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In order to get a good and quick result during the harvest, it is important that all parts
are adjusted perfectly to one another, in particular the plucking system, that ensure nice,
correct cut off fruits.


The adjustment of the plucking system has to be done according to following pattern :

   Adjustment   of the detection field of the photo switch
   Adjustment   of the speed of the plucking heads and the stem gripping rollers
   Adjustment   of the first plucking pressure and T1
   Adjustment   of the second plucking pressure and T2
   Adjustment   start eject rollers T3


The detection of the present of a sprout
stick in the centring mechanism
happens by a photo switch (1). The
detection field (2) is the area from the
photo switch where the detection
happens. The detection field (2) can be
adjusted with the regulation nut above
the photo switch. The field must be
adjusted so that the detection happens
just a bit over the middle of the plucking
head opening.

The photo switch can also be rotated so
this one detects more or less to the
inside or to the outside. When turning
the photo switch to the outside the
plucking head will come into effect
faster because then it will take longer
before you will reach the knifes with the
stick, turning more to the inside gives
extra time to bring the plant into the
centring mechanism. However it is not
usual to adjust the operation like this. It
is better to adjust the times T1, T2, T3.

The faster the plucking head is turning, the more the arms of the knifes will be loaded by
the middle flying force. Because of this the arms are pulled to the outside and then the
closing pressure of the knifes is smaller. Therefore is the necessary to adjust first the
speed of the stem gripping rollers before you regulate the pressure.

The stem gripping rollers must be calibrated on a speed of 90 to 100 rotations per
minute while the engine is turning 1500 rotations per minute.


The first pressure must be adjusted so that the knifes will cut just under the fruit; the
feet need to be short as possible. As starting pressure you can take 25 BAR, and so
adjust gradually. When the fruits themselves will be cut, then you need to increase the
pressure. When the fruits are being cut at the end of the stem then you need to increase
the second pressure. The maximum settable pressure is 40 BAR. When you still do not
get the required result, then you need to change to another type of knifes.

Standard value:      P1 :25 bar
                     P2 : 30 bar


Next to the pressure, the time is also important.
The time T1 gives you the time to bring the plant correctly in the machine via the
centring mechanism, before this will open and the first pressure will enter. Next the time
T2 needs to be regulated so that the second pressure that enters will run analogue with
the narrowing of the stem and the reducing of the sprouts. The time T3 that activates the
eject rollers may not start to early because this can snap off the stick.

Standard value:      T1: 0.2 sec
                     T2: 1.0 sec
                     T3: 1.5 sec

There are 9 kinds of knifes. The higher the number of the blade, the farther this will cut
on the stem, in other words the closer it will cut into the fruit.

The sprout harvesters are standard equipped with knifes with number 3. These have
approximately an angle of 30°.

However when you are still cutting with full pressure into the fruits, then there has to be
switched to a lower number of blade, so you receive the same result with a lower

The opposite, when the sprouts have to much feet when the
pressure is very low, means switching on a higher number of
blade , that cuts farther from the stem.
The schedule on the right gives a survey of the existing

In order to get an adjustment between the pressure
adjustment and the type of blade, the blade can be possibly
refined with an oilstone.

In order to let the knifes cut
farther from the stem, you
can whet the knifes on
the inside with an

                                 Picture 1
Do you wish that the blade
stays a bit closer because
the sprouts are being
damaged it is advisable
to refine the outside of
the blade.

                              Picture 2


When the plucking head is turning the ends of the knifes must show one complete circle.
When there are two or more circles visible then one or more knifes are placed in the
wrong way. In this case the machine must be shut down.

By putting a bar in the input opening of the plucking head (between the knifes) you can
check which knifes are placed wrong. Never bent the knifes but adjust the arms of the
blade in order to get a circle.

In order to let the plucking head function as good as possible, this one needs to be
cleaned regularly. Always do this with a shut down engine.

When there is a noticeable margin on the entire plucking head or on the arms of the
knifes, this can be the result of wear on the bearings. In part IV you can find back how
you can dismantle a plucking head. In order to bring no damage to the plucking head,
bring it after the dismantlement to our company for revision. We advise you strongly not
to work on it by yourself.
Problem shooting

         Problem                      Cause                         Solution
Engine will not start        Battery key ON
                             Emergency stops out
                             Main switch position 0
Stick turns around in        Direction fotoswitch not   Control of direction
plucking head                correct
Can’t find the opening       T1 too short               T1 increase to max 0.5 sec
                             P1 too low                 P1 increase to max 40 bar
Stick in torn off in the     P1 too high                P1 decrease to min 20 bar
plucking head                Speed plucking head        Lower the speed to min 70
                             too high                   tr/min
                             T3 too short               T3 increase to max 5 sec
Cutted sprouts               P1 too low                 P1 increase to max 40 bar
                             T2 too long                T2 decrease to min T1
                             Speed plucking head        Decrease the speed to min 70
                             too high                   tr/min
                             Blade broken off           Replace the blade
                             Wrong type of blade        Mount other blades or fill the
Sprouts have too much feet   P1 too high                P1 decrease to min 20 bar
                             Speed plucking head        Increase the speed to max 110
                             too low                    tr/min
                             Wrong type of blade        Mount other blades or fill the
Sprouts on the top are       T2 too long                T2 decrease to min T1
cutted                       P2 too low                 Increase to max 40 bar
                             Wrong type of blade        Mount other blades or fill the
Sprouts on the leafs         T3 too short               Increase to max 5 sec
                             P2 too high                P2 decrease to fully open
                             Mounting of a boll
                             between the blades
                             Wrong type of blade        Mount other blades or fill the
Speed and pressure of the    V belt slips               Check the V belt tension or if
plucking head descends                                  necessary degraesing
Play on de blade arms        Revision
Sound from the head          Revision
Head stays closed            Fotoswitch is dirty        Clean the fotoswitch
                             Detection distance of
                             fotoswitch is wrong
Head opens while plant is    Direction of the           Control of direction
moving through               fotoswitch is wrong

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