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									                                                                           Federal Aviation Administration, DOT                                                            § 121.583

                                                                           the observer’s seat selected by the Ad-                     (iii) The safe handling of hazardous
                                                                           ministrator must be made available                        materials whose carriage is governed
                                                                           when complying with paragraph (a) of                      by regulations in 49 CFR part 175;
                                                                           this section.                                               (iv) The security of valuable or con-
                                                                             (c) For any airplane type certificated                  fidential cargo;
                                                                           before December 20, 1995, for not more                      (v) The preservation of fragile or per-
                                                                           than 30 passengers that does not have                     ishable cargo;
                                                                           an observer seat on the flightdeck, the                     (vi) Experiments on, or testing of,
                                                                           certificate holder must provide a for-                    cargo containers or cargo handling de-
                                                                           ward passenger seat with headset or                       vices;
                                                                           speaker for occupancy by the Adminis-                       (vii) The operation of special equip-
                                                                           trator while conducting en route in-                      ment for loading or unloading cargo;
                                                                           spections.                                                and
                                                                           [Doc. No. 6258, 29 FR 19219, Dec. 31, 1964, as              (viii) The loading or unloading of
                                                                           amended by Amdt. 121–144, 43 FR 22648, May                outsize cargo.
                                                                           25, 1978; Amdt. 121–251, 60 FR 65935, Dec. 20,              (5) A person described in paragraph
                                                                           1995; Amdt. 121–288, 67 FR 2128, Jan. 15, 2002]           (a)(4) of this section, when traveling to
                                                                                                                                     or from his assignment.
                                                                           § 121.582 Means to discreetly notify a
                                                                               flightcrew.                                             (6) A person performing duty as an
                                                                                                                                     honor guard accompanying a shipment
                                                                              Except for all-cargo operations as de-                 made by or under the authority of the
                                                                           fined in § 119.3 of this chapter, after Oc-               United States.
                                                                           tober 15, 2007, for all passenger car-                      (7) A military courier, military route
                                                                           rying airplanes that require a lockable                   supervisor, military cargo contract co-
                                                                           flightdeck door in accordance with                        ordinator, or a flight crewmember of
                                                                           § 121.313(f), the certificate holder must                 another military cargo contract air
                                                                           have an approved means by which the                       carrier or commercial operator, carried
                                                                           cabin crew can discreetly notify the                      by a military cargo contract air carrier
                                                                           flightcrew in the event of suspicious                     or commercial operator in operations
                                                                           activity or security breaches in the                      under a military cargo contract, if that
                                                                           cabin.                                                    carriage is specifically authorized by
                                                                           [Amdt. 121–334, 72 FR 45635, Aug. 15, 2007]               the appropriate armed forces.
                                                                                                                                       (8) A dependent of an employee of the
                                                                           § 121.583 Carriage of persons without                     certificate holder when traveling with
                                                                               compliance with the passenger-car-                    the employee on company business to
                                                                               rying requirements of this part.                      or from outlying stations not served by
                                                                              (a) When authorized by the certifi-                    adequate regular passenger flights.
                                                                           cate holder, the following persons, but                     (b) No certificate holder may operate
                                                                           no others, may be carried aboard an                       an airplane carrying a person covered
                                                                           airplane without complying with the                       by paragraph (a) of this section un-
                                                                           passenger-carrying airplane require-                      less—
                                                                           ments in §§ 121.309(f), 121.310, 121.391,                   (1) Each person has unobstructed ac-
                                                                           121.571, and 121.587; the passenger-car-                  cess from his seat to the pilot compart-
                                                                           rying     operation      requirements      in             ment or to a regular or emergency exit;
                                                                           §§ 121.157(c) and 121.291; and the require-                 (2) The pilot in command has a
                                                                           ments pertaining to passengers in                         means of notifying each person when
                                                                           §§ 121.285, 121.313(f), 121.317, 121.547, and             smoking is prohibited and when safety
                                                                           121.573:                                                  belts must be fastened; and
                                                                              (1) A crewmember.                                        (3) The airplane has an approved seat
                                                                              (2) A company employee.                                with an approved safety belt for each
                                                                              (3) An FAA air carrier inspector, a                    person. The seat must be located so
                                                                           DOD commercial air carrier evaluator,                     that the occupant is not in any posi-
                                                                           or an authorized representative of the                    tion to interfere with the flight crew-
                                                                           National Transportation Safety Board,                     members performing their duties.
WReier-Aviles on DSKJ8SOYB1PROD with CFR

                                                                           who is performing official duties.                          (c) Before each takeoff, each certifi-
                                                                              (4) A person necessary for—                            cate holder operating an airplane car-
                                                                              (i) The safety of the flight;                          rying persons covered by paragraph (a)
                                                                              (ii) The safe handling of animals;                     of this section shall ensure that all


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                                                                           § 121.584                                                               14 CFR Ch. I (1–1–10 Edition)

