land of nobility and peasants! (Half day trip)

A hilly region of vineyards, castles, spas, cozy villages and picturesque landscape. Short
visit to the ethno village, taste the genuine local specialties and wine, visit castles...

Price(min 30 persons): 25 €
includes: tour guide, transportation, and lunch.
Optional: visiting of the museums (Kumrovec, Miljana castle, Veliki Tabor castle,
Augustincic Gallery..)
6. Opatija–the old lady of Croatian tourism! (Whole day trip)

Opatija, the pearl of the Adriatic sea. Parks, luxurious hotels and villas, from the
Austro-Hungarian period. The road to Opatija leads trough mountainous region of Gorski
Kotar («little Swizerland»), lunch by the sea, visit of magical surroundings – Lovrana and

Price (min 30 persons):39 €
includes: transportation, tour guide, local guide in Opatija, lunch.

7. “Visit Split in a day!”
1700 years old Roman town

Departure: 06.05 h
Return: 21.20 h

You will enjoy the whole day excursion by the sea..taking the breath of fresh air..the
sun..exploring the cultural heritage of the most important town in Dalmatia – Split..take a
walk through Diocletian Palace, Porta Aurea, Porta Argentea, Peristil, Cidro Palace,
church of St. Duje...have lunch with original Dalmatian specialities in local restaurant..

Price (max 30 persons): 150 €

(includes: airplane ticket – Zagreb – Split – Zagreb, regular coach transportation airport
– centre – airport, city tour of Split with a local guide, entrance tickets to Diocletian
Palace, church St. Duje and Jupiter's Temple, lunch in a local restaurant)
*prices are calculative and no reservations are made
8.Dubrovnik-the pearl of the Adriatic sea!(Whole day)
Have coffee in Dubrovnik!
Departure:05,55 h
Return:21,45 h

As you approach Dubrovnik you will get the breathtaking view of one of the most
beautiful towns in the World. Surrounded by fortresses and walls, Dubrovnik is a
treasure throve of architectural and cultural masterpieces, carefully preserved over the
centuries:Rector’s Palace, 14th century Pharmacy, the Dominican Monastery, the
Cathedral, etc.

Price(max 30 persons)......... 165 €
(includes:airplane ticket Zagreb-Dubrovnik-Zagreb, regural coach transportation
airport-centre-airport, walking tour of Dubrovnik , entrance tickets to the museums,
lunch in a local restaurant
*prices are calculative and no reservations are made

                         PLEASE SEND YOUR REQUEST TO:

                                    Event d.o.o.
                                   Andrijevićeva 12
                               10 000 Zagreb ,CROATIA
                                 tel. 385 1 370 30 88
                                 fax. 385 1 370 30 92

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