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The Assuption 2010 by nyut545e2


									       The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary                               St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
      Sunday readings Year C, Weekday readings Year ll Psalter 4
                                                                               Elm Grove, Brighton
                                                                         The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sun   15th    9.30am William O’Dea RIP
             11.30am People of the Parish
                                                                               15th August 2010
Mon 16th
              5.30pm Holy Souls RIP                                      Welcome into our community all those who are new
                                                                          to the parish or visiting us today. There is lots going on at
Tues 17th    12.00pm ADORATION                                            St. Joseph’s - prayer groups, socials, retreats, and events
                                                                         for parishioners of all ages! If you are new to the parish please speak
Wed 18th     5.00pm ADORATION                                            to Father John after Mass and pick up a welcome pack at the back
             6.00pm Michael Stickland RIP                                of church.

Thurs 19th 10.00am ADORATION                                             A Message from Father John
Fri   20th 12.00pm Ken Gandey RIP                                        One of my nephew’s, Nicholas, celebrates his birthday on August
                                                                         15th. Because it is the same date as the Assumption, it is the one
Sat   21st   10.00am ADORATION—no confessions today                      birthday I always remember. I know many people who have a very
                   21st Sunday of the Year                               strong devotion to Our Lady, never letting a day go by without say-
                                                                         ing the Rosary. Sometimes all four Mysteries! With regard to my own
Sun   22nd    9.30am People of the Parish                                devotion to Our Lady, there are two things I really do keep up.
             11.30am John Rielly RIP                                     Firstly, each time I get into my car and embark on a journey that will
              5.30pm Eric Gordon RIP
                                                                         take at least thirty minutes or more, I start by saying one of the Mys-
                                                                         teries of the Rosary, usually the Joyful, because I know that one
                                                                         best. I still have not quite mastered the ‘Mysteries of Light’ off by
                                                                         heart. I find it is a good way of keeping devotion to Our Lady alive
                                                                         when I am travelling. I tend to do the same when I go out for a
                                                                         long walk on my own. Also, when I go visiting, after I have rung the
                                                                         bell or knocked on the door of a house, I will say a Hail Mary in
                                                                         preparation for my visit. These little devotional things are great for
                                                                         ‘keeping us on track.’ In the words of the opening prayer today:
                               PARISH OF ST JOSEPH & ST FRANCIS          ‘May we see heaven as our final goal and come to share her glory,
Fr John Inglis                                                           through Christ our Lord. Amen.
St Joseph’s Church         Email:
6 Wellington Road                                                        God bless you all,
                           Parish Secretary: Stephanie Pattenden
Brighton, BN2 3AA                                                                                Father John
                           Office open Mon, Wed, Fri: 9.30 - 1.00pm
Tel: 01273 386159          Items for the newsletter in by WEDNESDAY
Fax: 01273 380595                                                                                         Collections
                                                                                                  Offertory: 08/08/10-£401.81
Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust is a Registered Charity No. 252878
Today’s Readings: The Assumption of Our Lady: Apocalypse 11:19, 12:1-        Parish School
6.10, Corinthians 15:20-26, Luke 1:39-56.
                                                                                                                           The Hub is a youth group for
                                                                             St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School           anyone in Years 6-8. We meet
                                                                             Davey Drive, Brighton BN1 7BF
                                                                                                                           fortnightly on Fridays from 7-
Psalm response: On your right stands the queen, in garments of Gold.         Tel: 01273 556607
                                                                                                                           8.30pm in the parish hall in Milton
                                                                             Email:admin@st-josephsbrighton-               Road. The Hub has finished for the
Next week readings: 21st Sunday of the Year: Isaiah 66:18-21, Hebrews 12.5
                                                                                                      summer this will restart in
-7. 11-13, Luke 13:22-30.
                                                                             Pre-school website address:
Please remember in your prayers             Our Parish Sacramental                 Overflow is a group for any-
Irene Creen, Tom McCarthy,               Programmes will begin again                                                       one in YRS 11-13 who want to
Lil McGrandles, Len Pike,                      after the holiday.                                                          explore the Catholic faith more.
Jean Gardiner, Philomena Franco,                                                   Papal Visit in September                We meet fortnightly on Tuesday
Stephen Nye, Josephine Cassidy,                                              Please note that the lists are now
                                       Parish Outing to Ayesford on                                                        evenings (6.30-8.30pm) in the
Michael Donovan and all those                                                closed.
                                       Sunday 15th August, please                                                          Presbytery basement. Overflow-
who are sick in our Parish.                                                                                                has finished for the summer
                                       contact Celia on 01273 508028 if
                                       you wish to book a place. We will                                                   this will restart in September.
Please pray for all those who have                                           WELCOMERS urgently required for all
died recently. Please also pray for    leave St Joseph’s at 9am and          Masses, please contact the parish office on
Raffella Dainty and all those whose    return for 6pm. Only 3 places         01273 386159 if you are able to assist in     Youth Liturgies @ 11.30
anniversaries occur about now.         remaining.                            this position on a rota basis.                St Joseph’s runs two youth litur-
May they rest in peace.                                                                                                    gies each month at the 11.30am
                                                                                                                           Mass. Please contact Rachel for
                                       Next Sunday we will have an                                                         more info on any of the above
Diary Dates…                           appeal and 2nd Collection on                                                        items: 07792 776415 or
                                       the behalf of Missionary Society                                          
Thursday 2nd September at 6.30pm       of St Coloumban at all Masses                                                       Youth Liturgy has finished for the
Padre Pio.                                                                                                                 summer this will restart in
* Sunday 12th September—Bowling.
* Saturday 2nd October– Mass,          Cafod Emergency Collections for
Quiz, Fish and Chip Supper.                  Pakistan and China
                                                                                                                           Students and Young Adults
Friday 8th October at 7.30pm 50                                                                                            All young adults are welcome to
+60’s Music Party with Supper in       Supplies are already going out to
                                       the above countries. We will have                                                   come to Deep Waters every
Milton Road Hall. More details to                                                                                          Thursday evening for food, prayer
Follow.                                our collection in three weeks
                                       time.                                                                               and fellowship. 7pm at 1 Elm
Saturday 23rd October at 2.30pm                                                Siris says…..                               Grove. Restarts on 9th Sept.
Service for the Sick in Milton Road                                                                                        We also invite young adults to
Hall.                                                                          What bird’s good for fixing holes?          Sunday lunch after 11.30am Mass
                                                                                                                           at 1 Elm Grove. Restarts on 5th
                                                                               Polly-filla                                 Sept.
                                                                                                                           Call 01273 245096 for more info.

* = St Francis Community

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