                                                                           such persons have been orally briefed                     § 121.585 Exit seating.
                                                                           by the appropriate crewmember on—                            (a)(1) Each certificate holder shall
                                                                              (1) Smoking;                                           determine, to the extent necessary to
                                                                              (2) The use of seat belts;                             perform the applicable functions of
                                                                              (3) The location and operation of                      paragraph (d) of this section, the suit-
                                                                           emergency exits;                                          ability of each person it permits to oc-
                                                                              (4) The use of oxygen and emergency                    cupy an exit seat, in accordance with
                                                                           oxygen equipment; and                                     this section. For the purpose of this
                                                                              (5) For extended overwater oper-                       section—
                                                                           ations, the location of life rafts, and                      (i) Exit seat means—
                                                                           the location and operation of life pre-                      (A) Each seat having direct access to
                                                                           servers including a demonstration of                      an exit; and,
                                                                                                                                        (B) Each seat in a row of seats
                                                                           the method of donning and inflating a
                                                                                                                                     through which passengers would have
                                                                           life preserver.                                           to pass to gain access to an exit, from
                                                                              (d) Each certificate holder operating                  the first seat inboard of the exit to the
                                                                           an airplane carrying persons covered                      first aisle inboard of the exit.
                                                                           by paragraph (a) of this section shall                       (ii) A passenger seat having ‘‘direct
                                                                           incorporate procedures for the safe car-                  access’’ means a seat from which a pas-
                                                                           riage of such persons into the certifi-                   senger can proceed directly to the exit
                                                                           cate holder’s operations manual.                          without entering an aisle or passing
                                                                              (e) The pilot in command may au-                       around an obstruction.
                                                                           thorize a person covered by paragraph                        (2) Each certificate holder shall make
                                                                           (a) of this section to be admitted to the                 the passenger exit seating determina-
                                                                           crew compartment of the airplane.                         tions required by this paragraph in a
                                                                                                                                     non-discriminatory manner consistent
                                                                           [Doc. No. 10580, 35 FR 14612, Sept. 18, 1970, as          with the requirements of this section,
                                                                           amended by Amdt. 121–96, 37 FR 19608, Sept.
                                                                                                                                     by persons designated in the certificate
                                                                           21, 1972; Amdt. 121–159, 45 FR 41594, June 19,
                                                                           1980; Amdt. 121–232, 57 FR 48663, Oct. 27, 1992;
                                                                                                                                     holder’s required operations manual.
                                                                           Amdt. 121–251, 60 FR 65935, Dec. 20, 1995;                   (3) Each certificate holder shall des-
                                                                           Amdt. 121–253, 61 FR 2614, Jan. 26, 1996; Amdt.           ignate the exit seats for each passenger
                                                                           121–298, 68 FR 41217, July 10, 2003]                      seating configuration in its fleet in ac-
                                                                                                                                     cordance with the definitions in this
                                                                           § 121.584 Requirement to view the                         paragraph and submit those designa-
                                                                               area outside the flightdeck door.                     tions for approval as part of the proce-
                                                                              From the time the airplane moves in                    dures required to be submitted for ap-
                                                                                                                                     proval under paragraphs (n) and (p) of
                                                                           order to initiate a flight segment
                                                                                                                                     this section.
                                                                           through the end of that flight segment,
                                                                                                                                        (b) No certificate holder may seat a
                                                                           no person may unlock or open the                          person in a seat affected by this section
                                                                           flightdeck door unless:                                   if the certificate holder determines
                                                                              (a) A person authorized to be on the                   that it is likely that the person would
                                                                           flightdeck uses an approved audio pro-                    be unable to perform one or more of
                                                                           cedure and an approved visual device to                   the applicable functions listed in para-
                                                                           verify that:                                              graph (d) of this section because—
                                                                              (1) The area outside the flightdeck                       (1) The person lacks sufficient mobil-
                                                                           door is secure, and;                                      ity, strength, or dexterity in both arms
                                                                              (2) If someone outside the flightdeck                  and hands, and both legs:
                                                                           is seeking to have the flightdeck door                       (i) To reach upward, sideways, and
                                                                           opened, that person is not under du-                      downward to the location of emergency
                                                                           ress, and;                                                exit and exit-slide operating mecha-
                                                                              (b) After the requirements of para-                    nisms;
                                                                           graph (a) of this section have been sat-                     (ii) To grasp and push, pull, turn, or
                                                                           isfactorily accomplished, the crew-                       otherwise manipulate those mecha-
WReier-Aviles on DSKJ8SOYB1PROD with CFR

                                                                           member in charge on the flightdeck au-
                                                                           thorizes the door to be unlocked and                         (iii) To push, shove, pull, or other-
                                                                           open.                                                     wise open emergency exits;
                                                                                                                                        (iv) To lift out, hold, deposit on near-
                                                                           [Amdt. 121–334, 72 FR 45635, Aug. 15, 2007]               by seats, or maneuver over the


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